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Bad Mood Blues

I had two requests from Anons and they fit together really well so! Here ya go!

Request 1 “a really smutty one with Gibbs? Either at his house or in the bullpen when no one else is around?” Sorry it’s not really smutty but it’s got some action! 

Request 2 “ Gibbs imagine please where he’s angry at work and his secret girlfriend who’s one of the members of the team helps him?”

“What crawled up your boyfriend’s ass and died?” Tony asked, huffing as he dropped into his chair, flipping open a case file with a scowl. Your shoulders tensed but you kept your eyes on your computer, raising a single eyebrow.

“Boyfriend? Wasn’t aware I had one.” You answered dryly, biting down on the tip of your pen, trying not to give anything away. Luckily Tony was preoccupied with pouting. 

“Gibbs!” Tony hissed, “He’s been in a foul mood all morning.” You snorted, glancing over at him finally with a dramatic eyeroll.

“Not my boyfriend!”

“Yeah well he only listens to you, so turn that charm on and go remove the stick from his-”

“Tony.” Gibbs cut him off, storming into the bullpen and even you couldn’t help but frown slightly. So, DiNozzo was right, someone was in a bad mood.

“Boss..” He mumbled giving you a sharp look, and you shrugged your shoulders shaking your head. You and Tony slipped into a silent argument both giving each other pointed looks and gesturing wildly. You stopped when someone cleared their throat and both looked up guiltily to a stern looking Gibbs, no usual amusement hiding anywhere in that face.

“Are you two done acting like idiots?” You and Tony gave each other a hesitant look before answering completely opposite ways.

“Yes,” You nodded, trying to catch his eye and offer him a reassuring smile.

“No?” Tony asked, sounding much more like a question then a statement. You turned you head giving him a ‘really?’ look, before turning back to your boss.

“I think I’ve got a lead on the Patterson case, bank records aren’t matching up, boss.” Gibbs gave you a calculated look before nodding.

“Tell McGee.” And turning to storm off towards the elevator. Tony gave you another pleading look and you sighed, quickly getting up and following the other man, slipping into the elevator quickly when he didn’t even try and hold the door. You waited a second before leaning forward and shutting the elevator off.

“What’s wrong?”


“Obviously not.” You sighed, taking a step towards your boyfriend, taking the coffee from his hands, “Tell me what’s up?”

“I’m allowed to have a bad day, quit being nosy.” He snapped and you raised an eyebrow. You both silently regarded each other for a moment before he cracked a half smile. “I’m being an asshole?”

“Biggest one in town.” You agreed coming closer and giving him a quick kiss, “Tell me what’s wrong?”

“Just in a bad mood.” Gibbs hummed, hands going on your waist as he pulled you closer, lips finding yours again. “I’m sure it’ll pass…” He murmured before he kissed you long and hard. Sweet kisses slowly turning more and more frenzied as he tugged you closer.

Gibbs backed you into the wall of the elevator and you let out a moan, pressing close to him. Gibbs hands snuck lower, running over your bum before grabbing hold of your thighs and lifting you up, using the wall and his body to keep you elevated.

You let out a small squeal, dropping the coffee cup and cursing as Gibbs’ lips found your neck, kissing and suck, your legs wrapped around him to keep you steady. Gibbs pressed his hips into yours giving them a slightly roll, grinning when you let out a little whimper. He did it again, and was just ready to set a rhythm when something dinged above you. 

At the ding your boyfriend groaned, pulling back, eyes closed as he rested his forehead against yours.

“What’s that?” you whispered voice breathy from all of the kissing and needy whimpering. 

“Someone’s trying to use the elevator.” He murmured reluctantly setting you down. He gave you a once over, allowing his eyes to rest on the red marks on your neck before smirking, “We will finish this at home.” He announced before flipping the elevator back on again.

The doors sprung open and you jumped slightly, fixing your hair before pushing past a confused looking Tony. DiNozzo glanced after you, then looked at a much more calm and relaxed Gibbs, and then to the spilled coffee on the floor of the elevator.

“I- Uh, Nevermind boss, I’ll take the stairs… Leg day after all.” Gibbs was in a much better mood for the remainder of the day, and you were giddy and ready to get home and finish what you had started. 

Back to the Top

This is an unofficial sequel to @evie-hyde fantastic Top Down Approach found here: https://evie-hyde.tumblr.com/post/150369137310/top-down-approach-extended-edition-lindsay

Hope she and you like it.

At first Cathy was livid that her uniform had been stripped from her by Mr Richter. The uniform had made her fell like such a bad bitch and she loved the way she could control the rest of the staff with just her impressive breasts. Once the uniform had been taken from her she reverted back to the flat chested nobody she was when she started decades earlier at the hospital. Mr Richter had commanded her to remove the uniform and even though she didn’t want to, he had some strange pull over her. The withdrawal was intense immediately after the uniform released her. She craved it like a junkie craving the needle. She pleaded with Mr Richter and offered to do anything he desired but he didn’t budge.

“No no Cathy you had your chance, I gave you all the power in the world but you squandered it and let the uniform grow weak. I think Lindsay will be a better fit than you ever were. You are fired effective immediately. Now leave before I have security escort you out”.

