hey hey i’ve seen a 8unch of people 8eing like “p sure theres no canon ministrife sprite for this” 8ut i’m here to tell you - if its a canon thing, there pro8a8ly is one

and even if its not canon there might 8e one! feastings made a lot of fuckin sprites (and theyre so good like have you SEEN ministrife sprites?) for those who don’t know, feastings is the person who made the ministrife sprites originally!

and they made so many of them! like

8eta kids + trolls

alpha kids + 8eta guardians + ancestors + some others

cheru8s + exiles + alpha trolls

and the alpha kids’ sprites!

and there’s also this announcement they made a8t crediting and selling ministrife sprites!

theres so so many ministrife sprites that are technically canon so 8efore you go “theres no canon ministrife of this” please please check!

17.7.17 not really an update

This month’s update is technically not an update, just for fun, we’ll talk about how the games came to be. With a game release upcoming and a few other things, I will keep it more active in the days to come. Expect more new contents next month rather than good ol’ lame posts!

I want to talk about the projects came to be, to be honest. Having to work on them for such a long time and unable to talk more about them beyond the surface is kinda boring, yeah? Now, let’s talk.

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anonymous asked:

Can you make a recon corps cloak for snkstuck?

sure thing, anon!

I’ve made a version with light fabric draping and one without, depending on what you like the look of. Included Terezi and John in here just to show how each of the cloaks look on full characters. Feel free to use these if you like!

(links to my original snkstuck sprites and snkstuck sprite bases)

“p22t gamzee, kk 2teal2 hand2”

I’m sorry I had to make that joke

After being in sucha mood for talk sprite making I decided to make “bases” (not completely sure if these go under the common definition for bases they are kind of rips too?) It works pretty easy if you make a talk sprite around the size of canon talk sprites

You’ll want to download for full-resolution to avoid any blurriness!

Did a collection of the Sans sprites similar to my Papyrus sheet!

I want these for personal reference but someone else might find it useful. Sprites are all of course the work of Toby Fox, I’ve just compiled them on one transparent PNG file to use as a reference.

Uploading this on my SFW blog since my main blog, @faranae, is behind the mature filters.

Pokemon Trainer 3rd Years Sprite Edits

@kaitoelichika made some extremely adorable art about Nico, Eli, and Nozomi as incredibly cute 10-12 year old Pokemon trainers and I ended up somehow making little sprite edits for all three of them. They’re supposed to be more close to their canon age here so that’s my explanation for why their outfits are a little different aka at some point Eli found a super rad new coat (and maybe gave her smaller old one to one of her Pokemon :3)

thank u again kaitoelichika for this gift I hope I have done your designs some degree of justice and thanks for the base b/w+b/w2 sprites spriter’s resource!

anonymous asked:

where did you get the FE13 conversation font? :0

//edit: the font used in the game is called chiaro. it’s the same one used in loz: ocarina of time.

i use these for screenshot edits:

these are cut out from a screenshot of the characters you can use to name things, but it’s not perfect. it may look bad on darker backgrounds, but it’s acceptable on the text window.

im not sure about the white font used for name boxes, though. i suppose you could color it white on a clipping layer and adjust the transparency of the edges.

under the cut is more stuff that you could use if you want!

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