sproid stuff

My “I’m not dead” update for this… semester? I have a feeling it’s been at least that long since I’ve logged on, oops.

Grad school is busy! (Cue surprised sounds from everyone.) Two weeks left until the end though, then two more weeks until my exams are done. I cannot wait for the summer. Four months with no classes and no TAing sounds like heaven.

Tatau and I went to Muskrat Jamboree last weekend, and met up with Sea and Scribe again, which was fantastic :D

Today my supervisor told me that it wasn’t a problem for me to take a week off after exams, which is brilliant news because otherwise it would be two months before I see Tatau again. This has made me extraordinarily happy for all of today :D :D

I don’t expect to be on tumblr much until the semester ends, but I have a few free minutes now and the energy to make an update, so I thought I’d check in :)

And now I’m going to play The Witcher, which Tatau assures me is very good, and because it sounds like a perfect thing to do on a Friday after what feels like an exhausting week.

I hope you’re all doing well!

Surprise slightly-crappy things which are annoying me today:

Got assigned the first homework of the semester, due next Tuesday. Tatau is here from Friday to Monday. Homework is not high on my list of priorities this weekend.

Optical Properties prof ended the class today with ‘And I’ll see you all at 5pm today for the first make-up session. I realised we should start them sooner rather than later.’ Thanks, Prof. Some warning would have been nice. My day starts at 8am. If I’d known I had to stay until 6.30pm then I could have brought more food with me to keep me going. I’m going to be knackered by the end of the day.