sprint up

you’re walking in the woods. there’s no one around and your blaster’s dead. out of the corner of your eye you spot him: kylo ren.

i will never in a million years get over the Helicopter Scene™ like steve sprints over leaps up grabs the heli and just holds on for dear life and pulls it as hard as humanly possible RIPS IT OUT OF THE SKY because oh no not again i cant lose him again i already went through this and i  r e f u s e to lose my bucky again 

do you know who the real MVP is? kinoshita hisashi, that’s who. #7 for karasuno. the kid with light brown spiky hair and cat eyes. do you know what he does? he encourages narita and ennoshita during the rare instances they do get to play. he wholeheartedly vouches for ennoshita as next year’s captain. he cheers karasuno on in every single game. he performs all the penalties, all the flying receives and sprints up grassy hills, all the drills and all the practices. and yet, he’s always just watching from the sidelines. he has literally never played in an official match since we have come to know him. he gives his everything to karasuno and his team despite never having played. not even once. 

please love kinoshita hisashi.

Harry — I think I’ve just understood something! I’ve got to go to the library!”
And she sprinted away, up the stairs.
“What does she understand?” said Harry distractedly, still looking around, trying to tell where the voice had come from.
“Loads more than I do,” said Ron, shaking his head.
“But why’s she got to go to the library?”
“Because that’s what Hermione does,” said Ron, shrugging. “When in doubt, go to the library.
—  J.K. Rowling, The Chamber of Secrets







I GOTTA GET ME SOME OF THAT AWKWARD OTAYURI POST-COMPETITION CONVERSATION (Yurio: “I apologize for taking your dream from you. I know you wanted the gold medal to bring back to your country…” Otabek: “There will be many more opportunities for the both of us. Your free skate was beautiful or sOME SHIT LIKE THIS LETS BE TIGER AND BEAR FURRIES TOGETHER FOREVER”)

okay and fiNALLY I NEED ME A DRUNK VICTURI BECAUSE APPARENT REASONS (and let’s be honest, chris ain’t gonna pass up the opportunity to bring his stripper pole again) AND I NEED VICTOR TO DRUNKENLY CONFESS THAT THE ACTUAL MOMENT HE FELL IN LOVE WAS WHEN YURI DRY HUMPED HIM 


If life is a river, then pursuing Christ requires swimming upstream. When we stop swimming, or actively following Him, we automatically begin to be swept downstream.
Or, to use another metaphor more familiar to city people, we are on a never-ending downward escalator. In order to grow, we have to turn around and sprint up the escalator, putting up with perturbed looks from everyone who is gradually moving downward.
—  Francis Chan, Crazy Love
The Seven Deadly Sins - Part 5

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Characters: Reader x Yoongi

Word Count: 10.6k

Genre: Angst, Smut

Series: 1. Lust / 2. Gluttony / 3. Greed (1) / 4. Greed (2) / 5. Sloth / 6. Wrath / 7. Envy

Description: Seven men helped shape you into who you are. Some lovers, some friends, some enemies, all of them left a long lasting mark on your life, for better or for worse.


               You took off your heels and broke into a sprint, running up the five flights of stairs with your keys already in hand. You slipped it into the doorknob easily, throwing your heels and bag at the entrance and slamming the door behind you without losing speed. You ran straight down the hallway and into his room, jumping straight onto the bed next to him as a woman’s shrieks left the TV. He sat cross legged on the bed with his eyes glued to screen in amazement, his bottom half covered in baggy red Christmas pajamas while his top half was bare. You were already starting to question him on how much you had missed before he shushed you, your attention turning to the screen as you tried to piece together the parts you had missed, knowing he wouldn’t tell you until the next set of commercials. Thankfully it looked like you hadn’t missed much and you were grateful you had made the decision to bolt home.

               Watching TV was a luxury you couldn’t afford a couple of weeks ago, one that was only granted to you thanks to your new job. Although it paid less the hours were steady and it gave you enough time to have a life outside of work, allowing you the opportunity to go out to the bar with friends or to rush home to catch the new episodes of your favorite shows, both of which you took advantage of.  

               When the commercial break came on you ran to your bedroom to change out of your slacks and blouse, returning in sweats, a large t-shirt and your hair nested on top of your head in a messy bun. He caught you up quickly as he passed you the plate of chips, settling yourself next to him, relaxing beside him comfortably. It wasn’t until you had reached the next hour and the channels flipped that you got to talk, both of you having been too engrossed in the previous show to say much.

               “How did work go?” he asked as he pulled his laptop out from somewhere underneath the messy sheets, quickly typing in his password.

               “It was good! There’s a project coming up and the group I was placed in is going to have to work a little overtime next week but it shouldn’t be too bad. I’m actually glad I have some more work to do,” you replied with a smile, sitting up and moving closer to see what he was working on. He replied to work emails as you spoke, tapping his fingers against the keys quickly as he made his way through his inbox.

               “You’re excited about more work?” he questioned, sparing a glance your way to show his suspicion. You rolled your eyes, nudging his shoulder with your own.

               “Well, yeah. I wouldn’t like to work overtime every week but it’s nice to have more to do, you know?” you replied, picking up the remote to find a different channel that wasn’t currently on commercials.

               “No, I don’t actually,” he chuckled, making you laugh a little as you shook your head. Yoongi worked well in everything he did but he preferred not to do anything that wasn’t necessary. He took on enough work where he could live comfortably but never saw the need to take on any extra. It wasn’t a bad quality; it was just the way he was.

You felt your phone vibrate against the mattress by your feet, your coworkers name popping up in a text bubble, reminding you of your plans for the night. You snatched your phone up and turned to Yoongi excitedly, knowing what his answer would be but wanting to try anyways.  

               “One of my coworkers invited me to the bar tonight for drinks. Do you want to join?” you invited, looking over at him expectantly. He glanced at you for a moment before turning back to his work, flipping through different tabs as he seemed to consider it.

               “What kind of stuff do you guys talk about?” he asked curiously, your excitement growing at the possibility of him actually agreeing.

               “Life or whatever naturally comes up. I am sure we can find something,” you replied quickly, unlocking your phone to reply back to Amy.

               “I know everything about your life already though,” he answered back, your excitement dying as he rejected your invitation. You lifted yourself up with a sigh, disappointed but not surprised. It had been a while since you had gone out together but you knew not to push it and respected that going to the bar just wasn’t something he was into.

               “Alright, stay home if you please. But watch, I’ll get you to come out with me one of these days,” you promised, squinting your eyes as you pointed your finger at him.

               “Yeah, we’ll see about that,” he chuckled, turning to smile at you as left his room.


               You tipped your shot glasses back in union, letting the clear liquid run down your throat as it burned everything it touched. You shut your eyes and shook your head, trying not to cough as you thought back on how long it had been since you had gotten drunk. It wasn’t something you particularly enjoyed but you didn’t mind getting a little buzzed, letting your mind wander but not forget where you were. You set your glass back on the bar with a clank, smiling widely as Amy motioned for the bartender to refill her drink. You waved him away from yours, trying to take it slow.

               “Have you liked working for Mr. Jung so far?” she asked, running her fingers through her long black hair as she leaned in curiously. She worked as the receptionist on your floor, and although you worked in two different areas you always made an effort to talk to her as you walked in, making it a routine to offer her a coffee while she offered you a piece of her breakfast. You hadn’t gotten to talk much while at work so you jumped on her invitation when she asked you out for drinks.

               “Yeah, I’ve liked it so far! He’s a lot better than my last boss,” you commented, the words slipping from your mouth before you could hold them back. You cursed yourself internally as Jimin’s face came to mind, trying to urge the image away and thankful that Amy hadn’t seemed to notice your slight change in demeanor. You let out a long breath, trying to ignore the prickling that had begun to bug the back of your neck.            

               “It must be so nice. I heard from the last assistant that he’s really easy to work with. And when he looks like that, who wouldn’t mind working for him?” she giggled to herself as she took her next shot, your laughs joining her in agreement. Mr. Jung definitely was handsome and he had the majority of the women at work swooning over him. He was always really kind to everyone and carried a very friendly aura with him which seemed uncommon from the past businessmen you had worked with.

               “Mr. Jung is pretty good looking, but I’ve noticed you’ve been eyeing someone else,” you teased, pressing your lips together as you looked at her from the corner of your eye, trying to suppress a smile. She began to laugh again, covering her eyes with her hand to hide her embarrassment.

               “Wait, what? Who are you talking about?” she questioned quickly, her cheeks flushed from both the alcohol and the thought of her crush being so obvious.  

               “You like Minho right?” you replied, recalling his name, thinking back to all the times you watched them flirt back and forth at her desk. He was cute and it was obvious that he felt the same way about her, at least from the looks of it.

               “Yes. He asked me out last week actually. We are supposed to go on a date this weekend,” she confided shyly, going back to playing her hair, a habit of hers.

               “Oh yay! I’m sure you guys are going to have a great time. You guys look really cute together,” you complimented, pulling away from the conversation for a moment to order a soda. You could feel her excitement from where she sat, unable to help the smile that spread across her face at the thought on Minho.

               “What about you? Are you dating anyone?” she asked curiously, watching you as you took a sip of you coke. You shook your head as you downed half of it, finding yourself suddenly very thirsty. She hummed as she nodded, looking off somewhere behind you.

               “Are you open to dating?” she asked with a raised, eyebrow, looking from you to someone you couldn’t see. You tensed up, not wanting to look back at whomever she was looking it.

              “What , why?” you blurted out nervously, your hands moving up to either side of your face as you took in her words. You had felt someone’s eyes on your earlier but you hadn’t been willing to look up. You knew meeting someone tonight was a possibility but it wasn’t the reason you had come tonight. Amy’s eyes darted between you and someone else and you had the feeling that whoever she was looking at was fast approaching.

              “Because I think some guy is coming over to talk to you,” she whispered quickly as she turned her body away from you and to the bar, creating an invisible wall between you two as you felt someone come up beside you. You could see her shoulders shake slightly as she laughed to herself as she kept her eyes forward, the nervousness so clear on your face you sure you looked like a fool. It wasn’t like you weren’t hid on often, but it wasn’t like you knew how to handle these situations all too well either. You turned to the seat on your right, one that had been empty a few moments ago.

              You looked up to find a man sitting comfortably against the stool, one of his arms perched on the bar as he positioned his body to face yours. He wore black jeans and a red hoodie layered underneath a dark jacket, his attire casual. His face was friendly and you let go of the anxiety you had of him having been a much older creep. His eyes shifted away from you for a moment, letting you calm down as you realized he also seemed nervous.

              “Have we met before?” he asked smoothly, his voice coming out steady despite how nervous he looked. You watched him as he calmed his movements, realizing he had been fidgeting. You looked down at your drink, looking at your reflection in the dark liquid as you gathered your courage up to speak casually.

              “Mmm, I don’t think so. Are you just asking that because you want to talk to me or because you really think we’ve met before?” you inquired, thankful that your voice, like his, didn’t reveal any of your feelings. You were grateful for the shots you look beforehand knowing it was the only reason you were able speak your mind.

