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“My first proper girlfriend, she used to live an hour and a half away on the train, and I worked in a bakery for three years. So I’d finish and sprint to the train station. Later, I’d remember her perfume. Little things. I smell that perfume all the time. I’ll be in a lift or a reception and say to someone, ‘Alien, right?’ And sometimes they’re impressed and sometimes they’re a little creeped out. 'Stop smelling me.’”

She used to live an hour and a half away on the train, and I worked in a bakery for three years. I’d finish on Saturdays at 4:30 and it was a 4:42 train, and if I missed it there wasn’t one for another hour or two. So I’d finish and sprint to the train station. Spent 70 percent of my wages on train tickets. Later, I’d remember her perfume. Little things. I smell that perfume all the time. I’ll be in a lift or a reception and say to someone, ‘Alien, right?’ And sometimes they’re impressed and sometimes they’re a little creeped out. ‘Stop smelling me.’


- Periods of high intensity exercise followed by periods of low intensity or recovery periods.
- Can be adapted to suit variable anaerobic needs:
-> Sprinters use shorter work intervals at high intensity and longer recovery periods
-> Endurance runners do longer work intervals at high speeds in order to adapt their natural pace for a marathon
- How to adapt sessions over time:
-> Change duration of work interval
-> Change intensity of work interval
-> Change duration of recovery
-> Change number or work intervals and recovery periods
- Benefits:
-> Muscle fibre recruitment = development of neuromuscular system
-> Cardiovascular benefits = cardiac hypertrophy, lower resting heart rate, increased elasticity of heart walls etc.
-> Improved anaerobic power
-> Increased myoglobin stores in muscles
-> Increased metabolism in the short term
-> And so many more!

- My Session Plan:
- 5 minute warm-up (light jog and stretch)
- 30 sec sprint followed by 30 sec rest
- 30 sec sprint followed by 15 sec rest
- 45 sec sprint followed by 30 sec rest
- 45 sec sprint followed by 15 sec rest
- 60 sec sprint and finish
- 5 minute cool-down (walk/light jog and held stretches)

- During the sprints, your heart should be working at above 80 per cent of your maximum heart rate. (My average for the session was (172/203)x100 = 85%
- It’s okay to slow down a bit, just make sure you’re working as hard as you can. Remember, don’t over-exhert yourself though. If you begin to feel dizzy or unwell, stop immediately, sit down and drink plenty of water.
- Be aware that these sessions are extremely high intensity and you will be tired for at least a day after. This is natural because your body maintains a high metabolic rate for 24 hours after, so more energy will be used to recover from the session.

So as some of you may know, I have finished acowar. Now that my mind is sufficiently ruined, I present to you this fic about the High Lord of the Winter Court and his mate.

This doesn’t really spoil anything in acowar, rather than their existence. So read if you want, acowar not necessarily needed!

This was requested by @ignite-my-love who is suffering as much as I am when it comes to this bloody book. 


How could this be?

Fifty years, and the wretched Amarantha was destroyed by a… mortal? A human?

Viviane’s hands shook, her breath coming out in sporadic sheer clouds as she hyperventilated. She was on the floor, her legs too unstable to carry her any longer. She would see him again, her beautiful High Lord, her love.

She was going to kick his ass. And kiss him. Not necessarily in that order.

I’ve loved you, since we were children. I will always love you, and being your friend is, and always will be, my greatest achievement. I beg of you, protect what is left, Vivane, and I will see you soon enough.

He had not seen her soon enough. Kallias had projected that to her the moment he knew there was no escaping Amarantha’s clutches, and let her protect their haven, which she tirelessly did, while he sacrificed himself to that wench. It wasn’t until he confessed his love to her that she knew the extent of her feelings for him. Her love for him was like the cauldron, and he was the sorcerer reaching far down into her, stirring her soul and wielding her being. She was utterly his, and she thought she would never be able to tell him. That was, until, Feyre Cursebreaker, former prisoner of the Spring Court, had shattered Amarantha’s deadly reign.

She rose to her feet, supporting herself on the marble columns of Kallias’ palace. He would be here soon, and when he did, he would see her standing – fighting – as she always had Before.

Because now there was a Before. It used to be Before and After the War. Now, it was Before and After Amarantha.

She looked out the wide, glassless, window. This was her home, and it would remain that way. The vast expanse of rolling white and treacherous mountains calmed her faltering breaths. She had never stopped to think about this moment - her reunion with her love. Had dwelled many time of how she was going to get here, the plans she concocted, the atrocities she committed in saving her people, but never let herself think – dream, hope, wish – about this moment.

She was still wearing the filthy pants, tunic and fur cloak she had been for the past eight days. It was spattered in blood and dirt and mud and Mother knows what else, but when she was constantly like this she didn’t see the point of washing. She thought maybe should change, to present herself nicely for Kallias, and then she snorted at the thought. That idiot could see her parading around in a pink tutu and nothing else and she still wouldn’t feel embarrassment. She was too far gone for that. She laughed lightly at the thought of Kallias’ face if he saw her gallivanting around, breasts free and lower half covered by hideous tulle. He would tell her to put some clothes on before she freezed, and she would tell him to shove his shiny shoes up his ass.

“Is something funny? It’s been a while since I’ve heard a joke.”

The voice stopped her thoughts. Stopped her breathing. Stopped her heart.

She turned her head, and there he was.

Kallias.” Her voice broke.


She didn’t let him finish, just sprinted the few paces between them and collided into him - throwing her arms around his neck, kissing him fiercely. His arms went to her waist, lifting her off the floor as he returned her embrace and kiss. Her legs went around him, and her hands tangled in his white hair.

She may have remained in the Winter Court the last fifty years, but now she was finally home.

