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bts reaction when their gf hide her face in their neck when a sex scene come in the movie while watching it with the rest of them

nice. one cringe fest coming right up.


You pulled the blanket a little tighter around your lap and thanked heaven Yoongi had decided to flip the lights off before the movie had begun because you were 99% sure your face was as red as the walls of Christian Grey’s Red Room. You groaned inwardly as the movie slipped into another sex scene. Who on earth had picked this movie?

Yoongi cleared his throat from his spot on the floor. “What the fuck, Namjoon.”

“The review said it was educational.“, Namjoon whined.

‘Did an aspiring pornstar write this particular review, because the only way this can be educ-‘”

Hobi reached out from behind him and artfully placed his hands over Yoongi’s mouth. “We get it, Yoongi.”

Tae blinked, and motioned with his chin at the screen. “Seems like she’s gonna get it soon too.”

The banter was not helping. In fact, you were sure that the heat your face was producing was enough to burn through Jin’s sweatshirt, singeing the material that covered the shoulder on which your head rested. Cringing at another particularly loud (and hopefullly, fake) moan, you turned your face and buried your nose into the crook of his neck. At least you can block out the sight, if not the sounds.

When he feels how hot your face is, he goes still before chuckling quietly to himself. “_____-”, he murmurs into your ear, barely audible over the sound of Namjoon being offended at Tae’s comment. “Remind me to tease you about this after these idiots leave, just in case I forget – which– I assure you, I definitely won’t.


you’d tried so hard, so very hard. you knew you’d hear about it till the day you died if Yoongi so much even had an inkling that just the mild, non-expletive sex scene had you redder than a traffic light. but no. as hard as tried, even the slightest of moans or the sight of just a little bit more skin heated your face until you were sure you were letting off a red glow in the darkness of the room. 

 just when you thought you had a handle on your bubbling embarrassment, a disgustingly loud sigh floated through the speakers, nearly loud enough to awaken the half-asleep boys scattered around your living room. 

that’s it. you’ve had enough.

Face burning, you screwed your eyes shut and shoved your head into the angle between Yoongi’s neck and bony shoulder. Your boyfriend smirked, already having expected this from previous experiences, and hoisted you closer to him, bringing his mouth to your ear. “why are you blushing? that’s exactly how you sound, except it’s a bit more real because come on– it’s me.”

You choke.


It wasn’t helping that Hoseok was absentmindedly stroking the skin stretched over the small of your back, the occasional scratch of his perfect nails a tantalizing contrast to the smooth caress of his fingertips. However calming it would have been in any other situation, Hoseok’s ministrations were not helping right now. 

oh god. it’s not stopping– it’s not ending, why is it not ending? ohgodohgodohgod

You reach your limit when the actress on screen delivered yet another breathy moan that honestly was so loud and feigned you wondered how it didn’t wake up even the sleeping Yoongi draped across an armchair. Blood flushed beneath your skin, the faint pink of your ears further deepening as Hoseok’s careless fingers skim over the soft curve of your belly.

In a final attempt to retain any amount of dignity (and an unscarred conscience), you let your head drop onto Hoseok’s chest, letting the cool material of his shirt calm your heated skin, hoping as hard as you can that he wouldn’t notice your embarrassment. After a moment of stillness, Hobi withdraws his hand from your skin and slips into your hair, a habit of his when he knows you’re slowly succumbing into the lull of sleep. Good. He thinks you’re asleep, which is great, because: 

a) your boyfriend doesn’t need to know how embarrassed you still get over sex scenes, and

b) your said boyfriend also doesn’t need to know how much him touching you further aggravates said embarrassment over said sex scene.

Under that (oblivious) assumption, you tide out the rest of the cringe-worthy sequence by hiding in Hoseok’s chest. But little do you know, Hobi –that sneaky lil shit – is smirking as he plays with your hair. He’d felt you squirm the moment the scene had begun and quickly deduced the reason for your very obvious discomfort. He’d also gathered that you were trying very, very hard to play it cool and were blissfully unaware that Hoseok already knows.

But he’s not going to take advantage of that. Right?


You cringed and withdrew into the solace of the dark nook in your boyfriend’s shoulder, biting your lip as your embarrassment physically takes hold of you. Yeesh. The movie had sprung that sex scene on the lot of you literally out of the blue, and you did not appreciate having to be stuck with seven other boys who had a collective mental age below that of a teenage boy who had just discovered about menstruation in that kind of situation.

