2 nourishing bowls for lunch the other day-avocado, grilled mushrooms, baked pumpkin and potato with moroccan spices, quinoa, sprouts, coconut yoghurt, salad and some wholewheat crackers :)



Healthy sprouts in six days.
March 14th 2017

Bringing healthy food to the table, especially for the growing children, has never been this easy. We soak the seeds the first day for 24 hours. Then every morning and evening we fill the jars with water to do a shake and rinse. So, simply fill the jars, shake and pour the water out. once you’ve shaken the water out of the jars simply lay the jars on their side next to the sink. Keep them close and convenient. In six days you’ll have jars full of clean and organic sprouts for salads and sides. The nutritional value is exponentially higher when the beans open and the taproot grows. This is a great solution for anybody who feels they are too busy to grow their own healthy foods. With simple old-school methods no one has excuses and there is no light required. Moreover, the sweet and crunchy experience usually wins over the children.

From our experience, if you have an active lifestyle and need easily digestible foods that translate into quick and clean energy, this is definitely a route for you guys to explore.

I hope this message finds you guys excited about getting ready for the spring time.


anonymous asked:

Have u heard of kpop diets? Wat r some that u think work?

Technically all of the diets work since idols have shown that they have lost weight (not that they really needed to in the first place). Most of them are quick and short term weight loss methods that idols take on before an upcoming debut, album, or tour. A lot of the diets are unhealthy, excessive, and usually it’s  the companies that strictly enforce and moderate the diets. 

Here are the ones I that think give a healthier plan but shouldn’t really be adopted wholly as you should incorporate more meals and snacks to individually suit your weight and schedule:

  • Seo In Young’s Banana Diet - Morning: 1~2 bananas, 2 cups of water. Lunch: healthy and non-greasy Korean meal. Snack: ½~1 banana when feeling hungry. Dinner: Korean meal mostly composed of rice and herbs.”
  • Park Bom’s Lettuce and Corn Diet - “She snacks healthily and sometimes substitutes watermelon for rice to keep her satiated. Bom’s a major snacker so she eats a total of five meals a day – three main meals and two snacking meals. Trainer Hwang created the two snacking meals to allow Bom to enjoy her two favorite foods – corn and nuts.”
  • Yoon Eun Hye’s Diet - Morning: rice 170 g, dried pollack bean spout soup, steamed eggs, seasoned sesame leaves, corn salad, kimchi. Lunch: rice 170 g, crab soup, sweet potato sprouts, three colored cold salad, boiled kidney beans, kimchi. Snack: ½ bag of puffed corn cookies, cherry tomatoes 200g. Dinner: rice 170 g, mushroom stew, roasted herring with salt, stir-fried butterbur, bean sprouts, kimchi. Snack: 10~20 strawberries.”
  • Kim Shin Young’s Diet - “In the morning, I eat a bowl of brown rice with stir-fried vegetables. 2 hours later, I eat 10 almonds, soy milk, and a quarter of an apple. In the afternoon, I eat calamari or any another protein source with vegetables, and 2 hours later I once again eat 10 pieces of almonds and an apple.”
  • Girl’s Generation Diet - “diet that consisted of rice, grilled chicken breast, blanched broccoli, and seasonal vegetables, while for lunch, they had the same rice and grilled chicken breast, but with a cabbage and paprika salad and almonds. For dinner, the girls had sweet potatoes, eggs, and a cabbage and paprika salad.”
  • Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung - “revealed the first secret was sweet potatoes, “I ate half sweet potato a day. With the sweet potato diet I was able to lose 6kg in 2 weeks. I love eating cookies and chocolate, so every time I had cravings for them I would have a bite of sweet potato.” For her second diet secret she credited black juice, which involves in the mixing and grinding of different black foods. Kang Min Kyung explained, “You mix black beans with black rice and milk, then you grind them to drink.”