His lips moved to her face and neck, kissing any part he could reach.

“I love you, you bloody bastard. Never leave me again or I’ll freeze your balls off and feed them to the bears.” She meant it with the upmost sincerity, but that didn’t stop her from whimpering her words.

“I’ve missed you more than the drylands miss rain, more than the stars miss night, more than-”

“I love you, Kallias. I love you.” She smashed her lips against his again, and she could taste the snow of his scent, the pine that always reminded her of him. She could taste the salt of their collective tears, and feel his heart racing as he pulled her further against him. He walked them forward, still holding up her body and soul, and pressed her against the cold wall. It was a good release, her body become so hot from his touch she wouldn’t be surprised if she left steam in her wake. His hands freely roamed under her coat, slipping above her shirt to touch her oh-so-warm skin.

“You kept me alive, Viviane.” He shuddered. “Not my body, but my resolve, my soul. Every moment was just another until I could return to you. I love you. I should’ve – I should’ve told you before but I was scared.” He rested his forehead to her, and her legs were once again holding her up.

“What’s done is done, never spend another moment of what-ifs, my love. We are here now, we can rectify this now.” She swallowed hard, her emotion tightening her throat.

He placed a sweet, barely there kiss to the skin just under her ear. She could feel his whole body trembling as he slowly got to his knees, pressing his face to her stomach. “Viviane, be my wife. Please, I’ll marry you tonight. I never want there to be another moment where I am not completely and utterly yours.”

A choked sob escaped her at the question, and he looked at her not in alarm, but in understanding.

“Not tonight,” she gasped.

He nodded, but remained on his knees in front of her. His calloused hands were around her calves now, rubbing smooth circles on the tight muscles there.

“We will not marry tonight, because you will make me your wife now. I’ll change into a dress, and you can summon a priestess, and within the hour we will be bound.”

His eyes pierced into her like she was a Goddess he had prayed to for eternity, and maybe, just maybe, she was. “A dress? You could look like a lumberjack and I’d still want you.”

“The dress isn’t for you, silly male.” She patted his head jokingly. “Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve worn something elegant? Far too long, is the answer, and I plan to look ravishing when I take you as my own.”


He had devoured her.

Worshipped her.

Made love to her.

Their souls had sung to one another as their bodies connected. And as Kallias and Viviane were at their highest state of pleasure, the bond had snapped into place, sealing them together everlasting.

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Military Blood

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Anonymous asked:

Hey love your stuff! Do you think you could do a bucky x reader where she’s a soldier and is related to the howling commandos by some relative?

Characters: Bucky x reader, Steve Rogers, Dum Dum Dugan (mentioned)

Summary: Bucky is dragged to an army base to help Steve recruit a soldier for Hill who wants to train someone in intelligence. While watching a fresh batch of army recruits, Bucky can’t help but feel uncomfortable back in an army base, and it doesn’t help that their new recruit is a beautiful woman, but a ghost from Bucky’s past.

Warnings: Swearing, making out???, flirty Bucky

Words: 3627

A/N: I love this idea! Thanks to the anon who requested it, hope you enjoy this xo

Walking along the military base felt wrong to Bucky after so many years. It hadn’t been his idea to come, he’d dragged along at Steve’s request, practically begging him to help out with the newest assignment. Bucky had ever so reluctantly agreed to join as a favour, but was now marching the grounds of an army base feeling like a puzzle piece that didn’t quite belong.

“Remind me again why we’re here?” Bucky asked, tugging down his left sleeve even further to conceal his metal limb from view.

“Pretty simple,” Steve said, “Fury wants us to recruit a soldier.”

“Why?” Bucky asked, what possible use would the Avengers have for a soldier?

“So Hill can move someone up through intelligence.”

“So we’re here to recruit a spy?”

“I guess.”

Bucky hummed in acknowledgement, but was of course distracted by the fact that he felt like he was walking through a distant dream. Everything about the camp was so familiar, but felt just out of reach. He listened to drill sergeants yelling commands, heard huffs of effort from the mouths of those doing push ups, and felt the ground shake with the stomping of boots on the dirt paths.

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You Can Count On Me

For Friday 13th I wanted to write something different than the usual boys. So I hope you guys don’t mind me throwing these guys around. And I hope you all like a little Vampire story-telling.

It’s not scary but I wanted to write something different for a change.

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The instant you stepped off the train and into the darkening streets, you knew it had been a bad idea to come home at this time. Even Dark, upon getting your text messages scolded you fiercely for the decision. 
“You are aware of what day it is, yes?” His growl of a voice vibrated through the phone’s speaker. You sheepishly nodded, even though you knew Dark wouldn’t see it. 
“Yes, yes, Friday the 13th. I’m aware. I’ll speed walk home, it won’t take long.” 
“The Manor is at least six blocks away from the train station, (y/n). And you need to walk through the side streets to get here. No, stay there and I’ll come and get you.” Dark’s voice held no room for an argument. But you were already two blocks away from the station. And upon hearing his, Dark grunted. A noise that sounded between a heavy sigh and a feral growl. “Fine. If you are so intent on getting yourself killed then I have no voice in your decision.” 
You rolled your eyes at Dark’s dramatics. He always complained about Wilford’s exaggerations and then he goes and says things like that. The two could rival one another on theatrics. But you knew he was only getting irritated, and dare you say concerned, about you walking home at night. While you’ve been away, there had been string of murders in the area. And the very thought had you walking a little faster when you remembered Google’s explanation on the gory details. Something you had asked him for over the phone while on your holiday. You didn’t learn quickly enough to be careful what you ask of Google. The Android didn’t know how to filter details. 
“I’ll be ok. My battery is dying so I need to go. But I’ll call you when I’m close.” You said and Dark made another exasperated sigh. 
“You better. And if you take too long, we’re all going out to look for you. And you won’t like it if I find you first, (y/n).” 
“I know. Trust me, I won’t be stopping to pet any stray animals. I’ll see you soon.” You hung up after that remark. Pocketing your phone but keeping a tight grip on it.

