Alexi Pappas cheering on Jordan Hasay aka this is the funniest shit ever 

“Locker Room Talk”

In track the clock stops when a sprinter’s chest crosses the line. A male official once eyed mine and commented that I’d “win every close one.” I was 15. 

A male coach came up behind me after a workout, grabbed me by my ponytail, and said that he wanted to steer me around with it. He did it to several of my teammates, too. None of us thought we could ask him to stop without jeopardizing our spots on the team. I was 16; they were younger. 

A man I worked with told me it was a good thing track had given me a hot enough body that he’d noticed me. He also tried to pull my shirt up and touch said body when he thought I was sleeping. I was 20. 

And this one was a constant for me and my teammates: the mens team had to shield us from guys who would leer at us, talk about our legs and butts, and try to grab us when we went walking around the cities we visited for competitions.