sprinkles in the sky


I am made
of stardust
generously sprinkled
over love,
I am a heart
of flower
and eyes that
are the night sky,
I am, in my thoughts
a serene blue ocean
where whales roam,
I am saffron, and pink
and my colors
are just shades
of calm,
I am
fragile like hope,
made only
to give away
the tenderest parts
of me,
I am a rainstorm
in a drop.

© SoulReserve 2017


A little something sweet for all of us while we wait for the big reveal. xo

When you woke up, the other side of the bed was empty.

Your eyes peeled open in a groggy fashion, and you lifted a fist to rub at your eye as you sat up in bed and looked over at the space where your boyfriend usually is. The two of you had fallen asleep comfortably, whispering sweet nothings to each other as your arms wrapped themselves around his broad frame and your nose nuzzled against the back of his neck. You had been absolutely exhausted since the day before, which is probably why you didn’t wake up when he stirred.

Once you woke up enough to think coherently, you immediately knew where he was.

You slipped on your bedrobe and pattered out into the living room, your hair in a messy bun and eyes still puffy from sleep. You were still a bit tired, but you knew you wouldn’t be able to go back to sleep without your boyfriend and you wanted to make sure that he was okay.

Tomorrow was going to be a big day.

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Desc: Can you do a Kai imagine where he meets a girl who has the same past as him (except the whole killing family thing was in self defense) & well shy and quiet she seems to be the only one who sees something in him & stands up for him & laughs at all his jokes & he doesn’t understand why he loves bringing her out of her shell & seeing her laugh at his dorky jokes & basically a imagine where they, two people who have been scorned by love, fall in love & learn to understand it ❤

gif not mine

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She ran into him by accident. It was around two in the morning, and the stars dotted the black canvas in the sky like sprinkles of golden fairy dust. It was cool out, the gentle breeze just enough to bring goosebumps to her skin, and it smelt of the fresh pine trees of the forest she was running through. Her hair was pulled atop her head in a loose and messy knot, oversized sweater hanging over her palms, her eyes hooded and lips chapped. The girl’s battered combat boots smacked against the leaf strewn ground, her breath heavy, leather bag dangling off her shoulder as she sprinted like her life depended on it. 


The girl slammed face first into something, her hands coming up to massage her face as she groaned out in pain. She inhaled a raspy breath, blinking around in bewilderment when she realized there was nobody and nothing there.

“Hello?” she uttered into the desolate forest.


The voice was almost inaudible, so faint and nervous she almost missed it. It seemed to come from directly in front of her, and yet when she stared in the direction of the voice, all she saw was the dark outline of a faded oak. Suddenly, a boy melted from the shadows, literally seeping out in human form. He was tall and lanky, with ruffled brown hair and shining blue eyes that were filled with hurt. The moonlight cast shadows across his sculpted facial curves, full lips, and faint stubble. He’d been cloaking himself with an invisibility charm, smart.

“You have magic,” the girl stated in disbelief, tilting her head and looking the boy over with curiosity.

“And that doesn’t scare you?” his voice rumbled low.

She narrowed her eyes, “no.”

The girl raised a hand towards the boy, and a golden wisp of light erupted from her pale fingertips and engulfed the two in an orb of glimmering light so they could see only each other in the folds of the dark night. The boy stared at the girl in awe, his mouth hanging open a little. He looked her over, impressed.

“You too,” he breathed.

“Me too,” she responded, feeling suddenly shy when he looked her over with those startlingly blue eyes.

“And what are you doing running through the forest in the middle of the night?” he asked, brow arched.

“I could ask you the same,” she says, folding her arms over each other.

“No, really,” he asks sincerely.

“You wouldn’t get it,” she clenches her jaw, and he picks up on the little pulse and crinkle in her eyebrows.

“I might just,” he whispers, his eyes flickering back and forth between hers.

She twirls a long curl of hair around her fingertips, eyes planted to the brown soil, heart sinking. The memories pain her to think about, and when she does, the golden orb around them falters momentarily. 

“I’m running,” she admits with a heavy sigh.


“My family,” she swallows hard at the lump in her throat, eyes coming back to the boy’s. He doesn’t seem phased at all, but he frowns when he sees her looking so fragile and hurt.

“Anyways,” she shakes her head, snapping out of her trance. “I can’t keep up too long or they’ll find me. So…goodbye, stranger.”

She moves to sidestep the boy, but he grabs at her wrist, shaking his head, “Kai.”

“Kai?” she breathes.

“My name,” his lips twitch faintly.

Her body relaxes, maybe she can stay another minute.

“Well, it’s actually Malachai,” he stumbles softly. “Malachai Parker.”

“That’s a beautiful name,” she says bashfully.

Kai scoffs, “yeah, right.”

“I mean it,” she smiles sympathetically, seeing the look of disgust he has for his own name.

Kai chews his rosy lower lip in disbelief, thinking she’s joking at first, but her facial expression holds still. A breeze swoops gently over them, and he catches a whiff of her sugary perfume, it’s intoxicating, and he wants to move closer to her but he doesn’t.

“Sorry,” he apologizes, letting go of the knit sweater he clung to.

She tells him her name, and asks what he could be doing at such an early hour.

“Running,” he mimics her.

He sees her facial expressions soften, lips bending downwards and eyes saddening. She’s so precious and delicate, nothing like himself.

“From your family?” she whispers, taking a step closer to him.

He couldn’t bear to drag such a fragile girl into his messy life, so he decided to scare her off now rather than later, since lying would only hurt her. And he didn’t want to see her more hurt than she clearly was already. Something about her…he couldn’t put his finger on it, but he only knew she didn’t deserve to be with a disaster like himself.

“No,” he said icily, stiffening his back. “I killed them all.”

The girl froze, heart hammering, instinctively taking a step back.

Good, she was scared. 

“Why?” her voice trembles.

“Because I’m the black sheep,” he laughs bitterly. “I was an outcast in my family my entire life, the broken one, the ‘faulty gemini’. My sister Jo was the perfect one, oh, everyone loved Jo. But not me. No, I was isolated from my own family,” he spits with anger. “I bet it was really nice to stand around and judge me, while they got everything out of life.”

“Why?” she asks again, sounding more curious than frightened now.

Kai cuts her off and draws closer to her, “you should go,” he growls.

“Tell me,” she demands, standing her ground despite every part of her body urging her to run.

She was clearly terrified, but was stubborn enough to try and hide it.

“What makes you think I won’t hurt you?” he says with dark eyes.

“Because I know what it feels like,” she snaps, her face inches from his malicious one.

That expression on his face melted off like ice, and he steps back, “what?”

“Show me,” she responds nervously.

“Show you?” he questions, unable to hold the facade.

He hated the feeling of control the girl seemed to hold over him. Why wasn’t she running yet? Everyone else would have…

“Show me your ability,” she demands quietly, rolling up her lavender sweater and shoving her wrists out to the boy.

“H-how did you know?”

“We’re not so different, you and I,” she says, “just…do it.”

“I don’t want to hurt you,” he admits with a shake of his head. Funny how quickly he switched from selfish and psychotic to caring and compassionate.

“Kai,” she begs.

He takes a rattled breath, his hands clammy as he approaches the defiant girl. He can feel energy radiating from her bloodstream, and he wants it, needs it, like a drug. She doesn’t look afraid as his slender fingers lock lightly on her wrists, the cool rings that decorated his fingers pressing into her skin. Her beautiful eyes hold to his own, and he keeps them locked to hers as the orange glow burns into her flesh. Her magic oozes into his bloodstream, but it’s different than usual, stronger, he thinks. His mouth tips open as he groans from the feeling he’s missed so much, her energy diffusing throughout his body, and he can’t help but close his eyes from the pleasure. Any second now she should be gasping out for him to stop, crumpling from the pain of his siphoning, but she doesn’t. Then he drops her wrists, snapping back to reality, feeling more alive than he has in ages.

“Why didn’t that hurt you?” he breathes, still on a magic high.

“I don’t run out,” she responds flatly.

“How is that not a gift?!” Kai gasps.

“Because when I have so much it makes me overwhelmed, and I- I can’t control it. My emotions tip even just a little, and my magic comes spilling out of me. The rest of my family thought they could just fix me, because I was some sort of threat to out coven. A-and sometimes I only wanted to help, but it makes me do bad things…hurt people,” she mutters, eyes to the floor. “It’s darker magic, watch.”

The girl stoops low to the ground, where a small pink flower blossoms innocently from the ground. She brushes her fingers to the soft petals, and Kai watches as the plant dissolves into black ash under her finger pads.

“My mom came after me one day,” she shudders, “I didn’t mean to, I was just trying to protect myself.” Her wrist quickly swiped away a falling tear, and she cleared her throat, pretending it was all alright.

He wanted nothing more than to wrap that girl in his arms that instant.

“You don’t scare me, Malachai Parker,” she stands, her body alarmingly close to his.

Nobody ever called him by his full name, this was new.

“You’re not as twisted as me,” he denies. “I’m bad news, a psycho, or sociopath, if you will.”

He runs a hand through his chestnut locks, overwhelmed by the closeness of the girl.

“Stop trying to scare me,” she says. “You’re not like that.”

“And how would you know?”

“You’re not bad, you’re just…broken. I know that feeling.”

Her eyes reflect the golden sparkles around them, hair cascading across her perfect face. Her ability to care confused him.

Kai scoops down to the ground, touching the pile of ashes where the flower was moments ago. His eyes close as he uses his siphoned magic to revive the flower, and soon he’s plucked the rosy thing from the ground and is facing this girl again. She looks at the flower with admiration, the faintest of smiles on her little lips. Kai picks off the stem, and brushes back the girls hair affectionately, sliding the pink flower into the crook of her ear; it suits her wonderfully. Her cheeks blush noticeably, and she chews nervously at her lower lip. He can’t help but trail his fingers across her perfect skin, surprised that she didn’t pull away; nobody ever let Kai touch them. He liked that feeling a lot.

“Look at us,” he says, “two broken pieces.”

“Maybe two broken pieces make a whole one,” she laughs suddenly.

He loved that tinkling bell-like laugh so much, he wanted to hear it again and again.

“You know you’re like, really pretty,” Kai blurts without thinking.

She smiles a radiant smile up at him, “don’t tell me Malachai Parker is actually feeling,” she jokes.

He shoves her playfully, but grabs each of her arms afterwards so that she’ll stay close to him. When he pulls her back, her chest goes thudding against his, and she instantly resumes her nervous stance.

