In any case, I’m Neha. And you? I don’t think I’ve met you before.

Scholar, I’m new here. Actually, I ran into a girl called Karolina who was looking for someone with your description. Do you know her?


There you go Anon! Sorry we couldn’t answer you sooner, we had her teaser planned.

Congrats to all of you that guessed her right! You guys seemed to be very excited for her. :)

Made by @israphael-x / Cecile, Sprite Artist for © Sweet Elite 2016



After killing Papyrus:

unused in the files, is this little 98-robot that would fit in scale with the other robots and the presents. 

you can see the figures here.

here is the Mew Mew Kissy Cutie figurine Alphy’s has, the games description is:
* (It’s beat-up figurine  of a female human with cat ears.)

it is basically the same type as the figures Papyrus has, but a different head.  

Sans takes Papyrus’s present back after you kill him. a robot toy, like he always gets him. Asgore has a santa costume in his warddrobe, but San’s has a thank you letter to Santa. The action figures look like brown rabbit/mice people in costumes and one has a blue head, but are described as sexy robots. 

perhaps it is a flaw, perhaps something deeper…. but either way it is still so saddening when you realize Sans had to steal his own present under the tree for Papyrus, because he knows Papyrus will never be able to open it…. because of you, you dirty brother killer.