spruce owl


Our Denali/Kenai Tour in Alaska is off to an incredible start! These are just a few of the amazing images from encounters with the impressive array of wildlife we’ve enjoyed over the past few days. Our Moose/Grizzly count is tied at 14 for the tour so far, and we just completed the Ptarmigan sweep (Willow, Rock, and White-tailed) with an obliging, strutting, Spruce Grouse to boot. While conditions didn’t allow for photo ops as jaw-dropping as last year’s success, we nevertheless had spectacular views of the enigmatic Smith’s Longspur, now seldom seen in Alaska. Black-backed Woodpeckers at nest holes, insanely close Three-toed Woodpecker, Bohemian Waxwing, and two lovely Northern Hawk Owls were also highlights, among others.

Photos: Northern Hawk-Owl & Spruce Grouse, by Forrest Rowland