Beaming its way up the scoring feed, “Spug” by BlancaJP is one of the highest scoring submissions in our Star Trek design challenge! Here’s what the artist had to say about this adorable sci-fi mishap:

“There was a tiny little slip up in the transporter beam calibration (that is someone doesn’t know how to spell very well) and Spock got turned in to Spug." 

Artists, there are still 8 days left to submit to this challenge for a chance at over $2,500 in prizes!

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Darling: Where the f*** am I?!  Am I supposed to put on this f***ing blue thing?!  F*** that s*** it looks like some huffed up normie brahmin c***, is there anything else to f***ing wear?  F*** no this s*** bites.  I’m going to slice and dice the f***er who put me in here, I swear to grud!

F*** there are other people here?!  F***ing jevus I can’t let any f***ing drokk heads look at my beautiful body, how do these f***ing things fit?

F*** this, sleeves?!  F*** I’m ripping this s*** off.

That’s a better.  Has anyone seen a tiny little spug nut named Love?  I need to find that little f*** and get out of here.