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Patient: I’m achy all over and I keep getting fevers and I’m coughing a little and my head hurts.

Wayfaring thinks: Yeah, she probably has the flu.

*Wayfaring examines patient*

HEENT: fluid in the ears, nose swollen up and snotty, lymph nodes shotty.


Lungs: Clear.

*wait what?*

Heart: fastfastfastFASTFAST

*Wayfaring tries to take pulse.*

Pulse: thready. F A S T. 

Wayfaring: Er uh, are you having any chest pain? 

Patient: No.

Wayfaring: What about shortness of breath or lightheadedness?

Patient: Well yeah, from the flu, right? I mean I feel sort of woozy like I might pass out.

Wayfaring: Ummm…. your heart is beating 175 times a minute. 

Patient: *blank stare*

Wayfaring: That’s fast. That’s like your heart is sprinting while the rest of you is standing still.

Patient: Oh yeah, it does feel kind of jumpy. 

*Wayfaring gets EKG*


Wayfaring: So exactly how many doses of sudafed have you taken this morning?

Patient: Oh only like 4. 


‘Prepare to sprint’ and ‘No heart rate detected’

These are the two messages the elliptical keeps giving me. They seem at odds, but what do I know. I’m a sweaty zombie.

You are not afraid.
You are a cathedral waiting to be filled with hymns;
you are an infinite playground;
you are sky-bound and sprinting,
so cover your heart in goose-bump armor.
It will only beat stronger,
beat louder.
—  Miles Walser, from “Perfectly Human”

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They say it’s like catching your breath after scaling a flight of stairs at a full sprint: racing heart, a flood of adrenaline, a twinge of nausea. They say you don’t know what it is to be alive, until you find them


“So, Dean has the gun in one hand and his shoe on the other, right?” Sam continued over your laughter, his cheeks hollowing as he smiled at you. You were holding your sides, your face flushed as you tried to take deep breaths, but failing when a new set of giggles erupted from your mouth. “Well, the genius just decides to chase the chicken around like that while I’m trying to find the witch’s book, and the thing was so scared that it ran to me and started to freakin’ bite me!” 

“Oh my god,” you whispered before laughing even harder. “Sam…stop…” you begged between laughs, leaning over and resting a hand on his right knee and the other grabbing the library table to keep yourself from falling off your seat.

 A sudden rush of heat flowed in Sam’s cheeks, his heart sprinting in his chest with your simple touch. Sometimes he couldn’t tell if this feelings, created by ordinary and regular activities—laughing with you, telling stories, or even just being in your company—had always been somewhere inside of him, unlocked and realized when he accepted that—

“…I like you.”

The mood changed in the blink of an eye; Sam’s eyes widened, his hands fighting to urge to clamp over his mouth; you, on the other hand, immediately stopped laughing and retired your hand away from his jeans, your lips parting slightly while you took in his words. 

“What?” you asked breathlessly, unable to keep your cheeks from reddening.

He didn’t want to say it twice, to embarrass himself even further than he already had, but there was no going back. He couldn’t take his words back or pretend that he had said something else, not when you had clearly heard him. 

“I, um, I like you, (Y/N),” he repeated, prompting his face on his hands as he took a deep breath. “God, I’m so sorry; this is gonna make things so awkward for us, isn’t it? Specially when you like Dean and I—”

“Wait a second, who the hell said I like Dean?” you scoffed, your mouth stretching into a small smile as you leaned forward in your seat again, this time to take Sam’s hands away from blocking his face and into yours instead. “Trust me, your brother is amazing, and I love him as if he were family, but I couldn’t possibly fall for him, Sam. Not when I’ve got you, you gigant dummy!”

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“Holy shiiitttt!” Zamara cries out, dashing down the path at full sprint; her heart racing a million miles a hour. Arcanine, her most trusted pokemon, runs along beside her, barking at her to run even faster than she already is.

“Don’t you think I know that!?” Zamara cries out to the Arcanine, stealing a glance back behind her. Giving chase, a horde of Rhyhorn barrel down after her, crying out at her in a antagonized behavior, no doubt wishing for some form of revenge.

“Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!” She remarks, her eyes darting to see the path ahead leading to the edge of a cliff, no doubt where a bridge had once stood but now completely destroyed. She had no other choice but to attempt to jump to the other side. She knew Arcanine could make it, but herself…

Seeing no other choice, Zamara grits her teeth and heads straight to the cliff, huffing out a prayer to Arceus himself that she’ll make it. When the time came she and her Arcanine leaped off the edge, attempting to make it across the gap. Her Arcanine makes it to the other side, easily, but Zamara wasn’t so lucky. She hits the side of the cliff hard, hard enough for stars to explode in her vision, as she scrambles to keep a grip.