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Me upon finding out Prompto is a Scorpio:

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In all seriousness this was a ton of fun for me to write especially considering that out of all the Chocobros, Prompto’s the one I’d be more likely to call a muse. He has so much potential… So here’s some Prompto sex headcanons?? I take requests, so if you like what you see drop me a line!

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One Match // c.h

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Pairing: Boxer!Y/N x Boyfriend!Calum

Series: Paid to be Popular - The Purpose of Love - Bittersweet Generation

Description: Calum really hates when Y/N gets her usual injuries so he tries to make her stay home from her next boxing match. (this is really cute btw)

The wound stung as Calum pressed the cloth against your broken lip. His tongue was sticking out as his eyes were concentrated and zooming in on your sore bottom lip. The injuries of last night were minimal, so it wasn’t taken care of backstage, but Calum still found it necessary to rinse the already cleaned lip.

The stunning pain wasn’t annoying you. It was almost pleasant at this point. Whenever you had gotten a wound, you knew you fought hard. Calum, on the other hand, didn’t see your boxing career that way.

“You’re not gonna quit, are you?” he said under his breath, his eyes still on your lip. His hand was on your thigh as you were sitting comfortable on the kitchen counter. You widened your eyes at Calum’s sudden question.

“No, not anytime soon.” You answered, looking straightforward. Calum put down the cloth and you pressed your lips together in a small smile as he looked at you with deep, sorrow eyes, clearly not happy about your answer. “Can I kiss you now?” You asked and tried to lean forward, but he avoided you.

“I’m not finished,” he mumbled and pressed the cloth to your lip again, a sigh escaping your lips quietly. You had won the last three matches, making you take the lead in your boxing tournament. Calum wasn’t delighted whenever you told the good news, but he was always there to support you. He stood by the line, watching how you threw perfect punches and avoided the dreadful fists of your opponents. Sometimes you would even catch a glimpse of his smug smile, making you work harder to win the match. He was without a doubt proud, even though he didn’t like the blood and the punches thrown in the ring.

He finally put the cloth to the side, getting comfortable between your legs. You held your chin high as his lips slowly pressed against yours, his hands running painfully slow up your thighs. His lips moved perfectly against yours as you moaned into his mouth, your wound stinging by the kiss, making your boyfriend pull away from it and watch you with furrowed eyebrows.

“Did it hurt?” He snapped and you chuckled at his serious tone.

“No, of course not,” you grinned and put your hands behind his neck. “Kiss me again.”

“Not if it hurts,” he mentioned and walked out of your grip, trying to find some delicious leftovers in the fridge. You rolled your eyes and jumped down the counter. Calum stuck his head outside the fridge with a frown.

“I don’t want salad for dinner again.” He swore, making you snort.

“It’s my diet, Cal.” You said, rolling your eyes while walking past him and into the living room, eager to throw your feet up on the table and turn on the TV. “I can’t just avoid it.”

Calum followed you, still with dark, sorrow eyes as he observed how you sat without a care in the world, watching the screen intensely. The terrible laughter in the background of the sitcom drowned out the rain hitting the window.

“You can’t just avoid it?” Calum murmured, making you look up at him to see him walking towards you and sitting down beside you with an arm around your shoulder.

“What? Avoid what?” You spit out, making Calum play with his fingers, as he dodged your attempt to look him in his beautiful eyes. A tiny blush spilt at his cheeks, making you smirk as he opened his mouth again.

“It all? You can’t just avoid it all?” he scratched his neck and finally found his way to your eyes. You were staring at him, watching how his expression became more and more ashamed.

“I like doing it all.” You replied sharply as Calum exhaled deeply, again disappointed by your answer. He stared down at his long fingers again as you kept teaching him about your work. “It’s my job, I get paid for it and I love it.”

“How can you love getting punched in the face?” he interrupted, taking you by surprise. You cleared your throat and smirked, already knowing your comeback.

“I get to punch people in the face, too.” Calum sighed and leant back on the couch, as you laughed off your own tiny joke before Calum spoke again.

“Can’t you just… like, avoid your next match? Tomorrow?” He responded and looked at you with begging puppy eyes. His muscular body had sunk into the couch and he wasn’t caring about the on-going sitcom in the background. “We’ll stay home, watch movies… you’ll be safe?”

You rolled your eyes, sighing before answering. “I’m safe even though I’m in the ring…”

“You’re safer here,” Calum’s jaw tensed and you couldn’t convince him to let it go. Missing one match wouldn’t hurt since you had won all the others. You sunk down on Calum’s level, making him smirk as you gave him a tiny peck on the lips.

“Fine.” You whispered, only inches away from his lips. His face lit up as soon as you decided to skip your game. He sprung up from the couch, making you flinch, as he looked completely fumbled by your response.

“I didn’t think I’ll win that easily,” he laughed, his eyes crinkling up at you, who was sitting with raised eyebrows as you enjoyed the magical view of your punk-boy. Calum smiled at you before leaning down to you on the couch, hovering over you with perfect his features. “I knew I would win, though.” He murmured before letting his lips crash into yours of happiness.

A/N: I don’t know anything about boxing, but it worked out anyways. I dunno, I think this is cute.


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Team Captain- Michael Clifford

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Summary: Michael is hockey captain and gets jealous bc the member of the opposing team is hitting on you 

Warning: If you actually play ice hockey, I apologize and you may not want to read. I suck about writing about hockey…or any sport really 


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ok I got it

the proposed mcrollins proposal is a red herring

it’s steve’s last desperate attempt to cling to his heterosexuality, plus by telling danny about it before actually asking cath he’s gets to gauge his reaction

danny’s completely manic, borderline-hysterical response is the best he can muster to mask his devastation but steve is such a dumbface that he takes it as confirmation that danny isn’t interested in him anyway.


something will happen and Steve won’t be able to go through with it. he’ll finally confess to Danny that he’s really in love with him and Danny will surprise him by laughing hysterically and then confessing he loves him back, “you goof! We’re idiots! Idiots!” and then they kiss