spriting is actually a lot of fun


lolol I forgot to make the background transparent. Fixed that now! ♥

So I made some sprites!
Hehe~ I actually made a lot more, but they are all so silly~ ;w;
Maybe I’ll upload some more during the weekend~ Who knows~! 
Anyway, it was so much fun! ♥♥
I need to make some for Mai’s child units too someday. ;w;


At long last I got around to making an actual sprite sheet for Fates Angie. It was tough because 1.her exact hair style doesn’t exist in game so I had to draw it from scratch 2.Angie’s body type is a lot different from either Corrin, she’s quite a bit buffer and wider and has a smaller chest so figuring out how the armor would work on that was fun. These were done by blowing up the sprite in Manga Studio, tracing it all, then coloring it in Photoshop.

And of course here’s a bonus Fates Lucina/Freyja with her tiny wife. If you wanna stick an Angie into some fake supports, feel free to! (just let me know!)