spritzee xy


Some Spritzee backgrounds, done as a request! I am okay with the turnout of these. I might do some with just regular Spritzee, not shiny. I think I would be able to do something more fun and complicated with just regular Spritzee. These really remind me of Easter.

Free to use for non-profit. Credit not needed but appreciated. Please do not edit or repost. c:

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awww a cute little Dedenne for number 19!  It’s really starting to fill out nicely.  

terribletrent said: When you first started this, my jaded old self thought “It isn’t the original 151…” It has become the reason I check tumblr every day now. Looks amazing, man.

Thanks! This made my day! :D Yeah, I debated quite a bit whether or not to start with the original, but I since I’m playing X now I thought it would be the most fun for me.  Plus 69 characters is way less daunting then 151 :D