Cathy had left defeated that day but looking back now, 6 months later, she knows it was the best thing to happen to her. The power had corrupted her. Made her a craven evil whore who only thought about themselves. She now worked at a clinic for addicts. She could see a lot of what she went through in the patients that came through on a daily basis. She was happy helping people again. That was until one day…

She was reading the newspaper as she usually did on her lunch break and came across an article about the hospital she had worked for. The article talked about how the hospital was expanding and was taking over smaller clinics nearby. Unfortunately for Cathy this included her new clinic. Cathy started to fill with rage and fear. If the hospital took over her clinic that would mean that the new Head Bitch Lindsay would be her boss and Cathy knew all too well her methods. She had to do something. She couldn’t be a slave to Lindsay and her tits. Everyone would be under her control. Everyone, that was, except Mr Richter. How did he hold sway over whoever wore the uniform? Cathy soon got an idea.

Later that night she snuck into her old hospital by wearing old scrubs and a surgical mask to avoid being recognized. A pang of jealously hit her as she creeped around that the hospital and noticed it looked in better shape than when she was in charge. She finally reached Mr Richter’s office and knocked on the door. No answer. She slowly opened the door and snuck inside. Once inside she entered the small closet near the door and prepared. She has brought a special syringe that they used at the clinic sometimes. Whoever was injected would become groggy, but alert, and also would be unable to tell a lie. She hoped she wouldn’t have to wait to long and sure enough within a few minutes the door handle of the office began moving.

Mr Richter entered his office and immediately opened the closet to put away his jacket, that’s when Cathy sprung to action. She jumped out at him like a lion pouncing on its prey and jabbed the syringe into his neck. Mr Richter’s face dissolved from anger to apathy and his limbs began to relax. Cathy moved him to the chair in front of his desk and sat him down.

“Hello Mr Richter remember me” Cathy said as she removed the surgical mask and a look of recognition crossed his face. “Now you are going to tell me all your little secrets about that special slutty uniform you made wear for 20 years”.


Head Nurse Lindsay was being ‘serviced’ by an intern when she heard an familiar yet unplaceable voice over the intercom asking her to report to the Managers office. She pulled the young interns head out of her tight pussy and pushed him aside. “Out of the way worm” she said coldly as she strode away confidently. These past six months had been the best of Lindsay’s life. She never knew she had such an aptitude for being an evil bitch but she had loved every second of it.

She knocked on Mr Richter’s door. Again she heard that familiar voice beckoning her in. She pushed the door open and was greeted with Mr Richter tied and gagged on the chair in front of the desk. She rushed over to begin opening his restraints when she heard a voice from the chair behind the desk tell her to stop. She wanted to help Mr Richter but he was feeling compelled to stop. The chair swivelled around and she was face to face with a plain looking woman wearing hospital scrubs. There was something familiar about this woman Lindsay thought, then it hit her. She smirked and crossed her arms.

“Cathy, long time no see. If you are hear to beg for your job back you can see the position has already been” she took a long moment to stroke her hands over her giant tits “filled”.

“Oh I’m not here to get the uniform, I am here to destroy it once and for all. You see Mr Richter and I had a nice long chat about where the uniform came from and how he controls it and the wearer.” Cathy held up her hand and a bright ring beamed from her ring finger. “You see with this ring I control the uniform and as a result I control you and we are going to end it’s evil reign once and for all.”

The confidence had drained from Lindsay’s face as the thoughts of loosing the uniform were just not something she could accept. “NO! You can’t do this! For the first time in my life I have been the Alpha Bitch, I have made men and women bend to my will and it has felt so delicious. At the snap of my fingers I can have anyone in this hospital drop what they were doing and lick my amazing pussy. Do you how if feels to have that power?”

Cathy did and she had to admit to herself that Lindsay was sparking so some dark memories in her and her own pussy was starting to need the help of an intern. Cathy fought against that urge though and commanded Lindsay to remove the uniform. Lindsay did as asked and placed it on the desk in front of Cathy. Lindsay, like Cathy six months ago, pleaded with Cathy but she wouldn’t listen. She told Lindsay to be silent and she obeyed, the control must last for a little bit of time after the uniform is removed, Cathy thought.

Her plan was to bring the uniform to the incinerator in the basement but when she picked it up she felt a rush she hadn’t felt in months. Her pussy instantly flooded and her body tingled all over. “Oooooooo fuck its been too long since I felt this power. NO! I have to fight it. I must fight it!” Cathy’s mind raced with images of her past life, where she was the Queen of the Hospital and it made her so horny. Dark thoughts entered her mind as Cathy thought to herself that with the ring and the uniform she could not only control the Hospital but maybe the world. As if sensing approval the uniform started to attach itself to Cathy once again. “No! Stop it! I don’t want this… mmmmmmm… oh fuck but I do” Cathy said with a smirk and the uniform started to take over more and more of her body.

Her body started to shift and change as the uniform took hold. Her hips flared out and her tits started to ballon up several sizes. Her hair tied up in a sexy ponytail, her nails extended to sharp claws and heavy makeup appeared on her face. “Oh fuuuuuuck” Cathy threw her head back in ecstasy “why would I ever want to give this power up? This was made for me, I was destined to be an evil bitch”. Previous thoughts of helping people were now replaced with images of people bowing before her, lining up to fuck her and lick her pussy. “I will rule this world, but not as a nurse but as a Queen.” With the power of the ring Cathy could change the appearance of the uniform, and make it in to something else. She closed her eyes and pictured a tight black corset to really make her tits pop and a short blue pencil skirt to make access to her pussy easier. She topped it off with 8 inch black heels and when she opened her eyes it was exactly what she was wearing.