And here are the ones I do not recommend since you won’t have any energy or nutrients in your body (you’ll most likely gain all the weight back anyways):

  • IU’s Diet - “diet menu consisted of apples, potatoes, and protein drinks.  She would divide the three foods into three separate meals a day (i.e., apple for breakfast, potato for lunch, and protein drink for dinner).”
  • 9 MUSES Paper Cup Diet - “involves eating three paper cups of rice, side dishes, and vegetable or fruit.”
  • KARA Nicole’s Danish Diet - “a diet plan that is used at the Royal Danish Hospital, is a very strict high-protein and low-calorie diet that lasts for 14 days. The majority of the diet plan is composed of animal protein and black coffee.“ 
  • Jung Hye Yeon’s Diet - “Morning: 1 piece of chicken breast, 1 sweet potato, 1 cup of milk, after meal vitamins. Lunch: 1 piece of chicken breast, 1 sweet potato, broccoli. Snack: max of 10 cherry tomatos. Dinner: 1 piece of chicken breast, 1 sweet potato.”
  • Secret’s Diet - “Monday - Morning: 1 slice of toast, 1 apple, 1 sweet potato. Lunch: chicken breast salad. Dinner: 8 cherry tomatoes, 1 cucumber. Tuesday -  Morning: 1 slice of toast, low-fat milk. Lunch: 1 sweet potato. Dinner: 8 strawberries, 5 cherry tomatoes. Wednesday -  Morning: 1 slice of toast, low-fat milk. Lunch: 1 sweet potato, 5 cherry tomatoes. Dinner: 5 strawberries, 1 cucumber. Thursday - Morning: 1 slice of toast, low-fat milk. Lunch: chicken breast, 8 strawberries. Dinner: 5 cherry tomatoes, 1 cucumber. Friday - Morning: 1 slice of toast, 1 apple. Lunch: 3 eggs, 1 cucumber, 5 cherry tomatoes. Dinner: 10 strawberries, 1 cucumber. Saturday - Morning: 1 slice of toast, low-fat milk. Lunch: 1 sweet potato. Dinner: 1 tofu, 3 cherry tomatoes. Sunday - Morning: 1 slice of toast, 1 apple, low-fat milk. Lunch: 1 sweet potato. Dinner: 1 cucumber.

Remember that idols pair their diets with daily workouts, activities, promotions, and choreography practices that can take up the majority of their day. Most of them are severely under eating, underweight, and sleep deprived.

You should use these diets as a base line guide of what you should be eating, not a set rule that you have to strictly follow. There’s a general trend of incorporating foods such as Korean sweet potatoes, brown rice, boiled eggs, salads, and chicken breasts that you should add to your meals. 

There’s really no need to go through such extreme lengths. They’re idols for a reason and their whole career, income, and reputation are based on their visuals. Good luck :-)


I may not have achieved everything I wanted to achieve today but I’ve since forgotten what the things I’ve forgotten to achieve were and I know that at least one of them was making a large amount of warm hummus kawarma and shoving it into my face on long shovely slices of this very wide flat overproved sourdough my dad made at the weekend. So I did. And thanks to that, my other shortcomings seem not nearly so short.

So yeah, hummus, of the very smooth heavy-on-the-tahini-light-on-the-oil kind you get in the nearer East, goes sort of fluffy and soufflesque when you briefly bake it, and that’s what I did here. Baked, topped with thinly sliced breast of lamb I fried very slowly with lots of hibiscus za’atar and sumac and cumin and allspice and a touch of cinnamon. Sprinkled with dried rose petals and fried flaked almonds and sweet paprika because those flashes of colour are things I can’t resist.

That and like, some Kurdish style pickles I picked up but did not personally pickle. And the sourdough I aforementioned earlier.

And a pomegranate I speckled my awful t-shirt in prising the seeds from its pulp. And a chopped salad of sprouting things, and parsley and mint, and homegrown cucumbers, and raddichio and the last of this big fucking crate of vine tomatoes we bought and have been working through ever since.

close the espresso bar in 20 minutes flat! run home and stop to thank the moon and apologize for my recent bad attitude towards myself! throw down my book and my backpack and get straight into cooking garbanzo beans and brussel sprouts for big salad lunch tomorrow! have to be up again at dawn to open the shop!

I feel no chill whatsoever I want to be energized and humble but it’s tough!

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Important: do you think Obi-Wan is good at cooking? Because there seems to be two types of people: those who think he can't manage to do it and it's adorable or those who think "well he's perfect art everything so ofc he's good at cooking!!!"

Hellooooo Nony! Welcome to a mild Saturday evening as my cats slowly lose their tiny minds chasing after bugs outside the window! It’s adorable, I swear.

