sprite art


This little guy is a suggestion from over on Instagram! I did a little step by step walk through of how I make my sprites in the post if you want to check it our here

The finished piece will be posted up tomorrow.

Have a lovely Thursday!

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I had to make a sprite of Caulifla. I love her, and she hasn’t even done anything yet. We got A FEMALE SUPER SAIYAN YA’LL! You know…excluding Heroes and Xenoverse. I know we had Kale a while ago with the opening and promotional art, but I got over Broly a long time ago 👍.


Ennelyn Aurora Chamberlain / Dahl

Ta-dah! THIS is why I was so busy yesterday and wouldn’t answer any of the prompts yet — I wanted to finish Ennelyn’s custom sprite really quick! Since she was the only one of my sonas whose sprite (if it even existed) wasn’t fully hand-drawn by myself, I wanted to be a fair mother and indulge her (and myself) with a proper sprite… finally….