“’I had a terrible day.’ We say it all the time. A fight with the boss. The stomach flu. Traffic. That’s what we describe as terrible, when nothing terrible is happening. These are the things we beg for. A root canal. An IRS audit. Coffee spilled on our clothes. When the really terrible things happen, we start begging a god we don’t believe in to bring back the little horrors and take away this. It seems quaint now. Doesn’t it? The flood in the kitchen. The poison oak. The fight that leaves you shaking with rage. Would it have helped if we could see what else was coming? Would we have known that those were the best moments of our lives?

Meredith: …what’s the point? I mean, is there a reason for this? Because if you can think of a reason, any reason at all, why the universe is so screwed up and random and mean, now would be an amazingly good time to tell me because I really need some answers.

Nathan:…I should’ve known. You can’t be honest.
Chris: I can be honest.
Nathan: No, you can’t.
Chris: I kissed Haley at the masquerade party.


Chris: Ow! Woah! I was trying to help you.


Chris: Ow! See, this is why I’m never honest. Now stop hitting me.
Nathan: Stop kissing my wife!
Chris: I will when you start kissing her.


Haley: We’re closed.
Brooke: Oh, I get it. Closed to me. I don’t blame you. I’d be a bitch to me too after last night.
Haley: Knock yourself out.
Brooke: You’re feisty. I see what Nathan likes about you…I want to make it up to you.
Haley: By going away?
Brooke: By hooking you and Nathan up tonight. What’s your idea of a perfect date?
Haley: Watching you get hit by a bus.
Brooke: and that sense of humor! Nathan’s really lucky. He’ll be here at seven. Have fun.