Having been sick for most of this week I have watched waaaay more Food Network shows than I am comfortable admitting. And chopped. SO much chopped. Normal Chopped. Butchers Chopped. Emotionally Oversharing Chefs Chopped. Kids Chopped. Grandmas Chopped. Everything Chopped as far as the eye can see!

¬___¬ That sounded far more violent than I intended it to.

Since I have binged, as it were, on cooking shows, I feel I can speak with zero authority on the subject and yet I’m going to anyway! Woohoo!

If I were writing a fic that is In-Universe and trying to stick relatively close to the canon, I would characterize Obi-Wan as sufficient at cooking. 

I can’t imagine the Jedi Temple, and later the GAR, would want their highly trained and specialized Jedi spending their time trying to make meals for themselves when they’re supposed to be training, teaching, meditating and out in the galaxy bringing peace of the populace. In my fics, specifically Copper and Gold and Tano and Kenobi (both which take place during Anakin and Obi-Wan’s apprenticeships respectively), scenes take place in the main dining hall or they can have food brought to their shared suites. 

Since the Order operates not unlike a monastic order in our modern world, it makes sense that there would whole sections of the Temple devoted to the creation of comestibles for the entire Order and no doubt the civilian population that works in the Temple (like the mechanics in The World Undone).

So Obi-Wan probably doesn’t really need to know how to cook. He’s probably had a class or two, probably survival foraging and cooking, and maybe some food culture classes for diplomats. 

That being said, I can see him at least being serviceable in the kitchen, definitely not the “burn water” type but more of the “I can follow a recipe and it’s edible” type. 

Not perfect but not horrid. Just serviceable.

Now if I were writing a modern AU, Obi-Wan’s cooking ability would depend entirely on how I was choosing to translate the essence of “Obi-Wan Kenobi” into the modern, non-Jedi “Ben Kenobi” character. 

For example, Is he a very busy, constantly harried Emergency Room doctor? Then Ben is going to be terrible in the kitchen and will some how subsist on protein bars, monster energy and Awake Tazo tea. He won’t burn water but everything else is fair game. There isn’t a takeout/takeaway menu he hasn’t tried at least twice. 

This Ben has a great deal in common with General Kenobi, who doesn’t have time to sit down for a meal and thanks the Force every day for Commander Cody’s seemingly limitless protein bar supplies and Anakin and Ahsoka’s penchant for snacking. 

Now if Ben is some kind of teacher/artist/diplomat/civil servant/dancer XD/professional student who has a great deal of time on his hands then I would definitely make him a foodie, who makes shaved brussel sprout salads with candied pancetta and a red wine vinaigrette and mandarin orange slices. It would be an easy way to show that Ben is “cultured” and possibly, a teeny, tiny bit snooty. It’s a way of illustrating the background behind the “So Uncivilized” quote.

I hope that answered your question, Nony! And now I want a Chopped AU where Obi-Wan and Anakin come head to head over a mystery basket including anko, polenta, hagis and chianti. You have thirty minutes to make an entree annnnnd BEGIN!

Hello hannigardeners (or not)!

For those who don’t have a garden and want to eat fresh and nutritional food,I would suggest sprouted seeds.Easy to grow,you just have to rinse them thoroughly under cool running water twice a day.

Day 2

Day 8

These are clover and mung beans.You can add your sprouts to salads,sandwiches…or here in spring rolls

Bon appétit @fannibalgrowingcircle!

Yoon Eun Hye Diet

Morning: rice 170 g, dried pollack bean spout soup, steamed eggs, seasoned sesame leaves, corn salad, kimchi
Lunch: rice 170 g, crab soup, sweet potato sprouts, three coloured cold salad, boiled kidney beans, kimchi
Snack: 1/2 bag of puffed corn cookies, cherry tomatoes 200g
Dinner: rice 170 g, mushroom stew, roasted herring with salt, stir-fried butter bur, bean sprouts, kimchi
Snack: 10~20 strawberries

Leave It To Me

Pairing: Taehyung X Reader

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1,622

Request: Can I request a Taehyung BTS scenario where he’s being clingy because you’re injured? Thank you. -anonymous

A/N: First off, I wanted to apologize that you had to wait a long time though I did not intend for this to happen. Still, I hope that you are able to enjoy the story! Thank you <3

You looked over at Taehyung’s downcast expression as he drove. The slight pulling down of his lip corners gave him away, and your heart felt touch at how he cared so much about you. Ever since the doctor delivered the news about your condition at the clinic, your boyfriend acted as if he was the one injured instead of you. “Don’t worry, Taehyung,” you told him when he reached a red light. “It’s not a major injury. I’ll be fine.”

