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Kalafina @ Mezamashi Live 2017 - Live Report (CORRECTED)

I corrected some minor and major mistakes (it wasn’t Wakana who danced mit Keiko during “Hyakka Ryouran”s kajiurago bridge, but Hikaru).

So today, on July 23rd 2017 Kalafina had their Live event in Fuji TV’s huge “Minna no Yume no Tairiku”-Festival: “Mezamashi Live” in Odaiba, Tokyo. Of course, I had to go, since tickets only cost 1500 Yen and they included some other stuff too, like entrance to special floors at the Fuji TV building.

Before going to the Live, I expored Odaiba, mainly the Fuji TV building and the boothes and sales corners (they had human-sized statues of One Piece characters - I died of excitement and happiness long before I went to see Kalafina).
The weather was actually quite bad, if you compare it to the past weeks here in Tokyo. It was very cloudy and windy and it did rain sometimes (but only a bit and it was over soon). But for me, that was probably the best thing of the whole day. I don’t know if someone already experienced summer in Japan/Tokyo area, but it is hell. Starting from rain season in mid-June until fucking October it is over 30°C almost every day with a humidity of 198675%. There’s literally no air to breath. So the fact that we did not have the sun burning down mercilessly on the poor souls walking here today, we had a refreshing wind and a bit of rain, which also probably made people stay in their homes, since it was not crowded at all (and I am talking about Odaiba on a sunday).

Anyway, I couldn’t participate in the pre-sale for fanclub members, so I just bought a ticket like any normal peasant at 7-Eleven. I had a number in the 1000s, so yeah, I thought I would not be able to see the stage at all, but I was actually wrong. Due to the arrangement of the areas where people were allowed to stand, I could see the stage perfectly and I wasn’t too far away from it. There was also a goods corner beforehand, where they sold some 9+ONE merchandise as well as stuff from older concerts.

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metalace223  asked:

Is it just the armor making them look bigger or has Kelly got some real thunder thighs going on there? She looks like she can give Chun Li a run for the money!

Yeah, you’re not the first person to mention that…part of it is probably the armor, but when looking at her compared to the other ladies I think it’s pretty clear that Kelly-087′s character model was specifically designed to have some powerful running apparatuses. And that’s really cool.

The thing is though, I love that Kelly-087 has legs like an Olympic sprinter. I love that Linda-058 is kind of leaner all around, I love that Vale is curvy at the waist and slim at the arms and calves, I love that Tanaka is built like a tank.