sprouted from seed



The haft-seen table is the traditional table setting for the Persian new year Norooz. It includes seven items all beginning with the letter “seen” or “s”in Farsi.

The seven items on the table are:

1: Sabzeh (سبزه) - sprouts from different kinds of seeds mostly wheat or barley, to represent rebirth

2: Samanu (سمنو) - a sweet pudding symbolising affluence 

3: Senjed (سنجد) - dried oleaster symbolising love

4: Sir (سیر) - garlic symbolising medicine 

5: Sib (سیب)  - apples symbolising health & beauty 

6: Somaq (سماق) - somaq spice symbolising the rising sun

7: Serkheh (سرکه) - vinegar symbolising old age & patience 

other traditional items include a mirror, candles, pomegranates, painted eggs, goldfish, coins, & a copy of the Shahnahmeh written by the Persian poet Ferdowsi

Malkavian Whispers

“Bone round in melody and word laid in rain.”
“Cemetery runoff congealing at the door.”
“Maggots love you. Trust me.”
“Mast lay shrouded and the moon is melting.”
“Try the corpse in the oven with peppers and fur.”
“Souls draped in rotten tatters and Father dances in the dark.”
“Make the tallow from the fat of a hangman.”
“Evil crouches.”
(Evil laugh)
“I smell a rancid grave.”
“You’re in for it now.”
“Rustling robes of the Reaper.”
(Evil laugh) “They’re coming.”
“All are blind whose eyes are closed.”
“Look at it, bent like a calf for the butcher.”
“The drove is a terrible mistress.”
“Whispers and words sprout from the same seed.”
“A dark light from your death.”
“Hemlock for the deceivers.”
“It casts a crooked shadow.”
“It has two mouths to lick from.”
“Deep of the Atlantic, the Ark, dreaming, sleeping.”
“Elkabo, elkabo, pixie queen where all is green.”
“Can’t see, can’t see! Where have my eyes gone to?”
“Heloise said you. Cranberry sauce. Hotel foxtrot.”
“Stop doing that. Mother shan’t be too pleased. None too pleased.”
“It’s a tangle of asps.”
“Those lips bleed a putrid poison.”
“Sealed with the kiss of swine.”
“Rat tails, cat tails, coat tails, all tales.”
“A trick with two tongues.”
“It’s not fair! I wanted too.”
“Pennies for your eyes in its pockets.”
“Why is it troubled?”
“Ask about the free arsenic.”
“Blood brings the vicious beast.”
“I see daggers hang on his breath.”
“The very thought falls to the flame.”

From afar their cries sound like skywhale song, lilting melodically on the breeze as their serpentine bodies twist and swoop and twirl in the distance. The way they dance in the sky, entwining one another as they glide effortlessly in lazy circles, you might almost think them playful.

If you didn’t know better.

You count them in your think pan. Five of them, still five. Still far away. They haven’t noticed you all the way back here, back pressed up against a stone pillar in the ruins of a cathedral crypt. One wall has crumbled away completely, exposing a sheer ledge of rock beneath and granting you a breathtaking view of your land, all intricate but decaying architecture scattered in every direction as if they’d sprouted from seeds carelessly thrown across the entire surface of this forsaken world. They may as well have sprung up like weeds; the illusion of age and purpose is just that; an illusion. In reality, these walls and pillars and arches serve only one purpose. To keep you alive and provide cover as you hunt down every last one of those stinking hope-forsaken angels and put them out of their misery.

You’ve been watching them for a while now. It feels like hours, but time has very little meaning down here. Five minutes can feel like an entire day. A day can flash by in mere moments. But you’re sure of one thing. Those same five angels have been carousing above the distant skyline ever since you first transportalised down here today, blissfully oblivious of their certain fate. You’re not sure why you haven’t moved from this spot yet. Staring at them won’t do anything, and you’re too far away to shoot them from here, regardless of your enviable marksmanship skills.

You’ll need to get closer.

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When exploring off the beaten path, its important to watch where you’re going - lest you fall into A PORTAL TO HELL!!! 

Or maybe its just a creepy old water well. 