With the transformation complete she admired her self in the large mirror to the side of the room. “Oh I look like such a fucking evil bitch, I love it”. She pushed her tits together a little which really made her wet. She was so horny she could explode but thankfully there was someone in the room who could help her. “Lindsay I have been waiting a long time for this” Cathy said as she shoved the young nurses face into her tits. Her tits were so powerful now that Lindsay didn’t struggle at all. Cathy sat up on the desk and spread her legs wide. Lindsay didn’t need any instructions as she went to work straight away. 

“Ooooo fuck yes that’s it. You will be rewarded Lindsay, I will make you my second in command. You will lead my armies of sluts to take over this pathetic world. However every good general needs a uniform and thanks to Mr Richter I know exactly where to find some.”

New Friends

This RP takes place between a young Kisara and @little-noko‘s character, Finch.

This is actually a snippet from a much longer interaction, but due to spoilers, the previous events will not be shared, but a short summary can be given. 

Finch, injured and hurt, was found on the street and spent a few weeks recovering in the hospital. Unable to locate his family, he was released to an orphanage when he was well enough.

Finch is aged 12, Kisara 13 in this setting. 

Enjoy. :D

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All this and heaven too

So first of all, happy early bday to @heichouou!!!!!! 

You asked for Tododeku fluff, so I delivered. 

We’ve been friends for over two years already and I honestly wouldn’t be able to imagine my life without you anymore. Even if we don’t talk everyday, we both know that goodbye isn’t forever. And here we are :)

Secondly, I’d like to thank @sleepy-koneko for being a literal angel and proofread this! (You’re the real MVP)

(I aged up the characters in here, let’s imagine them around 21, kay?)

Todoroki was up early. Not the I-slept-in early but the I’m-so-fucking-nervous-I’m-going-to-die early. Today marked the two-year anniversary of Midoriya stumbling over his words to ask him out. The two-year anniversary of the best day of his life.

Todoroki looked to his left, where the green curls barely showed from under the blanket. He smiled softly at the sight. He treasured it for a moment longer and then took a careful step out of bed.

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The E-mail (Part 4)

Word count: 2,500-ish

Sam X Reader

Series Summary: Reader’s closest friend was brutally murdered and there was only one person she could turn to, her best friend-Sam. But here’s the twist, she has never seen Sam. For 15 years now she has been writing and receiving letters/ Emails from her best friend without knowing what he does or even looks like. Does she like him? Maybe. But what happens when she finds herself falling for this other beautiful man she has just met?

Warning: Death, Angst, Sam fluff

A/N:The amount of love I have received for this series is mind- boggling. I can’t thank you guys enough for the messages, asks and comments. I am humbled. I love you!

Cheers to my lovely beta @sdavid09! She proof-reads my drafts at the risk of falling into her laundry. This is the purest form of love!

This is the pre-final part of the series. Only one more part to go (Whoa it’s ending! *runs to grab the tissues). Do let me know if you want in on the tags for the last part.

Catch up:  Part 1, Part 2Part 3

All the love, Ana :*

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The only image your mind could conjure up was the terrified look in Ella’s blood-flecked eyes before the monster lunged at you. That was it, you were going to die. You shut your eyes tight, your arms instinctively riding up to protect your face.


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anonymous asked:

I don't know if your still taking requests for the 100 ways to say I love you but if you are, Sakuya X Mahiru #12 or #14 please! These two are so sweet! I'm going to die from cavities!

SakuMahi {12: “Take my jacket, it’s cold outside” + 14: “Can I have this dance”}

Sakuya stood on the edge of the frozen pond, spellbound by the sight before him. In the middle of the pond, Mahiru was skating over the ice. His movements were smooth and fluid as he skated in a languid circle. Then he bent his knee and sprung into a graceful jump. A bright, proud smile appeared on his face when he landed on the ice successfully. Gleefully, he spun, keeping his foot straight and his body relaxed.

As he watched Mahiru, he forgot how to breath. Sakuya came upon the small pond by accident and saw Mahiru skating. At first, Sakuya was going to call out to him but he soon became mesmerized by Mahiru’s elegant movements. He could only stare at him and the joy on his face. Mahiru let his momentum carry him until he came to a smooth stop.

Before he stopped entirely, Mahiru looked up and his eyes met with Sakuya’s. Suddenly having an audience made him self-conscious and he turned his foot the wrong way. He lost his balance and fell. Sakuya immediately raced onto the ice and almost slipped as he made his way to Mahiru. He was already sitting up when he reached him. “Are you okay, Mahiru?”

“Don’t worry, Sakuya, I’m fine. I’ve had worse falls.” Mahiru reassured him. He was a little confused by Sakuya’s sudden appearance because not many people visited the pond in the winter. Before he could ask him anything, Sakuya took off his jacket and wrapped it around Mahiru’s shoulders.

“Take my jacket, it’s cold outside. Never thought the ever responsible Mahiru would forget to wear a coat. The next time you try to lecture me, I’m going to bring this up.” Sakuya teased. “But I didn’t know that you could skate like that. You were awesome! I’m no professional but you looked like an angel out there.”

“Stop exaggerating, Sakuya.” Mahiru playfully hit his shoulder when he continued to shower him with compliments. Hearing the honest awe in Sakuya’s voice, he had to blush. He adjusted Sakuya’s jacket around him to distract himself and hide his flushed cheeks. He didn’t need his jacket because ice skating kept him warm but he had to admit that he liked wearing Sakuya’s large jacket.

