spriting is actually a lot of fun


Made some time to cool down after some work on commissions. Here are some other members on my team from my pokemon gold version run!
Its gonna really be hard to narrow down my faves to just six for the champion.

Overall I’ve really enjoyed replaying this game. I was worried I’d find it dated but its actually been a great experience revisiting some pokemon I loved and had kind of forgotten. Theres also a nice lil challenge to it. Plus I’ve kind of fallen in love with a lot of the sprites for the pokemon and really miss this take on them. It really makes a lot of the newer 3D stuff look really flat sad to say.

Im having fun though so definitely worth the buy!

Echotale belongs @yoralim

G!sans belongs to @borurou

This was hard but a lot of fun now to be truthful this is completely based off the reference sheet @yoralim made I just wanted to try make a battle sprite for echo G seeing as i haven’t come across anybody else who has made one (i don’t know how to words). Now this won’t be the final version i want to try to make a full battle complete with animations and dialogue but this is the base sprite I will use.

I wanted to make an update about the sprites, so here you go.

(At 400%) 

(At 100%)

I had a lot more fun making these sprites compared to the other ones, and I’m actually proud of this. Soon enough I’ll fix the mistakes, but this is how the sprites will look in-game. And if you look at Ivory from behind, it looks like she’s dancing. 

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A theory that me and a few friends came up with is that whenever monsters use magic, they get thinner but whenever they eat and/or don't use magic, they put on weight. So I figure that's how Sans gets chubby. While it can't go to his actual body since he's a skeleton, it goes to his clothes

Haha, that’s a fun idea! I like it a lot! Makes sense that the monsters that use the most magic the most frequently (Pap and Undyne) are so slim, and the ones that don’t, like Alphys and Sans, are rounder. 

It’s weird to think though that there’s like this magical see-through membrane surrounding the skeletons to make them more shapely. The sprite art doesn’t necessarily depict Sans that way, either. His jacket gives him a lot of width, but he’s probably just all bones with the clothes hanging off him like a coat hanger. When I see fanartist draw him this way, he looks really pathetic and ragged (like a wet cat), and that suits his character pretty well too.

…But I just love my circular Sanses! Papyrus refers to him as ‘round’ at one point, so that’s enough excuse for me to keep making him mysteriously chubby.

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Head Cannon(pun): with all the GB AU's, there are some rare instances where they are based off of other beasts, like dragons or lizards(with a wide squat stance, not the legs-under-the-chest- look).

I would love to see some more lizardy GBs! I actually think it’d be more intimidating, having one go into a full-on lizard sprint towards its prey. Have you seen Komodo Dragons run?

though we could go on the opposite end of the spectrum and just have, like:

Originally posted by cutepetplanet

I think the main reason why there aren’t as many reptillian renditions of Blasters is that the sprite of a Gaster Blaster skull is a lot more mammalian.

But check out these boss-ass skulls.

They’d be pretty fun to work with.

I have gotten into the habit of playing a lot of Metroidvanias and watching videos of people playing them while also doing artwork and animations in my spare time. While I don’t think this one may be used in the end, the Valkyrie enemy is often depicted as either casting fire while flying or diving at the player. I mainly wanted to see what it would look like in my style, and I have to say, I think it looks great.

Initially, I thought that animating the wings was going to be a nightmare at this resolution, but it was actually a lot of fun breaking it down frame by frame. I do want this in the game, so I’ll create the enemy type with these sprites and if there has to be any changes to it, I’ll do so.



GAME NAME: Calefaction
PROTAGONIST: CASANDRA (or Casie for short)

Behold! This is Casandra(21), and she is the main protagonist of Calefaction, a a yume nikki fangame in develop by Rotlich(Me!).

I had to give her that smirk. It’s just a part of her personality. Not going to spill the beans much about her, I’ll let her dreams do the talking, but I will say that it was a consious decision of giving her a face instead of the typical -_- face.

Casandra’s actually a character I sprited a while back on a now dead project, and decided to give her one more chance on being a protagonist. This really wasn’t a slap in call it a day thing, she was designed for this kinda game in mind. Fun fact, Casie went through a lot of renaming before ending up with what I have now!

Yay, I did Frisk now, this is super fun! The last part will be Asriel, but I’ll be taking a little break before I start on him. As much fun as this is you can only do something so much before it gets tiring, and I don’t want to be halfing Asriel’s. He deserves as much love as Frisk and Chara. As it was this one I took more breaks to ensure the quality didn’t drop, but it was still just as fun as Chara’s!

Anyways here’s my first one I did with Chara for anyone interested: https://crisy1001.tumblr.com/post/145003043019/

And the last one with Asriel: I haven’t started him yet, he’ll be here when I do finish tho.