Namjoon recoils a little when he feels the heat of your face against his skin. “____, you feel kinda warm. Are you sick?”

Great. You bite back a groan (it would have been highly inappropriate at the moment otherwise) at the thought of having your boyfriend know you were still embarrassed about sex scenes. Even non-explicit ones like the one on TV right then.

Namjoon’s hands tightened over your arms in concern when no answer comes. “____?”

You sigh, submitting yourself to your fate. “I’m not sick, I’m just–” You shudder as the actor onscreen delivers a cheesy line before pushing his girlfriend onto a couch. Ewewewew. “–embarrassed.”

“About what– oh. Oh.”


There’s a moment of silence as Namjoon dissects that in his brainy head.

“But, you barely flinch during horror movies. And, you don’t mind when I–”

You wince, mortified. “Namjoon, when we make love, usually all six of your best friends are not present.”

Blood rushes to his face, a beautiful flush right under his golden skin. “Oh.”


Jimin prods at your cheek. “Hey.” His voice dropped a little lower when he confirms his suspicions. “Wow, really?”

You wince at the absolute astonishment in your boyfriend’s voice when he catches a glimpse of your tomato red face. “Hey, I’m just uncomfortable.”

He frowned, his brows furrowing into a little V.  His fingers traced the curve of your year, amazed at how embarrassed you seemed. “Do you want to leave and do something else? I’m sure they won’t notice.”

You shove your face back into his neck, pressing the heat of your cheek to his cool skin.  “No, I’m fine. It’s just… traumatic.“

Jimin deliberates for a second before grinning as he wraps his arms around you again. “Traumatic.”

You shudder as another moan floats through the slow instrumental music accompanying the full-blown sex scene playing out on the TV screen. “Yeah.”

He sighs and presses a kiss to your forehead, his soft hand stretching out over your hairline in a weak attempt to cool the blood rushing there. He’s already accepted this as another little quirk of yours (and also something to tease you about later when the boys had left.) “Okay. I’ll let you know when it’s over.”


Tae slips his hands below your jaws and lifts your face from his neck. You wince as he judges your flushed skin and sends you an incredulous stare. “I didn’t think you were the type to get embarrassed over stuff like this.”

You roll your eyes and flop back onto his chest, hoping to god that none of the other boys were picking up on this conversation you’d rather keep under wraps. (Can’t have anyone guessing you weren’t the impenetrable and immovable rock you claimed to be.) “Well, I guess you know now.”

“Wow. You’re so cute, ____.” A boxy smile makes a mischievously stretches itself across his lips. “Wait until Kook hears about this. This is gonna be hila-”

You slapped him across the ribs. “Not a word–”, you force out through gritted teeth. “–gets out to any of them. Especially Jungkook.”

Tae pinches your flaming cheek, his wide smile bright against the darkness of the room. “How can you be so cute, but terrifying at the same time?”

You shoot him a glare.

“Okay, okay. My mouth is zipped.” He pretended running a zipper over his mouth, then pats his chest, indicating that you should lie down again. You comply, preparing to somehow tide over the sex scene that had still not finished its business in the protection the soft wool of his sweater offered.


You don’t know why, but when the sex scene begins, you feel like you’re a tween again, sitting between your parents while watching the Titanic and pretending not to understand when Jack and Rose do the diddly-do.

Maybe it’s the fact that you were dating the youngest of the seven boys casually spread around on your couch or on the hardwood floor. Maybe it’s the fact that Namjoon and Jin were sitting just a few feet away (It couldn’t get more awkward than that.) Or maybe, it’s the fact that the only person more embarrassed than you right now was your boyfriend Jeon Jungkook.

Jeez. You think as your cheeks flame. They’re really going for it.

Thoroughly embarrassed, you turn and tuck your face into the crook of Jungkook’s neck. Maybe if you blocked it out it would get over faster.

Unfortunately, Jungkook had just about no idea how to deal with this himself, so it’s only inevitable that the added disadvantage of having you this close to him left him quite frozen with panic.

So what does Jungkook do?