“So why have you been hiding this secret talent from your best friend? If I knew, I would’ve joined you.”

“I wasn’t trying to hide it from you. It just never came up. The others don’t know either and they’ll probably laugh if they found out.” Mahiru shrugged and Sakuya had to feel a little happy that he was the first one to know of his ice skating. “I used to come here with my mom and she’ll teach me how to skate. It’s like a secret spot for us. Sometimes, I like to come here and skate when I miss her.”

Sakuya didn’t know how to reply to his admission. Even though Mahiru was smiling, it didn’t quite reach his eyes. He placed his finger beneath his chin and gently tilted his face. “I’m not much of an ice skater but I know how to dance. They’re similar enough so maybe you can teach me how to skate.”

“You’re not wearing ice skates and I doubt you brought some with you. Also, ice skating and dancing are similar but they’re not the same thing.” Mahiru pointed out. He knew that Sakuya was trying to cheer him up and his efforts made him smile. He was his best friend and he always knew what to say to him. Sakuya stood and Mahiru followed his lead.

“Okay, we can’t ice skate today but how about we dance?” Sakuya suggested and Mahiru gave him a wry smile in answer. It was irrational because Sakuya wasn’t wearing ice skates and the ice was slippery. Only Sakuya would suggest something as absurd as dancing on ice. Then again, only Sakuya could convince him to do something so silly with only an eager smile. “Can I have this dance, Mahi Mahi.”

“You may, Sakkun.” Mahiru returned his light teasing by using his nickname. A bright blush appeared on Sakuya’s cheeks like he expected and he chuckled at the sight. Sakuya was a little unsteady his feet so Mahiru took his hand and placed them on his waist. “Keep your center of gravity on your front leg and it should be easier for you. Lean on me and that should help too.”

Being so close to Mahiru made him flustered so he tried to hide how nervous he was. “Hey, with those ice skates, you’re almost as tall as me.”

“Oh, please, Sakuya.” Mahiru puffed his cheeks. “Remember who’s keeping you from falling face first into the ice.”

“You wouldn’t let me fall.” He pointed out and Mahiru knew that he was right. They moved together and danced to the light melody Sakuya hummed. It was a little difficult at first but they quickly found a comfortable pace. Every time one stumbled, the other would catch them and they laughed together. Never once did they let the other fall.

“This is nice,” Mahiru whispered and he nodded. When Sakuya looked down at him, he saw something over Mahiru’s shoulder. He became pale for only a second but Mahiru noticed it. “Sakuya, what is it?”

Mahiru started to turn to see what caught Sakuya’s attention. He quickly cupped his cheeks and stopped him. At first Mahiru was a little confused but those thoughts quickly left him when he realized Sakuya was leaning down towards him. He could feel his breath brush his lips and he closed his eyes. Was Sakuya going to kiss him? They were only friends but Mahiru found himself anticipating his kiss.

His heart was beating rapidly for a few moments. After waiting a few moments, he opened his eyes and tilted his head in confusion. Sakuya was standing frozen before him. Then the tension left his body and he gave him a shaky smile. Mahiru wondered what he saw but his expression didn’t give him any hint. “Sorry, I thought I saw an alien.”

“C’mon, Sakuya, you did not see an alien.” Mahiru had to admit that he was a little disappointed that Sakuya didn’t kiss him. It seemed like he only saw him as a friend and nothing more.

“Don’t look so annoyed, Mahi Mahi. Let’s dance some more. Don’t look away from me, okay?” Sakuya led him to the far side of the pond, away from what he saw. He placed a hand on his cheek to keep his gaze on him. To distract him further, he said. “I have this secret ability where I can see into people’s past lives. In one, we were famous ice skaters and took the world by storm. Now, how much of that was a lie?”

“Your lies are getting more and more absurd.” Mahiru gave him a weary laugh. Then his phone rang and he reluctantly let go of Sakuya. “Sorry, I need to get this. It’s just a text from my uncle. Oh, he’s coming home tonight! I should head home and make something special for him. Sorry to cut our dance a little short. If you want, we can try again next weekend.”

“I’ll bring ice skates then.” Sakuya nodded and walked him to where he left his shoes and bag. He would’ve liked to walk him all the way home but he couldn’t. The best he could do was watch Mahiru leave until he was out of sight. He sighed when he couldn’t see him anymore and guilt fell on him. He lied to him more than once during their dance. Even if it was for his own safety, Sakuya hated lying to Mahiru.

“Well, it looked like you were having fun.” He turned to see Tsubaki step out from behind a tree. Sakuya’s brows furrowed and he threw a knife at him.

“You idiot! Mahiru almost saw you biting that subclass. He’s a human!” He originally came to the pond because Tsubaki ordered him to kill a subclass who lived near the area. The mission completely left his mind when he saw Mahiru. When he was with Mahiru, he forgot that he was a monster and could be a normal human.

“Yes, yes, I know. You don’t want your Mahi Mahi to be involved in such nasty business like us vampires.” Tsubaki said with a bored expression. “That’s why I killed that subclass for you before it could interrupt your little dance. You should be thanking me. Even if Mahiru saw me, you can just erase his memory of the entire thing. Maybe you could replace it with—”

“Don’t joke about this.” Sakuya eyes narrowed but Tsubaki only shrugged. Mahiru didn’t know anything about vampires or that his best friend was one. He hoped that he could keep him blissfully ignorant for as long as possible. When they became friends, he made a promise to protect Mahiru from the dark world he didn’t know existed.

