so about this whole Cole Sprouse thing;

Apparently this celebrity (him) made a tumblr account to use for a while, admitted to having a great time, and then he suddenly snapped and spoke about how he was just performing for them. And from the sounds of it, he patted himself on the back congratulating himself for being mischievous and tricking people for his own self-betterment. Then he deleted his tumblr. After which, he made posts on twitter about how his time on tumblr was actually a social experiment: leading his fans to feel used, betrayed and indignant to his behavior. Realizing the spread of those feelings, he began to grovel an apology, but soon after, said “Only my real fans understand me and are supporting me now no matter what.“

To quote the daily dot:

"Perhaps he should have considered how many “fake” fans he had on Tumblr before he deleted his account.”


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