Every shadow seemed to mock you as you walked. The lights were a lot dimmer than you remember. But then again, it was cloudy night. The full moon was peeking through the rain clouds to cast it’s silver glow over the streets. It was eerie. But you were glad for the luminescence.
You turned a corner and halted your steps for a moment. A man stood in the centre of the street. He was thin, facing away from you. But the shadows from the very dim street lights cast a shadow over him. Making him appear to be a shadow himself. You didn’t know whether you should turn back around or keep walking. But your decision was made when you blinked and the figure disappeared. You stayed there for a moment, looking around for the man, but continued walking when you found no-one. Your skin crawled with a shiver and you couldn’t help but survey the area around you. There was a sensation on your back, like a pressure. You knew this feeling from living with the Ipliers for so long. 
You were being watched. 
Your footsteps sped up. Gripping your phone tightly you deeply regretted not accepting Dark’s offer to pick you up. A sound carried on the wind. A giggle. Or a high pitched cackle. You weren’t sure, but it unnerved you and soon enough you sped up to a jog. You were about to turn a corner when something snagged your elbow and jerked you into the shadows of a building. A figure loomed over you. Reeking of a metallic scent and their grip soaked your jacket with some kind of warm liquid. Through the gloom, your gaze was transfixed by the stranger’s. They were warm and pools of sparkling emeralds. You couldn’t tear your eyes away from them. They were beautiful. Even as a clawed hand skimmed under the material of your shirt or as the man’s tongue dashed out to taste your skin, you were stuck. Staring into those green gems. 
“Yer not gonna scream for me.” The man’s Irish accent was thick, but it was snatched up by the rumble that radiated off his chest. “And yer gonna stay still while I treat myself.” 
You found your head bobbing on it’s own. Even as your eyes widen when the man leaned down, you didn’t fight his lips brushing over your neck. Your mind willed for him to stop, but your body molded into his as he drew you closer. 

“Release them. Now.” Another voice boomed and suddenly the green-eyed man was thrown away from you. The haze lifted and you stumbled back. Straight into a pair of arms that cradled you against a firm chest. You shook your head to get rid of the fog in your mind, looking up as a monster rushed towards you. In a blur of movement, you were swept into your rescuers arms and soaring into the air. You were set down on the roof of the building as the man landed on it. He barely made a noise as he did and you turned to him. Backing away when the moon’s glow lit his face. 
“D-Dark?” You asked. But it wasn’t him, something was off about his gaze. His complexion sharing that hint of difference to Mark’s appearance. 
“I’m afraid not, my dear. But introductions will have to wait.” His voice held a hint of Transylvanian accent. Like the ones in movies. The man moved you behind him, keeping his arm raised as something crawled over the side of the building and onto the roof. 
Anti… No. Again, the resemblance to the Youtuber was almost identical. Save for the glowing green eyes, that seemed to swirl in their sockets. Like small colored vortex’s. 
“I told you this was my hunting ground, Count.” A hiss of a voice echoed over the roof to you. “That mortal is mine.” 
“They are beginning to suspect you, Marquess.” The man, Count, said in a calm but firm tone. “And we never agreed on hunting grounds. This is my land by right. My brethren live in this area. If you do not stop they will come after you.” 
The other man, Marquess, moved forward. His steps graceful and light, like a dancer. 
“I do not care for brethren like you do, Count Iplier.  Or else I would have scurried to my “kin” as you call them, long ago.” Marquess stepped closer. And Count moved you back. The cloak of his outfit brushed against your skin and you felt a chill run through you. Had that just moved against you? 
“I won’t say again, Marquess Septiceye, leave this area. Before you make me do something I do not want to do.” There was an undertone to Count’s voice. It reminded you of Dark, when he was beginning to lose control of his shell. But this man didn’t seem to be getting angry, only impatient. And even so, he showed no emotion but a small crinkle around his gaze. 

“Then battle me, Count. Let’s fight for these bloodbags.” Marquess leapt into a sprint before he finished speaking. He left a cloud of dust in his wake and you barely saw him move before Count had him by the throat, and threw him into the ground. His cloak exploded and rose high above Count. Looming over him like a beast as he bared two fang like canines at the fallen man. 
“I do not want to battle you. Purely for the sake of keeping this human from seeing our true faces. This one is under my protection. I will not let a dear friend to the Iplier Manor fall victim to rabble like you!” 
The shadow beast crashed down on the Septic Ego and then lifted off into the sky. It left it’s master on the roof but carried Marquess high into the air before erupting into what appeared to be hundreds of small bats. 
Count turned to you as the sound of the other man’s crying filled the night sky. 
“My apologies, my dear. If I had known you were arriving tonight, I would have escorted you home myself.” 
You were unable to speak. Your eyes widening further as the swarm of bats dived down to gather around Count’s back. Reforming his cloak just as the other Ego plummeted into the alley beside the building. You didn’t hear a splat or a cry of pain, so you could only suspect that the man had landed neatly and ran off. 
But your guess was shattered when a green cloud of crackling vapor shot into the air and dived towards you. You saw a misty form of reaching claws and eyes that glowed brighter than lightening as the mist raced towards you. 
Suddenly you were enveloped in a chilling cloud of black as Count flew his cloak around you. It was like being wrapped in a thick furry blanket, but it was as cold as ice. It shook as the vapor struck it. A screech of fury from the other being could be heard and then a bellowing roar filled the air as Count spun, swiping at Marquess as he formed flesh. Black claws raked down the Septiceye’s chest and he reeled back as Count charged forward. His eyes ablaze with a deep pink brillance. The same swirling vortex sight filling his iris’. 
“Leave, Marquess. Or I will make sure your coffin stays shut forever!” Count bellowed. The air shaking with his voice. 
Marquess hissed and disappeared over the side of the building. You stayed silent for what felt like an eternity. Waiting for the Septic-Ego to come back. It was only when Count turned to you, his eyes had returned to normal. But you could see the tips of his fangs poking out from beneath his lips. 
“Excuse my indecency. That creature brings out the worse in me.” Count said. His voice careful but smooth. It reminded you of Dark when he was trying to coax you into calming down. 
“I…I’m sorry, I’m kinda of in shock right now. Who are you?” You forced the words out so you weren’t standing there like a fish gasping for air. Count smiled patiently and nodded, bowing and sweeping his arm in a gracious curtsy. 
“I am Count Iplier, my dear. And I must apologize again for my ignorance. It is true I have yet to make myself known to the rest of my kin. But I know all about you and the other Ipliers. I wanted to know if this…Manor was of my tastes and I had to investigate it. And I must say, my kin aren’t exactly…. altogether.” 

