sprite leak

at work our fountain machine has been acting up for a week and the sprite has something leaking into it but we cant keep a “out of order” sign on it cause customers rip it off

so a guy comes in and calls me over and points out his sprite is ew looking. and i fucking said, “oh thats just the cyanide i add for flavor” and he JUST LAUGHED AND SAID “that’s how i wanted to go anyway. pretty girl killing me.”

Alolan Persian has so much potential but the leaked sprite is so…awkward. If it’s face wasn’t completely spherical and it’s body was better proportioned (by this I mean it matches the chubby shape of the head) it could be really great! But I really love the idea they seemed to be going for. Maybe seeing official artwork and it’s sprite from different angles might make it appear better? We’ll see.

What I learned from the Undertale sprites and text

Warning: some of this content that was cut may be added in a future DLC, I wouldn’t count on it, but just in case you’ve been warned.

There are several food items suggesting that further interaction with Napstablook and Onionsan was cut, namely the items “stoic onion” and “ghost fruit”. Other food items are croquet roll, rock candy, pumpkin rings, and puppy dough ice cream.

Shyrens “body” is actually a seperate monster called Agent, that arm is really the lips. Agent has its own sprites and stats, but you never fight it in the game. Killing Shyren leaves behind the body with its mouth closed. You can see the amalgated Agent in Lemonbreads body. That is Shyrens sister.

There was an additional dog enemy that never made it past sprites, it could have been an old design for lesser dog or greater dog, it was simply called dogeB in the sprites and was a thin armored basset hound with a pike. There are unused sprites for Grillby walking around with food, the small yellow bird crying, a character that looks like a goomba called puzzle hater. There are full walking and falling sprites for Chara, suggesting you could once play as him.
Flowey has a lot of text suggesting that it was once planned for you to be able to walk to him and talk to him, and even make friends with him, and that he would get extremely upset and ask if you were trolling him if you spare everyone except the very last boss.
There’s so many little things I found in the sprites, if you have fully completed undertale, and have found everything you can find in a playthrough, and aren’t going to use them to make money off them, then I encourage you check out rawr.ws/undertale for the sprites. Please don’t leak them on the main tag without the tag “undertale spoilers” so people can blacklist it, don’t share them with people that haven’t played, and always make people aware that we could be possibly spoiling content that Toby plans to one day add, we don’t know.