i did these edits of gerome, severa, and cynthia a little while ago and wanted to do two more siblings! 

yarne didn’t really have much i wanted to change but i really…….. dont like parts of kjelles canon armor - mostly the chestplate. the original purple of her armor didn’t work with sullys red hair so i made it the same color as panne’s armor, and then added designs kinda like yarne’s. (accents on kjelles armor are the same color as yarnes base armor, the accents on his are the same color as panne/kjelles armor)

anonymous asked:

hello! can i get a mituna ampora (swapped with cronus)? i had a lot of bandaids on me and my hair was rlly messy and u couldnt see my eyes,, i wore black jeans and a pale yellow shirt and black boots and im pretty sure i had a pin of a bee somewhere?? bUT yes thank u in advance frien!!

:o33 can i kin someone out of respeck

Since I love the design of my SHSL Gamer!Junko so much, i decided to make a lazy ref of her

And made some sprites as a “bonus”

her personality is kind of similar to Mukuro’s in DR1, she loves otome games and dating sims in general, tho she enjoys most of video game genres, also gets too emotionally attached to video game characters.

 i love her so much.