Okay, I tried ice skating once and ended terribly. I have zero balance and coordination so I can’t ice skate and rollerblade. Also, this is the last req I’ve gotten.

[100 ways to say, “I love you”] Closed


xxpeters-lost-girlxx42,77,194 for Peter please!!


  1. 42. “Either ask her out or I will do it for you!”
  2. 77. “I can’t believe you talked me into this.”
  3. 194. “Is… is that even possible? Like, can we do this?”

Warnings: none

“Pan, just do it.”

“No way, she could turn me down. You’ve seen how she is. She’s as mean and cruel as me.”

“Which is why you should just do it. You’re perfect for each other.”

“No, Felix, if she’s as demonic and twisted as me, she’ll shut me down and I’ll be made a fool. I can’t have that.”

The scary Lost Boy sighed. Peter was in way over his head. He’d been gawking over you, swooning. Ever since you got your pretty little butt down in Neverland, Peter was whipped. You were diabolical just like him, evil and dark. Peter found it quite the attractive look on you. Someone who was just like him but in a female version? Of course he found you attractive inside and out. 

Thing was, if you were like him, then you’d tease him to all hell if he asked you out on a date. Yes, a date. Something so foreign to all the residents of Neverland. Peter was hung up on asking you out for a night alone with just him. But he was so stubborn and nervous, he couldn’t do it. So his best bet was to talk it out with Felix, and that wasn’t going so well.

Either ask her out or I will do it for you!” Felix snapped at him. Peter sent him glare, silently telling him to watch his tone of voice.

“I can’t.”

“I swear, Pan, I will do it for you, and that would be even more embarrassing. Just do it. You’re more powerful than her anyways. If she makes fun of you or whatever, punish her.”

Peter groaned. “Fine.” He mumbled. He got up, leaving Felix’s side. He walked right over to you. You were across the way, at quite a distance. You were minding your own business, eating a snack. Peter gulped, shaking himself up before going to you.

When he walked up to you, he looked so nervous, something you’ve never seen on him. You raised a single brow, munching on some fruit. He didn’t say anything, just stood there in front of you. A single, sarcastic laugh left your mouth.

“May I help you?” You asked rather sassily. 

“Uh, um… well, would you with a date go on me?”His words were staggered. Whatever just fell out of his mouth sound so terribly dirty and wrong. You couldn’t help but laugh and snicker.

“I’m sorry?” You said through laughs. “Oh my God, Pan. That sounded so wrong!” You chuckled.

The boy took a deep sigh, trying to recollect his thoughts. “Would you… like to go on… a date. With me?” He spaced out his words, making sure he didn’t mess up this time.

You stared at him. That’s what all the fuss was about? It honestly took you off guard. Peter had a liking towards you? That was a shocker. He never seemed to show any displays of affection towards you in any manner. Then again, you were cocky and self-centered just like him. So when he did compliment, it went straight to the ego you had. 

“Oh. Sure. When?” You said, voice faltering from the slight surprise. Peter’s eyes went wide. You didn’t laugh as expected, or tease him. You agreed to it.

“Oh, right. Say tonight? You and me. Just us. I’ll think of someplace to take you.” You nodded your head at him, agreeing. 

“Then I guess I’ll see you tonight,” you said. You turned around awkwardly, walking back to your tent. You had to get ready, though a blush did rise to your cheeks and a smile crept its way to your lips. You were excited, nonetheless.

Peter on the other hand was a wreck. What would he do to make this date special? To make it worth the while? He didn’t know, and he was blaming Felix for it all. He was the one who convinced him to ask you out. This was his fault. 

Felix was with Peter, walking around Neverland. They were trying to find something to do for a date. They couldn’t just go somewhere on the island and talk. That’d be boring. Maybe he could prepare some food, but then what? He wanted to do more than that. More than just dinner. He was fretting some much over this, he felt as though he was going insane.

I can’t believe you talked me into this.” Peter grumbled. Felix only laughed at how he was reacting.

“Pan, relax. It’s Y/N we’re talking about. She may be a replica of you, but she doesn’t need to be wowed.”

“But I want to wow her!” Peter exclaimed. 


Night grew, the Lost Boys gathering around camp. Though Felix would be in charge while you and Peter went out on your little date. Finally Peter discovered what you two could do than just eat and talk. He was thinking of taking you to one of the lake pools. Go for a midnight swim. No underwater creature would dare bother you if Peter was with you. It would be perfect.

“Wow, Peter…” you looked at the sight in front of you. There was a blanket with food there, and a candle to create some light that wasn’t from the moon. “It’s stupid, but i like it.” You half-grinned.

Peter escorted you to the blanket and food. It was on a nice little spot resting a few feet away from a lake. Your favourite food was in front of you, along with a nice drink. You and Peter sat down. Both of you didn’t know what to do. You knew during dates, people were supposed to talk and be polite. But Peter knew you better. You weren’t polite. And neither was he. 

At first it was awkward. No one spoke. Just ate and drank. But then you bit into your food, for some reason that bite tasting better than the previous ones. You moaned a little at the taste, groaning. It was delicious. 

