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februpony uhhh eleven? these lil hell-orbs gave everyone so much trouble, and the best way to get rid of them is to make them someone elses problem.

Last night I had a dream that I drank some sprite flavored orange juice. I thought it was orange sprite but then after I bought it I found out it was the opposite. Cursed drink


I did not know I would be able to finish this in 2 days wow!

Anyways here it is! Some cliche moments here and there with some minor bad editing but it is still HERE!

Hope you guys enjoy it ahah..

I just want you guys to keep in mind that I do not do videos a lot. So yea.

[Original Sprite & Music/ Sound created by Level 5 © .Custom Sprites altered by me. All rights reserved by them, I do not owe anything.]


The sound of a ghost sneezing, in many cases, is that of doors creaking open.

Monster sneezes tend to be disproportionate in size to the beast: the massive wheeze quietly, while the tiny roar with the force of a sonic boom.

Skeletons often swear they never sneeze, but some do, and it sounds like eggs cracking open.

Fairies sneeze with the sound of construction paper being cut, while dryads sneeze with the sound of someone knocking on wood.

Ghouls bellow with a perfectly sung opera high note as they sneeze. It has been long suspected that they are the true inventors of opera. The Great Undead Op-pepper-ah Company takes advantage of this.

Vampires, especially the very old, sneeze with the sounds of centuries old pages turning in a book.

Hacking/Cheating/Text/Sounds/Sprites/Debug Mode

I have released a new page on my blog, dedicated to the games resources and how to hack/cheat the game to do various things.


I am only doing this because its already been posted by others, just not all in the same place before, if it was my choice I would keep it secret till Toby’s next game, but I wasn’t the only person that figured out this stuff. 

I am sharing this because I want to help people like me that had disabilities that physically made it impossible to complete parts of the game or do not have the time to play the entire game 40 times. It will help with people wanting to make art or videos with the games sprites. It will help people who otherwise could not be able to experience defeating the bosses themselves because of disabilities they can not help. I am in a way helping to reveal an adjustable “easy mode” that already exists in the game. I have waited until 2016 to ensure anyone who got it for the holidays would have ample time to play it, and the majority of people interested in it have already played it. hopefully anyone that gave up because they couldn’t manage to continue with the game physically can now have the choice to play on their terms. 

That Is why I did this, because I want everyone to be able to see what is inside Undertale, not just the few people with the right programs and scripting/hacking knowledge and dataminers. I have seen the fans do amazing things using the resources of the game, so I am sharing them too. I’m not doing this to flout the warnings and what Toby says. I’m doing this because Its what I started doing when I started to feel upset with myself when my different eye hand coordination brain wiring from my disorder made it impossible for me to survive against a certain boss and complete the genocide route or play the post genocide route. I want to unlock whats in the game the whole time with debug mode. I want people to see how to do it properly so they don’t mess up their game or save file or download malware or viruses. I have spent a long time thinking about this and decided this is the right thing to do based on how many asks a week I get from people wanting to know how so they can beat the same bosses and so they can stop feeling weak or pathetic because of their computer system or their nervous system. 

there are many ways to show determination. breaking the game open and giving myself the power to do and see what I needed to was how I showed determination. I am a purple soul, not a yellow soul.  I hope Toby understands.



THANK YOU FOR 260 FOLLOWERS aaa ;-; To celebrate that, here is a small gift for you guys. Really glad I’m part of this small fandom //u v u//

Now now I know some of you guys would really want that thumbnail as your desktop picture, I would be posting a full picture tomorrow (24 hours after this post) so you can download it and stuff! So… Merry Christmas guys! T v T!

[Original Sprite & Music/ Sound created by Level 5 © .Custom Sprites altered by me. All rights reserved by them, I do not owe anything.]

Map sprites download

Like I said earlier, it’s now time for the thing I am assuming most people want!

The downloads to the map sprites! Now you can make your own sprites (This sounds so much like a commercial haha..)

The download is here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-luaBQKethhWlozaTRXbkxiNjA

And here’s the class name translations: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1tyKcx0djFBtxd8SzXVotp1uMkH-YKYPr9lUOY6oTEZ8/edit?usp=sharing



Game Center CX’s Arino in Super Mario Maker! ⊟ 

A Kacho sprite! From what it sounds like, players in Japan will be able to unlock the Game Center CX host’s skin by completing the stages he created for NicoNico Cho Kaigi, according to Kyle McLain. It’s rad to see more content (Famitsu’s mascot will also receive a Mario skin) being released for the game!

You can watch Arino kill himself in Super Mario Maker below:

There’s also a nearly 40-minute video of Arino playing Super Mario Maker!

BUY Super Mario Maker

Mod 5ider is going to be cleaning out the omegapausestuck inbox!!!!!


  • Sprite edits
  • Snarky commentary
  • Angsty grumbling
  • Whacky sound effects
  • Cinnamon glazed crescent rolls
  • The distant cries of the soon-to-be-deceased
  • Lots of Shitty Music
  • Masterful MS Paint shiftydoos
  • My Ass
  • And so much more!

It all goes down at 2:16 am. Be sure you’re ready! Because we’re making this hapen whether anyone comes or NOT.

you have been warned