This old well has been hidden in the woods in Collin County, Texas for a looooong time. How long? Long enough for a large Hackberry tree to sprout from a seed and grow to maturity at the edge of it. There are no signs of a house or barn (or ruins of same) nearby, which is kind of odd. Usually water wells in this part of the country are found fairly close to livestock or people shelters …. otherwise you wouldn’t need the water. Its in a fairly heavily wooded area too.

I kept an eye open for that creepy long haired girl from The Ring to come crawling out of the dark depths… but, thankfully, she never did.

That’s some @sixpenceee shit :)

Sure, here they are! Still gotta think of names for them. Also gotta repot them later but I’ll give them some time to settle in first.

Here’s my old plants, arranged right to left from least to most capricious:

Right to left: a jade plant (named Noether), and an aloe plant (named Navier); both very chill, happy with p much whatever I give them. Then, there’s the as-of-yet unnamed spider plant I’m growing from one of the shoots from my old officemate. Was in too small a pot that was drying too fast, so I replanted it. Then, on the left, also unnamed, the echinacea and basil that I grew from seeds. Echinacea will also need a bigger pot soon; basil got a bigger pot but still falls over at the slightest breeze, so I gave it a stick, too.

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Is it possible for Touka to question about having a baby after this event?

I’ve never met a single mother who didn’t question whether it was the “right time” to have their children. 

People always have and always are going to have babies, regardless of sickness or war or famine. The need for human contact– for consenting sex and love– is completely natural and understandable during difficult times. Sometimes contraception or services aren’t available, and children are a result. All you can hope for is that the parents will love and provide for their children to the best of their ability.

It’s never the “right time” for ghouls to have children when they’re killed just for trying to live a normal life. The only difference is that she’s connected to Kaneki– a ghoul with a particularly big bounty on his head.

And speaking of, she’s got Kaneki’s support. Granted, it’s ultimately her choice (I mean, it’s not like she can just walk into a clinic or let it die without repercussions), but he’s also responsible for the unprotected sex AND the decision to really have a child together.

Anyway, she already loves her child with everything she’s got, and there’s no doubt that she would do everything in her power to protect it. Honestly, I don’t think she’s so awful for having this little sliver of hope to have and to hold amidst all the death and despair around her. 

^ ps- lotuses are a symbol of purity, strength, and hope because their seeds sprout from deep down under the mud, then unfurls into a beautiful flower on the surface of the pond. Yomo believes in Touka’s choice, too.


I think I might have a hybrid Aconite that sprouted this year from a seed that formed from cross pollination of the different Aconites I grow. This one looks like a cross between my bi-colour Aconite and the deep indigo one. I love the soft tones and the veining is also beautiful as well.

I constantly see posts circulating like “solidarity won’t happen unless lesbians stop doing X!!!” or “not until bi women start doing Y!!!” but you’re all going about this completely the wrong way. 

I’m part of a women-centric LGBTQ+ discussion club at my college and it’s a pretty even mix of bi, lesbian, pan and queer ladies. Although we all have different identities that are important to us we all get along great, treasuring the weekly hour we have together, and regularly spending time together on the weekends. 

But how do we get along so great? Because we listen to each other and don’t try to downplay each other’s experience. 

  • When a lesbian girl talks about how no one in her life takes her identity seriously, the multisexual club members don’t feel the need to say “oh yeah, we have it worse”, they console her and validate her feelings
  • When our club president (who is pan) mentioned her boyfriend, no one scoffed or felt the need to talk about her privilege because we know she’s one of the most vocal lgbt activists on campus and if anyone is vulnerable its probably her
  • When one of the bi members talked about atrocious things said to her by gay and lesbian people, one of the lesbian members immediately spoke out and said “What the hell? I love bi women! That’s so messed up, if I ever hear anyone say that to you guys I will fuck them up.” 

Basically what I’m saying is that we celebrate and protect the parts of us that are different but we all bond over the fact that we love women in a romantic and/or sexual way. Its time to focus on the fact that we all love ladies, have similar experiences, and that our communities sprouted from the same seed. If we don’t look out for each other, who else will? 

