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Spuffy and Top Ten Meaningful Relationship Milestones

So the Youtube Channel Ms. Mojo had recently uploaded a Top Ten Meaningful Relationship Milestones list. Despite my own major eye rolling at the fact that Watch Mojo is all gendered and binary with the separation of “guy topics” and “girl topics,” ugh, I still found this list to be interesting and I couldn’t help but check to see how Buffy and Spike compared to it. So, below the Read More is list. (I’m putting it all under a Read More because it is rather image heavy and long). I REPEAT: This is a super long and image heavy post!

Regardless of the length, please enjoy! : )

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Top 10 Spuffy scenes:

Number 6 - Intervention

“What you did for me and Dawn, that was real. I won’t forget it.”

I love this scene because I honestly think it’s the first time Buffy realizes that Spike is capable of love without a soul. She couldn’t fathom that a soulless vampire could love before this. Yes, she continues to deny it outwardly, but inwardly, she knows that Spike loves her and would do anything for her. This episode is like the first step in her letting him in. It’s a bumpy road after, but this is Buffy getting behind that wheel, ready to face that journey, even if she doesn’t realize it.

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