“Christ, Peter. This is so good.”

“I’m glad you think so. I prepared it myself. Never really understood cooking, but I did okay, yeah?” He looked at you nervously, putting down his food.

“Wait, you made this? No magic? Nothing? Just with your own two hands?” Peter nodded. You were shocked. You thought Peter would’ve just made everything appear perfectly with the powers he held. 

“I mean, I used magic to get the ingredients, but other than that, I made it myself.”

You leaned back a little. “Well, I am very impressed.” That simple sentence meant so much to Peter. He so badly wanted to impress you. Even though you knew him so well, he still wanted to make a good impression. He still wanted you to be impressed by him, and so far it was working.

Dessert was ice cream. That was whipped up by magic. No way Peter was going to make handmade ice cream. That was too difficult. But he made it appear in your lap. A bowl with two scoops. There were sprinkles on it along with caramel and chocolate drizzle. It looked tasty, and was tasty. 

“Peter,” you smirked. He looked up, and that when you booped his nose. Your finger purposely had chocolate sauce on it, making a little dark and sticky mark on his nose.

“Oh, you little!” He laughed, dipping his finger in his bowl. He gathered little bits of sticky caramel. He leaned over, trying to get your face, but you leaned back until you fell on the grass, on your back.

“No way, nuh-uh, you are not getting me!” You laughed loudly. 

“Oh yeah?” Peter got up from his spot, running over to you. You sprung into action, jumping up and trying to get away. You ran towards the water. Perfect. Peter gained on you, trying his best to actually play fair for once by not using any magic on you. He grabbed you by the waist. A squeal left your mouth as you lost your balance. Both of you fell into the water.

You poked your head out of the water, hair covering your eyes. “Pan!” You giggled. You could hear him giggling as well. You swam over to him and before he could do anything, you splashed him and dunked his head under the water real quick. He came back up, glaring at you. He splashed you back.

You guys started splashing each other in the water, laughing up a storm. You’d try to sneak up on him by going under water to grab his legs, but he’d move at last minute. This went on for a while, silly and sarcastic comments being thrown in between. But then it finally all stopped. Peter stopped splashing you, and you stopped as well. You looked right at Peter, barely seeing his features in the dim lighting.

“I’m having fun,” you commented, voice low.

“I’m so glad,” he grinned, swimming a little closer to you. “I’ve been paranoid about you not liking it.”

“Peter, I love it. This is probably some of the most fun I’ve ever had.” You admitted truthfully.

Peter cracked a smile, but was still coming closer to you. Under the water, his hands held your sides. Your’s landed on his shoulders. Peter could reach the ground, but you couldn’t. You were just short enough where you couldn’t exactly reach the bottom. Peter pulled you by your sides and that was enough for him to lay a big kiss on you. He kissed you, his lips soft. You kissed him back, your hands moving from his shoulders to his cheeks. You had wrapped your legs around him, mainly so you weren’t struggling to stay afloat.

Is… is that even possible? Like can we do this?” You asked him rather hesitantly after the kiss.

“Hmm?” He looked at you, still holding you close in the water.

“Can we do this, Peter? Date. Be a couple. I don’t want something to go wrong and us not being able to stand each other. Neverland is my home, too, and I can’t get kicked out.”

Peter now understood your concerns. He still had his hands on your sides, your legs still wrapped around him. Though your hands moved around to his neck. He gave you a loving look.

“Love, we’ll make it work. No matter what. We will make it work.” He assured you, kissing you one more time.

Mine for Tonight: Ronnie and Pete

Ronnie missed Pete. She knew it was selfish but she wanted him for a night. She had asked Jon to watch Abby, giving her a little bit of time with her husband. Right now though, she was standing in the doorway of their kitchen, watching him from behind. She considered speaking, but instead she sprung at him, jumping on his back, fangs to his neck but not quite piercing. “Gotcha.” She whispered, legs tightening around him.

Goddamned Dallas

You may or may not recall that back in February or so, I wrote an absolute acid trip of a side-shot called Fly By Night, in which LL Marco ran into the ghost of a certain angry dead gay texan who happened to kinda sorta be him.

Well. Liar Liar continued. ATSIT continued. southspinner and I yelled at each other on twitter a lot. Michael and Michaela Bodt happened, and then continued to happen just fu ckin’ all over the place. 

And then I read the last ATSIT update and the inside of my head exploded. And this is the result. Please enjoy the followup to Fly By night and the general ATSIT/LL Reincarnation Shenanigans, entitled Goddamned Dallas. Yes really.

(There are some vague spoilers for ATSIT if you read between the lines. I supsect they’re only recognizeable if you already KNOW they’re spoilers, but. You have been warned.)

I. Dust

Eren sleeps like a hibernating grizzly.

It’s a running joke. One of the things almost everyone knows about him. One of the first things Marco ever knew about him. He doesn’t mind sleeping alone either - they maintained three separate bedrooms, in some kind of silent agreement, and Eren’s got no problem curling up in whatever bed makes sense that night, regardless of who’s in it.

There’s only one thing that always wakes him, every time. If Eren went to sleep in a bed that had someone else in it, he’s awake the moment they’re gone. It’s a habit that harkens back more than a decade, to waking up to the sound of Jean’s soft footsteps on the ladder. He’d slip out of the nest of blankets they so often shared and creep up to his piano in the attic in the throes of a bad night, and within a few weeks Eren would wake up with him, protective instincts nudging him awake as soon as something prompted Jean to leave the warmth he needed so badly at night.