“Hey,” he says, his fingers crawling under her chin and lifting it up so their eyes meet. “You have too much power contain, and I don’t have any at all, maybe if we work together we could balance each other’s faults, you know?”

“Work together?” she blinks up at him. “Not, alone?”

He bends over her, the electric currents of her skin against his driving him crazy with longing. Her lips were so close, begging for his.

“Not alone,” he breathes.

witches’ new moon ritual

The new moon is a time for spells involving change, reinvention, and beginnings; the perfect time to wipe the slate clean. This ritual is to be done on the night of a new moon, to rid yourself of last month’s negativity and inspire inner growth. You will need:

- A fire-safe container and matches

- Paper and ink (preferably purple or blue)

- Dried or dead pine needles (new beginnings, growth, cleansing)

- Dried skullcap (meditation, relaxation)

- Dried catnip (beauty, happiness, protection)

1. On the night of the new moon, sit comfortably in a space where you can see the night sky. Take the paper and pen and write a letter to the new moon; list the things you want to leave behind you and ways you want to grow in the weeks ahead. Write these things affectionately to the moon, as she will be the one who grants these wishes for you.

2. Fold the letter and place it in the container. Sprinkle pine needles atop it, followed by the skullcap and catnip. Address the moon boldly:

“O beautiful moon on your darkest eve, please take these magic herbs I leave,

Please rid me of what does me harm, for those things I will never grieve.”

3. Light the mixture on fire and let it burn thoroughly. Understand that burning your wishes will send them into the spirit realm and allow the moon’s energy to manifest them.

4. Leave the ashes overnight under the night sky; in the morning, sprinkle the ashes outside your house.

anonymous asked:

I saw that post about when it's raining and it's time for 'weird witch stuff', and it got me thinking of what are some of the with stuff you can do in the rain?

Quite a number of things, Anon!  Of course, keep in mind that your local laws may vary on the legality of collecting rain water.  Always be cautious and look up your city and state laws regarding this.  Also, be careful about ingesting rain water unless you’re confident on how to properly filter and purify it.

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  • Rain collected during a gentle rain fall is said to inspire peace and serenity, and is useful in calming and tranquility spells.
  • Rain collected during a storm is said to carry the energy of the storm - powerful, ferocious, energetic.  Use storm water for empowering spells.
  • Add hot sauce, capsaicin or extremely hot crushed peppers (with caution) to storm water to get fire water, useful for warding and curses.
  • Rain collected during a wind storm, such as a hurricane or tornado, is said to help with letting go and moving forward.  That being said, collect with caution and never put yourself in danger to do so.
  • Rain or hail collected from a hail storm can be used for destructive purposes, for warding against and eliminating psychic attacks or creating them.
  • Collect water off of a gravestone to create spirit water, useful for spells involving spirits and ancestors. Caution: Preferably collect this from a friend or family member who was comfortable with your witchcraft, or a spirit who has agreed to this. Always return the favor with an offering.
  • Rain collected off of a flower tends to carry the trait of that flower.
  • Rain collected from a dirt ground can be used for grounding.
  • Rain collected from a crossroads can be used for choosing a direction.
  • Rain collected from a liminal space can be used for astral travel (crossing the hedge/venturing into the Other).
  • Rain collected during a full moon is purified water or empowered with the moonlight.
  • Rain collected on sabbats are useful for those sabbats’ intents (eg, Spring Equinox for fertility, May Day for sexuality, Midsummer for sun and fire, Samhain for ancestors and spirits, etc).
  • General rain water is used for cleansing.  Use it to cleanse yourself, your house, your jewelry, your stones (that aren’t water soluble) and more.

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  • Rain and storms tend to evoke certain moods in us and are perfect for raising energy for spell work or ritual.  Just be cautious if you decide to venture outside, especially if lightning or severe weather is a risk.
  • Rain has great purifying and cleansing properties.  Consider cleansing tools that can’t be damaged by water in the rain, or step out in the rain to cleanse yourself.
  • Spells that involve letting go or cleansing are appropriate during this time.  Consider writing down negative thoughts with a watercolor pencil and set it out during a rain to watch it physically wash away.
  • For anyone who keeps plants, indoor or outdoor, rain is a great refresher.  Particularly for indoor plants, who cleanse our air and home, setting them out for a light rain shower can help cleanse them as well and suck the negativity out of their leaves.  Just be careful not to over-water indoor plants with rain water.

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  • Beliefs vary on weather magick.  Some witches and pagans believe you can use spells to alter your local weather and some don’t.  It’s up to you to make a decision on this belief.
  • Cast a flint stone or sand behind your back to the west to call forth rain (De Lamiis Libre, 1577)
  • Splash a besom end in fresh water from a live spring, lake, stream or river.  Then use the broom to either “stir the sky” or sprinkle water above your head.
  • Call upon rain by whistling to rustle wind while pouring water from a pitcher into a bowl.
  • Use an incense recipe to call upon rain.  Some might be available at your local store or you can use a mixture of bracken, fern and heather.
  • Fling water onto your hearth stone to call upon rain.

Off the top of my head, that’s everything I can think of.  Good luck to you, Anon!

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daddy todoroki with ice/fire twins! -maybe some angst?-

A/N: Yoko’s name is composed of “陽” (sun) and “子” (child) in reference to her flames that burn hot as the sun. Yuki’s name is written as “雪” (snow) in reference to her ice powers.

Todoroki leans back on the balcony of his mother’s large condo, watching his redheaded child. His oldest twin sits, crouched down with her knees drawn into her chest, as she plays with small firecrackers and sparklers that he had bought her. The sky is sprinkled with stars and a full moon illuminates the sky with a pale glow. Yoko holds a sparkler in her hands, lighting it with her Quirk. Everything is silence, save for the chirping of the crickets and the soft hissing of the sparkler. 

“Why does Grandma hate me so much?” Yoko asks.

Todoroki blinks, furrowing his brow, “Why would you say that, Yoko?”

His daughter shrugs, returning her attention to the sparklers. She picks up another and lights it with her finger. Todoroki can see the glossiness in his daughter’s eyes as the small sparks illuminate her face. Her blue eyes are focused in a sharp, trancelike state. It fizzles out.


His daughter looks up at him and the tears gathering in her eyes begin to roll down her cheeks. She isn’t hiccuping or screaming, just staring at her father, unable to stop the tears colluding her vision as she stares at him. Todoroki cups her face with his large hands, gently thumbing away the tears. He tries to smile at her, but how can he when he know his daughter is right.

“Grandma doesn’t look at me like she looks at Yuki-chan.”

Yoko pushes her father’s hands away and looks through the sliding glass door, staring at her grandmother and sister sitting on the couch, flipping through a photo album, as they smile at each other. Her grandmother runs her hands through Yuki’s pure, white hair before planting a kiss on her forehead. Yoko just stares, oddly silent for the fireball of life that she usually is.

“It’s ‘cause I look like Grandpa, isn’t it?”

“Yoko …”

“And my Quirk is like his. And I’m bad ‘cause of it so I can’t ever be good like Yuki-chan.”

Todoroki scoops his daughter into his arms. She stares at him, bringing up her small hand to cautiously touch the burn on the left side of his face as tears start in her eyes again. The skin is uneven under the smooth pads of her fingertips. This is her half … her side of her father … the side her grandmother despises. It’s the only half she has. Todoroki covers Yoko’s hand with his own.

She’s only four. She shouldn’t have to deal with this intense self-loathing swirling around inside of her. She shouldn’t have to be ashamed of her fiery red locks or the intense flames that she creates. They are both a part of her. Both parts that her father loves so very much, and it kills him on the inside knowing that his daughter feels what he had once felt. He didn’t have anyone to save him when he was her age. For years, Todoroki wallowed in self-loathing and hatred. No one was there to save him, but he will be there to save her. 

“Yoko, I want you to listen to me,” Todoroki says, “Are you listening?”

“Yes, Papa.”

“Grandma doesn’t hate you. You aren’t your grandfather. You couldn’t be more different. You are you, my daughter, my Yoko, my sunshine. You may look like him, but it’s your Quirk and you decide what to do with it. And, trust me, you are nothing like him. Do you understand me?”

“Yes, Papa.”

“If a man like him can be a hero, a good girl like you can be whatever she wants to be. I love you, Yoko. I love you so much, baby.”

“I love you too, Papa.”

Yoko wraps her arms around her father’s neck. Todoroki leans against the railing, holding his baby girl and rubbing her back as warm droplets trail down his skin. She clutches his shirt. He looks up at the night sky towards the full moon. 

No one saved him as a child, and, for years, he suffered because of it. Todoroki softly shushes his daughter sniffles as he gently bounces her. No body was there for him. No body was able to hold him. No body was able to tell him that he could be something greater, something more than the tool his father crafted. As long as he’s here, as long as there’s breath in his body, he will be the one to save and protect his baby, even if it is from herself. Todoroki kisses her messy red locks, and Yoko tightens her grip on her father like he is the only thing grounding her. 

The Fourth of Feelings

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May I request a Mark drabble where, being the only two Americans, decide to celebrate the Fourth of July together and he ends up confessing his feelings to you

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/ images used.

This had been a bad idea from the beginning, and you knew it.

Jackson decided it would be a good idea, and alarm bells should have been ringing from that very moment because anything that Jackson classed as a ‘good idea’ is a curse from the very start.

Lights of red, white and blue lined the garden with various American flags and bunting hangs on the fences underneath the hot, summer sky that is starting to fall to dusk now time is ticking on.

You’d never been so saddened to call yourself American, because really, you didn’t want to celebrate this evening. Not when there would be fireworks exploding in the sky. It wasn’t that you hated fireworks because they’re beautiful, like sprinkles of glitter in the sky, but the noise - you can’t handle the noise.

“Feels like we’re back in America right now, right?” Mark speaks, and that’s when you realise he’d stepped up beside you at some point while you’d been lost in thought.

“It does, yeah.” You agree, “Jackson’s outdone himself this time.”

Mark laughed, and it sounded like angels descended. “Any excuse for a party, you know what he’s like.”

“Such a wild party with eight of us.” You replied sarcastically, but grinning playfully, your worries disappearing for the most part.

“Seven, actually. Yugyeom has gone home for the weekend.” Mark adds on, laughing at your remark.

“There almost no point, we should wait for him to come back.” You slip in, hoping Mark wouldn’t catch on that you feared the fireworks.

“Yeah but it won’t be the fourth then.” Mark smiled at you, “Anyway, it’ll be fun.”

“Yeah.” You reply, sliding your foot on the grass, lightly kicking it in a heart sinking feeling. How are you supposed to have a cool exterior in front of these guys and your crush when you can’t handle a few fireworks? You find yourself feeling anxious as your mind slips back into worrying about the fireworks.

