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Atlas, Shepherd/Labrador Retriever mix (2 y/o), 20th & 10th Ave., New York, NY • “Every month we have to figure out a new way to keep him from jumping over the gate on our terrace. We just put up a board and it has to get taller and taller, otherwise he’ll end up sprinting down 10th Ave.”

I AM SO TIRED!! It also took me three tries to type that correctly.

I don’t think I’ve recovered from multiple 17 hour days and flying back from NYC and not having a full weekend to chill.

Anywho, so far I ate some Siete nacho tortilla chips and a piece of banana bread for dinner. I just don’t want to cook tonight at all.

WOD today was a hero: Bradley
10 Rounds for time of:
100m Sprint
10 Pull-ups
100m Sprint
10 Burpees

Most of us did it with a partner and I am very happy to of done only half. It took my partner and I 26:50 to complete it. With a partner your only doing five rounds and resting my while your partner is doing their round. I did banded pull-ups for four of the five rounds then jumping ones for the last round. I also managed to have the band slip off my foot and go right between my legs, something I do not recommend you do. Although, it was kind of funny!

can you imagine kara going home as supergirl and she’s just so tired and lena’s there making dinner or something and she just mindlessly leans in for a kiss and lena kisses back and then 10 minutes later kara’s like f UCK

The Flat
  • Sirius bought it in 7th year.
  • He was walking down a street in muggle London, smoking a cigarette, not really paying attention to where he was going or why. 
  • Then he saw it.
  • And he had to have it.
  • It was small, dusty, old and needed some work done, but damn did Sirius love that flat.
  • I had four bedrooms, a kitchen and dining room area with a living space coming off the end and two and half small bathrooms (when I say half, one was just a toilet and a sink).
  • It had these huge windows along just one wall. They were so big you could stand on the window sill at the bottom and just press your whole body against the glass, staring down onto the street below.
  • The house had a bright red door with small flecks of paint coming off it. 
  • The flat itself was on the second floor of the building, but even from the ground, staring at those huge windows and the For Sale sign, Sirius knew he wanted it bad. 
  • So he bought it two weeks later.
  • He didn’t tell anyone about it at first, he wanted it to be a surprise for when they left school.
  • But Sirius Black is terrible at keeping secrets, especially from his best friends and especially when he was excited.
  • So, one rainy weekend he took them all down to muggle London for a special trip.
  • ‘Sirius what is this all about. it’s cold.’ ‘Be quiet Wormy I need to show you something.’
  • ‘Sirius we have been walking for hours, please, my feet are tired.’ ‘James shut the hell up, we got off the bus thirty seconds ago.’
  • They rounded the corner, walked a few meters until Sirius was standing in front of the house, his arms spread wide and a huge grin on his face, like he was a small child showing his mother his latest drawing.
  • ‘Well, what do you think?’
  • ‘I think it’s raining and you have stopped in the middle of the street for no reason.’
  • ‘Fuck off Moony, I mean the house.’
  • ‘What? This house?’
  • ‘Yes this house you wanker, it’s mine.’
  • Peter, James and Remus all just stare.
  • ‘You bought a house…’
    Sirius dropped his arms.
  •  ‘Well no.. I bought a flat, second floor. I thought we could all live here. When we leave school…Together.’
  • Silence.James, never one for silences, or being able to handle the look of fear and apprehension on Sirius’ face, breaks into a smile.
  • ‘For real Pads?’
  • ‘Yeah.. for real..’
  • James clapped Peter on the back, still grinning. Peter smiles too. Then James runs up and hugs Sirius, very briefly and before the poor boy can respond, James has broken away and is running up to the red door, unlocking and sprinting inside, bounding up the stairs. A few seconds later he is seen in one of the enormous windows, still grinning as he jumps about motioning for the others to join him.
  • Peter laughs before running in after James. Remus remains standing and staring.
  • ‘You want me to move in with you?’
  • Sirius blushes.
  • ‘Probably should have made asking you more romantic Moony.. but I figured having us all here would be cute as well. But yeah, I want you to move in with me. And James. And Peter. I basically want you to move into Gryffindor Dormitory 2.0, only this time we get to share a bed.’
  • Remus is silent.
  • Sirius is worried.
  • ‘You don’t have to Rem. Maybe this is too fast. You can say no…’
  • ‘I love you, Sirius’
  • ‘I love you too, Moony.’
  • ‘But I get the left side of the bed.’
  • Sirius lets out a bark like laugh.
  • ‘Fine, but I’m choosing the sheets, your taste sucks ass.’
  • Moving into the London flat was all they could talk about for the next few months.
  • Sirius had never asked them to pay any rent, he had more than enough money after his Uncle had passed away and figured it was the least he could do.
  • But James had downright refused to let his friend pay for him, insisting he would split the rent 50/50 every month, no matter what protests Sirius put up.
  • Remus wanted to pay too, but Sirius didn’t even bother listening to that. Remus didn’t have the money to do it, not that Sirius cared, and he would always say, ‘Remus, we are going to be sharing a bed, theirs not really anything for you to pay for. Plus, you can get me a really cool birthday present to make up for it.’ Remus got him a motorbike that year.
  • A few weeks before the end of school, just when the boys had finished there exams, and reality had started to sink in, Sirius heard that Marlene’s parents hadn’t taken the whole ‘her dating Dorcas’ thing so well, and were no longer speaking to her. So the next day he went up to her, pulled her aside and told her that there was a bedroom waiting in a small flat in London that he was sure her and Dorcas would enjoy.
  • He’d never seen Marlene cry before that day.
  • A week later James walked into the dormitory, sweaty and gross from Quidditch practice, panting as he explained that he was in love with Lily Evans.
  • ‘Yeah no shit Potter, I heard you two last night.’
  • Sirius got a pillow thrown at his head. 
  • Then James explained that he was going to ask Lily to move in with him after they left school. That he wanted her in his life and in the flat. If Sirius was okay with that.
  • Sirius started laughing. James was confused.
  • ‘Prongs, you are the most oblivious boy I have ever met. Lily and I have been waiting for you to ask her to move in for the past two months.’
  • Sirius got another pillow thrown at his head. Then James ran off to go find Lily.

