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Let’s settle this for once and for all: your moralizing about Spike being a rapist is bullshit because...(a rant)

I’ve seen too many rants about this lately to keep quiet for much longer, so here we go. 

** DISCLAIMER: I do not hate Angel or Bangel. I prefer Spike and Spuffy, but this does not mean I hate Bangel or Bangel fans. I have lots of nice things to say about Angel; I just like him better on his own show, and I prefer him with Cordelia. But I appreciate that you love Angel/Bangel so much. Rock on. Love them as hard as you can.

What I DO hate are double standards, uninformed opinions, and such deep emotional investment in a character or a ship that one blindly puts it on a pedestal and deliberately ignores its flaws, while vilifying a rival character or ship for being “problematic,” and while also projecting that onto fans of the rival character/ship, saying THEY’RE blindly putting their fave on a pedestal and rationalizing.

If you are an Angel/Bangel fan and you’re happy to live and let live where Spike/Spuffy fans are concerned, you’re cool - this isn’t about you. **

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BtVS - Team Spuffy!

Andrew: You definitely traded up.

Dawn: I’d kill for the easy, fun, flirty, sexy best-pals thing you two have!

Willow: !

Andrew: BtVS S8 - Predators and Pray (Drew Z. Greenberg/Georges Jeanty)

Dawn: BtVS S10 #9 - Love Dares You Part One (Christos Gage/Megan Levens)

Willow: BtVS S11 #30 - Own It: It’s On You (Christos Gage/Rebekah Isaacs)


My top 5, all time favorite Buffy episodes. 

Common themes:

  • Spike
  • Spuffy

20th Anniversary Buffy Birthweek: 5 Episodes 


And I’m coming to you. Not Buffy, not the smart-ass, not Dawn, and for the love of all that is good, not Andrew. This is strictly for your eyes only. Speaking of, if those eyes are in fact solid black, please ignore this message. Either way, Willow, I hope you’re well. I really do. I hope she’s okay. I even have goodish thoughts towards Xander. Take care of yourself. And her, take care of her. If she needs you at all, move along and pretend you never got this.

Spike, Part Five: Bedknobs and Boomsticks

reference: Torchwood / Star Wars

BtVS S9 - Buffy and Spike: Conversations

Spike: Can we talk?

Buffy: Vocal-cord-wise, yes. With each other? No. 

We didn’t see on the show or in the comics many conversations the characters had with each other – trivial ones or about important issues that were addressed off screen/panel. And Buffy and Spike have always talked to each other (even when he was soulless: remember her telling him about Joyce’s illness, talking about finances…), despite her assertion in Tabula Rasa

We can deduce – since the Slayer knows about what happened with Angel and Spike in Los Angeles (their battle against the Senior Partners) – that she also knows about LA in Hell, and how Spike got his spaceship, which happened right before the Partners went dimension hoping:

Buffy also knew who and what Illyria was when they first met in S9; she also knew that the Old One was able to manipulate time, as well as that this power was taken from her. And although she says “Angel and Spike gave me the cliff notes”, I can’t figure out how she could have heard the information from Angel, since they saw each other only in S7 (briefly), and S8 (when they were too busy creating a new universe):

Spike and Buffy also talked off panel about his new friend Koh (probably when he helped her through the abortion/robot problem):

And, still on the subject, they have talked about the AR “more than once”:


Demon-Law-firm-Angel-and-Spike-were-prepared-to-die-to-keep-out-of-this-realm Wolfram and Hart?

Angel and Spike gave me the cliff notes. (about Illyria)

Spike told me about your underworld bromance. (about Koh)

We have been over this. More than once. (about the AR)

BtVS S8 - Last Gleaming Part Two (Joss Whedon & Scott Allie/Georges Jeanty)

BtVS S9 - Guarded Part Two (Andrew Chambliss/Georges Jeanty)

BtVS S9 - Welcome to the Team Part Two (Andrew Chambliss/Georges Jeanty)

BtVS S9 - Guarded Part One (Andrew Chambliss/Georges Jeanty)

BtVS S10 - Triggers (Christos Gage/Megan Levens)

     – But you tell me. How do you imagine I felt, when you said you were thinking of us two running off together. Come with me now. I don’t want to go back. To lurking around the edge of your life. Watching from this far above it all till you’re desperate for someone you can count on.
     – Simone’s still out there. You could use that as an excuse to stay.
     – That is what I’d usually do. You know what, forget it, Slayer. And I don’t mean to sound snappish. I love you. You know this. But I can’t get jerked around no more. I’m not even saying I blame you. I can never tell for sure where your heart’s at, so I’m not gonna stand here under a romantic, albeit deadly, sunset lecturing you. I believe in you, Buffy. And I know you’ll do right. That’s how I have your back.