“Are you alright, {y/n}, you’re looking a little bit pale.” Mark frowns, his hand resting on your back as he watches you with concern.

You look up, forcing a smile to your lips. “Yeah, I’m fine. Sorry, just a little tired, I suppose.”

Mark doesn’t seem entirely convinced, but he nods in response anyway. “Come on, I’ll get us something to drink.” He says, motioning for you to sit and wait for him.

Your heart didn’t stop racing until the sun had fully gone down, and as Jackson set up the fireworks, you felt your fists clenching harshly against your sides. Your knuckles had turned white from the pressure, and your nails were digging into your palms slightly more harshly than perhaps they should.

“Happy Fourth of July!” Jackson shouts, then the firework swooshes past him and into the sky, you brace yourself as it bangs, your ears begin to ring as your eyes squeeze shut.

“Are you alright {y/n}?” You vaguely hear Mark’s voice, but you’re frozen in fear, and tears are welling up in your eyes.

You don’t respond, but Mark grabs you from around the waist and lifts you into his arms, carrying you back into the house. No one else notices, not while they watch the bright colours in awe that explode in the sky. You don’t speak again until you’re back inside, your arms hugging Mark’s neck as tears spill onto his shirt.

He sits down on the sofa, cradling you in his lap as he hold your tight.  

“You should have said you didn’t like fireworks you muppet.” Mark says sweetly, rubbing your back as you pull away, just enough to look up at him.

“I’m sorry. I know I should have, now I just look pathetic.” You sighed, shaking your head.

“Hey, hey. Don’t worry about it.” He soothed, running his fingers through your hair to place the loose strands behind your ears. Then moving his thumbs across your face to remove the drops of sadness off your face, all the while looking calm and content. That was the best thing about Mark, he always had such a calming influence of you.

“I am though, because I spend so much time trying to impress you and now I’ve ruined-” You stopped, realising what words were tumbling from your mouth. Your eyes widened, your hand jumping to your mouth to cover it in astonishment.

Mark laughed, “Impress me? {y/n}, you don’t even need to try.”

“Shit, I wasn’t supposed- you weren’t- I shouldn’t have said-”

None of your words seemed to create a sentence, you trailed off, feeling more and more like you wanted to curl up in a ball and never emerge again. But Mark seemed happier than ever, his smile proved that.

He pulled you in closer, holding you close to his chest as he pressed a kiss to forehead.

“I’m taking that as a confession, so I suppose I should man up and tell you that I like you too.”

You, still shaken from the fireworks and the confession, held him tightly, hugging his chest, barely speaking but keeping him close to your heart.

arranged marriage; jeon jungkook x reader

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description + foreword 

genre: fluff, romance, smut (not in this part, tho)

word count: 5.061;

a/n: this is going to have three or four parts; jimin x reader as well; has a few swear words, nothing violent; if you like it please let me know; lots of love and hugs;


Being forced into a marriage just because that kind of a link provided your family the exact amount of recourses needed for their business to become even more successful grossed the hell out of you, but you had to do it regardless of your liking and you knew that you had to do so since you were a little girl. Your father, a respectable and well-known doctor seated in the position of the CEO of his own hospital pushed you into an arranged marriage with the son of a wealthy politician due to his own greediness and enormous pride when you were only eighteen years old.

The scheme was pretty simple: you were promised to another family since you were just a teenager and when you hit the age of twenty-five, after you finished the medical college and got a job for yourself, you had to marry their son – because that was what your father desired, because your marriage could provide him political security and lots of money, coming from your father-in-law’s connections and influence.

When you found out about his plan, you provoked a ruckus within the first half of hour and exploded into an insane juncture of crying and screaming. You packed all of your things and ran away from home, only to be dragged back by his employees and to beg for forgiveness and ask for pity in less than three hours. If he wanted, your father could have made your life a living hell, and you were very much aware of his immense power and his complicated and damaged personality.

Liking it or not, you had to cope with the situation and you had to formally get married with an unknown guy about whom you knew only one thing, and that was his full name. Jeon Jungkook.


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Fred Weasley; spontaneous weasley.

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“Roman Holiday” ~ Halsey

Disclaimer: Most lyrics in italics.

Warning(s): Smut, some cussing, recklessness, angst, beware of sadness!

You and the Weasley Twins had just graduated from Hogwarts. The two mischievous red heads were sending off a firework of their departure. Once you saw the bright, red-orange firework explode you beamed. They sprinkled the night sky so brightly. You saw Fred, and smiled at him. The three of you were best friends, you’d usually scorn the two for their mischief being the one to keep them under control.

Fred looked at you and winked. You blushed uncontrollably, George laughed at Fred.

“What’s so funny George?” Fred asked. “How she blushes uncontrollably when you look at her? She always clenches her legs together when you two talk. Come on Fred and just shag already.” George smirked at his twin, who was flustered. “How are you so sure that she likes me?” Fred questioned George. “Bloody hell Fred you’re the most dumbfounded person I know and that’s saying a lot.” George shakes his head.

You looked at the talking Twins curious of their conversation. You left the area, heading to your dorm to pack all your items. You grabbed one of your own books and went in the Common Room to find out a party had been started. You sighed, and dropped off your book. You were about to stay there till one of your friends called your name out.

“Y/N!” Corey called out.

“What Corey?” You huffed. “Fred Weasley wants to talk to you.” Corey breathed. “Oh OK, I’m coming.” You walked out fixing your clothing and hair. You bumped into someone, “Huff! Oh my I’m so sorry!” You then looked up to see Fred grinning at you. You sheepishly smiled, “It’s OK, twinkie.” Fred called you by his nickname for you. “I’ve already told you many times that I hate that nickname.” You pouted. “Anyway why did you want me for?” You interrogate.

“I’ve wanted to know if after we leave Hogwarts. If you want to come with me and George to the Muggle world?” Fred asked. “Sure! That’d be lovely Fred.” You smiled. “Can’t wait to be out of Hogwarts. Yet I’ll still miss my home from home.” You beamed.

“Life is so spontaneous. Don’t you think Fred?” You asked him. “Sure is.” Fred muttered. “I can’t wait to be living an adult life, odd I know, but I feel like I’m ready. Ready to be a Ministry worker. Reader to find my love life. Have a kid or two, but the first thing I’m gonna do is have a nice cup of tea and read a Shakespeare novel.” You giggled. Fred laughed and sighed, “I’m ready for that too, sadly this war that’s going on is something that I want out of this world.”

“Me too. Life can be so spontaneous, Weasley, too spontaneous it’s horrifying. You never know what happens.” You shivered. “Well thank you for the offer.” You turned around starting to walk back to your dorm. “Wait Y/N!” Fred shouted over the booming of music and screams. “Yes, Fredrick.” You quirked. “I’m gonna pick you up late and bring an extra pair of clothes and some pajamas.” Fred said. “OK.” You chuckled.

You made it home. Where your mom and Dad greeted you with hugs.

“I’m glad your back.” Your mom cried. “I’m happy to see you two.” You hugged your mom and Dad. “I know that you will be with us for a long time to come. And you will have the opportunity to visit us as much as you want. Also since you graduated, your father and I decided to let you go out into the city with a friend.” Your mom told you. “Are you serious?” You coughed. “Yes. Just contact us every chance you get to make sure you’re safe.” Your Dad smiled. “Thank you so much.” You embraced them both again.

You went to make a cup of tea and grabbed a Shakespeare’s classic. Just as you were about to sip on a cup of tea late night, an owl flew in.

“Hello.” You chirped at the owl. You grabbed the letter and opened it.

‘Come outside.’

- F.W.’

You went outside and saw Fred in a used light blue truck. You quickly went inside and grabbed all the stuff Fred told you to get. You went into your parents’ bedroom. You grabbed a tiny, pink bottle of perfume, spraying the rose scented mixture in your neck.

You went out and greeted Fred, without George. You wondered for a moment.

“Where the bloody hell is George?” You look around for him. “He’s gotten sick.” Fred smiled sheepishly. “Oh well I hope he gets better.” You entered the car in relization. “So where are we going Fredrick?” You bit your tongue. “Where going to explore the city late night!” Fred cheered.

Do you remember the taste of my lips
That night I stole a bit of my mother’s perfume?
‘Cause I remember when my father put his fist
Through the wall that separated the dining room
And I remember the fear in your eyes
The very first time we snuck into the city pool
Late December with my heart in my chest and the clouds of my breath
Didn’t know where we were running to
But don’t look back

The windows were rolled down. Your heart thumping, you were with Fred Weasley, he looked at you and smiled. You were afraid at the same time, like what if this was a sick prank to try to reveal your feelings to Fred. You gulped, the lights flashing on your face. You’ve never really explored outside of your home. That’s why you joined the Twins, they’ve always been up to something and you joined at times. Discovering more of the Wizarding world made you have ambition to know more.

“Y/N, I’ve got to tell you something.” Fred sighed. You looked at him, “What is it Fred?” You whimpered. You were afraid of what he might say. Even though Fred is sweet as a tangerine, he frightened you, not only you thought life is spontaneous. You thought Fred was too, he is like a boggart that comes out and surprises you with your greatest fear well he could if he’d known. Fred parked in front of a motel that seemed properly groomed and nicely fixed.

“I like you. I’ve liked you since the first time we’ve met. I’ve never really had the nerve to tell you for six years. Life is truly spontaneous in a good way, I mean I’ve finally told you out of the blue that I like you Y/N.” Fred became quiet once you intertwined your hand with his. “I like you too Fred. I know that I’m the most obvious really. I blush as bright as your ginger hair. Thank you for telling me Fred.” You pecked his lips, you pulled away for a second staring into his eyes.

Fred dove right back in pushing his lips against yours. You unbuckled your seatbelt, climbing over onto his lap. Rubbing your hips forward to give friction between the two of you. “Well aren’t you surprising as well?” Fred bit your neck. The belt that Fred still had on bothered you immensely. As you were about to unbuckle the seatbelt Fred opened the door, pushed you out, and unbuckled his own belt.

Fred then kissed you again, opening the door to the back of the back of the vehicle. He put you in there his legs in between your hips grinding himself into you. “Oh god.” You moaned. “I can feel you beneath my panties.” You smirked. You were only wearing a long sleeve maroon shirt with a black skirt. Fred tugged of your shirt, his fingers tracing your stomach. You were about to pull your skirt off before Fred pulled your hand away. “I want you to look like an innocent school girl sweetie.” Fred said, grabbing a tie and putting it on you.