So today I decided that I should probably use up my meal plan and I begrudgingly walk over to the cafeteria to get food. After I’ve finished eating my less than mediocre burger I start to head out the door when I notice some spectacularly yellow bananas. Amidst a sea of less than tolerable food shone these bright yellow beacons of hope that I can’t resist helping myself to for future smoothies. So I grab not one, not two, or even three, but SIX of these glorious yellow rods of delight. I begin to stroll out the cafeteria with six bananas draping over my arm because it’s finals week and I couldn’t give less of a shit about carrying around 6 bananas, when I am stopped by a cafeteria lady. She stops to tell me that we are only allowed to take 1 fruit item out of the cafeteria and all I could do was stare for what seemed like an eternity. Without even thinking, I just sprinted the fuck outta there. I didn’t just leave the cafeteria, I went much further. I ran past the next two buildings and across the entire campus. I was getting a lot of states but I didn’t care, I was free. I had never felt this alive as I was sprinting across campus. I didn’t even stop when I got to my dorm building, I sprinted all the way up into my dorm wielding 6 bananas until I got into my room. I have been existing 18 years, but I haven’t truly lived until this day.

elennare  asked:

First, I wanted to say that I love love love your Harry Potter fics and what-ifs! thank you so much for writing them :) And I also wondered if you ever written what if the Dursleys had refused to take Harry in?

When Petunia Dursley refused to take Harry in she forfeited his birthright protection, so Dumbledore took the baby to the safest place he knew: Hogwarts.

The applicable staff (mostly just… not Snape) took Harry in on a rotating schedule as he grew from baby to toddler to child. They traded extra credit for babysitting among the older students, and Harry grew up knowing a few dozen different laps that were safe and warm to nap in.

