September Horoscope by Zachary Cosby

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Art by Pat Perry


Welcome to September. Watch for a stranger to become a new friend, and then fall slowly back into a new and punishing kind of stranger. If you vibrate harder, you will reveal the connection between bone and stone. Between winter and her. Between death and frozen yogurt with sprinkles. Talk to an Aries. I like to think you’ll be proud of the pieces of paper that will fall from your mouth. Maybe September is a good month to remain indoors with the bolts heavy in their locks. Maybe September is a good month to hide.


Dream about all the people you almost became as if they were ghosts again, again, again, again. Pave a street in the corner of your mind for them to march along in spectral parades. Put your hands around your mouth and chant “booo, booo” for all the ghosts to see. Put your hands around your throat and join them. No. Instead, go for a walk. Wherever you like. Wherever finds you happy, take a seasonal nap there. Radiate floral energy. This September will be a perfect month of ceaseless regret. It’s what you do.


All skeletons are smiling so why can’t you.


I know you think this horoscope contains all the answers, but you are wrong. I am tired of pretending to know who you are (every word is serious). Here, this is my phone number (503 5026573). Use it. Tell me what it means to drift into September. Tell me what to do with the rivers of days that empty inside our mouths. Tell me where this one went wrong.


This is September, and so are you. Become more fluid but no less memorable. Love the world from inside eyes both simple and delighted. Drink in the different colors of light and stop for both flowers and blooming flowers. This body is something else, and it suits you. It always will.


This September, you will receive a letter in the mail from a loved one. Burn it. You will find a mannequin head in the featherclouds of your bed. Hide it. You will find an open sky in the touch of his hand and it will be the same size as a plum blossum. Hold it. The most beautiful parts of September are the tiny prayers of when you whisper “goodnight”. Goodnight.


This September, you will find the white flower you have been searching for. You will be admired for boundless lakes. Seek out the significance of long yellow curtains in the settings of your dreams. Like a deer lost in a factory and grazing upon metal grass, you have a knack for solving problems. Have you ever read a book about water? How about clouds? Why and why not?


Run up the branches of a tree. Call your mother and say goodnight. Read the stars out loud and don’t be ashamed to laugh at the funny parts. Plant an idea in soil and eat the fruit to stone. You are like a simile that falls apart. A metaphor that horse head. You can solve so many problems by drinking more water. This September, be mindful of those you have previously hurt.


Who are you? This September, try doing more of that instead.


It makes me nervous to think how September is already here. How does the unraveling of a year make you feel? 2016 waits for you like a rusted metal bird. You will learn from your mistakes. You will take some time to know yourself. You will come to see how all the things are death. You will notice how even the tiniest death suddenly turns to death. To counter, you should death who death your death. Also, if death were death about death a death who’s death, death is death is death is death is the conversation. After all, we do so much listening, and so very little talking.


September wrote a message for you across the sky: What do you think about the way imaginations work? I think it’s pretty neat, the way floor can become hot lava, the way furniture catches on fire or melts. Here’s the thing: you can’t turn this off. September will climb on your back like a tiny wooden pony. September will feed you hay and oats while you prance around the room on all fours. When you finally stop for water, September will pause to take survey of the great rolling expanse of your living room, as if feeling the contours of an unbroken dream.


This September, pour yourself a glass of something that looks like water. Sit down at something the same shape as a table and hold something with the same feel as paper. Write these words which are not words, but something slow and heavy that pours from your mouth. Who was that person you met last week? They were a real person, yes, but you were something else, closer to the brushstrokes of a moth. I don’t know where all this is going. What all this means. You can love and live entirely in the long shadows of a moon.

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Do sprinkles make Greek yogurt better? I mean, honestly, anything is better than yogurt. Am I the only one that can’t eat the stuff? Delight in my torture, and let me know what you’d like me to try next! (Check back next Wednesday for another video!)

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Intake 02/09

Breakfast: low carb waffles with greek yogurt, chipits, sprinkles, strawberries and handful of cereals + coffee with 2oz milk 

Lunch:  90g sweet potato, peas, green beans, 1 turkey patty, 1.5 tbsp hummus and goat cheese 

Snack:  3/4c greek yogurt, 1 rice cake, 15g cereals, chipits, sprinkles and 1/3c blackberries

Dinner: banana bread + cream cheese frosting

Extra: ¼ bagel with 8g butter