              “I didn’t know how to start to the conversation,” he admitted, laughing nervously, a huge smile spreading on his face that was impossible not to smile back to. You found yourself relaxing; surprised that he seemed genuine in in the way he spoke to you. He rubbed one of his hands up and down his thigh, the other running through his hair.

              “Well it worked, you have me talking,” you laughed, smiling wider as he chuckled and visibly began to relax as well.  He looked behind him and your eyes followed, your gaze landing on a group of guys that were looking in your direction. One of them waved their hands up in the air, motioning for him to go to them. He sighed as he turned back to you, smiling apologetically.

              “I should have come to talk to you earlier, I just didn’t know how. I have somewhere to be, but can we talk again sometime?” he asked, his smile all teeth and nervousness that it made you want to giggle.

              “Yes, sounds good,” you smiled, your hands moving to grab the phone out of your bag in one quick motion. You swiped at the screen until you had your contacts open, pushing on the little plus sign that allowed you to add new contacts. You handed your phone to him, letting him put in his information as you finished the rest of your coke, feeling a stupid giddiness that made you want to turn to Amy and squeal stupidly. He handed the phone back to you, making you let out a laugh as you saw he saved himself under “Cute Guy From Bar”. At least he was confident in his looks.

              “Text me if you want to go on a date or just hang out,” he said as he stood up and waved a small goodbye to you, slowly turning to make his way towards the door towards his friends. You grabbed onto his sleeve before he could turn completely, stopping him before he could leave.

              “Wait, what’s your name?” you asked quickly, knowing he was pressed for time. He looked down at your hand, removing it from him when you realized you were still holding onto him. He smirked, the anxiety he had previously had gone as he saw you were interested in him as well.

              “Text me and I’ll tell you,” he said, leaving you to smile stupidly at his back until he was gone. You turned in your chair to face Amy, her body already facing yours with her mouth wide open in a silent scream of excitement. You mimicked her expression, shaking your hands under the bar as if it could help you get rid of the excitement, tapping your feet quickly against the floor.

              “You’re gonna text him right? He was cute, you have to text him,” she said as you looked down at his number, wondering if it was something you should peruse or not. It hadn’t been that long since the fall out of your last relationship, and you surprisingly did a pretty good job of getting over it. Either way, it didn’t have to lead anywhere too serious, or maybe it could? You realized you didn’t really know what you wanted at the moment, but you had some time to think about it before deciding to text him or not.

              “Actually, I’m not sure. I’ll need to sleep on it,” you said, her face squinting up to say Are you serious? You felt someone sit in the seat next to you, Amy’s eyes widening as she looked at whoever had sat beside you. You turned quickly, wondering if the cute guy from earlier had made his way back to the bar.

              Your face froze in its excited expression as your vision was filled with Jimin’s blonde hair and dark eyes, sitting in the same position the guy from earlier had. He had a small smile playing on his lips, your mind snapping out of the slight haze from before, picking up every detail around you as your mind seemed to speed up.

              He was dressed too formally to be at the bar, dressed in slacks and a dark grey blazer, a deep red button up shirt peeking out from underneath. You could tell he hadn’t just come from work due to his ear rings; he only ever wore them when he went out, never when he was working. He had every piercing full, one them dangling a cross down from his ear while the others were filled with either small hoops or studs. His hair wasn’t neat like you had been accustomed to seeing it but instead had begun to fall forward onto his forehead, a sign he had been running his hands through it recently, a habit he could never let go of. He had a smile that didn’t reach his eyes, the only indication that he wasn’t as calm as his body and smile were trying to project.

              You stared at him for about three seconds before you got up and turned away from him, aware of Amy’s confused expression, and aware of the footsteps that followed behind you.  You knew you were going to speak to him; either you were going to have to stop and turn or he was going to stop you himself. You were half way down the block when you felt his hand wrap around your wrist, stopping you as you spun around to meet him head on. Your breath was uneven, your hands shaking slightly. You tugged your hand away from his grip quickly, his touch sending heat through your body. Your chest felt tight but it didn’t hurt as much to see him as you thought it might.

              “Y/n, why are you running away?” he asked, making you want to roll your eyes. Why else? Why would he think you wanted to talk to him? It had been a couple of weeks since you had last seen him, and even though your emotions regarding your betrayal to Jin and his betrayal to you had lessened it didn’t mean you forgot what happened.

              “I’m not running anywhere. I’m going home,” you denied quickly, aware of how blatant your lie was but not really caring. He chuckled, running his hand through his hair and squeezing his eyes shut in frustration as he shook his head. He looked around, realizing the amount of people that were passing by. He looked behind himself, his eyes finding his car.

              “I can take you home,” he offered, grabbing onto your wrist before you could respond. You dragged your feet in hopes of slowing him down, but he only seemed to speed up.  

“Jimin, let go! I can take myself home!” You protested loudly as he opened the door.

              “Oh, come on,” he grunted, clearly becoming more frustrated as the time passed. He moved into the back seat of the car with his hand still griping your wrist, pulling you in after him. He leaned over you and shut the door, instructing the driver to drive up to your apartment.

              “Wait, I live in a different place now,” you said quickly, aware that you were giving in to him driving you home. The driver nodded at you with a smile, driving towards your apartment. You looked back at Jimin, confused when the driver didn’t as for the address, his eyes darting away from yours.

              “You know where I moved to?” you scoffed, shaking your head in feigned disbelief. You knew he had probably been keeping tabs on you, but you were never able to be sure. He wasn’t someone to let go of something easily, and it had seemed very suspicious that he had never tried to contact you after you had told him you never wanted to see him again. You knew he wasn’t going to follow through with your request.

              “Is there a problem with me knowing?” he said, both of you locking eyes for the first time since you had entered the car. Your words stalled in your throat for a moment as you really looked at him, looked through his exterior. He looked worn out.

              “Yes. I don’t work for you anymore and we aren’t friends,” you said quickly, shaking off any sympathy you had started to feel for him. He eyed you for a moment, taking a second to think through his words before replying.

              “I guess you’re right. And now you work for Hoseok, right?” he asked casually, as if he didn’t already know the answer. You knew he would bring it up eventually, so it wasn’t very surprising.

              “I do. Do you a have problem with Hoseok?” you inquired, knowing full well they had some sort of history but just not knowing what it was. It had been bothering you ever since your encounter with him at the party, revealing they had some sort of rivalry. At first you assumed it might all just be business but the more you thought of it the more it seemed like it might be personal.

              “I don’t have a problem with him,” he replied simply, stiffening slightly at your question but clearly not wanting to say more.

              “Sure seems like it,” you mumbled, a little disappointed that he didn’t want to reveal more. He shook his head, an ironic smile playing on his lips.

              “He only wants you because I had you,” he whispers to himself, but loud enough for you to hear.

              “I’m not an object. You didn’t have me, and that’s not why he wants me to work for him,” you snap, grateful that you were now only a couple of blocks from the apartment. The conversation was starting to drag on and it was no longer clear where the conversation was going.

              “If that’s what you want to believe,” he sighed.

              “Why did you come to me, Jimin? Just to fight with me?” you asked impatiently, turning to face him a little more in hopes that it would make you seem more confident and assertive.

              “No, that’s not why,” he sighed, uncrossing his arms to place them on his thighs. You waited for him to continue as the car pulled up to the apartment, looking up at the window to see the faint light of Yoongi’s TV.

              “I wanted to apologize,” Jimin said, your eyes widening impossibly big as your head snapped back to him, unable to control your expression. You expected a lot of things from Jimin, but an apology was definitely one of the last things you would have expected. He unclasped his seat belt and moved closer to you, intertwining his fingers on his lap.

              “I shouldn’t have gone that far in order to try to make you stay. It was a really terrible thing for me to do and it only did the opposite of what I wanted. I know you found work, but I wanted to offer you your job back, if you’re ever willing to come back. Same pay, but I’ll cut the hours back to what you want,” he continued, placing one of his hands on top of yours.

              “Jimin, after—”

              “I know, I know, but I can make it up to you. We can move past it,” he said, moving a little closer. You backed away and pulled your hand away from his grasp, undoing your seatbelt and opening the door.

              “Look, I—”

              “Just think about it, okay? I’m not asking you to come back tomorrow, I’m just saying that if you ever need to or want to come back, you can,” he explained. You froze with one foot already outside of the car and your hand griping your purse. You looked back at him, trying to figure out his motives and whether or not he was sincere. He kept his distance this time, leaning back into the seat as he weighed your reaction. He was right; you needed more time to think about it. You nodded, stepping out of the car and closing the door behind you.

              You walked to the apartment in a daze, attempting to figure everything out.

              Work is going well right now. It may pay less, but it’s less drama and you already made friends. Sure it sucked having to move out of your previous apartment because you could no longer afford it, but as long as you saved your money and worked your way to a raise you would be able to move out within the year. Besides that, would you really be able to forget, or at least move past, what happened between you and Jimin? Despite the short encounter you couldn’t deny that you still didn’t feel something for him, both emotionally and physically. You ignored the smell of his cologne, tried to ignore the way your eyes lingered on his body when he looked away, and wondered if that is how it would always be. Wouldn’t it just be awkward to work with him again? And how could you trust him after what he did? You accepted responsibility for what happened, but not for the part where he went off and told Jin. You grimaced as you thought about it, turning your key in the door knob and pushing the door open silently.

              The apartment was dark but you could hear the sound of something playing form Yoongi’s room. You took off your shoes and left your purse on the table, shuffling slowly to his room. You knocked twice on the door before opening it, going into his room to find him in the same position he was in since you had originally got home. He flinched in surprise, his hand coming up to his chest as he let out a gasp.

              “Jesus fucking Christ Y/n, you scared the shit out of me!”

              You laughed and apologized, making your way to his bed and rolling over onto it. You laid on your stomach, the side of your face pressed against your pillow to face him as he shook his head in annoyance.

              “You’re home early. How’d it go?” he asked, making you notice it was only ten. You sighed, closing your eyes as you realized you forgot to text Amy an explanation on why you had left. You turned on your back, considering getting up to grab your phone to text her before plopping back down in laziness. You groaned, rolling over to face him.

              “I ran into my old boss,” you answered, wanting to let it out in the open. You weren’t sure if you wanted to talk about it or not, but it just seemed to spill out of you.

              “Jimin? The one you cheated on Jin—”

              “The very one,” you said quickly, cutting him off. He put his lap top aside, having caught his interest.

              “Did you just see him or did you guys talk?” he questioned, raising an eyebrow.

              “He came up to me in the bar and followed me after I tried to avoid him. He apologize and offered me my job back,” you summarized, sighing and rolling over onto your back. You got up at sat cross legged on the bed, your elbow against your knee as your chin rested against your fist.

              “Are you considering it?” he asked as he measured your expression, his expression showing that he was surprised he was even asking.

              “I don’t know,” you answered honestly, knowing you didn’t have to lie to him. You needed more time to think about it, to weigh all your options. You knew it was probably a no, but you needed more time before coming up with a sold answer.