This was a Harry who grew up among books, among old transient walls and learned professors. They gave Binns night duty sometimes, and let him talk young Harry to sleep. This was a Harry whose world changed, on principle, daily. The stairs moved. The walls became doors. You had to keep your eyes open–you had to pay attention. So he did.

He grew up in a school. Knowledge was power, but knowledge was also joy. This was his sanctuary. There was magic in his world from birth.

“The castle will keep him safe,” said Dumbledore, when McGonagall came into his office to complain for the eighth time about Albus’s rather cavalier take on child-rearing. “That’s what it does.”

Then why do we bother with chaperones ever,” McGonagall said, tempted to shriek it. “Should we let all the children run about willy-nilly at all hours, or just the orphan waifs?!

“He’s not a student. He’s a ward of Hogwarts. It will take care of him, Minerva.”

McGonagall walked off fuming. A cat with spectacle markings followed Harry almost constantly from ages three through four. At some point McGonagall was far enough behind on her paperwork, and had seen enough suits of armor carry the kid back to his room, enough draperies lift off the wall and tug Harry away from edges, and enough stairs creakingly shift their slope for his tiny toddler legs. She gave a grumpy sigh, stole some of Albus’s lemon drops, and resigned herself to a magical world.

The Grey Lady, the ghost of Ravenclaw Tower, didn’t really like boys but she liked children. She especially liked patience, and politeness, and Harry had been raised by McGonagall’s stern table manners, by Victorian portraiture and quite a few House Elves. He said please, thank you, and ma'am, and as a child he was very cunning in how he got bedtime stories and bedtime snacks out of most every adult he met.

The Grey Lady told the best stories, you see, the ones with riddles in them. You had to think and ask questions to get all the way through them. So he hunted her down with big patient eyes and plates of very smelly cheese, and she told him stories that made him think.

When Harry was stable enough on his feet to walk, and then to run, Sir Cadogan would race him through the castle, the knight scattering banquet tables and galloping across landscapes, twisting through the abstract gallery up on the seventh and a half floor. Harry stumbled and sprinted up stairways and didn’t notice for years the way Cadogan waited at the end of corridors for him to catch up.

Harry was a chubby-legged toddler, in this world–cute cheeks and stubby limbs. It’s a cute image, yes– but this is important. He was a chubby kid. He ate in a high chair on the teacher’s dais, getting peas and mashed potatoes on the adults beside him– Sprout laughed. Snape didn’t.

But this is important–Harry filled his plate. He wobbled up on little legs and grabbed biscuits from the table, slurped his soup, got marinara sauce on his chin and forehead and somehow behind his ear. When he was hungry, he ate. If he snuck down to the kitchens at night, it was for the adventure of it and nothing else. When he was hungry, he ate.

When he was four, they started letting him go sit down with the students. Bill Weasley, on route to be a prefect next year, took him under his wing and scrubbed his face down after meals. Harry was passed around the Hufflepuff table; theirs was the House Common Room he most liked sneaking into, with its barrels and cozy warmth. Nymphadora Tonks turned her nose a dozen different shapes to make Harry laugh, gurgling, as a toddler (and then a child) (and then for the rest of her life, honestly–it never stopped being funny).

The whole Ravenclaw table got distracted from meals, trying to solve riddles from a book one of their Muggleborns had smuggled in.Harry pushed his fork through his gravy, trying to draw out his thoughts but only making squiggles.

It was years before Harry sat at the Slytherin table for the first time–no one had ever set him down there, like they had with the others. But he liked green–it was the color of Professor Sprout’s greenhouses, where he went and napped sometimes in winter. It was the color of his mother’s eyes, from the little book of moving pictures Hagrid had given him when he was three.