Fred began taking off all of his clothing. Only leaving himself in boxers. Your hands went everywhere on his body, his abs which were slightly visible, his soft face which you laid kisses on, and his biceps which you clung onto.

Could you imagine the taste of your lips
If we never tried to kiss on the drive to Queens?
‘Cause I imagine the weight of your ribs If you lied between my hips in the backseat
And I imagine the tears in your eyes
The very first night I’ll sleep without you
And when it happens I’ll be miles away
And a few months late
Didn’t know where I was running to
But I won’t look back

Fred took of your panties, while you took his boxers off. His member sprung out hitting your stomach. “Oh damn.” You moaned. You touched the beady red head, and rubbed it against your folds. You let Fred do what he wanted, you felt him rubbing himself against your entrance. Till he pushed his whole length in. Your breathe hitched, he was a pretty good length and width for you to receive pleasure by.

“Oh Fred it hurts.” You groaned. “I’m so sorry Y/N.” Fred began to pull out, until your legs pulled him back in. Making both of you moan. “No, don’t pull out. Stay inside me.” You begged for him. Fred sucked on your neck slowly, but roughly pounding into you. Your juices lubricating his manhood. “Your so tight. Fuck I can fuck you all day till you can’t walk straight for a week and your sweet little pussy is loosened.” Fred cooed.

“Yes, please do that.” You gasped. Fred’s hair stuck to his forehead, beads of sweat on yours. You were writhing under him your eyes rolling around. Your mouth opening whenever he thrusted into you.

Fred didn’t know what was really happening. He never thought that it would happen. He thought that it be a sweet kiss and perhaps a date, but you were already squirming underneath him as he pounded himself in your womanhood. Fred rubbed your clit to add more pleasure. You lolled your head around, “I’m almost there. Fuck me harder.” You scratch his back your nails digging into his skin surely to leave it red next morning.

Fred grunted loudly. Both of you heard the slapping of your skin against his. Fred seemed flustered his thrusting sloppy. “I’m gonna cum.” Fred groaned. “Me too.” You squinted your eyes shut. The pit of your stomach about to burst in pleasure like the fireworks Fred and his brother sent off at Hogwarts.

Then, you came your walls clenching on Fred’s member milking him. Fred came as followed letting his white ecstasy pump into you. Fred began to thrust slowly to end your highs, pulling himself out not really wanting to loose the feeling of you. His cum was leaking out on the car seat from your womanhood.

Fred picked you up and kissed you passionately. You grabbed a blanket you brought and wrapped it around you and him. You then drifted to sleep on top of him. Fred twirled his fingers through your hair, your head laid against his bare chest. Fred locked the car and fell asleep with you.

“Fred?” You mumbled. Your eyes fluttering open wide. “Yes, love.” Fred caressed your head. “Good morning.” You looked him, “That was amazing.” “I’d say the same.” Fred kissed the top of your head. You both grabbed your clothing and changed. You stretched outside of the car. “Gosh I smell like sex.” You blurted, Fred chuckled.

“Let’s go. I’ve ordered a room for us yesterday, but clearly that didn’t happen.” Fred joked. “Good because I smell like a good night.” You wink at Fred.

You showered and got ready, dressing in your favorite outfit. It consisted of a pair of high waisted denim skinny jeans with a tan lightweight coat and boots. Fred dressed in a white shirt with jeans. You looked at him and smiled. Is this what you both have become.

“Y/N?” Fred called out.

“Yes.” You said.

“I probably should’ve asked you this before we did you know what. Will you be my girlfriend?” Fred asked.

“Of course.” You gleamed.

“Fred, how did you get this room?” You interrogated. “A few Muggle friends helped me.” Fred slyly grinned. “I wonder who.” You sarcastically asked. Corey was a Muggle she was born from a wealthy family. Her, Fred, and George are best friends, so you concluded it must’ve been Corey.

“Maybe when we come back after our journey we’ll have an adventure?” Fred played with your hair. “Or maybe we’ll go back to my home to drop me off?” You smirked.

Close To The End Of Harry Potter’s Seventh Year

You and Fred laid down on the bed exhausted. “Amazing as always, love. But that position was crazy.” Fred laughed. “Almost two years Fred.” Your hand traced figures on his bare chest. “Just two more months.” Fred smiled. “Why is sex with you so exciting and ravishing?” You chuckled. “Because I’m Fred Weasley.” Fred replied.

“That reasoning is so invalid.” You rolled your eyes.

After three weeks, you felt unsettling symptoms. Your mother had told you that you were the most troubling pregnancy she’s had and ever heard of. During that time she told you of those symptoms and the common ones. You became nervous each time you had a symptom. You took a test and came back out of the restroom as a soon-to-be mother. It was all going swell for you. You had your career as a healer, Fred was always with you, and you were going to start a family. You decided to wait a little longer to tell Fred the great news, but that’s when a spontaneous tragedy struck.

A war on the loose and Fred wanting to battle. You joined Fred not willing to leave him alone.

“Love, I need you somewhere else. I’ll be sure to tell Ginny to get you once it’s over.” You obliged and went to help students and staff that had been injured. Your healer skills went to work, you seen young children all bloody and bruised it made your heart shatter.

Feet first, don’t fall
Or we’ll be running again
Keep close, stand tall

That’s when you heard an explosion. You looked up and ran outside quickly trying to find Fred. You sprinted to a big group of people realizing they were the Weasleys due to their red hair.

You heard their cries, “Fred!”

You shoved through and saw Ginny crying. You looked at Fred he was all broken. “Fred! Fred! Fred, please stay with me come on we have to get you to-,”

“It’s OK. I’m fine.” Fred muttered. “No, Fred. Please Fred you can’t leave me or your family. Not just your own, but ours too. Fred your gonna be a dad. Like you’ve always wanted.” Your eyes dropped tears, your hand clenching onto his. “Tell my baby I love him or her. You’re going to be a great mum Y/N. I believe in you. I love you and our family. You’re the brightest light I’ve ever had in my life. You loved me and all my mischief for years Y/N. I’ll never forget about my whole family especially you.” Fred smiled, his hand slowly rubbing your stomach as his eyes fluttered closed. His hand falling to his side. He lost grip on your hand.

“Fred.” You called for him. “Fred!” You wailed. George grabbed you and held you tightly. “Fred.” You whimpered. Everyone came into a group hug, their cries for their dearly beloved Fred loud rang through the battle.

All the joy and the glee just had to go away and only Lord knows why.

“How have you been?” Molly asked, putting vegetables in boiled water. You were chopping up more vegetables, you being out of focus kept cutting till you were about to cut a finger.

Molly grabbed your wrist before you sliced through your finger.

“Oh my, I’m sorry Molly. I’m out of focus. I was thinking that if I’d helped him-, h-he would’ve b-been here! But it’s all my fault!” You shouted, reaching for a knife. Molly grabbed your face, stopping you and then gave you a soft yet stern look.

“Y/N, you look at me. You are part of my family know. You are the person who filled Fred’s life with joy. Now, be a mother! You’re a strong, kind woman that is capable of so much. I need you to be strong for Fred, because despite him being not here. The bundle of joy is there is like a small version of the both of you and your love. Let me tell you that being a mother is the most splendid thing that ever happened to me, you’ll be blessed once that child is born. Be strong.” Molly held your face, tears running down onto her hands.

You coughed, choking on your own sobs, “OK.”

“Ginny!” Molly yelled.

“Yes, mum!” Ginny came down out to the kitchen.

“Take Y/N out to get fresh air, please Ginny.” Molly ordered Ginny.

“OK. Come on Y/N.” Ginny held your shaking hand and slowly lead you outside.

“Y/N I need you to be happy. Happy thoughts. This child needs with mum to be happy.” Ginny soothed your nerves.

“H-How?” You stuttered.

“Y/N, when Fred left you. He didn’t do it on purpose nor to blame you. He did that to none of us.” Ginny and you were outside. “Y/N, when I met you when you greeted me at the Gryffindor table we had a connection. I trusted you with all my life and I always told you what was happening, I never told anyone but you before hand when I was dating Dean. You are a part of our, this world.” Ginny hugged you.

“Fred is safe. He’s OK. I promise.” Ginny said and with that you went into another state of mind.

Fred never meant to hurt you’re feelings. You weren’t the one to blame. Perhaps you lost everything you’ve cared for, but that’s what you thought. Fred never did hurt you’re feelings never once in your relationship and even now that’s what you had to comprehend. You had to stay strong and live life for the life you’re meant to care for. You weren’t going to let anyone down. Not now or never. Maybe, just maybe life was leading you on a road you weren’t prepared for.

“Thank you Ginny.” You laid your head on her shoulder smiling.  

“No problem Y/N.” Ginny replied.

“Oh they look so much like Fred, don’t they mum.” Ginny cooed, Molly nodded. “You want to hold one of them.” You asked Ginny. “Oh, yes, please. I can’t believe I’m an aunt!” Ginny cried carrying one of the twins.

“What’s their names?” George questioned. “The little prince is Fred George Weasley. The little princess is Ginevra Molly Weasley.” You told George, he looked at you. “Thank you Y/N. Fred would’ve loved to be here to see his own children.” George’s eyes spilled a few tears. “He would’ve been the best father. But he is, in their heart and blood he is the best father.” You gripped his hand.

“You want to hold Fred?” You stared at George. “Sure.” He sniffed, you handed him Fred. “Just like Fred. He looks so bloody much like him.” George laughed. Molly and Arthur were filled with joy to be grandparents. “Who are the godparents?” Arthur asked.

“Fred’s godparents are my friend Corey and Harry.” You said, Harry who just had entered after grabbing a quick drink smiled. “The more the merrier, huh?” Harry commented. Everyone chuckled at Harry’s statement. “And Ginny’s is Rubeus and Minerva.” You finished.

The children were passed around. A joyful aura filled the room. More visitors came to see the ginger twins. At last when it was late in the afternoon and the only person to be staying by your side were George and Ginny; someone came in.

“Y/N.” You and the rest looked up.

“Fred.” You smiled. “I’m not hallucinating?” You questioned yourself.

“No, you’re not. I can see him too.” Ginny flabbergasted.

“Oh and there is-, my children? I thought that we’d only have a child, but Twins! This is splendid.” Fred shouted. The Twins giggled loudly. “They recognize their own dad. What’s their names?” Fred smiled at his children.

“Fred and Ginevra.” You stammered.

“Fred and Ginevra, lovely names you choose Y/N.“ Fred told you. “After you and Ginny.” You responded to his comment. Fred grinned at you.