              “You already know what I’m going to say,” he stated, giving you a knowing look. Yes, you knew what he was thinking. He had given you a very big piece of his mind when you had confessed everything that had gone on between you, Jimin, and Jin, and knew very well what he would say.

              “I know, I know. I just need time to think about it. There are pros and cons to everything, you know that,” you mumbled as you looked away guiltily. Silence took over the room, your eyes meeting his from the corner of your eye.

              “I need a drink. Want one?” he offered as he got off the bed and headed straight to the kitchen in a rush, not looking back or waiting for your reply.

              “Yes please,” you called out to him, hoping it would liven up the mood.

              He came back with two shot glasses and a bottle of tequila, wanting to get straight to the point. He sat crossed legged next to you, handing you the glass before filling it up. You drank it at the same time, trying to pretend the taste didn’t make you want to gag.

              You sat in silence for a minute, making you think back on all the nights you had spent talking, drinking, or a mixture of both. You looked at him from the corner of your eye again, wondering if it was him or you that was causing the awkwardness in the air. You were both normally pretty comfortable around each since you had known each other for so long but tonight felt strange.

              He poured himself another shot and drank it hastily without looking at you, making you almost sure he was feeling the same way as you. Maybe it was from the mixture of getting hid on by the cute guy and the encounter with Jimin that left you a little excited, but right now your thoughts were definitely on Yoongi. You got up, deciding you should probably change into something more comfortable and knew a few minutes away from the current atmosphere of the room might calm you down. You made it down the hall, with your hand reaching out to the door knob, when he placed his hand gently on your waist. You froze in response to his touch, wondering how he had followed you to your room so quietly.

              You turned to face him slowly, wondering how things always ended up this way. It wouldn’t be the first, and probably not the last time that you and Yoongi would hook up. It happened every once and a while when you both found yourselves single and lonely and tonight held the same two elements.

              You placed you hand on top of his, holding it there in encouragement and as a way to say you wanted this too. His eyes were dark and confident, his face serious as he pressed your body between him and the door, leaning into you to press his lips against yours. He tasted familiar, the memories of some of your past encounters with him filling your head. You kissed him back slowly, enjoying the motions and his touch as he moved his hand down to wrap around your thigh and lift it to his hip, pressing his lower body against you.

              “Are you sure?” you asked against his lips as you opened the door, both of you tumbling into the room and stumbling backwards towards the direction of the bed. He kept his body against yours as you moved backwards, breaking the kiss to kiss down your neck until your knees met the back of bed and you fell backwards on top of it. He smiled down at you as he crawled over your body, you scooting back so you could lay your whole body comfortably on the bed.

              “Are you?” he asked as his tone turned serious, his hot breath against your face. The lights were off and you could only partially make out the features of his face in the moonlight, and you reached your hand out to cup his cheek, appreciating his features.

              “Of course I am. I’ve missed you,” you replied honestly. You saw him every day now, so it wasn’t like you missed speaking to him or missed seeing him, because you definitely got your fill of that. You missed having sex with him. It’s only been a couple of times that you have hooked up with him but every time was fantastic, and you found your mind wandering to your memories with him every time you hung out. It was just hard for your mind not to go there when he walked around the house without a shirt and his sweats hung low.

              He pressed his lips hard against yours, running his hand under your shirt to pull it up, helping you take it off with his following soon after. He kissed down your body, leaving small kisses down your breasts and down your stomach until he reached the button of your jeans. He snapped the button open with his teeth, pulling your zipper down in the same manner. You felt your body grown needy as you looked down at him, pressing your thighs together as he pulled off your jeans. He pressed himself into your clothed core, rubbing against you and helping you release a bit of the tension you were feeling. You ran your fingers down his back, wanting to feel the warmth of his skin against your as you pressed your bodies together. You were molded against him, and you didn’t want it any other way.

              You let his tongue enter your mouth, the tempo of your kiss slowing down as you continued, his hips grinding into yours. You loved dry humping, something he obviously still remembered. You gripped his ass, guiding him against you as you felt an orgasm begin to build.

              “Are you sure that’s how you want to come?” he asked as he continued his movements, breaking the kiss to move his lips down your neck. Your hips buckled into his as he kissed you, a shiver running down your body as he went straight for a sensitive spot. You let out a whine as you shook your head, knowing where he was going.

              “Thought so,” he whispered, separating your bodied as he moved his hand in between them and into your panties, running his fingers between your slit and spreading your juices. You suppressed a moan as he touched you, his lips returning to kiss your skin as he descended downwards. He slid the remaining of your clothes off, leaving you exposed to him. Despite the darkness you knew he could still see you, embarrassed as he sat up on his knees to admire you. His eyes appeared even darker in the lighting, your eyes on his as his eyes roamed down your body. You squirmed as he kept his eyes on you for longer than you were expecting, crossing your arms in front of your body to cover your breasts as the air began to turn serious. He pulled your arms away from their attempt to cover yourself self, leaning his face down close to yours and removing his hand from your core.

              “You’re more beautiful than I remembered,” he admired, the same hand coming up to cup your breast, playing with your nipple as he spread your juices along your skin. Your breath hitched in your throat at his compliment, surprised that he would say anything along those lines. You could feel your face grow hot, trying to think of something you could say in return but grateful when he moved back down between your legs, relieving you of having to think of a reply. You were about to mumble a thank you to him as his tongue slid up your slit in a single movement, your words coming out as a gasp instead. You grabbed onto his hair, pulling him away just as he went in for a second lick.

              “I want to be on top,” you explained before he could question you, sitting up. He smiled at you and nodded in excitement, moving to lay his had near the head of the bed. He motioned for you to get on him as he settled down, holding onto your thighs as you moved closer and helping you scoot closer. When you were directly above his face he rubbed his hands up your body, up your thighs all the way up to the bottom of your breasts and back down again, his fingers taking in everything they could. You had forgotten how touchy he was during sex but you loved it. You loved how he always had his hands on you, always wanting to touch a part of you.

              “Sit on me,” he whispered as he moved his face to the side to kiss your thigh, making your knees start to go weak. You took a deep breath and focused on the strength in your legs, not wanting to crush his face and fall onto him. You lowered yourself onto him, letting out a gasp of relief as he laid his tongue flat against you, your body rocking against his tongue on its own accord. You gripped the head board for support as you grinded against his tongue, your eyes squeezing shut as you focused on the feeling of his tongue against you, on how warm and wet he felt against you. You felt him move one of his hands away from your hip and felt his fingers at your entrance soon after, your hips moving more rapidly at the thought of his fingers entering you, your thighs squeezing his head. He chuckled as he moved your thighs apart to give him room, his fingers rubbing at your entrance for a moment before he slid two fingers into you. Your hips rolled against his face in a new movement, one that let his tongue run along your clit and at the same time encourage his thrusting fingers. You could feel your orgasm approaching, one of your hands gripping onto his hair as the rhythm of your hips became less even, your breathing more audible.

              “I’m gonna cum,” you warned him, feeling the burning in your thighs as you gripped the headboard, throwing your head back as you moaned. You felt the tension in your lower stomach snap, releasing waves of pleasure down your body and making it impossible to think of anything else. He kept his movements steady as you road through your orgasm, laughing as you almost threw yourself off of him when he continued to lick you despite how sensitive you had become. He grabbed onto you and pulled you to him, his chest pressed against your back as he kissed your shoulders. You felt a warmth build in your chest, pushing it deep within in yourself when you realized what it was. No, it’s not like that, you told yourself.

              You turned in his embrace to face him, pressing yourself against his body to feel his boner. You moved your hand under his sweats and boxers, rubbing your hand softly against his length as you licked your lips suggestively, a little tired from the last orgasm but wanting to get straight to making him cum as well. You pressed your lips against his as you tugged his sweats down, letting him take them off himself before reconnecting his lips with yours. You rubbed your hand up and down his shaft, kissing him softly before pushing his chest down to the bed, making him lay down as you positioned yourself between his legs. He propped himself up on the pillow, his eyes trained on your every movement as you dipped down to lick his balls, your hand pumping his shaft. You remembered him telling you the last time how much he liked having his balls licked and you wanted to make sure you gave him what he wanted.

              You licked long strips up his balls before taking one into your mouth, smiling as you looked up at him. He looked down at you in a daze, his eyes completely focused on you. He reached his hand down to yours as you slid it up his stomach, his fingers intertwining with yours and holding it there. You gripped his shaft in place as you placed small licks on his head, wetting his skin teasingly before enclosing your mouth around him, bobbing your head down his dick and taking more in your mouth each time. Your other hand played with his balls lightly, your eyes locked in his gaze. Just as before, you felt exposed, the eye contact making everything much more intimate than you thought it would be. You took it in stride this time, drinking him in the way he was you. He felt more confident this time around and it made the experience even better.  

              You sucked him slow and hard, pressing your tongue against the thick vein that ran up his shaft. You took him in as much as you could without gagging, enjoying the way he tasted. You felt his balls twitch in your hand as he squeezed your hand and began to sit up, cupping the side of your face with one hand as your mouth left him. You started at him in confusion as you sat up as well, your hand still gripping him.

              “I don’t want to cum yet,” he said simply, reaching his hand for yours and pulling you down to the bed. He got up and left the room for a moment, returning with a condom in hand. You smiled as he came closer, your hands reaching for him and pulling him closer to you. You loved feeling his naked body against yours, the feeling of him so soft and warm against yours filling you with bliss. You licked a stripe up his neck as your felt his hardness press against your bodies, feeling a tingling in you as you anticipated the feeling of him inside of you.

              “How do you want to do it?” you asked, wondering what position he wanted you in. You wanted him to cum so you wanted him to choose which ever he wanted, knowing you would enjoy whatever he chose. He smiled as he positioned himself in between your legs, cupping your breasts with his hands and sucking the skin around your nipple. You wrapped your legs around him, your hand wrapping itself in his hair as he swirled his tongue around your nipple, feeling the neediness in your grow. He licked your bud in long hard strokes, your eyes moving to the ceiling as they lost their focus on him. You closed your eyes as you enjoyed the feeling of his tongue, his other hand pinching your nipple between his fingers.

              “I like it like this. I want to see your face,” he whispered against your skin, pulling his head away from you to look in your eyes. You were tempted to push his hands away from your chest, afraid he could feel the way your heart had begun to beat in your chest in nervousness.

              Don’t take it that way, don’t take it that way, you repeated to yourself over and over as he looked into your eyes, a soft smile playing on his lips as he rubbed his thumbs softly against your nipples. You could feel your neck growing hot and wished with all you had that he had chosen a different position or you hadn’t given him the option to choose, a nervousness growing in the pit of your stomach.  