The bed he woke up in wasn’t even his. (Or Jean’s, or Marco’s.) It’s a hotel bed, one of a pair in the well-appointed room of the hotel that used to be the Dallas National Bank, and Eren opened his eyes to see a sliver of light cut off behind a closing door.

Jean was asleep on the other bed, curled around his laptop like a cat with a comforter draped cape-like around his shoulders. He shifted and mumbled in his skittish way when Eren tucked it closer around him, but didn’t wake.

And Marco was gone.

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Imagine #1 Safety Pin

Request: by Anon- Hello love, I’m having a pretty shitty day and I’m hoping this could cheer me up. Could you write a TMR imagine where New has a crush on you and Thomas and Minho mention to Newt how they’ve noticed scars on your wrists and Newt becomes defensive and takes care of you?
Pairing: Newt & Y/N
Warning(s): slight trigger warning, but nothing too major.
Word Count: 921
A/N: I changed it a little bit I hope that’s alright xx

Safety Pin:
“Y/N’s eating in the deadheads by herself again” Thomas said to Minho and Newt as he set his lunch down, and sat down at the table.
Newt immediately looked up at the sound of
Y/N’s name.
“I hope she’s alright, she’s been doing better lately” Minho added his words heavy with concern.
“What do you mean doing better, what’s wrong with her?” Newt interjected, his heart unintentionally beginning to race.
“I thought you said he knew about it.” Minho lowered his voice and raised his eyebrows at Thomas.
“I assumed he knew because of his massive crush on her” Thomas responded
“I don’t have a bloody crush on her you shank” Newt immediately denied it, but he could feel a blush creeping its way up his cheeks.
Thomas and Minho rolled their eyes at each other.
“Oh please Newt, you’re always watching her, and when she talks to you, you can’t go a full sentence without stuttering” Minho pointed out while continuing to shovel Frypan’s stew into his mouth.
“Alright fine I have a bloody crush on her, so what?” Newt was sure his face must look like a tomato because of how much he was blushing.
“Now are you going to bloody tell me what’s wrong with her or not?”
Immediately Thomas and Minho’s expressions became serious, and they were both staring at each other, waiting for the other to speak.
“Would you just bloody tell me already!” Newt exclaimed slamming his fist on the table.
“Uh” Thomas spoke but kept his gaze locked on his food. “Y/N, she uh”
“Just bloody spit it out Tommy!”
Thomas sighed and raises his eyes to meet Newt’s
“Y/N used to hurt herself Newt.”
Those 6 words were all it took, Newt dropped his spoon and began running towards the deadheads. He could hear Tommy and Minho yelling after him, but he didn’t care. All he could think about was getting to Y/N and making sure that she was okay, that she wasn’t hurting.
He was so stupid, how could he have missed this, missed the signs, him of all people.
Even though his limp hindered his running, he tore through the deadheads as quick as he could.
He found her in he middle of the thickest part of the trees, leaning against the trunk of a tree, with her head in her hands.
“Y/N?” Newt asked quietly, his voice wavering slightly.
She jumped slightly at the sound of his voice, and lifted here gaze to meet Newt’s.
He immediately noticed that her eyes were red and puffy. Newt felt his heart breaking in his chest at the sight of her looking so broken and lonely.
“Can I sit?”
Y/N nodded, sniffling slightly as she scooted over to make room next to her.
“Are you okay love?” Newt asked holding his breath without noticing he was doing so as he waited for an answer.
“Yea of course why wouldn’t I be?” She answered immediately, but her shaking hands told a different story.
“Tommy told me….he told me, told me that” Newt struggled to find the right words.
Unable to find them, he gently grabbed her wrist and pulled it towards him so he could see the underside of it.
He felt his heart sinking as he saw the dozens of faint white scars overlapping each other.
Immediately Y/N pulled her arm away, and stood up to leave.
She hadn’t gotten very far, when Newt grabbed her arm and pulled her to a stop.
“Y/N-” Newt was at a loss of words again.
“No Newt, just leave me be alright I don’t need your sympathy.”
She turned to leave again, but Newt grabbed her arm her around, and before she could say anything, he slipped his bracelet cuff off and showed her the matching scars that ran along his wrist.
“Holy klunk Newt” Y/N brought her hand up to her mouth.
“Did Alby ever tell you how I got my bloody limp?” Newt said quietly
“He- he told me that you had an accident in the maze that you-”
Newt cut her off “it wasn’t a shucking accident alright? I tired to kill myself, I had had enough, so I climbed to the top of the ivy and I jumped.”
Tears sprung into Y/N’s eyes “Newt I’m so sorry I didn’t know”
“It’s doesn’t matter now” Newt dismissed her apology “What matters is that I get it okay? I understand how you’re feeling and I want to fix you.”
Y/N shook her head sadly “I’m not a broken doll Newt, you can’t just glue me back together, eventually the glue will dry and I’ll still be broken”
“I suppose then I’ll have to use a safety pin instead of glue, and when you’re all fixed, we can take it out.”
“Why the hell do you even care Newt?” Y/N said frustratedly “Minho and Thomas, they knew about this but they didn’t do anything.”
“I thought that it was pretty obvious, since everyone seemed to know.” Newt mumbled sheepishly
“Know what?”
“I like you Y/N, I like you a lot, I care about you so much that it hurts me to see you hurting.”
“I-I like you too Newt” Y/N stuttered as her tears began to overflow and sobs began heaving though her body.
Newt quickly closed the gap between them and hugged her closely to him, cradling her head gently against his chest.
It was then that he decided that he would be Y/N’s safety pin, and he would hold her together and keep her whole, until she could hold herself together again.

|| A/N: that was my first imagine so feedback is welcome, also requests are open so feel free to drop one in my ask xx ||

You Find Out About The Supernatural (Scott)

“Scott?” you asked as you stepped inside the McCall house. You knew where they kept the spare key so it was easy for you to get in whenever you wanted to. Melissa was at work and Scott was supposed to be home so the two of you could study together. But when you checked the living room, the kitchen, and upstairs in his room, you couldn’t find him.