These are all tomatoes that sprouted from seeds that passed through the digestive systems of our chickens, ended up in the mix coming out of the coop, and then sprouted in the cool days as the pile started aging. We dug them out and brought them inside so they can go into the greenhouse when it’s covered. These plants have already gone through two light frosts that pretty much finished off the beans and tomatoes established in the garden.

Can I just give a shout out to the transition effects on the lyrics?

I mean just look at this

Flower petals scattering

Plants sprouting from seeds

Glass breaking

Wind obviously

Ripple effects

Soil again obviously

and actually I don’t know what Nemesis’ is smoke? trees? fire?

I just really really like what they did with the PV

and also is it just me or do I hear a Len vocal in the background in the chorus after Nemesis’ part?

I think he’s saying Ru Ri Ra?


Here’s what we know about golden flowers, Asriel, and Flowey from Undertale based on direct evidence from the games text and graphics.

Basically from the information given to us from the tapes and neutral ending, the first human, Chara, had tested some buttercup flowers in the butterscotch pie and ended up making Asgore ill, then Chara knew it was poisonous so they ate the buttercups as part of their plan, They were committing suicide so their soul could fuse with Asriels body to grow strong enough to pass the barrier and attack mankind. Chara asked to see the flowers of their village. Golden flowers, because they knew none of them grew in the underground. Chara knew it would give Asriel an excuse to take Chara’s dead body to the surface to the flowers in the human village, grieving, Toriel and Asgore let him go out there, a choice that haunted Toriel and made her obsessed with safety and not letting any children leave. In reality, Chara had already convinced Asriel to do this as part of a plan to kill more humans and bring back their souls to break the barrier, Chara manipulated and abused Asriel to make him stop doubting the plan and to obey. We know all this from the genocide route and true lab tapes.

We learn from the lab entries that the golden flowers had seeds that stick to you, and we also learn that a golden flower sprouted in the Kings garden when the queen left. We learn from the sink and from the sprite work that the boss monsters, which Asriel is one of, have thick fur.
When Asriel placed the body of the first human down on the flower patch in the village, he got a seed from the gold flowers stuck to him. He returns home with the humans body after being beaten, and he dies, turning to dust in the Kings garden, which would drop the seed. As we learn from the library the monsters believe spreading a dead monsters dust imbues whatever object it’s spread on with the monsters essence when their soul is destroyed. This is how the first golden flower got there in the garden, and how it gained Asriel’s essence and personality. We learn in the lab entries that Alphys injected determination into that very first Asriel-imbued flower that grew in the garden. The flower comes to life in the garden and thus Flowey is “born” and escapes.

Those golden flowers that spread everywhere are all from the seeds from that first flower that sprouted from the seed, the flower that became Flowey. Because only one flower sprouted, all the seeds from it are genetically the same, self pollinated.

Now this is the bit about Flowey that is based off what we know, but is slightly more speculation. We know Flowey has control over vines that cover the ground and grow quickly. He depressed the button for the puzzle in snowdin with his vines. He pops up everywhere and follows the player, emerging from the ground and then going back in. He uses vines to block off the exit in the true pacifist ending and to attack as Omega Flowy in that ending.
He is never shown as having legs, he never moves other than popping out of the ground at different locations, and he has vines everywhere, and at one point it is said that he “ran away”.
This is the speculation part, what if Flowey is all the flowers in the game, just spreading vines and roots under the ground everywhere,allowing him to appear and watch and listen from anywhere in the game. Every golden flower you see growing in the game, Is part of Flowey, but he can only emerge as that one original flower with the determination and essence in it, which is why when you kill that flower, his vessel is gone and the flower network goes back to just being normal.

Given what we know about Flowey and the Golden flowers, we know that it’s a plant that forms vast expanding root networks in a variety of places, with large yellow flowers with 5 large petals, although Flowey has 6 for some reason. We know the seeds stick to fur, and that it has vine like parts. No known plant has all of these characteristics, but the plant that matches the description the most would be Chrysogonum virginianum, also known as the creeping green-and-gold. Golden Flowers would be easy to spread with the sticky seeds and the large groups of golden flowers that cover the ground in thick vine mats to prevent any other plant competition from growing near it.  Toriel even brings some of these seeds and plants them at Chara’s grave when she brings their body from the New Home to the Ruins for a proper burial. It’s these flowers that break your fall at the start of the game. Flowey is still using a colony of  flowers, a single organism spread throughout the land, as a vessel. He may be a determination and monster essence warped flower, but he is still a flower. A flower than grew fertilized by his own dust, that spread and connected via vines, stolons, and roots throughout the Underground with no native predators and no plants evolved to compete with.  A flower that had its seeds planted at the grave and fertilized by the body of his best friend and adopted sibling. A flower that grew and spread to the point it was able to soften Frisk’s fall so they were not injured.