Anyways, shorter, but still fairly long post ahead…

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Why Peko's design is similar to Ishimaru's

Someone asked and lots of people are curious, so here it is *__*

[The following is translated from the DR Reload book. I’m putting Ishi’s design notes here too for reference and comparison :) ]

+ Kiyotaka Ishimaru +

> The Mad Hot-Blooded Top Student

Komatsuzaki: Although he’s now a hall monitor, at first his role was the hot-blooded top student, and we integrated that basic setting during the planning stage. The instruction for his design was, the image that somewhere he’s hot-blooded to the point of being mad, and “spinning circles are drawn in his iris”. With this ‘madness’ keyword, we changed directions from his beta design where his hair is longer and always standing up, to the gakuran which is based off the military uniform and short hair to make him more like a soldier. He’s a character rich in expressions so he has lots of sprites, and I had fun drawing them. Although any of his expression is overreaction, especially the crying one, compared to any other character his had the highest intensity.

+ Peko Pekoyama +

> From the Otaku Girl to the Mad Justice Enforcer

Komatsuzaki: About Pekoyama, from the start of the development, we had thought about including kendo or a character who has a wooden sword or a real sword, but actually, I already have my own image of a character down to the little details. That was the image of a perfectly 'otaku girl’ with long black hair and glasses, abnormally fussy about clothes and accessories like it doesn’t fit her, and always sighs. In one way or another I wanted to make and include this character, but the order from Kodaka was 'the female version of Ishimaru from DR1’. In short, a demand for a 'mad justice character’. Accordingly, as a compromise proposal between both of us, the current Pekoyama design is made. Her body build was set to be petite and thin at first, but we wanted to make her mother-like so it fits the impression received from the plot, thus it turned into her current appearance.

Other things that look connected/similar:

Ishimaru’s wooden sword

[There’s that official poster with Ishi and Peko both holding a wooden sword, so I’ll just write this here in case anyone felt like theorizing about it (?) o.O]

Ishi’s wooden sword is there in his room. Official art and the DR manga shows that he knows how to use it. There’s one page from the Reload Book where Monokuma comments on the things found in the students’ rooms. Here’s his comment on Ishi’s wooden sword:

Monokuma: What’s a guy who likes to brandish a wooden sword although he’s not in the Kendo Club? Stand on the ground, wear a blindfold, spin around and break watermelons?> The manga shows him holding the sword while he’s talking about fighting people who are going against the rules, so it’s most likely used for that.The point: Ishi is not in the Kendo Club but somehow knows how to use a wooden sword.

Possible Theories:
- Learnt at school before grandpa’s fall (only if grandpa’s still the PM when Ish’s in Primary school)- Taught by parents/grandpa (Family turned poor after grandpa’s fall, so no money to pay for tuition fees.)
- Self-taught by reading kendo books (kind of hard doing this without a teacher, though)
- Doesn’t know the techniques, but just uses it to hit things like a normal stick.

Note: Well, I’m not particularly trying to point out anything or if there’s any connection between Ishimaru and Peko. Just writing existing/relevant info down to satisfy your curiosity… =u=“


At long last I got around to making an actual sprite sheet for Fates Angie. It was tough because 1.her exact hair style doesn’t exist in game so I had to draw it from scratch 2.Angie’s body type is a lot different from either Corrin, she’s quite a bit buffer and wider and has a smaller chest so figuring out how the armor would work on that was fun. These were done by blowing up the sprite in Manga Studio, tracing it all, then coloring it in Photoshop.

And of course here’s a bonus Fates Lucina/Freyja with her tiny wife. If you wanna stick an Angie into some fake supports, feel free to! (just let me know!)


otomepotato’s and anon’s request: OTBS set!

This one was A LOT of fun to make! The only difficulty with this one was finding a CG for Kaoru that didn’t cut him off in weird places. I stopped my search once I remembered that otomepotato actually makes transparent CGs/sprites! So credits to them for the Kaoru CG transparent used here~

I think this is the peak of my editing work so far haha. Enjoy!

Reason why I don’t think the In-app purchases in Pokemon GO will be Pokeballs

Okay, so, let’s pretend that the in-app purchases ARE pokeballs, and each Pokeball is say

$1.00: Standard
$1.50: Great ball
$2.00: Ultra ball

Now imagine you spend like, $20 on Ultra balls, and you come across a particularly stubborn Pokemon who just refuses to stay in the ball, and you throw every Ultra ball you have at it, and finally the last one catches it. But now you have no balls (lol), and you gotta spend more money to get more. You pretty much waisted $18, because 9/10 balls failed. You essentially paid money for a temporary sprite on a screen. 19 of them, actually.

Even if they’re as cheep as the prices I listed, nobody buys just ONE ball, that’s stupid. People buy them in bulk in the actual games, but the difference is, in the actual games, you’re not using real money, you’re using imaginary fun bucks, you’re not getting cheated in real life when 19/20 Ultra balls fail in a standard Pokemon game.

Now, if healing items were the in-app purchases, I don’t think I’d have as much a problem with it. I play competitive Pokemon, as do a lot of people. I’m used to not being able to use potion on my Pokemon during battle, and there are other means of healing, via hold item or move, in-app purchases for healing items wouldn’t be a deal breaker for me. In-app purchases of Pokeballs WOULD (uness there was an alternate, slightly less convenient way of getting Pokeballs)