All the Slytherin kids seemed big, but everyone Harry ever met seemed big–except for Flitwick, who was seeming smaller with every growth spurt. He leaned forward, teetering on the bench, and grabbed a chicken drumstick. “Hi,” he said, because he’d had a childhood full of tea parties with high portrait society– the French nobility and the tired housewife from the third floor and an old witch with her sleeve on fire but very particular table manners. “I’m Harry. What’s your name?”

By the end of the meal, they were flicking peas across the table with their spoons, like catapult projectiles. Harry had been unwelcome in so few places in his life, after he’d left 4 Privet Drive, that he simply didn’t expect it. He asked Warrington, a Slytherin with shoulders like a bulldog’s, to help him with the juice, which was too unwieldy for his kid-sized wrists. Harry sat there blinking, smiling, until Warrington took the jug and poured him a brimming glass.

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The Things We Fear

This was a lot gayer than I thought it would be. I owe the outline of the first part to @thesickficsideblog, but I kinda ran away with it at the end. I swear, it wasn’t supposed to be Klance, but my hand slipped. I’ll put it on ao3 later.

Summar: Lance gets trapped in a room full of fear gas, and the team can’t do anything but watch.

Implied/referenced torture

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Best Laid Plans

Properly late this time.

(Also posted on AO3)

“Alright!” Teddy said loudly clapping his hands.

Victoire rolled her eyes, “We’re all right ‘ere, Teddy. You don’t need to shout.”

“This is the very important first meeting of the-” Teddy hesitated and bought time by climbing up to stand on the empty teacher’s desk in the classroom they were meeting in, “The Cupid Club!”

Peter groaned.

“That is an 'orrible name,” Victoire frowned.

Daisy and Saanvi giggled, leaning into one another.

“Whatever,” Teddy said dismissively, “We can work out a better name later. The important thing is, we’re all here for one united purpose!” He paused to gesture dramatically and the other students stared at him, Daisy and Saavi giggled.

Teddy sighed, “You could show a little more enthusiasm, you know!”

“Should we clap?” Peter asked.

“Get on with it, Ted,” Victoire prompted with an exasperated smile.

Teddy said, “Fine. So, we’ve all seen my cousin and godfather, the illustrious Professor Potter and Professor Malfoy, flirting-”

“Insults really don’t seem like flirting to me,” Victoire said. To try and quell Teddy’s puppy dog expression she added, “They do look good together.”

Saanvi sighed, “Have you seen how Professor Potter smiles when Professor Malfoy talks with him?”

“He just lights up!” Daisy said with a giggle, “It’s the sweetest thing.”

“But what about Professor Malfoy?” Victoire said, “ 'E is always sneering and smirking at 'arry.”

“He stares at his arse.”

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i will never in a million years get over the Helicopter Scene™ like steve sprints over leaps up grabs the heli and just holds on for dear life and pulls it as hard as humanly possible RIPS IT OUT OF THE SKY because oh no not again i cant lose him again i already went through this and i  r e f u s e to lose my bucky again 

Seventeen’s One Fine Day in Japan - Jeonghan cuts

cr: Y_1004_JH

In An Instant: Part Ten (END)

Summary: A romantic comedy about what happens when love literally falls through your window.

Characters: Bucky Barnes x Reader, Ash (aka me), Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, Tony Stark

Warnings: Language, general gross cuteness, some angst, bad writing, bad storylines, possible cheating, but mostly major fluff and feels

Word Count: 1.6K

A/N: I’m finally wrapping up this series. It didn’t quite go the way I had anticipated but I enjoyed it. Thank you to all of you extremely patient people who followed along with me. I’d love to hear what you thought of the series as a whole and what I should/shouldn’t do in future series. I love you all. Special thanks to my babe, @sebbytrash, for reading through this for me. I love you.

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When you awoke that Saturday afternoon, a mere three weeks since you met the life ruiner, Bucky Barnes, your heart literally hurt. Who were you to stop a wedding? You barely knew this guy. There was nothing you could do.

