Bagel’s Victorian Collection for the Discerning and Sophisticated Lady

So yeah please credit if you use!  (It would also be cool if you linked me to the finish product)  And message me if you want more info on any of the outfits; they’re all based on historical illustrations!

Transparent HQ

Background HQ

(( Once upon a time ago I had a Pokemon adoptable site I made many sprites for ))

(( BUT THEN IT DIED. So I was left with a  ton of Pokemon scratch sprited and edited sprites with no purpose and unleashed them onto the internet. Looking at them now though I realized they could also be of use as askblog character inspirations as well. So now I share the sprites with you all here~!

Meowth and Persian sprite edits 1

Meowth and Persian sprite edits 2

Meowth and Persian sprite edits 3

Various spooky Pokemon Ghosts

Voltorb and Electrode edits

Ponyta and Rapidash edits

Monarch and Blue Morpho Butterfree family edits

Legendary Beast Trio edits

Darkrai edits

Miscellaneous Pokemon edits

Vulpix and Ninetails edits

More miscellaneous Pokemon edits

Fakemon Eevee Normal-Type evolution scratch sprite

Panfully marysue multi-type eevee evolution scratch sprite

And of course there are gardevoirs, it’s always gardevoirs with me!

Cosmic Ralts, Kirlia, Gallade and Gardvoir sprite edit set

Peacock Gallade and Gardevoir sprite edit set

Misc. Gardevoir set 1

Misc. Gardevoir set 2

By using any of these sprites you agree to credit and if possible source them. You also agree to the potential of others using them as well for their blogs, and understand that many if not all of these sprites represent a species rather than a unique individual. However you are still allowed to make a single character based on these sprites above so long as they are not played out nor surprised when they meet another of their kind that looks like them (i/e: another blog using the same sprites/designs).

That said have fun using these ))

Questions on the delegates’ heights had been asked thrice so far which made me curious on their heights. I discussed with some people about it before and we were no where near a conclusion.

And so I tried to use the sprites as a gauge. None except Ana has been edited (Ana was actually a tol haha). May this help artists and writers!

Bigger and clear picture on imgur. and a PSD

A big thanks to these resources used:

Sprites by coma-babana

Height Template

FYI Aly had a rough idea about the Delegates’ heights ( and more details on Ana’s, Jarrod’s, Clarmont’s).

Some Mod comments under the cut

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anonymous asked:

My last couple submissions have been a little on the long side, so I figure I should start making the images myself from now on, but I can't find a sprite rip or anything of the actual text box. Can I borrow yours?

No prob. Serenes Forest has a database of a lot of the elements from FE:A. That’s where we get our text boxes. Here’s a link to the boxes, and this link goes to the main directory.

And this blog has tons of support backgrounds, as well as the border overlay for support conversations. The barracks background is in the third post.

In order to make this stuff easier for you guys to find, we’re gonna start tagging posts with sprites and stuff as #resources. That way you can find them again easier.

Can’t wait to see what you submit!

- mod sully

Time to disappoint and bring joy to people... maybe

Bad news: Unnecessary Evil is cancelled. I can’t have that game get in my way of my other projects. Besides, it’s pointless now since I didn’t finish it in time for the IGMC 2015.

Good news: I’m going to make all files - including all sprites and music - free resources for rpg maker vx ace users to use and make their own stories.

I’m sorry. But I can’t have this infringing in projects I feel genuine passion for/my schoolwork that’s sure to bombard me. I hope you all understand.

I’ll still keep the original characters/story in mind. I’ll share it with you guys later.

I hope you all understand.

chao pixel masterpost

!! this is mainly for me, bt feel free to use. these are mainly from the sonic advance chao games, but there is some others. i tried to find as many as i can, if im missing some please tell me !! x__x some are animated, some not. i think i found all ( c ), bt if not all ( c ) goes to the rightful artists !!

these are only sprite sizes, just an fyi !! i used sprites from here, here, & here. i animated the smaller ones at the bottom of the animated section myself

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anonymous asked:

I'm not really talking about the digimon toys, but the games? Like Cathode Tamer? And other Wonderswan games (btw you can find them sprite resource)

No, I do mean the games too! Hell I’ve looked up some of the boss fights from the Wonderswan games just to see Pie’s sprites! I just mentioned the Pendulum sprite while I was at it lol