You couldn’t help but chuckle. Nodding in agreement. “They’re a bunch of strange men. Who are probably out hunting for me right now.” You quickly checked your phone and cursed quietly. You should have at least reached the Manor’s security border by now. Google would have seen you on the cameras and no doubt would have sent Dark out to escort you the rest of the way. Count looked off into the distance. His eyes narrowing a little and he offers you a gloved hand. 
“Perhaps it is time for me to introduce myself to the rest of my brothers. Would you like assistance getting off this roof, my dear?” He asked, as casually as you would when asking someone if they wanted a glass of water. You rolled your eyes, already seeing the resemblance between this man and the others. You took the offered hand, the leather rather cold against your skin, and the man pulled you tightly against his side. Count guided you to the edge of the roof, holding you steady when you wobbled from looking down, and then dropped. 
You yelped loudly, but Count was careful to hold you so he landed first and could soften you fall by lowering you gently to the floor. 

Dark heard the yelp echo through the streets and made a beeline for you. He stalked through the shadows, coming into the street just as you did. His snarl was beyond furious and you backed up a little when he closed in. 
“I gave you a fair warning to what will happen if you take your time-” But Dark’s threat was cut off by Count stepping out of the shadows. The two regarded each other for a long, tense moment. And you could practically feel the air between them ripple with suspicion. 
“I take it you are the cause of all these deaths.” Dark’s tone returned to it’s natural calm drawl. And the Count nodded. 
“A few. But the real culprit is Marquess Septiceye. Another Vampire Ego. I’d suggest retreating the others to the Manor. He’s been feasting for three days. He’s strong if you’re caught in single combat.” Count replied in an equally cool tone. You dearly hoped these two kept on good terms. You knew how younger Egos weren’t as strong as the popular, older Egos. But you had a feeling that Count was a threat in his own right. Being a….Vampire. 
Your thoughts were scattered when Dark’s firm gaze turned back on you. 
“We aren’t done. But I will save your scolding when we get home.” Dark took a firm hold of your elbow and went to drag you behind him when he quickly spun back around. 
His fingers came away wet with red liquid, and he quickly removed your jacket to inspect the area. 
“Marquess had recently fed.” Count informed Dark, as the Ego withdrew his hands and returned your jacket upon seeing no injury. “He is covered in blood. You will smell him before you see him.” 
You didn’t want to put the jacket back on. The red stain sickened you. And now you could feel the blood sticking to your arm that had soaked through your coat. Count seemed to sense your unease and took the jacket from you. His eyes strayed on the stain for a second longer than was necessary. But he nodded to you, trailing along behind you and Dark as the older Ego led the way home.


Just finished sprints with Rambo. Both of us are gassed 💦👌🏾😅

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Cheap Thrills - Suho X Reader (Part 3) - Final

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Synopsis: Junmyeon helps you recover from your panic attack at the amusement park and things get cUte~

Genre: Fluff/angst

Word Count: 2,764  

Part 1 | Part 2 

The girl looked down down at you, a mischievous, playful smirk highlighting her despicable expression.

“He’s my boyfriend.”


You were dumbfounded.

No, you were more surprised at yourself for not having realized sooner. You weren’t on par with someone like her. Just by looking at her, this girl screamed elegance and envy, and here you were in a soaked, oversized sweatshirt with your hair resembling that of a wet dog.

Junmyeon had finished his sprint and arrived in front of you, shoving himself between you and the woman who claimed to be his girlfriend.

“Seomin, what the hell do you think you’re doing?” He panted, turning around to face you in the midst of your confusion, “Listen, (y/n), it’s not what you think at all, I don’t even-”

“No, it’s okay, it really is,” You smiled at the ground as you stood up, gathering your belongings and preparing to leave, “I’m sorry for not realizing sooner. I’ll give you two some space.”

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prompt from @captainhoyw:

“trimberly dance class prompt. just. the idea of like trini being into hip hop and smoother spanish music (check santana) is like so embedded in my mind at this point and i need a fic where trini either decides to, or has been, going to dance classes and then the rangers tag along at some point and its gay”

this inspired me to do research and i found this video of a hip-hop and jazz dance group’s routine to smooth by santana and i was impressed to say the least. this was so much fun to write–thanks for the prompt!!! (honestly i had so much fun with this i’ll probably make it multiple chapters ok hope y’all don’t mind)

cross-posted on AO3


“You’re in a dance class?” Zack asked, laughing out the question. The Rangers had headed to Krispy Kreme after training, and he had nearly choked on his doughnut when Trini revealed why she needed to leave soon.

