sprocket rocket

3 Sixty 5 Photography: 057 Yosemite. 

One of favorite cameras, and probably one of the most fundamentally analog analog camera you’ll ever find. Shooting the Sprocket Rocket you actually see the film you’re shooting on. Its a camera that keeps you on your toes but rewards you for paying attention. March and April 2015 are the months of the Sprocket Rocket. Much more to come. 

   Icicles upon my soul
   Prickled Blue and Cool –
   Bird went praising everywhere –
   Only Me – was still –

   And the Day that I despaired –
   This – if I forget
   Nature will – that it be Night
   After Sun has set –
   Darkness intersect her face –
   And put out her eye –
   Nature hesitate – before
   Memory and I –


Vivid Vertical Holes

We own a panoramic camera because we want to capture our friends, our family, our pets, and our surroundings in the widest possible way.

And we do just that with a great panoramic camera just like the Sprocket Rocket! Having the capability to capture super-wide panoramic sceneries with a bonus of keeping those sprocket holes, we often shoot in the convenient horizontal way. But we, Lomographers, definitely think out-of-the-box! So why not use that camera in vertically, right?


Because of today’s discount on the Sprocket Rocket camera in combination with a flash, we present you a small gallery of awesome wintery shots with that very same camera. Shoot photos like these aswell this winter (and even in the dark) with this Lomography DIY bundle.- http://bit.ly/1d6ELBj


Scenic Landscapes Photographed Using the Sprocket Rocket

Going somewhere nice and scenic anytime soon? We bet you’ll want to capture as much of the beautiful view before you, so the Sprocket Rocket would a good analogue option for you. Curious about the kind of snaps you’ll get with this sprocket wonder? Check out some photos taken by our fellow lomographers after the jump!