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DannyMay Day One: Hope/Hatred

I have fallen back into my OBSESSIVE LOVE for Danny Phantom and since DannyMay is a thing I’m hella excited to participate! I’m using @narwhalsarefalling prompts for the daily DannyMay. Here’s hoping I can make it through all 31 days *sweats nervously* I also want to include a little story for each picture…p.s. it’s transparent!

…After much confusion on the battlefield, Jack and Maddie are left speechless. The Ghost Boy, that they have tried to capture and destroy for years now, was hanging limply by the collar of his jumpsuit at the hands of none other than the Wisconsin Ghost. 

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When Connor wakes up he dreads the day, and that isn’t fucking helping him in anyway. That refers to the ticking time bomb that society calls a “soulmate timer”, to him it’s just a huge pain in the ass that resides on his left bony wrist. Making matters even worse, it’s his day. Today is the day his timer ends and he gets a soulmate. All in all, he feels terrible for whoever it is and hopes that they get the right fucking idea and ditch Connor and his fucked up life.

He stared at the ceiling when his mother knocked on the door. “I’m already up!” He yelled glaring at the door then back at the ceiling. He knew he was going to fuck it up, just like he always did. God his soulmate was going to hate him. His soulmate was going to be absolutely horrified, his breaths felt like they were being punched out of him, stomach churning in a way that made him want to throw up. Shaking he got out of bed and opened a Ziploc bag hidden in his desk. Lighting the blunt as quickly as he could he smoked out the window. Fuck, it was going to be a rough day.

Taking a quick shower, just to cover up the smell, Connor got dressed in his normal clothes, no need to try and impress his soulmate. He looked in the mirror and touched up his hair to look even more messy than it already was, black skinny jeans, scuffed boots, thin black jacket and a grey shirt. Perfect. Walking downstairs he felt empty and agitated. Pouring milk in his bowl of cereal, Larry, his father was already eating. He glanced his oldest child, clearing his throat. “Morning, Connor.” He glared at his father, rolling his eyes. “Big day isn’t it, bringing home a lovely girl for us tonight.”

“Oh fuck off.” Connor snapped pouring the rest of the milk into his bowl of cereal. His mother, Cynthia knocked on Zoe’s door upstairs telling her to get up. He ate his disgustingly sugary cereal that no one else in the house dared to touch, in fear of Connor’s anger and cavities. “I’m skipping today, I’ll go tomorrow.”

“It’s your senior year, Connor. You are not missing the first day.​” His mother sighed pouring herself a cup of coffee, while Zoe joined them at the table.

“I already said I’d go tomorrow.​" 

“He doesn’t listen. Look at him, he’s probably high.​” His father quipped from behind the newspaper.

“He’s definitely high.​” His sister noted making her own cereal.

“Fuck you!” He hissed laying his head down on the table, it was too early for this shit.

“Fuck you.”

His mom’s voice raised. “I don’t want you going to school high, Connor.​”
“Perfect, so then I won’t go. Thanks, Mom!” Dropping his spoon into the half filled bowl of cereal he pushed himself out of his seat angrily. The chair slammed into the table, and his family let him stomp up the stairs into his room. Connor looked at his clock. He had an hour. Pulling a white and blue book from his bookshelf he laid on the bed waiting for Zoe to yell at him and hurry up. He read the first sentence on the page seven times and the first paragraph as a whole eight times, he couldn’t focus with fear biting at his brain.

“Connor! Hurry up!”

He groaned passing by the wall mirror on his way down. Internally, he recoiled from his own reflection, hoping his soulmate would do the same at first glance. He swung his bag over his shoulder, pushing past Zoe in the hall.

“Asshole.” She mumbled, clutching her shoulder.


Bolting downstairs and out the door he ignored his parents and climbed into the car. From underneath his jacket sleeve his soulmate clock tingled.

“Are you going to be a fucking monster to your own soulmate, too?” Zoe spat starting the car not long after she’d said goodbye to their parents.

“Maybe you should shut the hell up.”