              “I’d like to see you to,” you replied, biting down hard on your lip when your voice came out breathless and shaky, wishing you hadn’t spoken in the first place. His smile grew wider now, his hand reaching for the condom and tearing the package carefully. You watched as he pumped himself a few times before rolling it onto himself, your legs still around him. He rubbed the outside of your thighs softly before leaning down on top of you, supporting his weight on one arm with the other wrapped around your neck to bring you closer to him. He slid his tongue into your mouth urgently, bringing you into a deep kiss, your mouths moving together in harmony. You tightened your legs around him and rolled your hips up to him, wanting him to take it further. He moaned against your mouth, his hand moving down to guide himself to your entrance. He broke the kiss then, staring down at you with the same intense stare he had been dishing out to you all night. He watched your face as he began to push himself inside of you, your hand coming up to partially cover your face in embarrassment. He was only half way in when he pulled out completely, raising his eye brows at you.

              “I said I wanted to be able to see you,” he said, his tone serious as he stayed still above you. You slowly removed your hand away from your face, butterflies rushing into your stomach at a fast pace. You placed your flat against his back, hoping he didn’t notice the slight shaking of them. He placed wet kissed up your chest and to your neck, and placing a peck on your lips before entering you again. Your face flushed as he watched you, your mouth opening slightly as you took all of him in, letting yourself relax as you enjoyed the feeling of him inside you. You wanted to look away from his eyes, from the intensity he held behind them that you rarely ever saw, but they trapped you in place. You watched as a look of pleasure washed over his features, a shaky breath leaving him as he began to roll his hips against yours. You wanted him to break the eye contact, to look down at your body, at your breasts, at his dick entering you, at anything other than straight at you. You never realized how vulnerable it felt to look into someone’s eyes for so long, at how it made your heart beat erratically and your body tingle.

              His thrusts were rough and slow, each one sending your body up against the sheets, your hands moving up to press against the headboard to keep yourself from hitting it. You could feel his body tremble slightly as he kept his pace, your hot breaths filling the space and washing over each other’s skin. He adjusted your hips on him, grabbing a pillow and placing it under you, his thrusts continuing. You moaned out as you felt him hit your g spot, shutting your eyes closed as you felt the pleasure run up your body. He kissed your shoulder softly as you let out quiet moans with every thrust, your hips lifting off the mattress to meet his. He bit down on your shoulder as he moaned into you, his grip tightening around the back of your neck as he tried to hold himself back.

              “Fuck,” he cursed as he pulled away, stalling his movements in you. You whined and continued to roll yourself onto him, knowing you were both nearing your orgasm.

              “Stop, stop, I want you to cum first,” he said quickly, beginning to back off of you and remove himself from you. You locked you legs behind him to keep him from backing away, making him stay inside you.

              “I’m close, don’t stop,” you moaned as you thrust yourself against him, his eyes moving down your body as he watched your breasts jiggle as your hips smacked together. You wanted him to cum, to enjoy your body they you enjoyed his.

              “Please, Yoongi,” you whined you felt the orgasm that had been building begin to die, needing him to continue. He pushed himself into you deeply as he gave in, placing his arms at either side of your head to keep himself up. He sped up this time, the lewd sounds of your skin slapping together filling the room. You could feel your orgasm build in the pit of your stomach, chasing it as quickly as you could. You were no longer embarrassed as he stared down at you, more focused on the pleasure that began to vibrate up your body, shutting your eyes closed and moaning his name as you clenched around him, cumming around him.

              He speed up as he watched you, no longer able to hold himself back as he watched your face, knowing you were enjoying every second of the time you were with him. You watched his face as his grunts grew louder, tightening yourself around him as you brushed his hair away from his face, taking your turn to stare. He stared down at you as he grunted out your name, pressing his lips against yours as he came. He pulled out of you slowly, rolling over to lie next to you. You looked over at him to see your chests were falling and rising together, both of you breathless. You could see the glisten of sweat against his body, wishing you had turned on the light when you had come in so you would have been able to see more of each other. Despite that, he looked beautiful in the moonlight.

              He pulled the condom off carefully and tied the end of it, getting up to throw it away. He pulled his sweats back on and made his way back to you, lifting the comforter from the bed and motioning for you to go under it. He followed you in, lying down next to you and pulling you against him. You wanted to talk to him about what had just happened, to see if he had felt any difference tonight than he had the other nights, but when you blinked your eyes stayed closed and never opened up again. The last thing you remembered was his breath against your neck and warm feeling in your chest.


              He woke up to the bright sunshine on his face and a pain shooting down his arm. He began to pull himself up still half asleep, freezing when he realized his arm was buried between the mattress and your neck. His mouth hung open in an “o” for a moment before the memories rushed back to him, laying back down on the pillow as a rush ran through his body and both warmth and pain radiated through his chest.

              It had happened again. He didn’t know how many times he told himself it wouldn’t, but it always did. At first when you had moved in it had been fine. You were still getting over both Jin and Jimin so everything stayed very comfortable. You dressed modestly, kept your physical distance, and overall it seemed like he was going to be able to keep his promise to himself. Even with that however, it didn’t stop the way he felt. And truth be told, he absolutely hated it.

              He hated the way he couldn’t control his smile every time he heard you knock on the door, or how he found himself laughing at your jokes even though they were stupid, or the way the pain and anxiety shot through his body every time he heard you talk about another guy. Even though so much time had passed it still felt the same.

              His first memory of you was when he was five, but you’ve known each other since you were babies. Your fathers were best friends and your family always intertwined with each other’s, going to each other’s family gathers and always being involved in the other’s lives. You didn’t grow close until middle school, and since then your friendship has been solid. He knew he could trust you, and you knew you could expect the same from him.

              The first time, when you were both seventeen, you told him that you didn’t want to mess up your friendship with sex because it always led to feelings and you didn’t want to ruin what you had. And that is where he made his first mistake. He should have backed off and realized you were right, but he didn’t. He was cocky as was sure that it would only be once, and if it ever turned into more than once than it was still only sex and it wasn’t like he saw you like that anyway. So you both had sex in his bedroom during that particular summer vacation, and in the moment he had thought nothing more of it. It wasn’t until a month later that you had gotten yourself a boyfriend that he realized that he had started to feel more for you than he thought he would, and he was left the one hanging. He had sex with you again less than a year later, when your relationship with your first boyfriend ended and you went to him. And that’s what had repeated itself throughout the years. When you asked, he gave.

              He knew you didn’t do it on purpose. You had no idea. He denied it when you asked and did his best to pretend he didn’t have any feelings for you. At times though, it felt so obvious that he wondered if you really did know and maybe you were okay with hurting him this way. Either way, it was him doing it to himself, or at least he felt that way.

              He pulled his arm out from under you slowly, grimacing as the blood began to rush back in. He got off of the bed as slowly and quietly as he could, trying not to wake you up. He turned to look down at you, admiring you while he could. You were snuggled up in your light blue comforter, your bare back exposed to him as the only indication that you were naked underneath. He wanted to reach out and touch you again, to caress your skin and cuddle with you all day. He wanted to eat breakfast with you and watch reruns of your favorite shows and spend the day talking about everything and nothing. But mostly, he just wanted you to love him the way he loved you.

              He got dressed quickly, putting on a pair of dark jeans and hoodie before grabbing his wallet and keys and retreating from the apartment. He needed to put off seeing you for as long as he could, hoping to put some distance between him and what he knew would happen. You would both avoid talking about it and you would be indifferent, as if the night had no effect on you, and that is what hurt the most.

              He texted Taehyung to meet him at the coffee shop a couple of blocks away, knowing he was free and would come without question if he asked. He sat with a light coffee in front of him and an iced tea at the other end of the table, looking down at his drink as he gathered his thoughts and waited for Taehyung.

              “Yoongi!” Taehyung greeted, from behind him, patting him on the back quickly before sitting across from him and taking a sip of his iced tea. He hummed in approval as he tasted it, nodding a thank you. He clapped his hands in front of him with a smile, sighing as he took in your appearance.

              “Alright, tell me what happened,” he said simply, knowing there was a reason behind Yoongi’s sudden request to see him. He was almost sure he knew what it was about. He had counted the days since you moved in, wondering how long it would take for both of you to break and give in. You made it almost sixty days, so he gave you credit for that.  

              “It happened again,” Yoongi sighed, his face serious as he tapped his fingers against the table, watching Tae’s reaction. Taehyung raised an eyebrow, a small smile playing on his lips.

              “It? It what?” he asked with wide innocent eyes, sitting back in his chair and crossing his legs. Yoongi rolled his eyes, not in the mood for his teasing.

              “You know what I’m referring to,” Yoongi replied simply, sitting back to mimic Taehyung’s position instinctively. Taehyung nodded, his expression changing as a bit of sadness went across it, thinking back on the previous conversations they had about you. He liked you, he really did, but it was at times like this that he thought of you a little negatively. It was hard to see how Yoongi yearned after you as you came and went in his life, leaving Taehyung to try to get him to move past you. No matter how hard he tried, he just couldn’t do it. For some reason Taehyung couldn’t see, Yoongi only saw you.

              “She came home and…I don’t know. I don’t know why I chose last night to do it. When I heard her talk about that one guy, her old boss, it just made me feel… I don’t know. I don’t know,” Yoongi stammered out, unable to articulate what he wanted to tell Taehyung. Taehyung nodded, understanding Yoongi despite his inability to explain. It wasn’t hard for him to piece together how your night together had gone. You guys had sex, Yoongi was hurt, and now he was here. That is all Taehyung really needed to know.  Yoongi shook his head in frustration, his hand rubbing his forehead. Taehyung stayed silent as he let him think things through.

              “I said I wouldn’t again, but I couldn’t stop myself. It has been so hard living with her and pretending that I don’t want more than what we have. And I felt it; I knew I had the chance to sleep with her last night, so I took it. I shouldn’t have. I should have stayed in my room when she left, taken a cold shower or something,” Yoongi chuckled, looking up to Taehyung in hopes of a response. He could see it on Taehyungs face, the disappointment he held in his eyes. Yoongi knew Taehyung just wanted him to be happy and knew not to take his feelings the wrong way.

              “Yoongi…,” Taehyung began, dragging his name out slowly as he thought through his words, picking them carefully.

              “You know this cycle is only going to continue if you don’t put a stop to it. You either face it, or run away from it. Tell her how you really feel and see where that takes you or break it off once and for all. I can help you meet someone else; you know that won’t be a problem. But you need to do something,” Taehyung said to him, keeping his gaze stead on him as Yoongi shifted in his seat, the anxiety growing in the pit of his stomach as Taehyung told him what he already knew. He knew it, but he needed someone to tell him. He nodded, taking a sip of his drink and looking down at the table.

              Taehyung was right, this had been going on for too long. Yoongi was getting tired. He was tired of yearning after someone who didn’t feel the same way, stuck in a one sided love that only hurt him. He knew it was his own fault. He was never willing to put in the effort to make your relationship with him into more, not willing to take the initiative to make you his. He never would have guessed that it would play out for years, and that each year that passed it would hurt more than more. He needed to take it into his own hands, either seek more or break it off.

              “Yeah…you’re right,” Yoongi nodded, his decision solidified in his head.  


               It was ten o’clock when he got home. You could feel your stomach drop when you heard the door open, throwing the Doritos bag onto the counter without closing it in hopes of being able to run out of the kitchen and down the hall before he saw you. He made it in faster than you had anticipated, your eyes meeting his right as you made your way out of the kitchen. You slowed your movements as smoothly as you could, pretending you weren’t just attempting to bolt to your room to avoid him.