Trini scowled at him. “My mom figured that if I was in an extracurricular I’d be less likely to start fights with, say, an annoying fellow superhero.”

“I’m sorry,” Zack guffawed. “I gotta ask. Do you wear a tutu?” He doubled over and slapped his hand on the table. To Zack’s right, Billy winced and scooted nearer to the edge of the booth.

“I used to do ballet,” Jason mused from his spot at the head of the table. He had pulled up a chair, and Kim and Trini shared the other bench at the booth.

Zack stared incredulously at their leader, no doubt imagining him in a leotard.

Trini flashed a small smile at Jason, thanking him for taking the attention off of her. “I gotta go,” she said, gesturing for Kim to move from her spot on the outside of the bench so that Trini could leave.

Kim didn’t get up right away. “Hang on,” she started. “I’ll drive you. Meet me out front?”

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Science Partners (Peter Parker x Reader) - Part 6

A/N: Thank you for all of the amazing support on this series!! Let me know if you guys have any ideas or requests for Peter or any other Marvel characters or any other fandoms!! Again, thank you all so so so so much for the love. Enjoy!! xx

Warnings: violence, kidnapping, sad Peter


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Your cheeks were tear stained and cold from the biting wind. You hugged yourself tightly as you turned down an ally towards the back way of the apartments you lived in. Your sneakers slapped the pavement and a scent of rotting fruit clung to the air. 

You tried to take a few deep breaths as you got closer to your apartments. You were trying to clear your head. The pain in Peter’s eyes kept flashing in your mind. The words he said, though, hit you so hard. Were you really that needy? Were you just really not understanding? Was it a good idea to break up with him? It had to be, right? It is better to just end it before anyone got seriously hurt. 

You were so absorbed in your thoughts and your gaze was concentrated on your shoes, that you didn’t even notice someone following you. The stranger was a man in a leather jacket with a furry collar. He came up behind you, silently. He wrapped his arms around you, covering your mouth with a damp cloth. You kicked out your legs in panic and bit down on the cloth. The man dropped your for a moment and you shouted, “Peter!” before a blunt force was applied to your head, knocking you unconscious. 

* * *

Peter’s heart began to race and he jumped from his bed. “She’s missing?!” he shouted, gripping his hair. His chest heaved with worry. This was his fault. It was all his fault. Why did he ignore you so much? Why was he so stupid?

May nodded her head, tears welling up in her eyes. May absolutely loved you and loved when you started dating her nephew. “Her mom thought maybe she spent the night here since she wasn’t at Ned’s.”

All Peter could do was shake his head. He couldn’t believe it. He needed to find you. He needed to make sure you were safe. As he frantically threw on any clothes he could find, he said, “I… I need to go.” 

He grabbed his bag and his phone, sprinting for the door. “Peter! You can stay home from school if you..” but Peter was out the door before she could finish. Peter sprinted down the stairs and out into the street. His heart hadn’t slowed down. It seemed to be beating faster. Peter slipped into the nearest alley and ducked down behind a dumpster. He pulled out his phone and called Ned. 

“Please tell me you guys made up and she spent the night at your place,” Ned said as soon as he picked up his phone. 

Peter felt his lip tremble and tears threaten to spill over. He swallowed hard and said with a shaky voice, “We need to find her. Have you tried calling her?”

“Yeah but it just keeps ringing.” Peter could hear Ned’s voice begin to waver. 

“I… I’m going to try to call her. I’m going to find her.” Ned simply replied with an ‘okay’ before Peter ended the call. He found your name in his contacts with the little picture of you in his swivel chair. The corner of his mouth perked up and he stared fondly at the photo for a moment. 

He clicked your name and held the phone up to his ear, trying to steady his breathing. After the second ring, someone picked up. “(Y/N),” Peter shouted, a tear falling, “Where are you? Are you okay? I’m so so sorry for everything! Please tell me where…”

“Hello to you too, Spidey,” a man’s voice said. 

Peter gripped his phone tightly, hearing the screen crack in his grip. “Who are you? What have you done to her?”

The man chuckled, a low, slimy chuckle. “I haven’t done anything to her… yet. Come find us at warehouse B in the abandoned shipping yard. Come alone or say goodbye to your little girlfriend.” The man hung up the phone. 

Peter’s chest swelled with anger. Swiftly, Peter began to strip behind the dumpster, adorning his Spider-Man suit. With a click of his web-shooters, Peter swung himself out of the alley and headed towards the shipping yard. 

“Suit, call Ned,” Peter breathed, swinging from the top of a bank to the next building. 

“Have you heard from her?” Ned asked.

“I heard from the guy who took her. I’m on my way there now.”

“Well, tell me where she is, I’ll call the police!”

“No, Ned. He said I had to come alone. He wants Spider-Man. I need to save her, Ned. I can’t lose her anymore than I already have.”

“You better save her. I’m not losing my best friend. Let me know if you need any help.” Ned ended the call. Peter sat perched on a lamppost outside of the shipping yard. He scanned the mass of warehouses for warehouse B. He found it quickly and sprinted across the other warehouse roofs towards it. 

Climbing down the side of the warehouse, he noticed that the side door stood ajar. Carefully, he opened the door just enough for him to slip through. He padded silently across the concrete floor. In the center of the warehouse, you sat bound to a chair beneath a lamp. There was a gag in your mouth and your head hung awkwardly to the side. Peter ripped his mask off and sprinted towards you. “(Y/N), please, please be okay,” he cried as he took you by the shoulders. He tried shaking you but your head just lolled side to side. “Please..” he said through tears, “I can’t lose you…” 

A hard force knocked into Peter, sending him flying into a metal support beam. He held his head as he jumped to his feet. He looked at his assailant, now standing under the lamp light. It was the metal bird man. “Nice of you to show up, Spider-Man,” the man said through his mask. “I was beginning to wonder if I had to take drastic measures with your little friend here.” 