“Maybe you shouldn’t be such a dick!” She shouted pulling out of the driveway and into the street. “You smell like weed by the way.” Her anger had a root, Connor wasn’t the kindest sibling. He would threaten her, pound on her door screaming obscenities, push her, insult her, he was no angel.

Twenty minutes left.

Staring at his hands more time passed until Connor spoke up. “Stop the car, I’ll walk.”

“And let you have a chance to skip school without me knowing for sure? I think not.” Zoe sighed looking at him almost sympathetically. “I know this whole soulmate thing is freaking you out, but don’t skip.”

He rolled his eyes at her and bit his thumbnail, getting a black nail polish chip in his mouth.

Thankfully she parked near the entrance and unlocked the car. Opening the passenger door he stepped, closing it harshly.

“Look, Connor-”

“Just fuck off!” His head swung back in her direction, giving her a scowl through a few stray pieces of hair. Stalking his way into the building only a couple kids were there. After entering the same combination from last year he yanked open the locker.

Ten minutes.

The hall started to bustle, no one talking to him by the wall. And then there was a voice.

“Hey Connor, lovin’ the new hair length, very school shooter chic.” Fucking Jared Kleinman.

Connor glared at him unnervingly silent. Gripping the strap of his bag he clench his other fist, ready to sock him.

“It’s - it’s funny, it’s a joke.”

“Yeah I know it was funny. I’m laughing, can’t you tell?" 

Jared took a step back.

"I’m sorry, am I not laughing hard enough for you?” Connor shouted earning a few uncomfortable looks from his peers, part of him wanted to crawl into a hole. The other part just wanted to punch the shit out of this asshole.

“What the hell!” Jared stumbled away. Behind him stood Evan Hansen, the quietest kid  at school. With his striped shirts and constantly flushed freckled cheeks he didn’t always blend in, especially now. Maybe he was going to say something Connor couldn’t tell. Evan stuttered.

“What are you looking at? You’re a fucking freak!” Pushing Evan to the floor he flinched. His wrist stung. His head hurt this couldn’t be happening. Thoughts flooded through his head bouncing back and forth creating a chaotic symphony of fear and panic. He felt like he was drowning. Shoving his sleeve down he stared at the clock. He looked behind him to see Zoe help Evan up. Sprinting out the building he left campus tearing himself apart.

He’d just hurt his soulmate.

I might add more to this au since I left it open for more…

Hope you like it!

The Arrangement: Part 2

Title:  The Arrangement: Part 2

Summary:  He’s a mechanic. She’s a lonely woman with more money than she knows what to do with. Fate brings them together and sparks fly. But only for six weeks. That’s the arrangement.

Author: Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters:  Dean Winchester x Female Reader

Word Count: 2421

Warnings: Language, drinking, angst

Author’s Notes:  This is part two of a multi-part series. Read Part 1 here. Shifts between multiple points of view.

Originally posted by im-bigbrother-dean

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ivy-raven  asked:

What do you think about an established winterironwidow no-powers AU where Bucky and Nat drag Tony out jogging a few times a week and one day they see Steve on his morning run, look at each other and all think at the same time "we've gotta have him!" And the hunt is on!

I think that Tony would be so pissed off about having to go jogging that Bucky and Natasha might be ready to throttle him. Tony moans and groans and hates everything to the point that Natasha and Bucky wonder why they even bring him.

So they are very confused when Tony takes off at a sprint despite the fact he’s not supposed to because of his heart problem. “What the fuck?!”

They chase him but he’s got a head start. And he’s got a goal in mind they realize after a few moments, a tall blond with a magnificent ass. Natasha doesn’t snort but only because she needs to keep breathing properly if she ever plans to catch up to them. Bucky nearly eats the sidewalk when he doesn’t manage to choke back his laugh.

Blond Beauty eventually notices that Tony is running beside him and slows down to a reasonable (for Tony) gait. They see Tony say something and then he stops, leaning over to put one hand on his knee while the other goes to his chest.

