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What's your opinion about ontae?


The most hilarious one sided ship to ever exist. Have you EVER…EVER seen the way Taemin stares at Jinki? 

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I often joke that Jinki was the first person Taemin fell in love with. Now, I happen to think Taemin is the straightest out of all of them. Yes, the one they force to cross dress the most is the straight maknae in a world full of gay hyungs. However, that sexuality monkey does not stop the Onew show. 

I mean, I’ve had so many laughs at just staring at Taemin watching him stare at Jinki and Jinki being oblivious to it. Or watching Taemin glare at someone else for touching Jinki. I’m talking gut busting laughter.  It’s the most entertaining thing to watch.

But out side of my obvious amusement at Taemin’s forever-crush, I think there are more serious tones to it as well. I know its easy to see that the other four members love their hyung, I mean we have a virtual captain of the cheerleading squad in Minho, an overprotective jock bruiser in Jonghyun, and a slander killer in Kibum. But Taemin is enamored in a completely different way. Taemin’s affection for Jinki is very childlike because that’s where it sprouted from; Taemin has spent most of his childhood as a entertainer, with Jinki as his leader. The way he shows his affection is unabashed and open, just like a son or a younger brother would show their emotion. With other ships, there’s a balance of fanservice and covertness to it. Taemin doesn’t care. If he could get away with it, he’d hug Jinki’s thigh mid-television show and not let go. 

Jinki is a known source of wisdom and always has a shoulder for his members. This is known. So for Taemin, who cried on the radio because he missed his family, having this naturally gravitating older surrogate brother figure in Jinki must have been life changing. I don’t say that lightly either. When you think about the connections people form just to survive in stressful environments, this must have mean a lot to Taemin. 

Even when they sent Taemin miles and miles away, he took time to leave a very heartfelt message to his hyung. Three other members he could have called, but he called Onew. And he didn’t call to kick the breeze, to check up on him. He called, on national television, to tell his leader how much their relationship meant to him. He throws in a I LOVE ALL MY MEMBERS however the fact remains, Onew was his first concern. 

My thought is, if one day, everything in SHINee falls apart, to shitty itty bitty pieces like some kind of internal SHINee cival ware, the one relationship I can count on surviving, no matter, what is, Onew and Taemin.