   *edited from my first post on this blog

A Day on the Farm

The sun’s our clock, rooster alarm.

Up to start a day on the farm.

Fresh air and sunshine all long day.

Eat our breakfast then on our way.


I put on my boots, coat and hat.

And find a glove under the cat.

Out the door to the bunnies hutch.

They eat pellets they don’t like much.


My dog follows, opens the door.

Sometimes gone for hours or more.

Jumping high, trips latch with paw.

The cutest thing I ever saw.


Next we’re off to feed the plump hens.

Gather eggs, clean muddy pig pens.

We’ll hose it down then slop the sows.

Grab our pails and milk the cows.


Feed the mare, sleeps in the sable.

I’ll ride her soon when I’m able.

First she’s brushed then gets oats and hay.

We do all these things twice a day


In the garden, vegetables grow.

Sprout from seeds we plant in a row.

Water well, pluck weeds in between.

Shoe away pests when they’re seen.


When all the digging and feeding’s through.

There’s still more on a farm to do.

Pick fresh fruit for mom’s best jelly.

Yummy sweet, wiggles in my belly.


Orange balloons float above ground.

Pumpkin pies shared all around.

Our beans are red and peas are green.

The tastiest rainbows ever seen.


Life on the farm is so much fun.

Little to do when work is done.

Get up early, busy all day.

We eat our supper then hit the hay.


The End


In the Wake of Sunbeams | ch3 |

Summary: Through thick and thin, siblings look out for each other. After all, adventures and mishaps are best when shared. (oneshots for Sunshine Siblings Week)

Title/Prompt: Gardening
Chapters: 1 | 2 | 3
AN: For some reason, writing this reminded me of this McDonald’s sign that we’d always pass which said ‘Over 99 billion served’ and for the longest time when I was young and had poor, uncorrected eyesight (and even poorer reading comprehension apparently), I thought it said ‘Over 99 balloons saved’. Hah, alas. Well, I think anyone who knows me in the slightest recognized that I would go straight for the gardening prompt. I can’t deny that writing this was incredibly fun and just what I needed, so I’m rather happy with how this turned out, which is a first in a very long while. Likely the last prompt I’ll be able to submit on time (still planning to write them all though!) since school has started again and I can no longer overestimate how long I can stay awake and still function. Happy reading!
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It is peaceful in the backyard, in the garden, the kind of calm that makes one boneless, the kind that settles and tucks over like the softest of blankets. Wind chimes sing a quiet lullaby, light and enchanting, courtesy of playful breezes that come around to whisper in their ears and kiss their cheeks before dashing off again. Sunlight, rich and warm, spills across the grass and lights the flowers until they become a bouquet of colours, bright and stunning. The day is light and clear with blue skies and puffy white clouds the size of mountains, the sort of day that makes the heart ache with the knowledge that such a perfect moment cannot last forever.

Underneath the dappled shade of the apple tree, Naruto sits back and sighs, allowing the sweet and heady fragrance of dirt and grass and ripening apples to calm and relax his mind. He sets his gardening gloves and spade carefully next to him and stretches his long legs out, mimicking the thick roots that rise above and dip beneath the ground like waves reaching out towards the house before completely relaxing, his limbs utterly at ease. He shuts his eyes and feels the spots of light that peek through the leaves of the tree and that glide across the ground and across his form, warm on his skin and as light as a kiss.

A hum rises from the back of his throat as an actual kiss, soft and gentle and touched by the scent of lavender, presses against the whiskers on his cheek. He grins slowly, lazily, and his eyes flicker open to take in the sight of his wife, her indigo hair glowing violet at the edges from the sun and her lavender eyes creased in a happiness, a smile dancing on her lips.