Peter saw red. He was enraged. He bound the man’s feet to the floor with webbing and shot a string towards you, pulling you towards him. The man let out an angry bellow, using one of the metal wings to cut the string and stop your movement. You banged against the metal wing and toppled over in the chair, your head hitting the floor hard. The man tore his feet out of the webbing, using the metal claws attached to his feet. The edges of his wings were like blades and one was pressed to your exposed throat. 

“I’ll give you a choice, Peter,” the man said with a cruel smirk. “You stop interfering with my work and I won’t kill the ones you love. It’s as simple as that, kid.” 

Peter’s heart slammed in his chest and his jaw locked with anger. He had a responsibility to stop people like him but he couldn’t have anything happen to you. Tears pricked at the corners of his eyes and he clenched his hands. With a hard swallow, Peter opened his mouth to respond, “Alright. Just… Just don’t hurt her, please.”

The man removed the blade from your throat. “Good answer, kid. I hated doing this but I have people to look out for. Hopefully, we won’t see each other again.” With that, the man flew out of the open warehouse garage door. 

Peter sprinted over to you, sliding on his knees. He ripped your bindings off of you as if it was nothing. Gently, he cradled you in his arms, stroking your hair. “Please, open you eyes, please wake up, please,” Peter whispered, tears falling down his cheeks and nose, splashing onto your blank face. “I love you, (Y/N), I love you. Please, wake up,” he sobbed. “I’m so sorry I did this to you. This is all my fault.” He pressed his forehead against yours, closing his eyes tight. He held you tight, rocking you back and forth. 

Peter felt a tentative hand on his shoulder. “Peter, let’s get her to the hospital,” Mr. Stark said. Peter held you, trembling. He didn’t want to move you. “Kid, come on.” Tony wrapped an arm around Peter’s shoulders and helped him to his feet. He scooped you up bridal style, resting your head against his chest. “I’m sorry I didn’t get here sooner…” Peter just nodded his head as Tony led him out of the warehouse. Peter’s heart felt like it stopped. 

You had been in the hospital for four days without once waking up. For the first two days, Peter never left your side, clutching your hand in his. May made him come home on the third night and go to school the next day. As soon as the bell rang, however, Peter was out the door and at your side. 

On the fourth day, Peter walked into your room to see your mom at your side and you still asleep. Your mom smiled at Peter kindly. “She has started mumbling in her sleep. The doctors say she should wake up soon.”

Peter’s heart felt light and a wide grin spread across his face. He walked over to your mom, who started rubbing her sore neck. He placed a hand on her shoulder and said, “I can stay here with her if you want to go rest. I’ll call if anything happens.” 

She placed her hand gingerly over his and looked up at him. “You’re such a sweet young man, Peter. I couldn’t ask for a better person to look after my little girl.” Your mom got up from the uncomfortable hospital chair, stretching her back. She gave Peter a tight hug before retrieving her purse, giving you a kiss on your forehead, and leaving the room. 

Peter took her place, slipping his left hand into your right. He pulled out his math homework and placed it next to you on the bed, working on it as he rubbed circles onto the back of your hand with his thumb. As he was finishing a problem, he heard you groan. He snapped his gaze up to your face. “(Y/N)…” he said in a hushed tone. 

“Peter…” you mumbled, nothing but your lips moving. You weren’t awake but you were talking. 

“I’m here, sweetheart, I’m here.” Peter placed his other hand over yours, squeezing tight. Your hands were like ice. 

“Peter… I’m sorry. I’m sorry, Peter.”

Peter’s heart felt like it was breaking. He shook his head and his cheeks grew hot. Warm tears began to slide down his face. “No… No, you have nothing to be sorry for. Please. I was the dick. I didn’t pay attention to you. You’re perfect, (Y/N). You’ve done nothing wrong, nothing. I love you.. I love you..” Peter placed warm kisses against your hand between sentences, his tears dripping onto your hand and arm. He looked up to your face, placing a hand on your icy cheek. “Ned was right. I should have told you. This could have been avoided if I told you and paid attention to you,” Peter whispered. 

You remained silent except for your soft breathing. Peter moved his hand from your cheek. He pressed your knuckles to his lips and mumbled against them, “I love you.”

“I love you too…”

A/N: AHHHHHH another little cliffhanger!!!! I’m sorry this one was also a downer!!! I promise that it will get happier in the next chapters!!! I hope you liked it!!! xx

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“Shawnnnnn, I wanna do something,” you said, dragging out the last letter of your boyfriend’s name. It was a Sunday morning, and according to Shawn, Sundays were meant for staying in. Though you loved his cuddles, you decided that staying in bed was getting boring.

“We’re in each other’s presence,” he said, “I think that that’s good enough, yeah?”

You felt your face grow hot, as it always did when he would drop even the simplest compliment, though you weren’t sure that was meant to be taken as a compliment.

“I love you, but can we get up?” You turned around in your position as the little spoon to face him, studying the shadows that were projected onto his face. The sun peeking through the blinds drew light and dark stripes across his chocolate eyes, chapped strawberry lips, chiseled jaw.

“I’m lazy,” he replied. “And stop staring, weirdo.”

“You’re always lazy,” you shot back.

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Pep Talk

JANUARY- It’s called “kick-off month” for a reason. Write as much as you can while you still have high energy and motivation. It’s a new year- get as far ahead as you can to ensure that you will be able to meet your resolutions. While you should challenge yourself to write as much as you can this month, as you may need the extra words later, be careful not to burn out the first month. That would suck.

