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Is it just me, or has people on tumblr been making a lot less Spuffy content as of late?

At this point it’s getting unnervingly rare for me to find new posts that I haven’t reblogged at least twice already, and it’s making me very sad. I’d absolutely love to have my blog covered in Spuffy, but I’m not really finding much to reblog.

I also wonder if there’s been some shipper-shaming going on that has possibly made the Spuffy shippers gone quiet. If that’s the case; there is nothing wrong with shipping them. Nothing. However, there is something wrong with ruining other peoples harmless fun by shaming them. It is lame. So, so lame.

Idk though, maybe I’m just following the wrong people currently, or maybe we’re at a fandom stage when the active members aren’t crazed Spuffy shippers? Idk, could be a lot of reasons. 

Anyway, if you know people who post a lot about this glorious, bantering, power couple, feel free to message me their names. I’d appreciate it! :D