“Fred? How are you here?” George spoke up. “I’m a ghost. I came here after I heard Minerva speak the news of her being named godmother of my child. To be fair Hogwarts was getting quite boring as well.” Fred responded.

“We missed you.” Ginny blurted.

“I missed every one of you too.” Fred confessed.

“Fred.” You called him out.

“I want to you to be with our children as they grow up. If you want you can stay at our home.” You say.

Fred went up to you, “I’d love to.”

“You’re still my spontaneous Weasley. Aren’t you?” You grinned.


It was a curse and a blessing for your life to be full of spontaneous events, your just hoping the afterlife will go with ease. And then you’ll have your spontaneous Weasley with you forever.

Spontaneous (adj.): happening naturally, without planning or encouragement.

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Cruise ship AU (solangelo)

What did he tell them? He easily got seasick. But of course, Percy and Jason didn’t listen and ended up dragging him along on a cruise, and worst? His friends actually had the nerve to tease him with the cruise ship’s resident doctor whom he might have caught stealing glances at him on several occasions.

“He totally likes you, Neeks!”

“Do you want me to get his number?”

“Before we reach soil, we’ll make sure you have a boyfriend.”

“Oh, nice one, Percy.”

As soon as they reached land, Nico was going to kill them. Right now, his legs were jelly and his stomach was doing somersaults. Spots dazed his vision.

“Whoa, Nico!” Jason yelped, grabbing his arm as he lost his balance.

“I think we should take him to the infirmary,” Percy suggested.

Jason nodded and picked Nico up in a fireman’s carry, much to the other boy’s weak protests.

Percy opened the double doors to the infirmary, where the blonde doctor came rushing into the reception-like area.

“Hey doc,” Jason said, gesturing to Nico, “Man down.”

“Oh dear,” the blonde said, “Bring him to the back. And tell me what happened. I knew he was looking unwell. Sorry if I creeped y'all out, but I’ll admit I was worried. He looked rather…green.”

“Seasickness,” Jason explained, placing him on one of the cots. There were twelve cots on each side of the room, which looked like a regular ward at a hospital.

“Bucket,” Nico groaned. The blonde doctor reached under the cot and puled out a metal bucket. Nico rolled over, retching horribly, and loosing whatever dignity he had left.

Aw, man,” Percy said, his face twisting, “He said he gets seasick easily, but I didn’t think he meant this easily.”

“I’m going to hook him up to some IV drips, he needs fluid if he’s going to keep vomiting like this,” the doctor said, “And I’m keeping him here for observation. If you guys would just follow me and fill out some necessary paperwork.”

Nico was slowly dying. He was hot all over and sweaty and pretty sure he looked like death. His throat was dry and raw and his eyes felt like lead.

“Easy,” a warm voice said, helping him sit up.

It was the resident doctor, the one who’d been staring at Nico because he was worried that he’d be ill.

“So my name is Dr. Will Solace,” the blonde, Dr. Solace grinned, “And how would you rate your pain on a scale of one to ten?”

Up close, Nico was able to see the freckles that sprinkled his cheeks like the stars across the night, his wide, innocent sky-blue eyes and his sinful, smiling pale pink lips. Nico cursed himself for his instant attraction to Dr. Solace. He’d had enough experience with blue-eyed boys.

“I’m fine,” Nico said, stubbornly.

“Ah, your friends did say you were a tough cookie to crack,” Will grinned, “Lucky for you, I love a challenge. By the way, you’ll be in here for observation for another two days.”

At that, Nico swore again, bending down to face his bucket.

Will was right. Nico was a tough cookie. He was stubborn, miserable and straight-up unpleasant. But Will preserved. He wasn’t going to let one sour patient ruin his favourite job.

“So tell me, Nico,” Will said, pulling sterlie gloves on his hands to remove Nico’s IV bag and needle, “Why are you on this cruise if you get seasick so easily?”

Nico winced at the sight of a needle protruding from his pale skin.

“I told those idiots that I get seasick easily. They insisted that I needed some air to get over my ex. He was a real douche,” Nico rolled his eyes.

“Ah, so this a rebound cruise?”

“No, I’m done with relationships for a while.”

“But you’ll never know where or when the right person will come along.”

“There’s no right person for me, Doctor Solace,” Nico said icily.

“Will would do,” Dr. Solace said, airily, “And if love was easy, don’t you think everyone would have it?”

Nico shut his mouth. What did a doctor know about love.

“Do we lock those fools in or not?” Jason asked Percy, “Two days and no progress. Nico only has one day left.”

Percy grinned and Jason could’ve kissed him for the look of pure mischief in his eyes.

“Desperate times call for desperate measures, Jase.”

“I’ll see you tomorrow,” Will smiled at Nico, “Sleep tight.”

Will exited the infirmary only to find that the door was locked.

Trying not to panic, Will tugged on the door. The knob wriggled loudly but nothing happened.

“Dr. Solace?” Nico called from the back, “Is everything alright?”

 "Y-yeah,“ Will replied, trying not to alarm Nico. 

But it was too late.

Nico had already rolled out of his cot and entered the reception area. His arms were crossed over his chest, a smug look on his face. Will had the urge to press his lips against his and wipe away all the smugness. 

"Problem, good doctor?” Nico asked, still grinning, “Can’t get the door?”

“We’re locked in,” Will said, “And why are you up? Go back and lie down!”

“Chill,” Nico rolled his eyes, playfully, “All you need is the right amount of muscle.”

Nico strolled over, pulling on the knob. Nothing. 

He furrowed his eyebrows, raising them so that they were hidden by his long, equally dark hair. 

“What?” Nico muttered, “What the actual hell?”

Will turned, and Nico saw the embarrassment in his eyes, “It would seem as though we’re locked in.”

Nico groaned.

Not only did he not have a boyfriend, but he was locked in the infirmary with the delectable (albeit annoying) doctor Solace.

Colour Soulmate AU - Jughead X OC / Part 2

[LONG A/N: You guys asked for it so you guys got it, I don’t love it as much as the first part but this is as good as its gonna get cause I’ve wrote it and rewrote and then rewrote it again and then went to the SBC and asked them all about it (thanks @kingpendleton u my boo). So without further ado, here ya go bbs.

Also sorry if you wanted to be tagged in this but didn’t, I had a lot of people requesting to be tagged and now because tags aren’t really working well plus the amount of you asking is just a super crazy amount I’m going to stop adding new people to the list - honestly I totally appreciate and love your guys support but I feel like its a bit pointless when I know tagging isn’t directing anyone to my work and you’ve still just got to scroll through my blog to get to the specific fic. In light of this though I am going to seriously update my masterlist so finding my work shouldn’t be difficult and I will reblog it daily so people can stay up to date!]

Part 1

Word Count: 2106

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‘Jughead, can you see in colour?’

The inky-haired teen quickly began to raise himself from the booth, he slammed shut his laptop and gathered it together with the papers that lay scattered across the table. He brought his knees up to his chest in a bid to jump over the back of the booth before a looming hand grappled his shoulder tightly.

‘Oh no you don’t buddy.’ Archie Andrews booming voice called out.

‘Let go of my shoulder Arch.’ Jughead replied sternly. ‘This is something that isn’t up for discussion.’

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Silence is her favorite sound,
from the way her eyes lit up
when the smooth air
follows her around.
She chooses
her friends carefully,
knowing them
even more personally,
for she doesn’t want
to get attached so easily.
Fairy tales taught her
that soulmates does exist,
not only on books
she used to read,
and on movies that made
her heart beats.
He is a man
who showed her
how a knight
in shining armor—
an extraordinary prince
on reality looks like.
None of them
can ever tell,
how time manage
to push them
on a single situation
at an unexpected place.
And from that
very first time
the moment
their souls met,
two universes
stunningly collide,
with the stars celebrating
as they sprinkle
tiny lights and
glittered across
the once gloomy
night sky.
—  ma.c.a // When Our Souls Meet

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Hi! It' my first time to make a request ^^ Can you make a scenario of hoshi? Make it super angst but fluff in the end. You can do whatever you want I just want to cry right now lmao btw I love your blog 😘