               “Oh, hey Yoongi!” you said, wanting to smack yourself as your voice left your mouth, high pitched and as fake as it could get. You smiled at him as you spun on your heels towards you room, knowing that you weren’t hiding how you felt very well.

               “Wait, Y/n!” Yoongi called out as you were sliding half way down the hall, closing your eyes and stopping as if you had been caught. You turned towards him slowly, smiling unnaturally big. Your mom always said you were a terrible liar.

               “What did you do today?” he asked, taking off his shoes and placing them in the closet at the entrance. You wracked your head for something, unwilling to tell him you waited around for him to get home.

               “I went shopping with Amy and we grabbed dinner,” you said calmly, a small enough lie that you knew you would be able to run it by his without suspicion. He nodded and smiled, thankful that he opened up the conversation so you would be able to question him in return.

               “What about you? What did you do?” you asked, trying to keep your voice light. It was okay for you to ask right? I mean, it’s not like you expected to see him next to you when you woke up, or get a text from him throughout the day to explain why he left without a word. It was all just fucking to him right? He didn’t feel what you had felt, and you felt very, very stupid for ever letting any type of feelings build up for him. You felt your chest tighten as he shrugged nonchalantly, clearly more relaxed as you were.

               “Haven’t seen Taehyung lately so just went to hang out with him and some of the guys,” he replied, making his way to his bedroom. Ah, so he wasn’t too busy to message you. It wasn’t like he owed it to you, but to disappear in the morning and then not acknowledge you all day was straight up rude. You felt a small spark light inside of you, and not a good one. He walked into his room and turned on the light without turning his back, expecting you to follow.

               “Oh that’s cool. I have to wake up early, so I’ll see you tomorrow! Night!” you called as you stalked quietly to your room, locking the door behind you. You would have let out a little scream of frustration if it wasn’t for the fact that the walls were so thin, so instead you went for slamming the pillow against your bed.

               How could you ever think you were getting feelings for him? It was so stupid! Why now?  You had been with him plenty of times and never felt a thing. You knew it wasn’t his fault, you had both agreed years ago that any sexual interactions between you two was going to be no strings attached, aka no feelings. You really didn’t want to be angry at him, but dammit were you. You paced around your room, picking up your phone and looking through your contacts.

               It’s fine. You don’t only have him. You were plenty interesting and there were other guys you could go out with. You sat at the edge of the bed, tapping furiously against your screen as you typed away.


              Y/n: Hey, it’s Y/n. I’m not sure if you remember, but I met you at a bar last week.

               You knew you were just doing him to spite him, even though it was pretty obvious it probably wouldn’t bother him anyway.

              Cute Guy From Bar: Y/n, of course I remember! Gonna take me up on that date?

              You smiled as you looked down at his reply, glad he was being straight forward with you. It was what you needed.

              Y/n: Yes, I would like to. But what’s your name? You never gave it to me.

              Cute Guy From Bar: Ahaha yes, it would be weird to go out with someone who’s name you didn’t know. It’s Jungkook.

               Jungkook. That’s a nice name.

Cassian Andor x Reader ~ Home

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Summary: A mission goes awry when an encounter with the universe’s best bounty hunter leads to disaster for the fem!reader and Captain Andor.

Warnings: Violence, swearing, ? 

A/N: I really enjoyed this actually and may continue it. Sorry I didn’t really edit it because I wanted to get it up for you guys, so ignore my crappy writing mistakes! 

Ask to Tag: @maliciousbubbl3s, @warqueenfuriosa

“Take this and head to the ship!” You shouted as the first blast from the sniper chasing you hit the sand beneath your feet. You sprinted to catch up to Cassian’s side, dodging more shots as you did so. Cassian turned and shot back in the direction of the fire as you passed him the object. “Head to the ship and get in the air, I’ll hold them off.” You barely got out as you dodged another shot that narrowly grazed your shoulder. You both were standing with your backs to a wall, looking across the narrow corridor at each other as you fired back in the direction you just sprinted from. Cassian gave you a look, you knew that look and you glared in annoyance back. “I’ll meet you there, just get'er up and running!” You shouted trying to keep your panic from showing in your voice. After a moment of hesitation he gave you a slight nod and you jumped out into the corridor to cover him as he took off towards the ship, you tossed a grenade towards the sniper’s fire and hoped for the best.

This was not how the mission was supposed to go. This was supposed to be a simple reconnaissance mission like you both always completed but then all hell broke loose. You and Cassian were sent to collect information on the Jedi, for some reason the rebel forces wanted the intel. Yet somehow the Empire had been tipped off and now you both were being chased after with the important holocron in hand. This desert planet’s complex built out of stone and sand was open air, which only made it easier for someone to have spied on you from above. Internally you chastised yourself for being so stupid in maneuvering through the area without full coverage of the skies.

You pulled out your staff as you stood against the wall and waited for the dust to clear. If Cassian got to the ship then he would be waiting at the roof of the complex, you needed to somehow get up there to meet him. After quickly glancing over your surroundings you noticed some crates stockpiled and in a split second you were up on the wall running across towards the main dome of the complex. You looked back and spotted your assailant, adrenaline and fear coursed through your veins as you recognized the armor as one of the ‘verses best.

You spotted the ship beginning to hover over the dome and began to run even faster, there was no chance in surviving a hand to hand combat fight with this man even if you were the best assassin in the rebel forces. A bomb went off and the wall you were running on crumbled beneath your feat, you jumped forward through the dust of the blast and barely grabbed onto the edge of the dome. You quickly pulled yourself up and rolled to the side as a blaster’s shot hit the roofing beside your head. You turned to see Boba Fett quickly approaching and you knew you would have to fight him, it was too late and you had missed your opportunity to make it to the ship. You looked to see Cassian holding on to a strap in the hull of the ship and holding out a hand in your direction. “Come on!” He screamed over the roar of the engines. You quickly shook your head and ran so that you were between the bounty hunter and the ship, as you did so you held off Boba momentarily by tossing a grenade his way. You heard Casssian’s voice again, “(Y/n) I’m not leavi-”

“Just go!” You shouted back as you felt a sharp and excruciating pain in your abdomen. Before Cassian could finish his reply K-2 was closing the ships deck and the ship was speeding off. You were just relieved that Boba hadn’t blasted the ship out of the sky. You gritted your teeth at the pain and looked to the man who was now just standing there, no longer shooting at you. “Well get on with it Fett!” You shouted in fury as you shot at him, accepting your fate. You knew you were going to die but you wouldn’t go down without a fight. He shot the blaster from your hand and then approached you quickly. You lunged at him with your staff and swung at his head, you managed to hit his chin and knock his helmet to the side. He quickly shoved your staff and you spun on your feet to hit at his side. He blocked it and held on to it, blood was rushing from where he had shot you. For a moment you tried to regain the weapon and stared into his dark eyes with anger. He shoved the staff again and you lost your grip, it flew to the other side of the roof and rolled off the edge. You let out an angry grunt as you lunged at him once more, now with your fists. You manage to land a few hits before feeling his first hit in your gut. The same place he had shot you, causing you to double over and back up for a moment. Still, you continued to land a few good punches and kicks but he was also doing so. You were sure you were bleeding in multiple places and possibly even something in your left wrist had fractured from meeting armor instead of flesh. But you didn’t stop, you could bare the pain if you could at least get your hands on the hunter even if only for a few minutes before he would end your life. You both continued to fight, it was evident that you were beginning to loose balance from a hit to the head and the blood loss, he now had the upper hand. He kicked you onto your back and grabbed your throat to choke you. This was it, but at least you had done your duty to the rebellion. You spat in his face and between gasps for breath muttered, “Mandalorian scum.” You felt a sharp pain in your neck and felt a rush of fire through your veins. He let go of your throat and you began to see black edges begin to encase your vision. He grabbed your collar and drug you across the roof, you could now feel the sharp pains from the injuries he had dealt fairly clearly. However the fire that now was burning though your nerves was much more intense and causing you to writhe. You heard an engine as the blackness began to take over and your body hit a bump as you now slid across a cooler and smoother surface. Once he released your shirt from his grip,  Boba Fett noticed your movement and grunts of excruciating pain and took his boot to your head in one swift movement.

You awoke to an overload of your senses, bright light was blurring your vision and you could hear a rush of noises around you. You felt the cutting of restraints into your skin as you tried to move.  After a moment of deep breathing and a shake of your head you were able to regain your consciousness more steadily. Before you even got a full look around the small metal room the bounty hunter was standing before you once more.

“Why does the Rebellion want information from Jedi historical records?” He asked firmly, his voice distorted through the mask that covered his face. You scoffed and smirked, spitting at his feet once more.

“Like I would tell you.” You replied, your voice hoarse and cracked. A round black droid floated to his side, a torture droid. It felt like you had already had this conversation before..

“You will tell me. Either willingly or not.” He responded indifferently to your actions and the droid approached you, its sharp laser cutting into your arm and causing you to scream out.

You awoke with blurred vision once again, you couldn’t remember how many times he had come in here now. How many times had you woken up? How many times had he brought in that monster of a machine? How long had you even been in here? You didn’t know now but you were going to find out. A Stormtrooper stood at your side, and you looked it over and decided it was probably placed on watch. “Where is Boba Fett?” You asked sternly, staring through his helmet and into his mind.

“He was sent on another mission.” The Stormtrooper replied, much to your surprise. You decided you would try your luck, you were no Jedi but it all is worth a shot. You have nothing to lose.

“You will release me and leave this ship.” The Stormtrooper just looked at you and laughed. You glared at him and focused your energy, this time you stated it firmly and more determined, “You will release me, leave your blaster, and leave this ship with your crew.” After a minute of the Stormtrooper standing there, he turned on his communicator. You let out a sigh, well at least you had tried to get out somehow.

“We have been requested to leave the ship, all crew are dismissed from the vessel.” The Stormtrooper stated and your jaw dropped in shock. The armor clad clone came over and unlocked your restraints before dropping his blaster and leaving the room. You quickly grabbed the gun in your shaking hands and waited until you heard the last of the footsteps echo through the corridors. You quietly limped your way through the ship to find the cockpit. Once there you looked over the monitors to clarify all of them were gone. You didn’t know if you would live with how much pain was currently in your body, especially in your lower abdomen, and all of the blood still covering your limbs from open gashes. You quickly set course towards the rebel base, blood rubbing from your hands to the console. Luckily this wasn’t the bounty hunter’s ship, if it was you would be endangering the entire base. Luckily you were being held on a transport ship, you thanked the maker and continued to set controls. After you finished you slumped into the pilot seat with one hand holding your gut and warped away from whatever planet you were currently on, the surroundings looked like Alderaan maybe? You just set course for home and didn’t look back. With the transport set to auto-pilot you began to lull in and out of consciousness. You felt as though you were floating, drifting, and you thought about what it would be like if you died here and now. Your thoughts quickly flashed to your friends, then to your best friend Cassian. It was like you two were joined at the hip, well at least that’s what all the base operatives always said. You both went on missions together and were some of the Rebellion’s best, at least the Rebellion’s best in assassinations and reconnaissance. All you could think about now was how you had to at least thank Cassian for being by your side for so long before you died. Since you both were brought to the base from war torn homes you were inseparable.