Well, he does what anyone would do if he was stuck watching a sex scene with his date while his parent figures lurked close by: He holds his breath and hopes nobody brings it up as long as he lives.

no gifs, because they frustrate me, and dont really add to the (below average) story anyway. asks are open. you can request, or just drop some feedback my way too. see ya’ll later. 


If anyone needs a laugh. The Police Line up from Sprung

a charm of powerful trouble (1/?)

for CS Halloweek 2017—Oct. 28th: Shapeshifters and Vampires

I’ve been working on this for a while, ever since @cocohook38 posted this fantastic piece for Day 3 of Inktober/Whumptober (wolf/poison, respectively). And it keeps going in a million directions. So this is just the first part! There’s more to come once I can get it to behave ;) (title comes from MacBeth)

Summary: Killian should have known to keep his flask close when a mad scientist was on the loose. But at least werewolves don’t drink rum, right? (1.8k, rated PG)

Of course, the next threat to Storybrooke would come from within. And of course, it would be a horror movie sprung to life, and it would be right before Halloween. It shouldn’t have surprised Emma, really, but apparently the lengths of what she could believe hadn’t been stretched far enough yet.

They also should have known it was a bad idea to let two mad scientists hang out, because it looked like Dr. Jekyll had worn off on Dr. Whale. He’d snapped and was now wreaking havoc on the town as his pre-cursed self, Dr. Frankenstein. (Had Jekyll left some of his personality-switching serum behind? And since when did either story count as a fairy tale? Did it matter? Probably not anymore.)

Pick a stereotypical mad scientist thing to do and Whale had done it: kidnapped a pair of Lost Boys and sewn their sides together (though they weirdly didn’t seem to mind it); put crow wings on a herd (flock?) of cats; and they’d found brains of some sort in the fridge in his garage—yet thankfully no one was missing, so she was keeping her fingers crossed those weren’t human.

The dwarves were being extra cautious, in fear of a potential human centipede situation, but no one had managed to catch the Doctor in action. In fact, the only time they’d seen him was when, like a true villain, he’d stopped in Granny’s in all his crazy-haired, lab-coat-wearing glory to monologue about it (and everyone was very concerned for the fate of the meatloaf he’d picked up).

Today had been especially exhausting as he’d decided to “free” the patients in the hospital’s psych ward, and the entire day had been spent rounding them up before the chill of night could settle in and leave them exposed to the elements. It was nearly dark when they’d found and returned the last one to safety.

Emma was barely conscious when she and Killian finally got home and only paused long enough to shed her boots before collapsing on the couch; he was right behind her, only removing his coat before flopping down next to her, and picking up his flask from the coffee table where it had somehow been forgotten in their rush to leave…twelve hours ago? Was that it? It felt like days.

“I liked it better when we could just slap an anti-magic cuff on our villains and that was it,” she sighed. “I can fight that; but I sucked at science.”

He hummed in agreement. “I wish I could help you there, love, but my knowledge in that area is woefully out of date, and there isn’t much on experimental medicine in Henry’s school books.”

“Maybe not, but you can tell me that it’s the full moon. It is, right? That’s why everything is so crazy?”

“Almost,” he chuckled. “One more night.”

She just groaned. “So it’ll get worse?”

“Most likely.”

Huffing, she hauled herself back to her feet. “Screw this; I need some hot chocolate.”

He followed her into the kitchen, practically slumping against the counter as she started to prep her cocoa. “You want one?” she asked as she measured out milk.

“I’m fine here,” he answered, holding up his flask.

“I might need a bit of that, too,” she commented, smirking, while she popped her mug in the microwave.

“As you wish, Swan.”

They settled into a bit of that quiet domesticity Emma had come to love in the past few months, the only sounds those of the microwave’s quiet whirr followed by Killian’s gentle pop of the cork of his flask.

She should have known that was when it would truly go to hell.

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63: is that sass I hear? (Ticklish Dean) Plz?

63: “Is that sass I hear?”

(I hope non-canon bunker family vs Dean is okay for this because that’s what sprung to mind lol)


“Movie Night!”

Gabriel and Charlie were stood in front of the TV, addressing the others excitedly. Sam, Dean, Kevin, and Castiel all stood facing them, looks of confusion on their faces. Judging from the fact that Kevin was stood with a toothbrush in his mouth, Sam with a book in his hands, and Cas now changed into a pair of sweatpants and a Metallica shirt, stolen from a currently very grumpy-looking Dean.

