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Headcanon: Hidden block get together to watch old movies and they end up watching Heathers. Jimmy, Wallid, and Jeff really like it, Caddy has fun making jokes about the movie, Luke is confused about the lack of music, and Ian is just watching. No one really knows if Ian’s really paying attention

The next day Wallid and Caddy burst into the club room with big grins and A+s on their finals. Everyone congratulates them, but Ian just

Ian: Well fuck me gently with a chainsaw

Jimmy spits out his drink and Wallid is ded


Foster Sprites - There you go ! It’s finally done ! Even though I’m not entirely satisfied with it, I’m glad to say that I had - a bit of - fun ( but it was exhausting ) ~

@mioyaya I’M DONE with your request! hope this cheers you up yey ヽ(´∇´)ノ (∇´ノ) ヽ(   )ノ (ヽ´∇) ヽ(´∇`)ノ 

Lawful, Neutral, and Chaotic Drunk

(After a long night of pub crawling, our party is heading home. Our warlock is attempting to have a meaningful drunken conversation with an even more drunk ranger who just wants her bed.)

Ranger: I’m flopped on top of Soot [her giant dog companion] and letting him carry me home.

Warlock: Ciarà, wake up, I’m saying important things!

Warlock’s Sprite: I can Heartsight her for you if you want!

Warlock: Noooooooooo, she’s not evil.

Warlock’s Sprite: She could be! She might’ve turned evil–

Warlock: She’s not evil!

Warlock’s Sprite: Some people call alcohol the devil’s water!

Warlock: No, it’s not real evil, though. Not like, literally.

Paladin Bard: [to sprite] You should really learn to cut loose, man.

Warlock: It’s not like Infernal or Fiendish water.

Warlock’s Sprite: Hey! Hey! Fuck [the Paladin Bard]! I could cut loose if I wanted to.

Warlock: Yeah, I agree, like, fuck that guy, but no.

Vriska Style Rating!

0 is like a nice looking Vriska bc Vriska has my favorite aesthetic and 10 is oh boy makes me want to draw

Vriska, one of the few sprites I can bear. Looks interesting. 4/10

Vriska’s Vriska- such a good self-portrait. 8/10

A very good Vriska. Lacks some of the pop that makes me want to draw Vriska all the time, but is a very good drawing on its own (just looks really good with the other characters more imo) 6/10

Blood // - A good parallel to the Terezi of the same style. A good drawing, nice shapes. 7/10

Thick- My favorite Vriska! Looks small and well built. 11/10

Have Another Small And Well Built Vriska 10/10

Nosy Vriska- has a nose, nosing into Rosemary time. Looks happy, good ears. 5/10

Baby- a good baby. 5/10

I’m Gonna Die- Hey guys Terezi: Remem8er fucks me up and this Vriska is so good. We’re gonna ignore that crack in the side. 9/10

Smol- happy, has a gf. I see no cracks. I’m sure they’ll live forever in that armless state reminiscent of the sprites. 10/10

Anime Vriska- her boobs move when she walks 5/10



i saw someone in the ndrv3 tag complaining about no sprite videos



Please help.
This is Sprite. She is my emotional support animal. She’s incredibly loving and affectionate and has helped me through a lot of dark times that I don’t think I would have made it through otherwise.
Recently she has developed breathing problems. She is sneezing a lot and her breathing is labored at times and it is concerning to me.
I am currently unable to afford a vet bill. I am really concerned about Sprite but I can’t do anything without some help.

Please, if you can, please help me get Sprite to the vet.
Here’s the GoFundMe link: gofundme.com/help-sprite-get-her-medicine
And Paypal: paypal.me/ShawnaKay57

Please help or reblog!!