sprite animation


Onion from Steven Paper Universe*

A while ago, someone asked if I ever rendered model animations to be used as sprites; I have before, but wanted to try a very specific form of it: Paper Mario style! Render a shadless model in maya > take renderd frames into photostop > add stroke/touch up where needed. I’m rusty at it, but its pretty fun. Will do more characters…

*I will be doing better quality backgrounds later.  This background is a cheap quick mock-up I did trying to mimic this one in particular from the Crewniverse art dumps.


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Software - Maya, Photoshop, After Effects -


Man, it took me a while to get back to this! So this is a basic “what if” animation. The folks at WayForward are remaking the old DuckTales NES game as “DuckTales Remastered,” so I decided I’d try to mimic what they did for the Rescue Rangers NES game!

I animated all of the performable actions you can do as Chip based on some sprite sheets I found from the original game. I’m gonna upload a full video of it eventually, once I can get the export to look better. That way it can be seen without a break in the action.

Here’s hoping they actually go forward with a Rescue Rangers remake!