You heard a ping and tried to wipe the blur from your eyes, it was the base contacting you.

“(Y/n) (L/n) requesting landing.” You stated back into the comm, it took a while to hear a response and you guessed they were scanning your ship.

“(Y/n) (L/n)?” The voice questioned once more over the comms, at the base there were now multiple people standing behind the operator in his headset. Someone rushed off to alert the general of your arrival.

“Yes, (Y/n) (L/n) requesting immediate landing and also a medic team on tarmac.” You answered once more and they cleared your arrival. You came to a less than graceful landing at the docks and quickly fumbled out of the seat and towards the exit. You heard a rush of people and two medics appeared on the ship at your side, before you could even respond they grabbed either side of you causing you to wince and let out a small yelp and took you out to a gurney. There were stunned eyes all around you, some familiar faces met your gaze and you smiled warmly towards them. They quickly began to wheel you off to the medical ward.

“Someone find Captain Andor! Now!” You heard your friend shout in the distance as there was now a commotion all over base at your arrival. You were now on a cot and there were all sorts of medical personnel rushing around you, an IV was quickly in your arm and scanners were beeping all over your body. The cot was so warm, not like the cold metal ship you had been in for who know how long. You slowly felt yourself begin to drift off as a new cold feeling liquid was added to your IV.

You woke up, feeling less of the pain than before and less drowsy. You immediately turned to meet an intense stare, the familiar one you knew so well. “You were dead…I saw-I saw Boba shoot you…” Cassian finally spoke, barely over a harsh whisper.

“You should know you can’t get rid of me that easily Captain.” You joked with a wide smile.  You took in his features, he looked defeated and tired. His usual almost cocky demeanor was gone and his shoulders slumped slightly. The bags under his eyes were large and dark. You reached forwards and ruffled his hair lightly, ignoring the pain from the movement. “Besides I couldn’t die without thanking you.” At this he finally let a tear fall, the man never cried but here he was before you with water shedding from his eyes.

“What would you thank me for? I left you for dead (Y/n)…” He replied, trying but failing to keep his composure.

“Andor you did what I asked you to and you completed the mission. I damn well swear if you blamed yourself…” You started before he wrapped you in a hug. After a moment of adjusting to this weird new side of him, you squeezed him back lightly before wincing at an ache in your gut. He sat back down at your side, afraid he had hurt you, but didn’t let go of your hand. He was holding it as if you were made of glass or something fragile enough for one squeeze to break. “Anyhow, I wanted to thank you for being by my side all this time.” There it was, finally that dashing smile you knew so well was back on his face.

“(Y/n) after all of this…I realized that I will never leave your side.” He told you softly, and you blushed slightly at this. You stared into his eyes searching for that usual glint, but something warmer and lighter was there in its stead.

“What do you mean Cas-” You were cut off by his lips gently brushing against yours, and after a moment of shock you kissed back.

“It’s damn well time.” A voice muttered from behind where Cassian was seated. The general walked over with a smirk and crossed arms. The captain pulled away in surprise and embarrassment, quickly regaining his composure. “Glad to see you’re back (L/n).”

“Good to see you as well, general.” You answered with a grin. The general’s smile faltered though and you could tell something very important was on his mind. “I have some information…Well there are two things really, that you need to know.” The man began to pace slightly and clasped his hands behind his back. “The holocron you and Cassian retrieved, it told us what we already expected. The other council members and I expected that is, you are Kenobi’s daughter.” You tightened your grip in shock, but realized Cassian nearly let out a yelp and you released your grip with an apologetic look. You cleared your throat and nodded your head accepting this, after all it explained your ability to escape and some chance happenings on many other occasions.

“The second news general.” You questioned as if he had just told you the weather a moment ago.

“The Empire, well Vader…They don’t want anymore Jedi to stand in their way. That’s why Boba Fett was ordered to do what he did. They also wanted to try and get you on their side, but I see how well that worked.” You nodded with a small smile, though your free hand subconsciously moving to over your abdomen. “That is all. Once you are up and running we will begin the usual procedures, for now take your time and get plenty of rest.”

“Thank you, general.” You responded and gave a salute, Cassian did the same. There was tension in the room after the general left as Cassian stared at you for answers. “Another time Cassian.” You stated softly and slightly exasperated. He nodded and gave your hand a gentle kiss.

“I love you, (y/n).” He said lightly rubbing his thumb over the back of your hand.

“I love you too, Cassian.” You replied with a warm smile and you leaned over giving him another gentle kiss.  You were finally home.


For anon…reader is dating Bucky as requested. Enjoy!

A loud shrieking echoed through the dark tower, reverberating off the once silent walls. At the start of the screaming, two pairs of ears were up and sprinting toward its source: your room. Some other Avengers woke up with concern at the pinnacle of the shrieking.

Bucky made it to your room first. His eyes were wide as he watched your form shake and flail, trying to fend off some unknown attacker. He sprinted to your side, pushing your arms down as he watched on with worry.

“Y/N,” he tried to coo, “It’s not real. It’s not real!”

Seconds later, Steve had made it to your room, other Avengers in tow. He hurried to your other side just as you were coming out of the scarring visions. Your screaming turned into loud sobs as you retreated into Bucky’s chest. Your arms wrapped around his stomach, nails digging into his flesh.

Bucky clenched his jaw from the pain as he connected gazes with Steve. He was just as confused as he was. Bucky started rubbing your back soothingly, flesh hand petting your hair softly.

“You’re okay, babe,” he whispered, “I’m here. Steve and I are here.”
“It was just a nightmare,” Steve added.

You pulled from Bucky’s waist to look into his worried blue eyes. You had no doubt your eyes showed your terror and tears. You held his face with your hands as another choked wail left your throat.

“I…I dreamt that I k-,” you cut yourself off for a moment, “I killed you, James. Thennn everything broke ap-part.”

Bucky swallowed thickly. You glanced toward the door, grabbing Steve’s hand for comfort. Had you not been horrified by your own mind at the moment, you would’ve noticed Tony shift uncomfortably as his eyes watered as well.

“All,” you paused to sniff, “All of you fought until…oh god!”

You let out another wail before curling inward. Bucky gently pushed you into Steve, kissed your temple, and walked toward the others. Steve continued to soothe you with whispers and helping your breathe properly. The newest resident gulped at the door.

“Steve and I can calm her down,” Bucky offered.
Nat nodded. “Alright.” She turned to the others. “Come on. Back to bed.”
Tony stood for a moment. “Take…Take Y/N’s mind off of it,” he whispered, “If that doesn’t work, FRIDAY will help with anything.”

Bucky was slightly shocked. Tony still didn’t like him that much, but he was offering help. The former assassin nodded.

“Thank you.”
“Just let me know how she’s doing tomorrow,” Tony stated before heading off to bed.

Bucky closed your bedroom door before turning to face you and Steve. His best friend was still helping you breathe. Still slightly worried, Bucky sat back on your bed. He inched closer until he was directly behind you.

“It wasn’t real,” he offered.
You rolled into his arms. “I-I know.”
“Did you want to talk about it?” Bucky whispered.
You shook your head. “No. Not yet.”
“We could watch some movies,” Steve suggested.

Bucky pulled you into his lap, bridal style. You smirked shyly at Steve. You sniffed a few times.

“Do…do you have Star Wars?”
Steve chuckled, petting your hair. “Yeah. I have those.”
“An-And Indiana Jones?” you murmured.
Bucky raised a teasing brow. “I think you’ve got something for Harrison Ford, eh?”

You gripped his metal hand as you let out a small chuckle. You shook your head slightly.

“You know he’s super old now, right?” Steve continued the light teasing.
You glanced at him and squeaked out, “So are you two.”

Steve dropped his head as he started laughing. You felt Bucky’s laugh roll from his chest. You smiled, the horrid nightmare melting away. Your boyfriend and best friend always knew how to cheer you up. It was hard not to forget the bad when you had them.

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Divided: Part 12

Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Steve x Reader

Warnings: Violence, Angst, Fighting, Just Buckle up Buttercup

Word Count: 2653

Summary: Though you race to Bucharest to protect Bucky you find that you are not the only one that has found him

Authors Note:  So this was a big ass scene. I was originally planning to set it up  differently but I want to keep it as canon as possible, and by canon I mean as chronologically close to the Bucky escape scene in Civil War as possible. I encourage you to watch that scene asap to have it fresh in your mind for this part. Hope you all enjoy. Tagging is open, they’ve just been moved to the bottom, just ask if you want to be tagged :D

Divided: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11

You sprint up the street, skidding to a halt as you turn the corner to the sight of a dozen black police cars surrounding Bucky’s building. The task force had been mobilized too quickly, the air space was immediately restricted, and you had lost time in the landing process, and now… you were too late.

You step back into the shadow of the building, eyeing up the established perimeter, hunting for a weak spot. About 20 men were stationed on the ground as a covert team infiltrates the stairwell. Your eyes trace up the building, immediately spotting Bucky’s window, the boarded glass still intact.

You scan up, suddenly catching movement from the roof as what seems like a large bird departs. Falcon. Sam is here… which meansSteve… You rummage in your back pocket for your ear piece, hoping against hope they are still on your old channel.

You watch as men descend from the roof, propelling on ropes to Bucky’s terrace. You had to do something, you couldn’t just stand there and be useless, even if you couldn’t help him, you had to try.

Your scorpion knife slips into your hand as you sneak up behind a nearby guard. Glancing quickly around, you quietly connect the hilt with the back of his head, rendering him unconscious, catching his body to lower him silently to the ground. You hurriedly remove his gun and walkie, adorning them to your body, hoping the communication device will provide you with some insight on how to help Bucky.

You jerk upright, your vision focusing on Bucky’s window that you knew was above his bed as the glass shatters from a gunshot, fired from the neighboring building. A Sniper. You watch as men infiltrate Bucky’s apartment, shots ringing out moments later. You bite into your lip as you try to come up with some sort of plan. Some way to help him.

Then, suddenly you see it, a backpack flying out from his window and landing on the adjacent roof, the same roof with the sniper. Now you knew where he was headed. In an instant you were on the move, sprinting back through the streets away from the perimeter.

You climb in a broken window on the first floor, moving swiftly to the stairwell as you begin to race up towards the roof. You quickly reach the door, your right hand gripping onto one of your distance dart knives. You fling the door open and let the knife fly into the first guard, lowering the defenses as the sniper turns around to meet your second dart, thrown instantly after it’s sister.

You waste no time in arming yourself with the sniper’s dropped gun, training it to Bucky’s window hoping to provide some cover. You see Steve’s shield break through the window, spotting a man lining up a gun on your Captain, you fire a quick shot, causing the man to drop. Steve fervently scans the horizon looking for the friendly shooter.

