10 things you might not know about me:

Totally Sprouse unrelated…

1. My name is Alyssa - ok most people know that

2. I’m 19 years old 

3. I lived in Lisbon from an early age until recently. Yes I know i’m incredibly pale but that’s because…

4. I was born and currently live in New York, White Plains to be specific, with my mom and brother. 

5. I was a business student in Portugal & i’ll be continuing at Fordham next September. 

6. I have two babies….

Spaniel babies :D idk what I’m doing in the second picture lol

7. I adoreeeeee animals. All animals. Cats. Dogs. Chickens. Dolphins. Even Sloths.

8. I run track. I ran for my college back in Portugal & I was sponsored, but I’ve been lazy ever since I moved back to the US :( hoping to get back in to it soon!

9. I’m a tech geek.

10. My favorite genres of music are acoustic, indie & electro. Right now I’m obsessing over Tom Odell, Ben Howard, Bombay Bicycle Club, Haim, Sub Focus & Avicii. Random I know. 

Post your 10 things & tag me so I can check them out :)

5 things you might not know about me:

1. I’m a business intern and I hate it. I want my own business.

2. I have two spaniels and two kittens. I absolutely adore animals.

3. I run. I know everyone can physically ‘run’ but I used to be pretty damn good at it back in high school, then I took a break (regrettably)!

4. I’m afraid of the dark, everything about it creeps me out! 24 hour daylight would be nice ok thank you!

5. I REALLY want to go backpacking for a year but my comfort zone is holding me back.

Share your 5 things and tag me, I want to hear them good or bad! :)

I created a Sprouse forum!

Seeing as I will be moving soon & I will be pretty busy, I thought a forum would be a good idea so that my followers can still share the latest pictures/news etc while I’m away.

Check it out and sign up at sprouseforum.tk

It’s pretty basic right now and needs serious editing but It will do for the time being.

There is also a section to disucss things non-Sprouse related so that you can get to know other Sprouse fans :)

Go register now and get posting Sprousers!

Feel free to start any posts that relate to the topic you’re posting them in. There aren’t really any rules, anything goes, just be nice!

anonymous asked:

Do you know if sprouseable is still around/has a new blog?

No, Alyssa (the former owner of sprouseable) isn’t active anymore. Used to be my favourite sprouse twins fan account