“It’s not fine!” Taehyung retorted, snapping his head to look at you. He took one hand from the steering wheel and held your left hand. “Honey, you have a short arm cast on your right hand! The doctor said your wrist is fractured, and that you’ll have to keep the case on for about four weeks!”

He kissed your left hand and mumbled against it. “I can’t believe my honey’s beautiful hand is injured now because she’s so clumsy.”

“You’re overreacting, silly,” you replied with a laugh. “I promise I’ll be more careful from now on. Would that make you feel better?”

“Obviously,” Taehyung chuckled, “but until you’re completely healed, I will be by your side, taking care of you.”

Once the lights turned green again, Taehyung let go of your hand and returned it to the steering wheel. Stepping onto the gas pedal, you both were on your way home.

When you two arrived home, you entered the house and found all six of Taehyung’s friends in the same position as they were when Taehyung quickly rushed you to the hospital. “Don’t tell me you guys are still watching ‘American Horror Story,’” you said, rolling your eyes, walking into the living room.

Jimin was the first one to turn around and notice the cast on your arm. “You guys are back! Oh my gosh, (Y/N). You have a cast! Are you okay?”

The rest of them turned around once they heard the word ‘cast’ and asked you about it at the same time.

“I’m okay,” you promised, trying to calm them down by moving your arm just a little. “It’s just going to be on for a while.”

“But it’s your dominant hand, (Y/N),” Namjoon mentioned. “How are you going to eat? Or work? Basically, how are you going to do anything?”

“Can I write on your cast?!” Jungkook cut in, grinning.

Before you could answer to either of them, Taehyung interrupted and answered for you instead. “Well, Namjoon, that’s why I’m going to be taking care of my girlfriend. You don’t need to worry about that at all. That’s what I’m here for. Also, Jungkook, no. You cannot write on her cast. What if you injure her hand even more by pressing down hard with a marker?”

“I’m not!” Jungkook exclaimed. “I wouldn’t do that to her.”

You turned to Taehyung.

“It’s fine, Tae. He’s not going to make it worse. Besides, you already wrote on my cast, so there shouldn’t be a problem if they do it, either.”

You showed him the words he wrote on your cast as soon as the doctor put it on you. It read, This is my love’s hand! No one else’s. I will be the one to help this hand recover. Get well soon (Y/N) <3

“Wow, Taehyung.” Jungkook scoffed. “How is it okay for you to do it and not the rest of us? We’re trying to wish (Y/N) well, too.”

“Just leave him alone, Jungkook,” Hoseok mumbled, eyes focused on the TV. “You know how he is. Remember the last time (Y/N) sprained her ankle, and he literally hissed at us when we tried to help? He didn’t want any of us touching her.”

Jungkook sighed. You gave him a sympathetic look as you understood he just wanted to help cheer you up. “Hope that hand heals quickly, (Y/N),” Jungkook muttered as he turned back to his seat.

“Thank you, Jungkook,” you answered with a smile. “Even if your wishes aren’t on my cast, they’re still well-received.”

“What is it with that kid?” Taehyung murmured, shaking his head. “I just wanted to make sure you won’t slow down the healing of your hand. It’s going to be so uncomfortable if it gets hurt even more.”

“I know, and I appreciate you for that. I’m going to go change and then cook for everyone. Since my hand is like this, would you like to help me cook?”

“Of course,” Taehyung said, smiling. Then his smile changed into a smug one. “Do you need me to help you change, too?”

You burst into laughter and shoved his chest with your uninjured hand. “No, I think I’ll be fine with that, Kim Taehyung.”

“Just saying,” your boyfriend responded, holding both hands up in the air, sending you a flirty wink.