- kwon soonyoung is immortal
- he’s lived for over two hundred years now and he’s somehow still not bored??
- with every new era, he just finds something new to do and someplace new to explore
- he meets many different people and makes new friends
- and it’s just so easy for him because he’s so funny and cute and kind and everyone who meets him automatically loves him
- you may ask HOW is soonyoung immortal??
- we’re going to get into the magic now ok so basically when he was born, words were tattooed on his wrist which said the words “you’re my hero” and turns out they’re the first words his soulmate would ever tell him
- he would grow until he’s 22 years old and then aging would stop for him
- once he finds his soulmate, and if they loved him back, then he would age
- that was the contract. if he couldn’t find them, he’d be cursed to roam the earth forever
- so it’s the joseon dynasty and soonyoung is a foreigner to this little village where he sees this suspicious-looking person jump over a fence and he’s like well this should be fun
- he silently follows them and looks over the fence to see the person practicing their sword-fighting and he’s like WOAH THEY’RE SO COOL
- he overhears two guards approaching and one of them is like “hey we should probably go check if someone’s behind that fence, the queen specifically ordered that anyone found be brought to her”
- and soonyoung’s like NOT HAPPENING and he jumps over the fence and grabs the sword-fighter’s hand who looks at him like ??? UM WHO ARE YOU
- soonyoung’s like “shhh stay down!!” and he pulls them behind this stack of torn-up dummies and chipped wood the sword-fighter probably created while practicing
- they’re both down while the guards walk around the area, and they shift a little closer when one of the guards walks a little too close to the pile
- luckily the guards leave, and soonyoung and the person let out a sigh of relief
- they both sit up and look at each other before bursting into laughter
- soonyoung says “that was close huh?’
- the person nods and says “you’re my hero”
- and soonyoung’s world just stops
- he looks down at his wrist, at the words written on his skin….. and he SMILES because he found his soulmate!!!
- he doesn’t immediately tell them that in fear of scaring them off so instead he says “if it’s all right….. would i be able to meet you here every day?”
- the person just nods their head and says “i’ll be here. you can call me (name)”
- “i’m soonyoung!! it’s nice to meet you!!”
- and they both become acquaintances, meeting there every day, just talking and laughing and soonyoung even learns how to sword-fight a little
- one day soonyoung gets called up to the palace and he’s like WHAT DID I DO I WAS SUPPOSED TO LIVE A QUIET LIFE
- but then he gets there…… and sees the sword-fighter in royalty clothing….. and his eyes just go wide
- but instead the queen says “i’ve been looking for someone to watch over (name) for a while now…. someone who could keep up with them, that is. and it seems they’ve chosen you”
- and so soonyoung becomes their knight or bodyguard i guess you could say, and he even gets a nice little room in the palace as per his soulmate’s order
- he’s more like babysitter though because theY’RE ALWAYS KEEPING HIS HANDS FULL
- they’re pretty rebellious royalty
- they’re always escaping the palace to practice their sword-fighting in that restricted area, out climbing trees in the nearby forest, freely running along the fields under the bright sun
- and soonyoung admires their bravery, their adventurous spirit…. it’s refreshing to watch, really
- one night before soonyoung can even get some sleep, he overhears someone trip in the hallway and he already knows who it is
- he gets up and slides open the door only to catch his soulmate standing frozen in front of his door
- soonyoung laughs “what is it now?”
- his soulmate grabs his hand and says “shhh let’s go” while pulling him forward
- they sneak out of the palace and go to the nearby field, where there’s a beautiful view of the night sky sprinkled with shining stars
- soonyoung knows all about constellations so he points at each one and tells his soulmate all about them and they’re so fascinated by it all
- when soonyoung finishes, his soulmate gives him the nickname hoshi
- “why hoshi??”
- “it means star in japanese. every time i look up at the night sky from now on, it’ll remind me of this moment”
- and the nickname just….. sticks
- soonyoung starts introducing himself as hoshi after that
- one night after sneaking out to the field again, his soulmate says “let’s get out of here” and hoshi sits upright and looks at them like…. “what did you say?”
- they say “let’s get out of here. you know…. explore the world? i’m sick of this place”
- hoshi screams “what?! we can’t—anyone caught outside the village’s borders gets killed how could you even think of that?!?!?!”
- his soulmate says “i sneak out every night and don’t get caught, i’m sure we could do it. besides, my mom wouldn’t kill her own child, and she loves you too much to kill you too. the worst thing that could happen is that we get dragged back here. and it honestly wouldn’t even matter if i left….. my sibling could take my place. they’re more fit for the throne anyway”
- hoshi KNOWS it’s such a horrible, risky idea
- if they do manage to escape….. how would the village react to an heir disappearing?
- there would be CHAOS
- but the thought of living an adventurous life….. growing old with his soulmate…… he makes the selfish decision of “let’s go”
- the next night, they pack up some food and clothes and head outside to meet up, making sure to disguise themselves and sneak past guards
- “i can’t believe this is happening” hoshi’s soulmate says
- and when he looks at them….. for the first time since he met them…… they’re smiling genuinely, and he’s starting not to worry anymore about their decision
- they spend a few days walking in the forest, taking breaks for meals, and sleeping under the stars
- but everything goes downhill when they finally pass the border
- they’re caught by the guards of the neighboring village, and rather than giving in and being dragged all the way back to the palace, hoshi’s soulmate takes out their sword
- he’s like “ARE YOU CRAZY?!?! YOU SAID WE’D JUST GO BACK IF WE GET CAUGHT” and his soulmate says “i lied, there’s no way i’m going back there”
- hoshi, who really doesn’t want to fight, knows that they can’t fight alone and so joins in on the fight
- but they’re no match against six knights
- hoshi is being held down by three knights, while his soulmate clashes swords with the three others
- one of the knights say “drop your sword now or die” and obviously the rebellious royal says “never” and kicks the sword out of their hand before sending a swing at them, injuring their arm
- hoshi screams for his soulmate to stop
- but the world stops instead when one of the knights stabs their stomach
- hoshi screams at the top of his lungs and escapes the knights’ grasp as he rushes over to them
- “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!!?” he screams, punching the guard who stabbed his soulmate down
- he of course ended up getting really injured, but he faked being unconscious and was left behind along with his soulmate
- the guards though they were dead so they didn’t bother taking them to their queen
- when the guards are out of sight, he quickly crawls over to his soulmate and lies their head on his lap
- “don’t die don’t die on me come on (name) you’ll be all right i promise you’ll be all right”
- but he knows it’s a lie, and his soulmate knows that very well too
- “why didn’t i just stop you…. if i wasn’t so selfish you’d….. we…..” hoshi cries, covering their wound with his hands but the blood keeps pouring out and their breathing is slowing down
- they place a hand over hoshi’s and smile “hoshi…. i’m sorry it turned out this way but….. thank you for everything you’ve done for me…. thank you for this little taste of adventure….”
- and their hand falls
- hoshi’s eyes widen and he tries to wake them up but…… nothing
- he sits there with them on his lap while his tears fall on their face while he cries “i’m sorry” over and over
- when night falls, he looks up at the stars and recalls that night they first snuck out together to watch the stars
- unable to withstand that painful memory, he takes back his real name soonyoung
- and he starts to hate stars
- the next morning, he buries his soulmate and places the healthiest flowers he can find on top of their grave
- he whispers “i love you” before getting up and leaving
- he decides to start over in a new village because going back would bring back too many painful memories
- many lonely years pass after the death of his soulmate and while he’s out running some errands, he passes by a crystal clear lake, where he stops to stare at
- but then he sees his reflection in the water and realizes
- he hasn’t aged a day
- his soulmate…… didn’t love him back
- they liked him. they liked him A LOT. but “like” is different from “love” and it isn’t enough to break the spell
- this news hits hoshi HARD because this means he would never age because they died
- he hated it……. he hated knowing that he ruined his one chance and now he would be alone for the rest of his life
- because he knew that he’d outlive any friend he makes
- the happy, energetic and smiley hoshi we all know
- is now the sad and lonely soonyoung
- fast forward a few centuries and it’s now modern day, and soonyoung is living a relatively normal life as a part-time choreographer for a dance school
- and one day this person he’s never seen before enters the dance studio wearing sunglasses and a hoodie and he’s like oh well must be a new student or something
- so soonyoung’s class is normal as usual; he turns on some music and continues with where he and his students left off last class
- when suddenly these two bodyguards enter through the doors and one of them says “we’re looking for (name)”
- and soonyoung’s students are all like omg!!!! (name) is here????
- soonyoung’s like “(name)?? as in the idol (name)?? why would they be here—” and his mouth opens slightly when he sees you place a hand over your lips going shhh!!!
- that’s right you’re the person with the sunglasses and hoodie
- one of the bodyguards says “don’t lie to us, we saw them enter through here” and soonyoung says “you must have made a mistake because only my students are allowed to enter this place” and so the guards just give up and leave
- you let out a sigh of relief when they leave and you shoot soonyoung a thumbs up
- soonyoung lets class end early that day and while you’re packing up your things, he walks over to you and laughs “that was close huh?”
- you laugh and say “you’re my hero”
- the world stops
- and after hundreds of years…… soonyoung’s eyes light up again
- he looks down at his wrist and stares at the tattoo for a while before looking up at you who’s still laughing about the whole thing
- but that’s when you sling your bag over your shoulder and say “it was nice meeting you. if it’s no trouble at all…. would i be able to come back again?” and soonyoung just nods his head while staying silent
- you wave goodbye as you leave the school and soonyoung’s lips curve into a genuine smile for the first time in forever
- he found you
- so you start passing by more often and you notice how good soonyoung is at dancing and honestly he interests you a lot to the point that you even contact him to be your personal choreographer
- and soonyoung doesn’t know what to say because…. this is all too familiar….. he feels like he’d just lose you again
- but he makes the final decision of yes because he realizes that maybe he was given a second chance to find his soulmate
- and this time
- he’ll make it work
- so he goes to your company the next day and you meet him at the door where you officially re-introduce yourself and you both head to the studio to start practice
- but then soonyoung realizes “wait. you don’t dance. you just…… sing. or they’re simple steps?”
- and you grin “so you do know a bit about me. i can’t dance at all….. which is absolutely pathetic considering i’m an idol huh? i was recruited for my voice. my dancing skills are non-existent”
- and you tell him that you always escape the building to clear your mind off of it because it stresses you a lot and hiding is the only thing you could do for now
- soonyoung realizes just how similar you are to his past soulmate but he realizes just how different you guys are too
- you both like to run from things you don’t think you could do
- for his past soulmate, it was ruling as the heir to the throne
- for you, it’s performing like an idol should
- soonyoung grins “okay well i’ll teach you how to dance. your comeback is in about three months right? i promise i’ll help you with dancing until then!”
- and for once, you feel confident in yourself
- he goes through the basics with you with simple choreo but it gets especially hard when you have to sing while dancing
- “how do you dance so amazingly?? it’s like you’ve been dancing for centuries”
- and soonyoung’s like “HA you have no idea”
- you say “you should be an idol too. you can sing and dance?? you’re a born star” after realizing what you said, you laugh and say “hey, what do you think of the nickname hoshi?”
- soonyoung freezes
- you continue “it means star in japanese!! i think it matches you well—”
- soonyoung firmly says “no.” and you look up to see his eyes covered by his bangs and his signature smile isn’t on his face like it always is. he continues “i… hate stars.”
- he ends practice early that day and you just wonder what you said that was so bad that made him this upset
- soonyoung immediately feels the regret after saying because WOW HE JUST FOUND HIS SOULMATE AGAIN YEARS LATER AND HE’S PUSHING THEM ASIDE
- but he always feels bad…. you’re his soulmate but…. is he falling for you only BECAUSE you are?? only BECAUSE you remind him of his past soulmate??
- he wants to change that…… he wants to love you for you
- dance practices are kind of awkward now and you both HATE it
- after a long day of practicing, you and soonyoung both part ways and you’re on your way home when you pass by the park and decide to go to your favorite spot to kill the time
- but then you notice that someone’s already there you’re like whO THE FRICK ARE YOU
- the person then turns around to reveal soonyoung
- he says “oh (name)! what are you doing here??” and you say “oh i…. usually go here to kill some time…. not really in the mood to head back yet”
- you walk over and sit next to soonyoung and it’s quiet at first until you ask “if you don’t mind me asking….. why do you not like stars?”
- and he just smiles sadly and says “let’s just say i used to know someone who loved them.” you notice that he said “used to” and you don’t say anything after that
- but one thing soonyoung doesn’t like is silence so he starts a conversation with you and it goes so smoothly
- you guys even find out you have so much in common and you laugh as he goes off about how much he loves shinee and fried chicken
- he then brings up the thing about you dancing by saying “so have you been coming by my dance school to hide from those bodyguards??”
- and you shake your head and say “it may seem like that but no….. the first time i came in was to hide form them but after that, i came willingly….” he asks why and you reply “BECAUSE you’re just so amazing when you dance. you really inspired me to actually work harder in dancing”
- and that’s it. soonyoung’s face warm up and he smiles widely at the compliment
- this becomes routine for you guys: intense dance practice, dinner, park.
- you both become really close because of this and time goes by way too fast because before you know it, you’re already standing backstage for your comeback performance, ready to go up in about thirty mins
- you’re panicking like “what if i forget the steps?? what if i get backlash for dancing so badly??”
- soonyoung notices your stress and leaves the room only to come back with a cold drink in hand
- he walks up to you and holds it against your cheek and you jump in surprise
- you turn around and he grins “don’t stress!! i know you’ll do great!!” and you just kind of blush as you open the can and drink from it
- you finish your drink and you’re called up to perform a few mins later
- you turn to soonyoung for reassurance one last time and he grins at you and says “do your best!”
- you get on stage and the whole audience is AMAZED by your dancing!!! you’ve proven yourself to be a hard-working and good performer!!!
- after the show, you can soonyoung decide to go to your usual spot and by then the sun just went down and stars begin appearing in the sky
- you look up worriedly and ask “is this all right?” and he says “it’s fine.”
- you say “so? do you think i did good?”
- soonyoung teases “ACTUALLY you were a beat off in the second chorus—”
- you’re like “HEY” and he says “I’M KIDDING I’M KIDDING YOU WERE GREAT LOL”
- you laugh and look up as stars start appearing in the sky and the moon is so bright and pearly that night
- you smile and tell him “it’s all thanks to you, soonyoung”
- and he’s as humble as ever and he says “no, you’re the one who worked hard to improve”
- you shake your head and say “without you, i don’t even know what i’d be doing now. it’s only been three months but it’s just…… been so fun with you…..”
- you turn to him and look into his 10:10 eyes while he gently places his hand over your cheek
- you both lean in and share a kiss under the night sky, pulling away after a while to look up at the stars once more
- and that’s when soonyoung realizes
- he doesn’t hate stars anymore
- you say “i think i love you, soonyoung” and he just grins and says “call me hoshi”
- one day, while you and hoshi are taking a walk in the park you suddenly run over to the little bridge connecting one part of the park to the other
- you’re waving hoshi over and when he makes it there, you point down at the water below you two and exclaim “i loved this place when i was younger!! i loved seeing all the pretty fish”
- while you’re watching the fish swim around in the lake, hoshi is just focused on one thing
- he aged
- he knows he did, even though the change is so small. he was shorter when you both first met, and now he towers at almost a head taller than you
- while you’re still watching the fish, he takes your hand which surprises you for a second
- you turn to him and see him still looking down at the waters, and you just smile and squeeze his hand a little tighter

