sprite art

Right now I’m working on a very big tribute piece to a certain unknown SNES game (i.e. something not Steven Universe nor Mega Man), so in the meantime, have an animated Pearl sprite, based on the great Capcom arcade fighting games of the 1990s (in particular Street Fighter Alpha and Marvel vs. Capcom, though I also used sprites from the upcoming Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butōden as references for shading).

While I have done pixelated sprites before, this is the first time I have fully animated one.


When I do become a princess, 

I will eat lots of flans until I get sick of them. 

So until that time, 

I will work hard on my diet, 

and keep visiting beauty salons. 

Please come for me, my prince.

Aaa this song is one of my fave oster project songs!! it fits mika so very very well, also today’s songs are really chil!!

(x) So cute…