i was sort of lying about the one pixel mantis (its practically….. like 10 pixels total i will probs edit this post later to put a bigger ver of the mantis pixel)

anyway heres the furious five!!! (w winter feast variants for some of em i guess)


Concept art and pre-alpha screens of Skullgirls.

Most of these images are from 2005-2007, and were contemporary with Alex Ahad’s original engine. The final image, circa 2010, is Mike Z’s build of Skullgirls; the very one that would evolve into the game that saw release in early 2012.

I made a GIF of Legend!Junior in M and L style! It took too long and I’m just procrastinating from my OTHER artworks…

Well, I guess I’ll take some time to explain a bit how his light powers work…

He draws power from the light in the place he’s in, so he is powerless in the dark. He can bend light to his will. The effects depend on the color of the light:

Red burns a lot.

Blue is freezing.

Green is electrifying.

Yellow is blinding.

Purple is poisonous.

Orange is healing.

Everything else is just an attack..

White is deadly strong.

OOC: Our Favorite Fashionistas

On a spree tonight. Got my Spriting Muse back, thanks to being Burned out on Timewalking. I mean. FUCK do I want that damn mount… But TOO MANY for my tastes today.


My hand may have slipped (a Transgression punishable by death had I been sewing a dress at the time) and I did a thing. Here we are, the amazing Lady Anathaliea Devonshire [ theladydevonshire ]


To be fair… He may have had a few other guys in bed with him. And Who knows. Maybe I am referring to Bennich by the above sentence. Anywho… Everyone’s favorite attractive deader… BENNICH! (Or Benny-boy. Benny. The B-N-Y. The Bennichator. <insert even worse nicknames here.>) 

[ bennich-darkfall


That oh-so-adorable, strawberry blonde apprentice of Lady Devonshire, Naivaria Sunspell! Complete with simple robe and cloak. [ naivaria ]


Sin’dorei Corsair. Interests include: Boats. Drinking. Gold. Plundering aforementioned Gold. And possibly wenches. Depends on the Port. Definitely depends on the Port. [ a-sea-of-swords, this was requested by our mutual friend, wolf-queen. I hope you enjoy!]