Upd8 things

-Vriska seems to be a lot nicer now but still herself, which is good.

-Equius, you lost a bit of my respect by not suggesting to prototype Nepeta.

-Terezi wants to prototype Nepeta and Feferi, but you know how it goes when somebody wants to prototype somebody (see Grandpa and Poppop)

-John and Roxy show up alone but Davesprite could be close behind for all we know. Same with the other sprites.


So now that Paradox Space has been running for one full year, I noticed that one pretty common trend was people complaining or arguing about how certain characters didn’t show up enough or other characters showed up way too often. But a lot of this also seemed to be based off gut feeling, with one person shouting “Guy Fieri is the most important character in Homestuck and we need more of him!” before somebody else would shout back “We just got 15 pages of Guy Fieri you nitwit!”

So, because I got bored and because I hate myself, I went through and counted every single occurrence of every single character on every single page of Paradox Space. And then, because images are nice, I broke it down into some nice pie charts. So, the next time you get into an argument with somebody on the internet about whose favorite character has been less well represented in Paradox Space, you can actually point to some concrete facts to back your argument up.

If you want the complete chart ranked by number of appearances you can find it here (refresh the page once you click the link because for some reason it doesn’t work the first time).


Testing a program I’m writing to automatically process renders with black outlines and cel-shading to add colored lines and antialiasing.

At the moment everything is hard-coded to Blaziken’s exact color values, but I’m hoping to have a GUI where you can input and output colours for each function.