sprouted from seed


When exploring off the beaten path, its important to watch where you’re going - lest you fall into A PORTAL TO HELL!!! 

Or maybe its just a creepy old water well. 

This old well has been hidden in the woods in Collin County, Texas for a looooong time. How long? Long enough for a large Hackberry tree to sprout from a seed and grow to maturity at the edge of it. There are no signs of a house or barn (or ruins of same) nearby, which is kind of odd. Usually water wells in this part of the country are found fairly close to livestock or people shelters …. otherwise you wouldn’t need the water. Its in a fairly heavily wooded area too.

I kept an eye open for that creepy long haired girl from The Ring to come crawling out of the dark depths… but, thankfully, she never did.

That’s some @sixpenceee shit :)



The haft-seen table is the traditional table setting for the Persian new year Norooz. It includes seven items all beginning with the letter “seen” or “s”in Farsi.

The seven items on the table are:

1: Sabzeh (سبزه) - sprouts from different kinds of seeds mostly wheat or barley, to represent rebirth

2: Samanu (سمنو) - a sweet pudding symbolising affluence 

3: Senjed (سنجد) - dried oleaster symbolising love

4: Sir (سیر) - garlic symbolising medicine 

5: Sib (سیب)  - apples symbolising health & beauty 

6: Somaq (سماق) - somaq spice symbolising the rising sun

7: Serkheh (سرکه) - vinegar symbolising old age & patience 

other traditional items include a mirror, candles, pomegranates, painted eggs, goldfish, coins, & a copy of the Shahnahmeh written by the Persian poet Ferdowsi

Can I just give a shout out to the transition effects on the lyrics?

I mean just look at this

Flower petals scattering

Plants sprouting from seeds

Glass breaking

Wind obviously

Ripple effects

Soil again obviously

and actually I don’t know what Nemesis’ is smoke? trees? fire?

I just really really like what they did with the PV

and also is it just me or do I hear a Len vocal in the background in the chorus after Nemesis’ part?

I think he’s saying Ru Ri Ra?



This phone conversation seems like a jokey prod at Flowey’s existence, but tiny lines tend to mean things we don’t expect in this kind of game. So…

>We learn here that the flowers (which originally sprouted from the seeds stuck to Asriel in Asgore’s garden) spread all over the underground, seeming to have “a mind of their own.” We also generally theorize that Chara’s essence is with Frisk, right? Not their SOUL, since that’s long gone, but their essence. But if Chara’s SOUL broke in the garden with Asriel, how did their vague consciousness get all the way back to where Frisk fell?

>Theory: Asriel awoke with the determination in the first flower that sprouted… but Chara’s soul essence/dust spread further. It was across multiple flowers, and the flowers spread, sending Chara all around. When Frisk first fell onto a bed of golden flowers, Chara’s essence was part of those flowers. Finally having found a suitable human vessel, the dust/essence somehow got into Frisk, and that’s why you have Chara’s narration (at least in the merciless run?).

>Also, the second time you hit a bed of flowers (in the trash dump), maybe you get an extra dose of the essence, which is what triggers Frisk experiencing Chara’s memory while they’re unconscious.

tl;dr Chara’s essence is spread all over the underground by the spread of golden flowers (instead of all concentrated in one flower like Flowey) so when Frisk hit the bed of golden flowers, they got Chara’s dust/essence on them and Chara latched on to their determination. And that’s why Chara is supposedly the narrator, at least in merciless runs.