sprite orange

Last night I had a dream that I drank some sprite flavored orange juice. I thought it was orange sprite but then after I bought it I found out it was the opposite. Cursed drink

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what's your favorite drink? and your favorite music to chill while drinking?

It depends on my mood tbh. Either a nice glass of Moscoto, a good pumpkin beer, or whipped cream vodka in root beer, although @thechicken-master made me some yummy thing with sprite, orange vodka, and orange juice.

I don’t do music while drinking really. Usually some type of fun TV show or movie, we’re watching Devil is a Part Timer rn.

-Amy (Hufflepuff)

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When you get this ask reply with 3 weird facts about you. Pass it on or tag 3 mutuals.

I am obsessed with green juice, I have a karaoke system in my shower that I use all the time, and I have never tried any kind of pop besides sprite and orange fanta