sprinkles omg

@doux-sauvage i’ve been laughing for 15 minutes straight bless your blog

what the signs are made of

Aries: lava

Taurus: bacon

Gemini: sprinkles

Cancer: blankets

Leo: tears of their ex lovers

Virgo: bleach

Libra: glitter

Scorpio: coffee

Sagittarius: breadsticks

Capricorn: nirvana CDs

Aquarius: snow globes

Pisces: vodka

anonymous asked:

Okay okay, we know what happens with sans and the ketchup and uf!sans with the mustard. But what could squishy put on herself for le chibi USwap Sans? Starberry jam? Icecream? Fuckingtacos?!? XD CHOCOLATE WITH SPRINKLES AND WHIPPED CREAM.

omg. swaps? my blueberry boi???

i…quite like the idea of ice cream with blueberry. he will just. make a miniature sundae on your body. and. idk i think temperature play + food would be a time and a half with blue, so like. drizzle on that hot fudge you cutie patootie skeleton.

and, the sugar rush will be nice because then he can use his crazy stamina and then immediately sugar crash right after for lazy sleepy cuddles XD

katty-cat-paint  asked:

OMG NAJ SPRINKLE IS SO DAMN FUCKING CUTE *internal scream* *eat ice cream cookies because i'm a fangirl of sprinkle*

when his brothers arent busy they protect him around the school, because he’s shy and would get picked on for his nerdy looks-

anonymous asked:

Ahhh! Steve let her have control of the song so I️ wonder if he’s going to let her have control of the video too omg 😭😭 either way it’s going to be all her and sprinkle of Steve. Omg a full 3 minutes of just Lauren’s voice and visual 😭😭 what did we do to deserve all of this

I don’t know what I have done to deserve this but I am happy and ready and can’t wait and I know the good Sis is gonna come through with the visuals