Bucky and Natasha feel cold with fear. Tony had been doing well lately but it would be just their luck if he died while chasing someone beautiful. Then Tony stands up straight, smiling brightly, and Natasha is going to murder him for scaring her like that, but only if Bucky doesn’t get to him first.

But of course, it’s Tony, so he doesn’t even notice how angry they are as they run up to him, instead brightly saying, “Guys! This is Steve!”

“Hello,” Steve says, smiling awkwardly.

“Hello,” they reply.

“Steve!” Tony says happily. “This is my boyfriend, Bucky!” Steve’s face falls a little. “And this is my girlfriend, Natasha!” Steve’s face goes very confused. “They like to run, too!”

Steve manages another smile, because who can frown in the face of Tony’s enthusiasm? “Yeah? What about you? You seemed to be doing pretty well.”

“Oh, I’m not supposed to run. I could give myself a heart attack. I was only recently given the okay to jog!” Tony says happily.

Bucky and Natasha are inordinately pleased with how horrified Steve looks. “What can we say?” Natasha sighs. “He sees something he likes and has to have it.”

“Oh?” Steve smiles even though he still looks concerned. “I got my pants from Under Armour.”

Bucky and Natasha stare at him, silent. Judging.

Tony just smiles at him. “I like what’s in the pants more, if you know what I mean.”

Steve flushes a beautiful shade of red and hisses, “Oh my God, Tony, in front of your boyfriend and girlfriend?!”

Bucky clutches at his chest. “It’s fine,” Natasha says, because her boyfriends are idiots. “So what do you say to going out for smoothies with us after we finish our run?”

Steve flushes brighter. “I-!”

“We’ll let you think about it,” Bucky suggests. “Just meet us over by the park entrance if you’re down with that.”

“O-okay,” Steve sputters, red as a fire hydrant.

“Okay but can I sit down?” Tony asks immediately. His hand hadn’t left his chest the entire conversation. “Sorry.”

Natasha fusses at him immediately, leading Tony over to a bench. Steve and Bucky watch her continue to fuss for several minutes until Tony finally whines “I’m fine! I’ll wait here. :C”

Natasha looks like she wants to continue fussing at him but he might kick her, so she sighs and walks back to the other two men. “You can cut your jog short to keep him company,” Bucky offers. He smirks and knocks his fist against Steve’s shoulder. “Sure Steve wouldn’t mind keeping me company.”

“I wouldn’t,” Steve agrees, eyes glinting mischievously. “So long as you can keep up.”

“Honey,” Bucky says pityingly. “You won’t be able to keep up with me.

“You’re both trying to win a pissing contest that Tony already won,” Natasha points out. “He’s got a heart problem and still sprinted to catch up to Steve and leave us in the dust.”

Bucky scowls. “I was trying to ignore that. Why must you hurt me.”

“Because your ego’s way too big. And also because Tony’s pouting at me. I can sense it.”

They turn to look, and Tony is pouting at them. “Adorable,” Natasha says fondly. “I’ll do a lap but then you two idiots can keep running and eventually try to outpace each other to the point you exhaust yourselves.”

“Hey!” Steve exclaims.

“No,” Bucky said. “No, she’s pretty good at picking out idiots. She picked me and Tony, after all.”

“Tony’s not an idiot. He’s just oblivious,” Natasha scoffs. “There’s a difference.” She turns. “I’ll be back, Tony!”

Tony mutters and pouts harder.

Steve does decide to get smoothies and wrinkles his nose in disgust when both Natasha and Tony get green ones. “Well I was thinking about asking you out until I saw those.”

“You have to accept all of me,” Tony tells him seriously. “That includes Natasha and Bucky. They are part of me. We turn into the world’s most deadly Transformer.”

“Why are you so fucking weird?!” Bucky exclaims as Natasha snorts her smoothie out her nose. “How did you even get us to date you?!”

Somehow, Steve finds all of this ridiculously charming.