Once you changed into more comfortable clothes, you stepped back into the living room where everyone sat. “Is everyone okay with my plans for dinner? I was thinking rice with some side dishes that my mom sent. I think there’s still seasoned soybean sprouts, spicy cucumber salad, braised potatoes and fermented kimchi.”

“Oh!” Seokjin jumped up. “I also looked into your fridge, and you have some ingredients to make pork sausage stew. I think that’ll be good.”

You nodded your head in agreement. “Oh my gosh. I was actually craving that. Can you please help me with that Seokjin?”

“Do you have meat, (Y/N)?” Yoongi asked. “I really want to eat meat…”

“Not since the last time since we had the barbecue party,” you commented. “Sorry. Maybe if someone can run to the supermarket, then we can have some. What did you want us to make?”

“Beef short ribs.” Yoongi sat up from the couch and gave a nudge to Jungkook who was sitting on the floor in front of the couch. The younger male turned around. Yoongi handed him some cash. “Can you and Jimin head to the supermarket and buy things that (Y/N) needs to make beef short ribs?”

“Why should we go? I’m watching the show,” Jungkook said.

“Because you both are the youngest. I know Taehyung’s not going to want to go at all.”

“Well, you’re the one who wants to eat it, so you should go.”

“Ok, so if I come back, you’re not going to eat any later, right?”

Jungkook sighed and shoved the money inside of his pocket. Standing up at the same time as Jimin, the both of them headed for the door. “We’ll be right back,” Jimin announced before the door closed behind them.

“Alright, so while they’re out, I’ll cook the rice and get the side dishes. Seokjin can make the stew. Hmmm,” you said. “Can the rest of you get the bowls and chopsticks to set up the table?”

The other hummed a ‘yes’ in response, and you hurried into the kitchen. Seokjin and Taehyung followed behind you.

“I can make the stew instead of Seokjin,” Taehyung offered. “He doesn’t have to be in the kitchen.”

“He’s great at cooking though,” you told your boyfriend, brow raised.

“Yeah, but cooking’s like an intimate activity that couples do together. It should just be the both of us in the kitchen. What if Seokjin isn’t careful, and he ends up like accidentally cutting you or getting boiling water onto your hand?”

Seokjin chuckled, a bit offended. “Hey, that’s more of what you would do, Kim Taehyung. Besides, (Y/N) has other things she needs help with. Stop being all clingy and jealous.”

“He’s right,” you said to Taehyung with a soft smile. “We can eat faster if he helps. You can stand right next to me and help me whatever I’m doing. Or…would you rather I try to cook alone while you do Seokjin’s job?”

Taehyung quickly shook his head, eyes wide. “What do you need me to do?”

Soon, the rice finished cooking, the stew was done and even the meat that Jungkook and Jimin brought home was done grilling. Everyone sat around the low table in the living room. “Thank you for the meal!” They all started to dig in.

Namjoon dipped his spoon into the stew and took a sip. His eyes brightened. “Man, this is really good! Try it, (Y/N).” He dipped his spoon again and started to bring it towards your lips.

You opened your mouth and tasted Seokjin’s pork sausage stew. “Oh, wow! This is so good,” you praised.

“Taehyung, you’re going to burn holes through Namjoon’s head,” Hoseok mumbled before he looked back at the table and picked up some side dishes.

When you looked over at Taehyung, he was glowering at Namjoon until he met your eyes and smiled, picking up your spoon and scooping up some rice. “Since you can’t use your hand to eat, I’ll feed you,” he sang.

And he did. Through dinner, Taehyung helped you eat as you told him what you wanted. Even after dinner, he volunteered to clean the dishes for you, and all you did was stand and watch him. “You’re the best,” you complimented him as soon as he dried the last dish and placed it on the rack.

“Shouldn’t the best deserve some kind of award?” he asked, facing you with a mischievous smile. “Don’t you stress about anything and just worry about getting that fractured wrist all healthy again.”

You leaned in and pressed your lips against him. Taehyung smiled against your lips and kissed you again, sweetly, before pulling away.

“And be more careful,” Taehyung scolded. “How are you going to help me take my clothes off with when you’re injured?”

“What are you talking about?!” you yelled in shock. “You’re insane!”

You punched his arm and hurried out of the kitchen, leaving a laughing Taehyung to follow you.