sprite flavoured

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i remember this one time i was bartending for my friend’s party. his bar was downstairs in his basement because he had an actual bar down there, counter and stools and everything. it was a really nice party, and i had fun making drinks and stuff. 

anyway, these two teenagers approached me and ask if i could ‘give them drinks’ and when i asked for their ID, they just sorta shrugged and shook their heads. i told them that i couldn’t serve them alcohol, and at that moment, some lady, whom i presumed to be their mother, came up to me and asked me if her children were harassing me for alcohol.

mother confirmed.

i told her no, and that they were just saying hello. she told me to not let the children have any alcohol because they were children and children can’t have alcohol because they’re children. it was like she was determined to let the entire universe know that she thinks of her teenagers as mere kids.

needless to say, the two teens looked embarrassed and uncomfortable. after the mother left, i made them some drinks with sprite and flavour syrups, speared cherries and limes on toothpicks and stuck those in the glasses, and handed them off to the children.

they seemed really happy to have something to drink that wasn’t water or coffee, and it let them sort of have something that eventually had their mother storming back over to me and asking me if i put alcohol in it. only after i showed her how i made it, she was satisfied.

i get that parents need to make sure that their kids aren’t breaking the law, but there comes a point where you need to remember that your teenagers aren’t kids and you shouldn’t treat them as such. that doesn’t mean you should let your teenage offspring break the law either, but for fuck’s sake, don’t fucking smother them. jesus fucking christ.