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Dear Archy, first of all I love your blog, you put so much effort into it! This semester we were asked to design a one -family, one-storey house of water (and/or partially on ground), do you know any interesting projects /inspirations that I could use? I want it to be original and different in shape than others but I don't have any good ideas

Here are some residential projects inspired by their proximity to water:

Fallingwater Frank Lloyd Wright

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So when are you silly little spuds gonna stop calling female idols "fake" and "plastic"?

1) Male idols get cosmetic surgeries as well, I’ve never heard them get shit for it.

2) That’s not even a valid reason to dislike someone? Literally that is judging someone by their physical appearance rather than their character?? Shallow af, please rethink that

ouicertes  asked:

Hello ARCHatlas !! For a project I'm working on, I'm looking for references of small structures, possibly temporary structures, that act as a meeting point, as a gathering space, or as a landmark. Any ideas? :)

Here are some examples of recent temporary structures:

Exbury Egg PAD studio + SPUD Group + Stephen Turner

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