To the Lilacs

Tender flowers,

Delicate colors,

Covering spring

In floret bright skin.

Merciless lilacs blossom again,

Counting my days till the end.

How many times can I walk down this lane?

What will the autumn portend?

Your beauty’s unswerving from year to year,

While my sunny days are long gone.

The children around you, in decades, will cheer, still cheer,

When my life and my name will be shadows bygone.

© illirein 2017

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anonymous asked:

May I please get HC for Bokuto, Koganegawa, Lev, Asahi and Hinata where their chubby s/o feel like she is too heavy for them and they cheer her up some way? Cuddling, piggieback rides, kissing, etc. something fluffy🤗🤗❤️ I'm currently have issues with my self confidence 😅😕 but thank you!🤗

I’m sorry you’re having issues and that this took so long to get out!! I hope you’re doing better, and here’s those headcanons for ya!! They’re sort of like a mini scenario in headcanon style, hope you don’t mind <3

Bokuto Koutarou

  • As soon as he finds out that his s/o is feeling insecure, he immediately rushes to their side and grabs their hands, saying “No, oh no don’t feel like that! You’re gorgeous!”
  • When they mention that they feel that they’re to heavy to be carried around or do other romantic, cute things, Bokuto swoops in.
  • He starts boasting about how strong he is, and that they’re not heavy at all, and to prove it he grabs them and lifts them off the ground and into his arms.
  • “See! You’re not too heavy! You’re light as a feather!”
  • And it’s true, Bokuto seems to have no trouble holding onto his s/o and sprinning them in little circles, beaming as he hears their giggles.
  • Sets them back down and places his hands on their shoulders, looking them in the eye as he speaks.
  • “Your weight’s not a problem in the slightest. You’re perfect the way you are, so don’t worry!”

Koganegawa Kanji

  • When he finds out his s/o is feeling down with their confidence because of their weight, he just stares them in the eyes with a kinda confused, blank look and goes “Well, I mean you are more on the heavy side but I don’t see how that’s a problem.”
  • At his s/o’s expression he realizes how they could have taken his words and rushes to fix it.
  • “I- I mean, your weight isn’t anything to worry about!! You’re fine the way you are!!”
  • Apologizes profusely and starts showering them in compliments, talking about how them being chubby means they’re more fun to hug, and that he loves cuddles and that they’re adorable and that he just loves being with them and so on and so forth.
  • Has them go and sit down somewhere comfy for cuddles to prove his point.
  • Rubs his hands over theirs or on their shoulders as he takes a chance and asks them why they’re not feeling good about themselves.
  • Listens to what they have to say and tries to dispel their insecurities by listing out the things he likes about them.
  • Starts insisting on cuddles more.

Lev Haiba

  • He honestly can’t see what they’re so down about.
  • Like Koganegawa, he’s a bit blunt and says something along the same lines of “So what if you’re chubby?” Before quickly following it with. “That’s not bad, right?”
  • Doesn’t really know what to do, so to try and prove them wrong he tells them to get on his back.
  • “Come on seriously, you’re not that heavy, just climb on and you’ll see.”
  • He’s able to easily carry them on his back, walking in longer strieds and occasionaly jumping a bit to hear his s/o’s surprised giggles/squeaks, which make him grin.
  • Sets them down only after they ask him to.
  • Boasts about how strong he is and that they’re size doesn’t matter, he’ll carry them wherever they want whenever they want.
  • Bends down so that he’s their height and looks them in the eye, promising that they’re gorgeous and that they have nothing to be ashamed about.
  • And he really means it.
  • And then bops them on the nose to try and make them laugh.

Asahi Azumane

  • He understands where they’re coming from, knowing how it feels to be self conscious about their appearance. For them, it’s their weight, and with him, it’s his height and his face.
  • Sits down with them and tentatively reaches out, taking their hand in his and rubbing circles into the skin over their knuckles.
  • “Look, I know this may sound like empty words to you, but really. Your weight isn’t a problem. You’re… Attractive no matter your size, and I really like you as you are now. Don’t feel insecure, okay?”
  • His smile is really gentle, and he promises that whenever they start feeling insecure or bad he’ll go to wherever they are and give them a big, long hug so that they don’t feel bad anymore.
  • Asahi is kind of shy when it comes to displays of affection, and can rarely get the words “I love you” out without panicking, but he figures that now is as good a time as any.
  • Plants a soft, hesitant kiss on their forehead and then smiles bashfully at them, apologizing.
  • He suggests some fun things for them to do to get their mind off of the heavy feelings and away from the heavy mood.
  • Keeps holding their hand for the entire day.

Hinata Shouyou

  • He’s honestly surprised that his s/o could feel bad about themselves.
  • To him, they really are the embodiment of everything wonderful and beautiful, but after thinking about it he guesses it makes sense that they’d have some insecurities- Everyone does, after all.
  • Reminds them repeatedly that them being chubby isn’t a bad thing, and that he loves it about them and as long as they’re happy and healthy, he’s happy!
  • He tries to figure out what to say without making being chubby seem bad but also without crossing the boundary and saying that he doesn’t want them to ever change.
  • Eventually Hinata comes up with the decision to face them head on and tell them what he thinks.
  • “You shouldn’t be ashamed of your weight or if it affects how pretty you are- it doesn’t! You look wonderful and gorgeous and I still don’t know how you decided you would go out with me. I really care about you, okay? As long as your healthy and your happy, I think that’s great! Don’t worry about what you look like, okay? You’re amazing!”
  • Builds up the courage to kiss them for the first time, to try and make his point seem more valid?
  • He really doesn’t know what he’s doing.
  • When he sees his s/o smiling, though, he knows he must have done something right and grins, grabbing their hand in his and promising that he’ll take them wherever they wanna go, be that a restaurant, a museum, a garden, the park, a shop- whatever!
  • He just wants them to see themselves as as pretty as he sees them.