FEBRUARY- Don’t slack off! Just because you had a lot of words during January doesn’t mean you’ll be able to get a lot of words every other month. Focus hard and chase those words!

MARCH- Expand your goal a bit this month. Going for the standard 365k? Try writing 35k this month instead of 30k.

APRIL- Four months in. This is probably getting hard, but it’s time to remember why you started. You’ve been writing much more than you ever would have! Are you behind? Good news: you have eight months and three National Novel Writing Months in which you can catch up in! Keep writing!

MAY- The weather’s getting nice. Try writing somewhere different! Change your environment, your writing style, your medium, whatever it takes to keep your inspiration! Follow your muse.

JUNE- We’re halfway through! Write as many words as you possibly can without burning out this month! You may need the boost later!

JULY- It’s finally summer! Now, hopefully, you have a lot more time to write! Around this time, there are usually two Camp NaNoWriMos. See November on why you should consider participating.

AUGUST- Don’t be afraid to mix up your mediums! You consider yourself a novelist? That’s great! Maybe you’ll fall in love with poetry if you give it a try, though. A great way to avoid burning out is to try different things!

SEPTEMBER- School may be starting up for you and everything sucks again, right? Well, hey, at least you still have your writing! Get your school work done, but don’t let school take away from your writing. You’re nine months in. Now is not the time to let anything stand in the way of your goal.

OCTOBER- Many writers dedicate this month, or at least part of it, to National Novel Training Month in preparation for next month’s event: National Novel Writing Month. REMEMBER: planning now counts as words!

NOVEMBER- Consider participating in National Novel Writing Month: a challenge to write at least 50,000 words in a month! This is a great boost to your word count!

DECEMBER- THE FINISH LINE IS ON THE HORIZON! Sprint to the finish! Regardless of whether or whether not you wrote 365,000 words this year or just aimed to write everyday, hopefully you wrote more this year than you normally would… but, if you’re a planner, don’t forget to plan what you’re going to write next year!

Overall, the best advice I can give is to create every day.

Added the ability to sprint (finished animation pending), and with that every basic movement maneuver is covered. Will have to spend some time fine-tuning and replacing/fixing those animations.

Also fixed my collision map generation code as otherwise sprinting and sliding would have had some funky behavior when dealing with ‘em.

(repost because tumblr refused to animate the gif version on my end)



anon asked: Idk if I’ve requested this before on someone else blog but ur a newsie and during the riot , romeo goes to the cops"it’s about time u showed up" part and when that cop hits romeo u rush over and kick the cops ass and u both take care of each other’s wounds since the delanceys roughed u up too

summary: you and romeo get a beating and confess feelings whilst patching each other up

**romeo is great and i love him

“Once for all and all for one…”

Early celebrations were cut short by the rapping of a baton on metal railing. Weasel, the Delancey’s, and dozens of goons flooded into Newsies Square. The rioting newsies scurried to hide behind wagons and stacks of newspapers, awaiting the next command from Jack Kelly. Y/N gave a quick glance to her best friend, Romeo.

It was a common fact that he was a total flirt. It’s where he got his nickname from. That didn’t seem to stop Y/N falling head over heels in love with him though.

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Took this with burst and it saved as a little gif haha 😛

Hit a pre-work AM full body workout today and here’s what I did:

Warm up: elliptical, 10 min: resistance: 9 incline: 10

Circuit 1: walking lunges 4x6 (each leg) SS overhead triceps extensions: 4x8 SS hammer curls: 4x8 (each arm)

Circuit 2: weighted step ups: 4x5 (each leg) SS lateral raises: 4x10 SS weighted calve raises 4x12

Circuit 3: stiff leg dumbbell deadlifts: 4x12 SS bicep curls: 4x8 (each arm) SS weighted Russian twists: 4x30

Circuit 4: glute push down on assisted pull up machine: 4x8 (each leg) SS assisted pull up: 4x8 SS bicycle crunches: 4x50

Circuit 5: kettle bell swings: 4x8 SS bent over row: 4x8 SS v-ups: 4x25

Finish with sprints on treadmill: 5 reps, 9.7 mph, 25 sec on, 45 sec off

This workout felt amazing! Currently at the office sipping on some coffee and snacking on a Power Crunch bar 😍 I don’t work Fridays so going out tonight and for the anon who asked I will try to get an outfit pic uploaded!

anonymous asked:

Hello! I recently Graduated University and have been dealing with many overwhelming emotions. I am scared, unconfident in myself, unsure of what I want to to do but feeling time ticking by (if you know what I mean). While I know these are all normal emotions to feel durring times like these, I would love a BTS reaction to their girlfriend experiencing this shift in her life. Thank you!!

I had the same experience as you dear… but here I am a year later, slowly getting the hang of things. :) A word advice: the only way to fight through this is to believe that you could. It’s true that you’re not going to be the best out there… but you can try your best and make a difference in your own way :) 

PS: I only do two members per reaction so I randomly picked one from the hyung and maknae line whom I thought would be very responsive to this type of situation.

Jin just graduated himself and I think he could really put himself in your shoes and be the supportive boyfriend you need at this time. He saw you sitting alone on your couch, hugging your legs to your chest and staring out the window solemnly. Jin knew from the moment he saw your face that something was wrong.

“Hey jagi,” He says as he kisses the crown of your head and plops down beside you. “What’s wrong?”

You look up at him with a small smile, “Nothing…just thinking.”

“What are you thinking about?” He asks and you shrug. 

“Everything.” you mumble and before you knew it, your worries and fears began to spill from your lips; how scared you were to face adulthood, how hard it was to find a job; how amazing the other applicants were and how you felt so small under the eyes of the company’s superiors. Jin listened attentively, holding your hand and rubbing comforting circles on your skin as he lets you rant about your problems and worries.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know it bothered you this much.” He sighed as he reached out to wipe a tear that escaped your eye. 