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Arcadia (fReyder)


Challenge mode activated! This one’s a long-un, so I included a read-more break.

“Sara? Sara. Meridian to Pathfinder. You awake?”

Sara muttered something filthy. She reached down over the edge of the couch until she found one of her boots on the floor - then hurled it across the room. Scott ducked out of the way, grinning like the smug morning person he was.

“Wouldn’t have offered you my couch if I knew you were going to be so sore about it. Three days planet-side too much for you?”

“I’m not used to Port Meridian time,” Sara grumbled. She rolled over and buried her face in the cushion she’d been using as a pillow. “Just let me get some fucking sleep.”

“You’ll never get used to it if you sleep through every day.”

Sara growled as viciously as she could manage with a tongue that felt like cotton wool. “Just. Go. Away.”


Scott must have hit the button that controlled the window dimmers, because the room was suddenly full of pale light. Sara screwed her eyes up as tightly as she could, but she still couldn’t keep it out. “You are a terrible human being.”

“I know. Come on. There’s coffee in the kitchen.”

Sara would have liked to say that she crawled off the couch with good grace, but it would have been a total lie. Nestled in the leafy valley just beyond Port Meridian, Scott’s house didn’t see sunlight until quite late in the morning. That meant it was probably mid-afternoon right now. Sara was grateful for the quiet floors and soft-edged décor as she stumbled after her brother, even if his fondness for tall windows was beginning to make her hate him - and she could have cried into his shirt when he guided her into a chair at the kitchen table and plonked a cup of coffee in front of her.

Scott claimed a seat opposite and wrapped his hands tight around his own mug. The table was made of wood - real wood, just like the window frames and the floors. Sara had to admit to more than a little jealousy. Scott was a liaison to the human colonial efforts now, and his job allowed him a good deal more comforts than Sara’s did.

A predictable schedule. A peaceful home. Maybe a family, too - eventually.

The ceilings were high, the neutral furniture was low, and Sara began to level out somewhere in the middle when she took her first sips of coffee.

“I feel for you,” Scott said. “Dry dock is just water torture without the water.”

Sara nodded. “You’re so right.”

“How long to go now?”

“Seven days. Counting.”

Maybe Sara should have been pleased to get some time to herself in humanity’s new home, but it felt like she was wasting ten precious days of downtime. She kept wondering what she’d be doing if she still had wings beneath her; just how happy she’d be if she was waking up somewhere better than her brother’s couch.

She missed Reyes. Downtime was meant to be their time.

“Well, you’re out of bed before nightfall. That’s a good start.” Scott was tapping a beat on the tabletop. “Hey - we should go out tonight! That’ll help.”

Sara took another gulp of hot, bitter coffee - and pressed her forehead flat against the table. She groaned. “The last thing I want to do is go out drinking, Scott.”

“We can grab Peebee, Liam, Gil - and whoever else wants to come.” He nudged her sharply, knuckles briefly digging into her wrist. “It’ll be good for you. Trust me.”

Sara didn’t reply. If she pressed her skull against the varnished wood at just the right angle, tiny threads of cool relief skittered down over her temple.

“Actually,” Scott mused, chair creaking as it slid back over the floor, “there’s a little bar up near the spaceport that you might like. It’s called Arcadia. You won’t guess who I saw there the other night.”

“Who?” Sara didn’t really care, but this was the kind of conversation it was easy to pretend to be involved in. Her eyelids felt like they’d been lined with lead. She wondered if -

“Reyes was there.” Sara’s head snapped up. “He saw me at the bar and bought me a drink - or I thought he did, anyway. I wound up having to pay for it.”

Sara could only blink at him. “What?”

“I know, right? Not sure what he was doing in Meridian.”

“You didn’t ask him?”

Scott shrugged, eyes as wide and innocent as only Scott’s could be. “What, you’re curious?”

“Scott -”

He raised his mug to his lips, grinning against the rim. “Don’t you guys ever talk?”

“Not about business.” It was a rule that Sara liked. It was a rule that Sara needed.

“Well, you never know.” Scott finally took another sip. “He mentioned something about knowing the place pretty well. Maybe we might see him there tonight?”

Sara glowered at him. “I swear to god, Scott, if you’re winding me up -”

“I’m not!”

Sara could still hear him laughing as she headed for the bathroom - and a much needed shower. “SAM?”

“Yes, Pathfinder.”

“Send a message to Reyes for me, would you? Ask him where he is.”

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Faking It - part 3

 Paring: Bucky Barnes x reader

Characters: Bucky Barnes, reader

After getting news about a family reunion coming up, the reader decides to set up a plan to make her look like she isn’t as single as she actually is. But when all her candidates can’t go, she’s left with the only person who she least expects to go along with the plan.

Word count: 1.8k

A/N: I was actually going to make this part longer but decided to just end it all with a little fluff. I’m also really surprised at how much attention this imagine is getting, I honestly didn’t expect that. But I’m glad you all like it!If you want to be tagged, just tell me and I will gladly do so. I also never proofread my shit so bear with me, I’ll proofread tomorrow and fix the mistakes tomorrow as well. 

Part 1 Part 2


Originally posted by 107th-infantry

“Fuck, fuck fuck,” You repeated when you realized that the pancake was burning. “Shit!” You cursed and searched for a fan to get the smoke and smell out of the kitchen.

Through violent coughs, you found a control system in the kitchen. It had various buttons but the one you pressed was labeled “Ventilation.” The smoke got sucked up through a vent above the stove. Once it was all clear, you were left with a burnt pancake. A sigh escaped your lips as you tossed the burnt pastry into the garbage.

By the time Bucky walked into the kitchen, you had whipped up five pancakes, bacon, egg and a fruit salad. You yourself had a full belly and all you needed to do was change out of your pajamas.

“Morning, doll,” He greeted.

You didn’t acknowledge the pet name he had given you. Instead, you returned the greeting. “Hey, Buck. How’d you sleep?”

“Turns out, a designer couch isn’t the best thing to sleep on,” He ran his fingers through his loose brown locks before sitting on the island. “You made breakfast?”

You nodded and set the plate and bowl in front of him, “I hope you like strawberries.”

He smiled, “Thanks, Y/N.”

“No problem, least I could do after you agreed to tag along, lend me your shirt and sleep on the couch.” You began cleaning up the kitchen.

“This is amazing,” Bucky said referring to the pancakes.

You smiled, “I should get dressed. Busy day and we need to take some sort of food to the barbecue.”

“Pizza!” He called.

“Uncle Matt is already bringing that,” You shouted back. “Think of something more original!”

You arrived at the beach with a bucket of fried chicken. Bucky smiled in triumph as he held a bag of gummy worms and was happily chewing away. He raised a gummy to your face and tapped the candy worm on your closed lips.

“Open your mouth, goddamnit Y/N,” He muttered.

You laughed and he threw the candy in your mouth. You nearly choked, but successfully chewed on the worm. “Watch my Aunts are gonna give me shit for not cooking anything.”

Bucky carried the bucket of chicken with his flesh arm and wrapped his metal one around your waist before pulling you close.  You mirrored the affection and rested your head on his bicep.

“You’re so good at this,” You whispered.

“Of course I am,” He planted a kiss on your forehead and you felt almost sad that his lips didn’t press against yours. Don’t get attached Y/N, you told yourself.

The volleyball net was already set up. A few of your cousins were in the middle of a game. Sports had always been your family’s thing. Your grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, parents and siblings were all .masters at one or two sport. It was no shock that you the first person to absolutely despise sports. Mainly because the last time you played a game with your family, you ended up with a black eye and various bruises. No doubt with your years of training you were able to kick ass, but you were still a bit weary.

“You’re just in time for the game,” Your sister Erika smiled.

Bucky joined your Mother near the table where all the food was. He set down the bucket and your Mom started up a conversation.

You let our a humorless laugh, “It’s a no for me.”

“C'mon Y/N!” Your brother Jay persuaded.

“I said no,” You shot back.

He raised his hands in surrender and shook his head, “Still have a stick up your ass, I can see.”