Apart (of Me)

BtVS – Spuffy: The Long Way Home


  • You’re just convenient. (Wrecked)
  • It doesn’t change anything… but if you’re wildly curious, yeah, it hurts. (Hell’s Bells)
  • I have feelings for you. I do. (Seeing Red)
  • I—I feel for him. (Him)
  • ‘Cause I’m not ready for you to not be here. (First Date)
  • But… he is in my heart. (Chosen)
  • I love you. (Chosen)

BtVS Season 8

Somehow, Buffy got the news Spike’s been back – and apparently she hasn’t liked a bit that he didn’t look for her. When they meet again a couple of years after his resurrection, she is very pissed at him:

But she has never forgotten Spike; she dreamed of him:

and as soon as they meet again, she fantasizes repeating their time together:

She did say she missed THAT sex earlier in the year:

BtVS Season 9

Spike, who had gone away with his ship, after the Twilight debacle, returnes to San Francisco and is warmly welcomed by Buffy:

And she keeps flirting with him…

When Buffy thinks she is pregnant and decides to have an abortion, she asks Spike to come and help her:

Until this point, Buffy thinks Spike doesn’t love her anymore – maybe because he didn’t look for her after his resurrection. When Detective Dowling tells her “that vampire’s love with you”, the Slayer is surprised and confronts Spike:

Spike tells her he won’t say “what everyone else already worked out”. He goes on saying he wants to be with Buffy, to have normal with her – but she isn’t ready yet. Anyway, she asks him to stay, in her not-so-direct-way to say things, without committing:

but Spike refuses to keep on “lurking around the edge” of her life and leaves.

BtVS Season 10

When Spike, still in love (but ready to move on) comes back to San Francisco and joins the Scoobies for good, he is happy to be friends with Buffy - till she decides that it’s time for them to be together again:

Later admitting, in her not-so-direct-way to say things again, that she is in love with Spike:

And reinforcing she wants to be with him:

All those years, Buffy had been lost. She tried a date with Principal Wood; she slept with Slayer Satsu (even not being gay); she hit on Xander (for whom she had never had any romantic feelings and who was dating her sister); she thought of starting a relationship with Detective Robert Dowling; she even tried a speed date to find a suitable partner for her!

But nothing fulfilled her. It has always been Spike for Buffy. Always. Her heart has finally found its way home.

BtVS Season 11

And Buffy’s committed – I commit. I’m committed. I’m a committee!

BtVS S8: The Long Way Home (Joss Whedon/Georges Jeanty)

BtVS S8: Last Gleaming (Joss Whedon-Scott Allie/Georges Jeanty)

BtVS S9: Magic Mistery Tour (Jeane Espenson/Georges Jeanty)

BtVS S9: Freefall (Joss Whedon-Andrew Chambliss/Georges Jeanty)

BtVS S9: On Your Own (Andrew Chambliss/Georges Jeanty)

BtVS S10: Love Dares You (Christos Gage/Megan Levens)

BtVS S10: Relationship Status: Complicated (Christos Gage/Rebekah Isaacs)

BtVS S10: Own It: Taking Ownership (Christos Gage/Rebekah Isaacs)

BtVS S11 #7 - Disempowered (Christos Gage/Rebeka Isaacs)

Buffy Meme {3/5} Characters: Spike

You’re not friends. You’ll never be friends. You’ll be in love ‘til it kills you both. You’ll fight, and you’ll shag, and you’ll hate each other 'til it makes you quiver, but you’ll never be friends. Love isn’t brains, children, it’s blood – blood screaming inside you to work its will. I may be love’s bitch, but at least I’m man enough to admit it. 

“What happened here…it was a long time ago. I’m not saying we forget it,or what we learned from it…But we were different people then. That’s not who any of us is now. We are better. We’ve grown. We’re stronger and smarter. We can handle anything that comes our way. As long as we are together,and we can trust each other.”