“Scott, if you’re finding this funny, it really isn’t,” you called.

“Are you sure? Cause I’m finding this pretty funny,” a voice that didn’t belong to Scott said. Matt walked into the room, a deranged smile on his lips and a gun held at his side.

“What are you doing with that?” you said, eyes widening when they landed on the weapon.

“Oh please don’t tell me you’re like those girls in the horror movies,” he groaned. “Always asking stupid questions that I’m never gonna answer until I eventually tell you what I’m up to.”

“So let’s just skip over the stupid stuff and get on with you telling me your plan,” you told him.

“I would but,” he trailed off. His eyes moved to something behind you but before you could turn to look something quickly ran across the back of your neck, something sharp enough to cut the skin there. Seconds later, your knees buckled and you collapsed to the floor, unable to move anything from the neck down. Matt’s shoes came into view as he crouched down in front of you.

“Honestly, you weren’t my target at all,” he chuckled. “I was here for Scott.”

“Well, you got me,” the voice of your boyfriend growled at Matt. You could hear Matt’s chuckle as he walked over to Scott, his feet leaving your line of sight.

“Scotty,” you heard Matt say, “I must applaud you on your timing. Though, I think it would have been easier on your girlfriend if you would have gotten here a bit earlier.”

“Why are you do all of this?” Scott asks, his tone angry. “Why are you killing innocent people?!”

“Innocent? Oh no, I wouldn’t say they were innocent. Not at all. They had to pay Scott. They had to pay for what they did. All of them.”

“What could they have done to you that could have cost them their lives? One of them was pregnant with a baby!”

“I know. That’s why my little toy couldn’t do the job. I had to kill her myself.”

You could feel your heart speed up. Matt killed people? Why?! The hissing started up again from behind you and something slithered over to where the two boys were. As it passed you saw reptilian scales too large to be human and a long tail that was almost the same length as you were tall.

“I suggest you come with me before I make Jackson have to do something I really don’t want him to do,” Matt warned him. You heard the click of the gun.

“I suggest you stop pointing a gun at my girlfriend,” Scott growled. “I really don’t want to hurt anyone and you really don’t seem to know what I’m capable of.”

“Oh, I don’t think I’m the one who’s clueless about your abilities. Tell me Scott, does Y/N know? About your secret little world. About how every midnight is a fucking playground for the supernatural?”

“What is he talking about?” you asked. Matt chuckled and crouch down in front of you.

“How about we go for a ride?” he asked with an awful smirk on his face.

Next thing you know, you were at the police station slowly regaining some feeling in your body while Matt locked you in a cell. You watched as Scott locked the door, his eyes not meeting yours at all.

“Must be weird seeing your girlfriend behind bars,” Matt teased, gun still pointed at Scott. Once the lock was secured, your boyfriend turned to face him. Matt smirked before saying, “Good boy Scott.”

The gun went off and the bullet hit Scott square the stomach. You screamed as you saw the blood begin to trickle down onto the floor from the wound. You wanted to clap your hand over your mouth but the only thing you could do was wiggle your fingertips a bit. This hissing started again and something big and scaly crawled through the door. It was the size of a person and it’s eyes were yellowed and soulless.

“Oh c’mon Scott,” the clearly crazy teen continued, “you put on a good show. You really don’t want her to know don’t you? Well she’s gonna find out sooner or later. So why not now?”

The lizard thing sprung up and jumped onto Scott, wrestling him to the ground. It’s claws came out and it’s hand rose to scratch him in the face, but he managed to react in time and grabbed the lizard’s wrist. You heard a roar that didn’t come from the lizard and Scott threw the creature off of him. He took a protective stance in front of the cell, blocking the lizard from getting remotely close to you.

“Hate to break it to you Y/N, but your boyfriend is anything but normal,” Matt called from across the room. Scott tensed, his body dropping his defence before turning to face you. Your eyes widened as you mapped out gold eyes, pointy ears, elongated claws, and sharp canines. Your breath caught in your throat and his eyes dropped in shame.


“Are you scared of me?” Scott asked later on. Matt was dead, the lizard was loose, and the police station was a mess after the night you experienced. You tightened the blanket the the police had wrapped around you and didn’t answer right away. “I’m sorry,” he apologized.

“No, no, don’t be,” you assured him. “I know you were only trying to protect me. I just didn’t expect that to happen. But I’m not afraid of you. I’m just a bit shocked. I mean, werewolves? I just thought that stuff wasn’t real.”

“So did I until a while ago,” he smiled. “So, we’re okay?”

“Yes, Cheeseball McCall,” you told him. “We’re okay.”