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I am strong as a tree trunk.
You can shake me, break me; but I will stand my ground.
You can cut my branches, but you can’t knock me down.
I am made of the same atoms that lived in the big bang;
Stars that exploded into supernovas
Reside in my bloodstream, incandescent as a sunbeam.

I have space dust in my veins, and stars in my skin.
The freckles in my complexion shining within,
Are waiting to burst and break free,
To help me shine like the dazzling star that I’m meant to be.
I am like a flower, blossoming into beauty,
Sprouted from a seed.
I am continually growing, constantly changing;
But my core roots, I will always heed.

I am a radiant rainbow;
Iridescent and illuminating;
Filled with rays of chromatic color,
Like those that give sunsets their allure.
I am Starstuff.
And I am

—  astral-aboriginal, An Ode to Myself, or My YOUniverse

sfinnigan  asked:

hey! i know i've talked to you about this briefly before and you are by no means obligated to help me, but im really struggling to start my bearded dragon on bio? I know it's fairly simple (but not simple at all) He's unfortunately in a 40GAL and that's how it's going to have to be for a while. Do you have or would you mind creating a shopping list for Bio 101? I know soil and sand and cleanup crew, but what kinds and can i dig up bugs from the back garden? i am very much a "need a list" person

Absolutely! Let me make you a list with some links!

So, Bio 101 for beardies is a little different from a more humid reptile. It’s actually a bit easier!

You will need:
Dirt (If you have access to clean dirt, just get this outside, you’re going to bake it anyways; if you don’t, Home Depot sells good dirt that doesn’t have perlite. Perlite kinda sucks.)
Fine sand (no reptisand! no calcisand!) and/or Decomposed Granite (I actually like this stuff WAY better- it gives more of that packed-earth feel)
Coco coir
Cleaner Crew: This can be a lot of different insects, but I like temperate springtails and dubia roaches a lot. Superworms and mealworms also make GREAT cleaners and are readily available at the local pet store.

Step 1: DRY THAT DIRT. So if you don’t dry the dirt sufficiently, the humidity will skyrocket. You can let it sit in the sun, or you can bake it. To bake it, just put it on a cookie sheet (you can put a layer of tinfoil down first if you want). A lot of bio people say not to bake the dirt, but trust me, it takes WAY longer to sun dry it.

Step 2: Dirt! You want it to pack down nicely and not be too loose but you also want it to be able to easy to dig and nice on his feet. BUT you also might not want to have too much dirt right at the top because that will stain your dragon, so you can mix things however you like it. Generally what works well is doing it in layers. So like, a layer of soil at the bottom for your cleaners with some leaf litter and coco coir mixed in, and then a layer of sandier/rockier soil on top, getting rockier as it goes up. Kinda creates a safe haven for your buggies.

Step 3: Add plants! There’s a lot of REALLY COOL stuff you can do because beardies are omnivores. So you can actually plant sprouts and they’ll eat them (or the bugs will) and it’s super great. Broccoli, mustard and collard greens, sunflower, flax seed, wheat grass/ oat grass, snap peas… basically, whatever you want that is safe for them to eat can be sprouted in the setup from seed. You can get seeds at the grocery store in the spring. Burpee has sales going ALL THE DAMN TIME (there’s one going on right now- 20% off your whole order with the code TWT47), and it’s a good places to get seeds. You’ll need a lot to toss in there because the sprouts don’t last too long- either the dragon gets ‘em or the bugs do. But it makes for a good rotation! You can also do parlor palm, dracanea, and other safe, temperate plants. 

Step 4: Add bugs! A lot of bio people will tell you to get bugs from outside… but it’s the middle of winter. So. You’ll probably have way better luck just getting some pet store supers or mealies right now. They do really well in this kind of setup!

Step 5: Sticks and rocks! Get some sticks and rocks for your dragon to climb on. You can order some grapewood or find something yourself, and you can just get rocks from outside. You can decorate to your heart’s content.

And that’s it! That’s the basics! Lemme know if you have any questions, I’m happy to help!