“You don’t need to apologize, it’s just me… I’m being a baby about this–”

“No. It’s okay to feel that way. We all do. I just wished I could’ve helped you sooner. You’re amazing, Y/N, you know that? And if you don’t feel confident or if you’re worried about being not good enough, then I’ll be here to remind you that you are. You are more than enough and the world simply cannot wait to see what you have in store for them.”

You smile up at his words, intertwining your fingers with his. “How do yo sound so sure?”

“Because it’s you.” Jin simply said with no hesitation and you swore you felt your heart skip a beat. “And you’re the reason I became more confident in myself and what I can do. Before you, I was so insecure. I thought companies were only in it for my looks…but you told me I was more than that. You told me I had talent and that I should show them. I wouldn’t be half the man I am now if it weren’t for you.”

Your eyes water at his words and you let yourself be wrapped up in his arms. “You are more than that, Jin.”

“And so are you. And I’ll be here to keep reminding you that until you finally believe it yourself.” <3

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“Y/N? Are you in there? Open the door, honey.”

“Go away, Tae. Please…”

Taehyung’s eyes widens at your reply, hearing how strangled your voice sounds coupled with the sound of sniffles against the door. You were crying and it was worrying him. 

“Y/N? What’s wrong? Are you hurt?” He knocks on your door once more, adamant at being let in. “Please open up.”

“I’m fine. I’m not hurt. I just want to be alone…”


“I don’t want you to see me like this.”

Taehyung frowns, hearing your voice close to the door. He had his ear pressed against the wood, struggling to hear you from the inside. He heard your cries and his face pinched, hating how he couldn’t do anything about it. He didn’t like it when you were sad.

“Baby… what are you talking about? I always want to see you. Even if you’ve just woken up and had bad breath and your hair is ticking out all over the place.”

“No, I look horrible. And I’m just… I’m just so tired. I don’t know what to do anymore.”

Taehyung’s frown deepens. “What are you talking about?” He asks gently and before he knew it, you were saying things about not being good enough, being scared of the future, and how you felt like you didn’t have a single clue on what to do next in your life.

“I’m so scared, Tae.” You sob, and Taehyung’s heart twists. “What if I end up being a failure? A homeless, jobless, failure–”

“That’s not going to happen.” Taehyung sighs, head still glued to the door. “You have me, remember? We can get married and you won’t have to work a day in your life!”

“Tae~” You whine and he smiles, glad you were at least responding to his teasing. 

“Can you open the door, please? I want to look at you when I say this.”

There was silence on the other side and Taehyung bit his lip, hoping you’d finally let him. 

His heart soars when he finally hears the door being locked, seeing the door knob turning. Your face comes into view next and upon seeing your tear-stained cheeks, Taehyung’s heart breaks and in a split second he was pulling you into his arms; letting you cry on him (You were staining his Gucci shirt but it didn’t matter… you were more–most important <3)

“Silly, why would you think you weren’t enough? You’re the smartest, most beautiful, and most amazing person I know.” He whispers against your hair as your bury your face on his chest, still crying.

“My friends already know what they’re going to do…  some of them are already starting their jobs. Even you’re at the peak of your career!” you mention and Taehyung resisted the urge to roll his eyes. “And I… I feel like I’m getting left behind, Tae; like everyone is sprinting to the finish line without me.”

“You’re not.” He squeezes you once. “You just graduated. These things take time, Y/N…”

“But what if I run out of time?”

Taehyung holds you at arms length then, cupping your cheeks tenderly as he wipes your sadness away. “Then I’ll be here to fall back with you. Let them get ahead… I’ll be here to hold your hand and finish this race with you.”

Your blink at his words, feeling your heart swell. Taehyung always liked joking around but he knew when to get serious. You wonder how on earth he knew the right words to say all the time.

“That was cheesy.” You mumble. 

“But you loved it.” He counters cheekily which makes you smile. 

“Yeah, you’re lucky I love you.” you say and he chuckles and pulls you in for another hug.

“I love you too. Take it easy babe, okay? You have time.” He feels you nod against his chest and he smiles, glad that you were feeling a little better.

“Thanks Tae.”

“And besides, like I said… we can always get married and you won’t have to–” Laughter bubbles out of him as you poke his stomach, whining as you felt the blush rising to your cheeks. 


“Y/N~” He whines back, making you laugh even more and you wonder how on earth you got so lucky to have him–a literal angel–in your life. 

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I’m crying. lol so handsome >.<

hope that made you feel better, anonie. Thanks for requesting!

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- Kaye Allen

My gray-pallored skin, this
Hearty handshake with
Goodbye, the reasons my
Heart continues to beat

Infinitesimal and shrinking,
I’ve been sprinting to the
Finish as long as I’ve been
Alive, through toxic tundra

Into aching heat, my skin
Shrivels, my blisters are
Badges I wear with no pride.
Half awake, I dream of sleep.


Kwiatkowski wins Milan-San Remo - Sagan, Alaphilippe settle for podium in breakaway trio

Michal Kwiatkowski (Team Sky) won an excruciatingly close photo-finish sprint on the Via Roma in Milan-San Remo, topping world champion Peter Sagan (Bora-Hansgrohe), with Julian Alaphilippe (QuickStep) in third.
“After previous editions in 2013 and 2014 when I’ve been unlucky, winning Milano-San Remo is an incredible feeling,” Kwiatkowski said. “I’m thankful to my teammates, they did an incredible job today. I didn’t expect Sagan to attack on the Poggio. After he did, I expected a bunch sprint but he maintained a high speed at the front. I focused only on my own sprint. I can’t believe I’ve beaten Sagan!”