sprite splices

Shedinja fusions drawn from sprites people did.

@pokemonscrap made the Abra and Bulbasaur sprites

@thatsplicingadventure made the Crawdaunt and greninja sprites

@harumaron did the Darkrai sprite

@silphcosprites did the Articuno, Kyurem, Deoxys and Giratina sprites

I had fun drawing these, some were difficult, and some just really cute <3 I took some liberty here and there to change something.

Hope you guys enjoy and be sure to check those spriters out!


Halloween Sprite Fusions

@pokii1 suggested the Chandelure and pumpkaboo fusion, and I got so excited that I did all of these. All of them are very Halooween-y which is one of my sweet spots. :D

The suggestion box is open as are Commission. I have 2 slots left and if you have any questions just shoot me a message.


Since the announcement of Gen VII means that my Sailor Moon x Pokemon team post will need updating, Pokemon Go has inspired me to come up with Gen I-only headcanon teams for the Sailor Guardians. It was very fun and challenging! Hopefully they make sense enough just looking at them, but you can also read my reasoning below.

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