sprout mountain

“can i in fact make entire playlists for the stan twins using nothing but the mountain goats songs?” i asked myself

the answer was apparently “yes”

have to explode (the mountain goats)
lion’s teeth (the mountain goats)
cry for judas (the mountain goats)
this year (the mountain goats)
werewolf gimmick (the mountain goats)
counterfeit florida plates (the mountain goats)
southwestern territory (the mountain goats)
outer scorpion squadron (the mountain goats)
love love love (the mountain goats)
attention all pickpockets (the mountain goats)

woke up new (the mountain goats)
amy aka spent gladiator 1 (the mountain goats)
new monster avenue (the mountain goats)
in the craters on the moon (the mountain goats)
no children (the mountain goats)
up the wolves (the mountain goats)
family happiness (the mountain goats)
autoclave (the mountain goats)
maybe sprout wings (the mountain goats)
never quite free (the mountain goats)

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  1. fall back on the arrow you love - varsity
  2. benny - alex winston
  3. broken crown - mumford & sons
  4. canyon moon - andrew mcmahon in the wilderness
  5. heart and soul - twin atlantic
  6. girls like girls - hayley kiyoko
  7. eleanor - cake bake betty
  8. open - regina spektor
  9. maybe sprout wings - the mountain goats
  10. a better son/daughter - rilo kiley

This is pretty much the entirety of my music taste but with more Sufjan Stevens

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part of what draws me to the mountain goats is their level of empathy for fucked-up crazy people.  like not necessarily sympathy or even compassion, but empathy – they have all these songs about people who are maybe doing really bad things! that don’t say what they’re doing is ok, but do say why they’re doing it, and aren’t a bunch of bullshit.  no platitudes here.  and then there’s… that thread about everyone’s favorite sad tmg song.  it inevitably turned into a debate about what constitutes a sad tmg song, of course, mostly because literally every tmg song could be considered sad when read the right way.  like i defy any of you to prove me wrong, for realsies.  and that – that is most of why i love the mountain goats.  because if there’s one common thread running through all of their work from the first cassette release to beat the champ, it’s sorrow.  triumph too, yes, and joy, and rage, but also grief – even the spent gladiator  songs on transcendental youth are a plea to amy to just stay alive, stay forever alive.  these songs are all about the terrible grief of those we leave behind when we disappear or die, on some level, because sometimes, that grief is the only reason we choose to endure the hideous pain that is living.  they’re about the balancing act of death and life, about choosing the action that inflicts the least pain, or the most maybe; they’re about whether or not one will die.  if you asked me to choose one word to articulate the central theme of every mountain goats song ever written, i would choose the word loss.  you know?

A folk-flavored song set for the first two seasons of Hannibal.
Yes of course that’s a pun.

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Maybe Sprout Wings, The Mountain Goats :: Beware, Andrew Bird :: Devils, Amelia Curran :: Tiger Mountain Peasant Song, Fleet Foxes :: Patron Saint Hunter, Timber Timbre :: Snake Song, Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan :: Broken Throat Blues, Antic Clay :: Devil’s Spoke, Laura Marling

interlude - Snowden’s Jig, Carolina Chocolate Drops

Raise Hell, Brandi Carlile :: Sing Sing, The Bones of J.R. Jones :: Fire, Rachel Goodrich :: Like a Mountain, Timber Timbre :: Me and the Devil, Soap & Skin :: How Do You Ruin Me, Black Prairie :: Evening On the Ground (Lilith’s Song), Iron & Wine :: Devil’s Resting Place, Laura Marling

coda - The Last Shootout, Daniel Hart

and we’ll live a long life a playlist for Henry Sturges [x]

1. angel with a shotgun | the cab 2. weight of living, pt. ii | bastille 3. alone together | fall out boy 4. counting stars | onerepublic 5. maybe sprout wings | the mountain goats 6. pompeii | bastille 7. take me to church | hozier 8. shots | imagine dragons 9. how far we’ve come | matchbox twenty 10. ghosts that we knew | mumford and sons 11. centuries | fall out boy



  • RUSKEAGAN: Rollercoasters sprout from its pale mountains like beanstalks. They’ve replaced all other transportation, and won’t stop growing.
  • ELKANSAS : In the famous Deepweather Caves, tornadoes slumber in jet-black chrysalises. Tourists can get up close and hear their heartbeats.
  • NEW JUTLAND : The final destination of all train graffiti. The glyphs slither down from their cars and become three-dimensional aberrations. 

In the style of old National Park Posters for a commission.