“What the hell kind of trouble did you get yourself into now Cap?” You speak into the comm, hoping for Steve to be on the receiving end. “Y/N… of course.” You hear his smile through his exerted laugh as he makes contact with an assailant. “You always come through for me.” He huffs as his pace quickens, “Always there for me.”

You bite your lip, tensing at his words as you look through the scope again, watching Steve race back into the apartment. It made your gut twist to hear the joy in his voice, the hopeful tone believing that your presence there was unselfish, convinced of your devotion to him, not yet knowing where your loyalties lie. Not with him, but in the hands of his best friend as they both fight for their lives.

The walkie rings on your hip, a man’s foreign voice coming through over the static “Suspect has broken containment,” He says in German, “He’s headed down the east stairwell.” The line suddenly cuts, leaving you with some information to work on.

You glance up at the building once more, unable to see anything through the windows, only able to witness the perimeter growing denser. You needed to give him an escape route, a distraction. It takes only moments for you to conceal yourself behind a few raised bricks and begin firing warning shots down on the perimeter, causing their attention to turn as they scatter for cover.

You had only squeezed out a couple rounds when you sense a shadow passing above you. Looking up, you see Bucky flying through the air, falling with force as he lands harshly on the wall in front of you, rolling painfully to the ground. He recovers hurriedly, springing to his feet as he grabs his backpack in one fluid movement and breaks into a run.

“Bucky,” You yell, abandoning the sniper as you run forward to reach him. At the sound of your voice his foot-steps slow slightly, his gaze turning to you as you sprint towards him, his hand extends back to you, reaching for you to join him in his escape. But just as your fingers connect he is ripped forward from you, a black blur tackling him to the ground.

Bucky rises quickly to his feet, his shocked gaze falling on the masked creature. You react instinctually to the new player, returning two knives to your hands as you position yourself at his diagonal incase the unknown adversary decides to attack again.

But the dark fighter has no concern for you, he ignores you completely as he lunges promptly at Bucky, his kicks and hits rising up so rapidly that Bucky could barely block them.

You move hastily to engage, sending a dagger flying to the fighter’s lower back, usually a crippling hit, however your steel blade simply glances off of him, his attention still focused on Bucky. You hurriedly bring the gun to your hand, firing off a few shots, only to watch them glance off too. What the fuck was he made out of?

Throwing the bulky gun to the ground, you run towards the fray, blocking a kick aimed at Bucky as he counters with a right hook. You quickly follow up with a knee to the assailant’s ribs, to be punctuated by Bucky’s foot landing squarely on the fighter’s chest. The contact sends the man sprawling back, only for him to slide on his feet, his claws shredding through the pavement.

“Run!” You yell as Bucky dislodges for a moment, the fighter focusing on you, as a helicopter circles overhead. “Go! I got this! GO!” You yell at him as you block hit after hit from the fighter. Bucky hesitates for a moment before deciding to heed your words, turning to escape only to stop as the helicopter begins a borage of bullets on the rooftop.

“Y/N!!!” You hear your name bellowed from two conflicting directions. From Bucky; halted in his escape, his eyes wild and frightened as the shots form a pattern on the roof, drawing closer to you. And from Steve; having just landed at the edge of the roof, frozen in his recovery.

But it is the dark fighter who reacts, moving swiftly, he tackles you to the ground as the smattering of bullets graze over his suit, his position protecting you.

Steve’s eyes snap to Bucky, momentarily confused to be hearing your name echoed by his friend. “Sam!” He speaks quickly, as the dark figure rolls off of you, continuing on his quest for Bucky, jarring Bucky back to his escape.

You roll quickly to your feet, watching as Sam makes contact with the helicopter, causing it to careen downwards and disappear from sight. You see Bucky leap from the edge of the roof, the cat like creature following closely behind. “I got this, just stay safe!” Steve shouts as he sprints by you, following the two men off the roof.

What the fuck is with these god damn superhero’s and roof jumping! You think exasperatedly to yourself as you run to the edge of the roof, looking down to find Bucky once more. You see him sprinting through the street, another helicopter closely in pursuit of him. The black fighter and Steve hot on his trail.

“Sam!” You shout, hoping that he was on the comm, “I need a ride!” In a moment you hear the sound of your teammates wings. Quickly equipping your left hand with your scorpion knife, you extend your non injured arm upwards, grasping onto his forearm as he raises you up. Not wasting a moment, you signal towards the helicopter pursuing Bucky.

With a well-practiced spin, Sam propels you into the cockpit. You set to work crippling the gun men, leaving only the pilot to function so as not to waste lives. “Falcon” You shout, jumping out at just the perfect moment to be grabbed by your wingman. Your eyes quickly scan the ground, finally spotting Steve jumping down onto the roadway, continuing his pursuit of Bucky.

“Fly forward, I know where he’s headed.” You instruct Sam as he grips you tighter, lining your body up with his for a smoother flight. “There!” You point at an empty spot in the divided lanes, knowing Bucky would change direction there. The same way he had tried to confuse you when he had you blindfolded all those weeks ago, trying to convince you his apartment was one direction when it was another. Misdirection, that was his next move.

“Sam I can’t shake this guy,” Steve speaks through the comm, asking for assistance, “Drop me!” You instruct, pointing to the spot, Sam slows up just enough for your running feet to act as a landing gear, releasing you safely to the ground as he redirects towards Steve.  “Right behind you,” He responds, confirming his location to Steve.

In a moment you see Bucky in the opposite lane, caught by the flashing lights of the police sirens. “Bucky!” You shout, redirecting him towards you, he shuffles quickly into the adjacent lane, breaking back into a run as his hand connects with yours, his eyes shifting frantically through the cars as you both begin to run.

You glance behind, aware of Steve’s hijacked police car fast approaching on your tail. You break out of the tunnel coming into the daylight as your lungs sear in pain under the strain of your constant speed. “I can’t.” you struggle for breath as your knees weaken beneath you.

“I’m not leaving you!” He yells back, his hand gripping more firmly in yours as he spurs you forward. “You have to; I can’t keep up.” You gasp. He glances back at you, his hand releasing from yours as you stumble slightly, unable to keep up with the super soldier.

He continues forward at a break neck pace, reaching out to connect with a motorcyclist, expertly discarding the driver as he swings the bike beneath himself. He drives quickly beside you, extending a hand to connect with your forearm, pulling you smoothly on the back of the bike with him as he picks up speed.

“Y/N? What the hell are you doing?” Steve shouts through the comm, his car trailing closely behind the two of you. Before you could answer a scream escapes your mouth as the black cat comes flying forward once again.

At the sound of your cry, Bucky turns quickly, his hand flying out to connect with the throat of the cat. The force of his body and defensive maneuvers send the motorcycle tilting to the side. Your knees grip the seat tightly behind Bucky as your arms lock firmly around his torso, your left hand reaching for the handle bars as his hand skids along the concreate, keeping the bike from toppling.

The cat like creature is still attached to the two of you as Bucky fights to keep you both on balance. Your right leg retracts closely, as you grip Bucky tightly with your arm, kicking your leg outwards into the dark assailant’s chest, dislodging him from the two of you as Bucky pulls you back upright.

“I wasn’t in Vienna! I didn’t do it! I would never put you in danger.” He shouts, through the wind as the engine roars, the bike speeding up as you try to escape. “I know. Someone is setting you up.” You shout back, “Buck, we have to find a way out” his hand moves behind his back, connecting with yours as he slides a small grenade into your palm.

“Up!” He shouts as you pass under the opening from the tunnel. You throw the grenade forcefully at the ceiling, causing a sizable explosion in your wake, littering the ground with dense rubble. “It worked!” You yell triumphantly, elated as you hear Bucky laugh with exhilaration.

You feel a jerk to the motorcycle as it kicks beneath you, sending you both flying forward. Bucky twists in the air, his metal fingers slipping against your cheek as you both come crashing to the pavement, his hand connecting dully with the ground as he cradles your head.

Your shoulder pops at the impact, as the collision forces you away from him. You tumble along the road, skidding slightly as you roll before coming to rest many feet away from Bucky, limbs bent out at odd angles and very much unconscious.

“Y/N!” Bucky yells, rising quickly to his feet as the black creature bounds over your unmoving body to lunge at him once more, Steve running closely behind.

In a moment sirens surround you all, armed officer’s circling as War Machine lands between the three men. “Y/N!” Bucky cries again, waiting for a response from your unmoving body. Cap raises his hands, surrendering to the officers as he looks confusedly at his old best friend.

Officers approach Bucky cautiously as he dazedly stumbles towards you, repeating your name once more. “Bucky, stand down.” Steve growls, blankly looking at his friend as if he were finally seeing him for the first time. Bucky glances back at Steve, his eyes glassing with unshed tears as his hands rise up to his head in surrender. But his feet continue their deft progress towards your still form.

“Bucky!” Steve barks as every gun on the premises trains on him, ready to fire if he takes another step. Bucky looks at his friend disconsolately, as he finally drops to his knees, his hands locking behind his head as guards rush forward. “Please… is she alive? Please someone just tell me if she’s breathing.”

Steve’s jaw clenches, watching the way that Bucky strains against his captors, needing to know if Y/N was alright, my Y/N…  He had reached for her… She had known where to find him… Steve glanced at her unmoving form, his every nerve tensing as he thought back on their last few conversations, her apology, her distant manner, the change in her behavior, ever since… ever since Bucharest.

His eyes flash to Bucky at the sudden realization, his brain starting to connect the dots. All of Y/N’s behavior over the past few weeks, her absence, her secrecy. How could he have missed it? He thought she came for him. Wanted to protect Bucky for him. She knew what Bucky had meant to him. For months he had spoken to her, confided in her, trusted her. She knew.

He watches as his old best friend is bent to the ground and placed in cuffs. Watches as Bucky’s stormy blue eyes never move from his ex-lover. He witnesses the love that pulls at every inch of Bucky’s expression as they cart him away, his eyes remaining locked on her till the last possible moment.

“Congratulations Cap.” Rhodey says distantly, “You’re a criminal.” His words wash over Steve, unable to distract Cap from the conclusion he had just come to in his mind.

It was him. The someone else. Her someone else… Bucky.

Part 13

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A Woman - The Hobbit

“Could you do Thorin’s company reacting to a female 14th member who has a boy cut?”

The company of Thorin Oakenshield had departed Hobbiton early that morning. Bilbo had come sprinting up the trail shortly after their departure and the company now found themselves, a few hours later, at a fork in the road where the Great East Road was intersected by the smaller Green Way.

“We continue East on the Great Road!” Thorin called out.

“We do not!” called Gandalf, riding up to the leader.

“Surely one as travelled as yourself, old man, knows our path lies to the east along the great road.” Thorin said.

“Yes yes. And we will continue east….tomorrow.” Gandalf said.

“We can make it four more hours before nightfall.” Thorin said, raising a questioning eyebrow.

“Perhaps. But we must wait here for the 14th member of our party.” Replied.

“Another stray?”

“An associate and a close friend. She has been collecting information for me in the far north that I hope will aid in our quest.” Gandalf said, dismounting his horse.