“Queenie and I have already chosen, before you all start squabbling,” Gabriel clicked his fingers and a copy of The Fellowship of The Ring appeared in his hands. All seemed content with the choice of movie, particularly Kevin and Sam (although it was one of Dean’s favourites too, he had too much pride to admit he was as big a nerd as his brother and the mini-prophet), and they gathered around the TV.

“Really? I got pulled away from designated Baby time for this?” Dean grumbled, wiping a smudge of oil from his thumb onto his shirt.

“Oh, come on, Dean,” Charlie said, lightly punching his shoulder teasingly. “Don’t be such a grouch!”

She, Sam, and Gabriel squeezed onto the sofa, pulling a reluctant Dean to sit in between her and Gabriel. Kevin and Cas were left on the floor, not that they minded much; Kevin chose the space below Gabe and Sam, who let him rest his head against their shins. Castiel made himself comfortable, sitting cross-legged in front of Dean. He huffed and folded his arms, glaring at the TV screen in utter disapproval, but when Cas settled with his back against the sofa, his head cocking sideways and turning back a little to look at Dean, the hunter sighed heavily and let an arm reach forward to tangle his fingers in Cas’ hair, playing with the dark curls. Cas smiled, turning back to the TV.

“Ready?” Charlie asked, her face beaming with a happy grin as she pointed the remote at the opening screen.

“Wait a second,” Kevin held up a finger and looked up from the floor to Gabriel, smiling hopefully. “Gabe?”

Gabriel rolled his eyes fondly to see that the rest of them were looking to him (with the exception of Dean, who seemed determined to hold his grudge) with similar puppy-dog faces.

“You’re all so demanding…” He said, and flicked his wrist lazily so that the coffee table in front of them was filled with bowls of popcorn and their favourite candies. A chorus of thank you’s were crooned out as eager, grabby hands reached out in front of them. Charlie popped an M&M in her mouth and hit play.

Dean sank back into the cushions moodily, mumbling something under his breath.

Gabriel’s ears twitched, and he glanced over to the elder Winchester. “ ‘S wrong, Dean-o?” He asked. “Not a fan?”

Dean shuffled in his seat. “Of course I am. I love being dragged away from the two free hours I get a day to come and join in on the nerd-fest…” He looked as though he was pouting, which Gabriel thought was hilarious. He raised an eyebrow at Dean’s satirical tone.

“My, my… is that sass I hear, Dean Winchester?” The corners of Gabriel’s mouth turned upwards in an amused smile.

Dean’s gaze slid up to the mischievous Archangel. “Was it? I had no idea…” He leaned forward, planting his elbows on his knees with a huff. Gabriel stared at him for a few seconds longer, the grin still etched on his face. Then, he slowly turned to face the screen again, a devilish twinkle in his eyes…

They’d gotten about twenty minutes in the film when Castiel felt bad for Dean not taking any snacks. He began passing the hunter individual pieces of popcorn, which Dean was silently thankful for. He brought a piece up to his mouth and was about to eat it when a strange… rippling… sensation flitted across his abdomen.

He flinched and furrowed his brow, throwing the popcorn in his mouth and biting down. Another wave of that weird feeling dashed up both sides, tingling at his lower ribs. Dean couldn’t help but squirm at that one, curling in on himself a little and biting his lower lip to prevent a giggle from slipping out. He went to itch where the sensation was, but as soon as his hand came into contact with his shirt, the tingling shot to his knees. Yelping in surprise, Dean kicked Cas’ lower back when his leg jerked out reflexively. He clamped a hand over his mouth and tried his best to look subtle when Cas looked up at his confusedly.

“Why did you kick me?” He asked, rubbing his back.

Dean would’ve answered, but the feeling zipped from his knees to his stomach, circling in spirals until it reached his bellybutton. His cheeks were rosy with withheld laughter, his eyes crinkling at the corners as he caved in further and slid down against the side of the sofa, jostling Gabriel, who looked far too innocent to not be playing a part in Dean’s torment…

“Whatsa’ matter, kiddo? Ants in your pants?” Gabriel reached forward to grab a handful of popcorn, nonchalantly sending a burst of his grace to Dean’s thighs.

