sprite as trolls

Terezi Style Variation Ratings

By request- 0 is a rendered cutie, 10 is a very well rendered cutie

The sprite- Somehow Terezi has the best troll sprite, which makes this bearable. Maybe it’s the glasses and the pointy smile 5/10

Stretch- more limbs for kicking and acrobatics, just as pointy. 6/10

Soft- a good gap between her eyes and mouth gives the suggestion that a nose would fit on her face, even if we don’t see it. Yellow nails confirm all those headcanons. 9/10

Queen- depicted as she should, with a crown on her head, and an equally pointy smile on her face. 7/10

Terepy Pipes- my best friend. (Depicted by miraculoustang). Not actually canon, but in the hearts of all Terezi lovers. 9/10

Nose- She actually has a nose this time, and the subtle shading works nicely. 8/10

Harvey- A nose, but small enough that it could have been skipped. Not my favorite. 2/10

Cheeks- sharp and round, like a pizza cutter. (From Paradox Space). Papers draws a good Terezi. 10/10

Truly there can be no bad depiction of Terezi. she makes it work. 8/10

Cryptid- Confirmed.  10/10

AU where Gamzee made it to Earth C, and after earning back trust for his wrongdoings, ended up getting therapy from Rose to get over the mental manipulation he was subjected to when he was in a bad place all those years ago.

Though things may never be the same again with his friends, he has a chance to be happy and free for once.  No more sopor slime, no more of Lil Cal’s lies.  Just freedom and a quiet mind.


Here’s the troll ref sheet I’ve been talking about!! Both regular and humanstuck, and with short haired Vriska as promised (not as short as usual but a good compromise)

Again these are just what i use as reference for my own headcanons to stay consistant

Fairy dress troll sprites.

Your name is ARAXIE ODDVAR

Your interests include LONG EPICS and other STORIES OF HEROS especially ones involving TWO FACED ACCOMPLICES and just a TOUCH OF ROMANCE. you also enjoy collecting INTERESTINGLY SHAPED ROCKS.

Your trolltag is contrarywiseDelemia and <You speak in a to the point manner>