“A woman?” Both of Thorin’s eyebrows shot up.

“A very capable woman.”

Thorin shook his head, but said nothing. He called for the others to begin setting up camp, several yards from the road itself. A fire was started and a few hunted rabbits were set to cook. For another few hours the company relaxes, smoked their pipes, and had low conversations. The sun had just dipped below the horizon when the muted sound of hooves made everyone look up.

A rider in a dull blue cloak, hood raised, trotted into camp and Gandalf stood.

“Y/N” he called up to you. “Your punctuality never ceases to amaze me.”

You swung off your horse.

“And here I was expecting to have to wait several days for your arrival.” You teased. You raised a hand to pull off your hood, not noticing several of the dwarves’ eyes going wide at the sight of your hair cropped closely to your head. As you entered conversation with Gandalf and Thorin, the other whispered about you in hushed voices.

“A woman?”

“Can she even lift that sword? It’s huge!”

“She has less hair than Bilbo.”

“Maybe she’s sick.”

“Women do not belong on these sort of quests. They are weak.” Dwalin mumbled as he went to bite from an apple. He jolted when a small dagger flew through the air and buried itself in the apple. He turned to see you standing with your hand twirling an identical dagger. You grinned and winked.

“Women also have great hearing.” You said, turning back to your conversation with Gandalf.


On Sunday, his birthday, John went out hunting and got his first deer ever. He crept up to it, wind in his favor, and landed a shot with his compound bow at about 4pm. He almost fainted from adrenaline. He managed to call me and I sprinted up the normally hour long hike to the area in under 40 minutes.
We tracked it into a huge field of neck-high weeds and lost the trail. By then it was completely dark and frost was forming everywhere. The search carried on for another two hours with no trace. It was almost 8pm and we were exhausted. We almost gave up the search for the night when we stumbled into a small clearing 120 yards from where we were looking. The deer was laying there dead but peacefully.

It was beautiful, sad, and relieving all at once. We were glad he went quickly and found a comfy place to do so. We thanked him for his body and brought him all the way back home. He weighed in at around 130 pounds, a pretty big boy. We kept his skin, buried his head to dig up in the spring time, and butchered him ourselves the next morning. Our dogs will be having venison mixed into their foods the next couple weeks and we will also get to eat for a long time to come. Some of the meat already went to friends and about 14 pounds went to the butcher to make jerky and sausage. We kept most organs and I took enough fat to make some candles. Whatever was left went back to the earth for the coyotes and birds to pick from.

The last photo is not just most of the deer meat, but also a whole wild rabbit who was hit by a car (legs were mutilated, he had to be put down asap), and a piece of moose and elk from work. I am so thankful to these creatures and to feel so close to the ebb and flow of nature. I think most creatures have a very good concept of predator and prey, and while they do not want to die they understand as a prey animal that death is a constant. I don’t really know how to express it correctly, but I tried!

Attraction (Stages of NewTina drabble)

[Stage 1, الْهَوَى (hawa): the beginning of love. This love can arise suddenly, but is transient, not yet firm in the heart.]

He didn’t quite see what caused the surge of giddiness in his head. Perhaps it was the adrenaline that came with running with her through the underground floors of MACUSA, or sprinting so high up the stairs that led to the roof of a dirty building. Maybe it was the way she walked silently towards him, stepped to the railing where he waited, and stood by his side, their shoulders nearly brushing but not quite. 

She smelled like her apartment, Newt realized, as they stood quietly, observing the New York landscape that stretched out towards the horizon. Despite her aloofness, Tina radiated warmth in the biting cold, and the faint scent of apple strudel and scented candles seemed to waft from her.

The giddiness that just took hold of him seemed to surge more angrily as he breathed in more of her aura. To his dismay, he didn’t need to be a legilimens like Queenie to know how she truly felt under her Auror bravado. He was nobody’s fool, and knew that she was every bit as scared as he was. 

Find the creatures. Run away from Graves. Stop the obscurial from killing everyone. Until… what, though? What was to say that they would even survive this endeavor?

Tina turned towards him. “Graves always insisted that the disturbances were caused by a beast,” she said, her tone slightly frantic.

He looked at her briefly.

"We need to catch all your creatures so that he could stop using them as a scapegoat.”

“There’s only one creature missing. Dougal, my demiguise-”

“Dougal?” she interrupted, cracking a smile on both their faces.

His heart began pounding again, and the silly giddiness returned to fill his fatigued head. “Slight problem, um… he’s invisible.”

It seemed that she hadn’t registered that minor setback for a few seconds. “Invisible?”

“Yes. Most of the time, he does, um…”

He trailed off, not really knowing how to make their next task sound less impossible.

Tina sounded exasperated. “Well, how do you catch-”

“With immense difficulty,” he interrupted her again.

Newt watched her expression tenaciously, hoping she wouldn’t be very angry, seeing as that was mostly her expression by default whenever she was to encounter one of his fantastic beasts.

However, much to Newt’s pleasant surprise, Tina only gave him a coy smile and a curt nod. “Oh.”

He must’ve had a dumbfounded expression on his face, because Tina then broke character and snorted at him. As ridiculous as it sounds, she had quite the girly snort, despite her matronly visage.  

Newt was too busy gawking to laugh with her, so she quieted down. Her little smile didn’t fade away, however.

Her face went blank for a moment. Suddenly, she leaned in closer to Newt, and her dark eyes bored through his, wide and bright with the light of a new idea swimming around in her head.

“Gnarlack,” she muttered to him.

He blinked. “Excuse me?”

“Gnarlack! He was an informant of mine when I was an auror. He used to trade in magical creatures all the time!”

Newt immediately understood her drift. “He wouldn’t have an interest in pawprints, would he?”

Tina smiled her evilly coy smile again, putting her hands on her hips as if she were unafraid of losing her balance and falling off the building. “He’s interested in anything he can sell,” she whispered, her button nose nearly touching his crooked one.

She gave him a grin and whirled around to call Jacob and Queenie to work, both who had a peculiar interest in the pigeon coop by the exit.

He watched after her in awe, wondering if he would ever see that pretty smile from her again.

For some reason, he did want to.

  This is the beginning of love.

Comforting arms

It’s thundering and I would love a newt cuddle.

Reader is scared of Thunderstorms so once he’s calmed you down, newt takes you to see frank.


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Thunder rumbled in the distance like a beast threatening to wake, rain spattered against the window panes in the darkened street. You held your coat tighter around your frame, hugging yourself as you sprinted up the cobbled streets to your little flat.

You were shaking by the time you reached the front door, panic knotted in your chest, your heart hammering in your ears. you nearly fell through the threshold and onto newt, who was hopping about on one foot trying to put his boot on.

“oh thank Merlin, I was coming to find you’ relief flooding his voice, as he wrapped his arms around you protectively, not caring that you were soaking his shirt. A great clap of thunder sounded, lightning splintered in the black velvet of the sky. You shook in newts arms, burying your face into his chest, he stroked your dripping wet hair and whispered words of comfort in your ear as he picked you up and took you to the kitchen. He sat you in his lap, and he began making two cups of tea with his wand, as he continued to mumble sweet words into your hair.

You had your face buried in the crook of his neck, the smell of earth, tea and something that was undeniably newt filled your nose, helping to calm you further.

He cast a silencing charm on the room and handed you your cup of tea with a slight smile, you stayed in his lap for quite some time after you had finished your tea, shaken from the storm that was still raging outside. He didn’t seem to mind, drawing patterns on your back with his long fingers.

He continued this until you were entirely at ease, ‘do you want to get changed into your pyjamas, love?’ his voice was calm and even, you only nodded in reply before getting to your feet. You placed a quick kiss to newts forehead and made your way to the bedroom to pull your comfiest pyjamas on.

Newt followed you in just as you were adjusting your shirt, he slipped his own sodden shirt off his shoulders and replaced it with a fresh one.

Newt crawled behind you, where you were sitting on the edge of your shared bed, long legs either side of you, his arms snaked around your waist. He placed a chaste kiss just under your ear and whispered, ‘would you like to go into the case?’ a long awaited smile broke across your face and you nodded eagerly,’ yes, I’d like that’ your voice a little croaky from crying.

With a kiss to your temple newt scrambled off the bed and dragged his case into the middle of the tranquil room. With a smile he opened the lid and offered you a calloused hand to guide you inside.

Newts world never failed to take your breath away, every aspect was stunning, right down to the cluttered shed that you currently stood in, peering at the various balms and salves scattered across the work bench.

You felt a pair of strong arms wrap around you, newt rested his chin on your shoulder, ‘are you ready love? I want to introduce you to somebody’ you could plainly see the excitement in his striking eyes, you placed a hand on his lightly stubbled cheek and pecked the corner of his mouth, ‘come on then, Mr Scamander’ he took your hand and lead you through the case, past the botruckles and through the occamy nests and into a vast enclosure of dry solid rock.

You hadn’t been to this section before, newt hadn’t even told you that he had a new resident. You furrowed your brow and observed, newt let out a loud call, you nearly jumped out of your skin.

A magnificent bird came swooping down to newt, it perched itself on a large rock, you watch in awe as newt glided his hand over the creatures beak. Newt encouraged you over, and held your hand out for the beast to sniff.’ y/n this is frank, frank this is my y/n’  a small smile played at your lips, you had been together for years but it still filled you with warmth whenever newt introduced you as his.

Frank nudged his large beak into your hand wanting you to stroke him, you smiled brightly and gladly gave in to his demands, frank seemed to be making contented noises, something between a purr and a chirp.

Frank lay in front of you and newt, as you sat with your head resting on newts shoulder, your hand resting on his knee. “why didn’t you tell me about him, he’s lovely’ you asked curiosity getting the better of you. Newt gave  you a guilty look, ‘frank, he’s, he’s a thunderbird, he can create storms. I just didn’t want you to be frightened’ your heart melted at his words, he would always be bursting with excitement to introduce you to a new creature, but he kept this one secret just in case.

You rested your forehead against his own ‘oh you sweet silly man.’

 You both sat quite contented, until newt was sure that the storm had ceased it’s rampage in the outside world.



Have a great day and be safe  

Draco and Hermione celebrate Christmas for the first time as a couple
  • Hermione: Draco come on let's go open...
  • -Draco is under the tree with nothing except a giant bow covering his nether region-
  • Hermione: ......presents.....
  • Draco: I got you the best present of all this year
  • Hermione: so, are you just laying on all my books or-
  • Draco: ....
  • Hermione: Well I had a present under the tree for you to see me in later but I suppose I can open my present first
  • Draco: Thank God!
  • -Hermione grabs a small parcel and opens it-
  • Draco: ......
  • Hermione: so are you following me to the room or what?
  • -draco trips standing up and sprints to the room after her-

Gill the pup hunting for salmon on the River Helmsdale about half a mile upstream from the village.

She has retrieved 4 in the past few weeks!  To explain, they’ve all been dead kelts; salmon that have died after spawning.  None the less Gill is very proud when she finds one and sprints up to me to offer her bounty :)