Dean shrieked, the barrier tumbling down as he let go in bouts of hysterical laughter. The others looked over from the movie, distracted by the thrashing and squealing coming from the other end of the sofa as Gabriel leaned back into the cushions, fixated on the screen as if Dean wasn’t right next to him, cackling.

“What’s wrong with him?” Sam asked, an equal-parts bemused and concerned smile on his face as he watched Dean go crazy.

Gabriel shrugged his shoulders. “Don’t ask me. Mind you, it’s a good look on him; tickled pink…” The trickster smirked and sent the grace to Dean’s hips. “Much better than that rotten attitude from before, wouldn’t you say, Dean?”

“PFFFF- SHUHUHUHUT UHAHAHAP!” Dean wheezed, falling to the floor in front of him where Cas was previously sitting, but shuffled out of the way when he saw Dean about to go bonkers.

“Oh dear, that’s no way to speak to your friends is it now?” Gabriel teased, flicking two more tendrils of his grace to wiggle around in his armpits, making Dean arch his back and let out a girlish squeal.


The Angel rolled his eyes. “Let him be, Gabriel…” He said, only half-annoyed when he saw the happy smile on Dean’s face.

Gabriel sighed, glancing at the poor little hunter he’d managed to take down. “Fine, whatever you want. Just thought he could do with some cheering up.” He graciously withdrew the tickling sensation.

Dean panted, laying on the floor in a heap as he tried to catch his breath. Cas offered his hand, but the hunter declined as he pushed himself up, flushed and hot-cheeked as he looked to the others above him, nervously awaiting their response to the situation.

“… I didn’t know you were ticklish, Dean.” Kevin said, timidly smiling.

Dean paused, blushing even more. “Who-… Who says I’m ticklish?” He tried to clamber back onto the sofa, but felt a hand grab his ankle.

“Woah, Cas, what the hell man?-” Dean fell back to the floor, where Cas and the others were grinning down at him.

“I say you are, you big liar,” Charlie grinned and jumped down to sit opposite Cas. “Get him!” She cried, and the three others joined her.

“No! No, S-Sammy, tell them! PleheheHEHEHE-AHAHAHA!”

For the Big Hero 6 Fandom.

On July 12, MTV held the Fandom awards. Big Hero 6 was announced as the Animation Fandom of the year, and I, as a part of this fandom, would love to say thank you to those who voted for Big Hero 6. Not only have we connected to a movie so immensely that it’s gained extreme popularity, but, we’re still coming a long way. We still have a long way to go, and we can make it. Becuase someone once told us that they’re never giving up on us.

The movie has sprung artists, Fan-fiction writers, and even those who lost something to come together. We’ve banded together! Some people think it’s childish to love a Disney movie as much as we do but… This movie has saved more lives than I can even dare to think of. The movie explains depression and personal lose in an easy way, and teaches us that friends are family too. 

This is to all the people of the Big Hero 6 fandom, whether you’re in it for the art style the movie was made in, the attractiveness of one of the characters, or if you’re in it for the deeper, more meaningful lessons we’ve learned from the movie, we’re all a part of something bigger. 

We may not look like much, but when we link up with the rest of our pals. Things get a little more interesting.

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─ “This isn’t right.

This was not where Envy was supposed to be. Some broken-down, eerie pizzeria with flickering lights and bright colors, dimmed only by the shadows painted on the walls? It was like some setting from a monster movie had sprung out of fiction and into reality.

He might have found it entertaining to explore, too - if he hadn’t seen something move down one of the hallways. There was something out there, and he had no idea what it was but it didn’t look normal and he wanted nothing to do with it.

He’d never really feared the dark, or the things inside it. He was one of those things, after all. Still, there was something about knowing he wasn’t alone and not knowing what else was nearby was unsettling - no, more than unsettling. It scared him.

He noticed there were cameras fixed on the walls. Maybe the creature from before was a security guard - but if that was the case, why hadn’t it said something, shone a flashlight in his eyes - done anything like that? Maybe it didn’t get the chance. He had turned and ran to the opposite side of the building as fast as he could, which, he’d been surprised to realize, was faster than he’d known he could move.

Whatever the odds were that it had just been some stray human, it hadn’t helped him calm down. He could still feel his veritable heart pulsing on the back of his tongue.

Light. He had to find some kind of light. If he did, he could see what he was up against. Maybe - just maybe - he’d see that all his fears were just irrational thoughts, played on by illusions in the dark.