It took every ounce of strength you had to refrain from putting Jay in a tight headlock and force him to take his comment back. Instead, you glared at him, “Fuck you.”

You stomped away and approached your mother, who was laughing with Bucky. She saw you and smiled, “Y/N, dear.” She noticed your murderous glare that was now softening. Your mother sighed. “Don’t let them get to you, sweetie.” She kissed your cheek and glided away to one of your cousins who had a baby at hand.

“What’s wrong?” Bucky asked, concern written all over his features.

“My siblings,” You mumbled.

He pulled you into his embrace and you found comfort within his arms. You weren’t sure if it was because you have a lack of affection, but your found yourself blushing each time his fingers made contact with your skin.

“Well if it isn’t Little Miss Butt-shine.”

You gritted your teeth and turned to face your Aunt Betty who didn’t seem fond of the scene that was before her eyes.

“Ease up on the PDA, this is a beach, not a brothel.” She pushed past you and Bucky before grabbing herself an empty plate.

“We’re hugging,” You snapped at her. “But I don’t expect you to know anything about PDA, considering the fact that you haven’t had a man in over 15 years.”

Aunt Betty stopped serving herself food. You knew you had her by the throat. She glared at you and Bucky stifled a laugh. “Watch it, Y/N.”

You raised an eyebrow and stood up straight to indicate that you weren’t afraid. Not anymore.

The glaring contest would’ve continued if Bucky didn’t decide to intervene. He stepped between the two of you and nearly carried you away. You huffed in anger as he sat you down on a chair. He chuckled at your state.

“You’re cute when you’re angry,” He said.

“That woman knows how to piss me off,” you mumbled under your breath and continued to glare at Aunt Betty who was now laughing away with one of your Uncles.

“Hey,” Bucky grabbed your chin and made you look him in the eye. “Listen to me.” There wasn’t any harshness that lingered in his voice, but you knew that you had to listen to what he was about to say. “Don’t let them get to you. At the end of the day, they’re not the ones that get to say that they’re an Avenger. You have that privilege.”

He was right. Of course, he was right. You thought that you’d be the one to comfort Bucky throughout the week, turns out it’d be the other way around.

“Now let’s eat, cause I’m hungry again and that Chicken Alfredo looks really good.” He stood up.

You smiled, “Aunt Hazel makes the best food.”

“Will they notice?” Bucky asked.

“Unlikely,” You replied and started backing away from the crowd.

A bonfire blazed in the middle. A few members of your family sat around it. Others were playing an intense game of volleyball. All the attention was glued to the game. The sun was long gone. The moon now replaced it. Stars sprinkled the velvet sky but were hardly visible near the light of the orange flame.

You broke into a jog. Bucky ran beside you. Occasionally, you looked behind you to see how far you were. When the bonfire was nothing but a mere orange speck, you came to a halt. Without warning, you collapsed on the sand and dug your fingers into the earth. Bucky knelt next to you and softly rubbed your back. For a sweet moment, you were indulged in silence. The only sound was the waves serenading you with its soothing music.

You sat up and Bucky pulled you to his side. Your head lolled to the side until it rested against his broad shoulder. Bucky took your hand and you sat there, with your fingers intertwined with his and your eyes shut. Dread settled onto your shoulders. You wanted to leave. To go back home. To the Avengers facility. With Steve, Sam, Wanda, and the others. To those endless nights of you, Sam and Wanda watching Disney movies. Always crying when Mufasa died in The Lion King. Those mornings in which you trained hard with Natasha, learning new techniques. Painting with Steve, browning frustrated when you couldn’t blend the colors correctly. At least they respected you.

“Do you want to go back to the house?” Bucky asked, breaking the silence.

You nodded, not trusting your voice to carry out words. He stood and helped you up. As soon as you put weight on your legs, your knees buckled and Bucky was quick to catch you. You felt so weak, so small. Bucky carried you away from the shore.

Your spirits were lifted once you reached the house. Being away from your family made your soul mellow again. You returned to your usual smiley self. Bucky noticed this, he too smiled at your state.

It was only 11 PM, but you were exhausted. Although you resisted, Bucky helped you into the house.  You didn’t bother going towards the lounge and closing all the curtains. At the point you didn’t care, no one would look into them anyways. You changed out of your clothes and into the Pink Floyd shirt. When you walked into the bathroom, Bucky was standing over the sink. His bare back was facing you. A pair of sweats hung low on his hips and you sucked in a breath.

He looked up, his eyes meeting yours in the mirror. He gave you a sly smile as you approached him and reached for your toothbrush. Not a single word was exchanged between the two of you as you got ready for bed. It wasn’t an uncomfortable silence. It was one of relaxation.

“Goodnight doll,” Bucky said.

“Night Bucky,” You smiled and watched as he left the bathroom.

You sighed and remained in the bathroom for a few seconds. You gripped the sides of the sink and took in a deep breath before entering the bedroom. The lights turned off behind you as you climbed into bed. You tugged the sheets up to your chin and shivered, though it wasn’t cold. The bed felt too big for you. It felt like you were in a sea of loneliness.

“Bucky?” You said aloud. “Are you awake?”

“Yeah,” He replied from the other side of the wall.

“Can you,” You paused. “Can you come sleep in here? Please.”

Silence followed. Seconds passed and dread began settling onto you once again. The sound of footsteps made you perk up. You lifted your head and with the moonlight, you were able to spot Bucky. He was walking towards you. A shirt now covered his torso. You scooted to one side and let Bucky climb into bed, under the sheets with you.

“Are you cold?” He asked.

“No,” You said. “I just didn’t want to be alone.”

You weren’t surprised when Bucky pulled you close to him. Without hesitation, you snuggled up next to him and relaxed at the sound of his heartbeat. He rubbed circles on his shoulder using his thumb.

“You’ll never be alone doll. Not when I’m here,” He said.  Bucky held you until you fell asleep.

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Devil’s Advocate - Chanyeol X Reader AU Series - Chapter 3

Vampire!Chanyeol X Angel!Reader

Genre: Action, fluff, angst

Warnings: Violence, blood, language

Word Count: 3,575

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You couldn’t sleep that night. Not that you did on a normal basis. The only means of telling whether the sun had risen or fallen was the fist-sized vent in the ceiling of the massive, garage-like room you resided in.

So Chanyeol is his name.

Not that you had any interest in identifying your captor, however, he was a vague, violence-ridden mystery to you. Being from another realm, you had the ability to feel a person’s intentions and emotions after interacting with them rather strongly. A type of emotional radar. Chanyeol, however, was a different story. You were bombarded with a blinding overdose of sensations every time you tried to figure him out, and it frustrated you beyond belief.

So you sat there, hugging your knees on the creaky scaffold of a bed, compromising the perfect plan of escape.

I just have to get these weak-minded people to trust me.

After countless hours left in your own thoughts, you drifted into a tentative state of exhaustion.

Dawn eventually came, and your eyes were met with a burning sensation due to your resistance of sleep. You swung your legs around, earning a milk squeak from the rust-covered bed, and dusted off your white smock. The sound of a door unlocking jerked your attention to the main door of Chanyeol’s room. The cocky vampire himself appeared not long after the lock was broken and sauntered into the room, wearing a simple gray cargo jacket and worn brown jeans.. He didn’t so much as glance in your cage’s direction as he walked over to his large, king-sized bed and placed the large duffel that hung around his shoulder upon it. He continued to unzip the bag and the clinking of metal objects brushing against one another heightened your attention as he drew from it various items. All of them sent alarm bells ringing in your head.

A handgun.

A pair of metal cuffs.

And a chain.

He sniffed nonchalantly before grabbing the assortment of threatening objects and turning in the direction of your confinement. As he began to mess with the lock on the cage gate, you immediately flung yourself off of the bed and darted to the furthest side of its iron walls.

“Easy there, tiger,” Chanyeol placed the items on bed, “I want to take you somewhere outside of this dingy rust bucket for a bit.”

“And what if I respectfully decline?” You kept your eyes trained on the gun that had been thrown on the mattress.

“Then I’ll have to not-so-respectfully use other means to get you there regardless,” He smirked before his face fell, “Now come here.”

You didn’t budge, hands clutching the metal bars behind your back.

“Don’t make me do this the hard way, Angel-cakes.” Chanyeol’s voice lowered threateningly.

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when the stars whisper

Originally posted by 1980vibes

Genre: fairy!au, based on @lthyl ‘s request which i delayed for a decade and half :*

Pairings: readerxjimin

Words: 3.5K

Summary:  When did we stop believing in fairy tales? 


There’s something whimsical about tonight. Maybe its  the way the stars appear brighter than usual, adorning the inky night sky like sprinkles of gold dust.

Underneath the vast expanses of the starlit skies, the city hustles and buzzes with life. Jimin watches closely, the way humans scurry around like ants lost in a maze of concrete jungles and streetlights. From where he sits perched at the very edge of a skyscraper, wind blowing his golden hair, he feels a certain longing bloom, unfurling its hopeful petals inside his chest.

 Hope is a treacherous thing and he’s afraid of the dangerous desires brewing deep within him.

It’s funny, he thinks, how humans waste away their lives longing for fairy tales and a life of wandering amongst the stars, but the stars don’t hold Jimin’s attention tonight. The only thing he painfully longs for in vain, is something further away to him than the stars are to the humans on this particularly starry night.


There seem to exist certain blank spaces in between the events that you cannot recall for the life of you, and as you stare at the blossoms of blue and violet underneath the skin that stretches taut across your wrists, you can only hope that the you from the night before hadn’t really been involved in anything life changingly stupid.

Being the ever studious and ever so meticulous university kid you’ve always been, it’s hard to decipher what exactly had possessed you the evening before an extremely crucial test to give in to the whining persistence of your sometimes annoying best friend.  

“You’ve been glued to your desk for days, Y/N!” You remember her complain to you in her chirpy voice over the phone. “You need, like NEED, to blow off some steam before you self implode…  explode whichever.”

You spring off the bed, warily approaching the full length mirror that stands in the corner- it’s metallic edges, glint silver in the bleak morning light that now filters in past your rather translucent curtains, throwing a weak yet mesmerising spectrum of iridescence on your white walls. Giving into her constant whining had obviously been a bad idea when she had waltzed away from your side quite early into the night never to return again. Dancing had never been your scene so you groan somewhat remembering yourself flopped at the bar closest to the dance floor instead, as you tried to hold a pretty slurred and very much one sided conversation with the poor bar tender about the beauty of trigonometry.

Assessing your haggard reflection, you’re quite surprised that your drunken self from the night before had somehow held enough decencies to have at least changed out of the skin tight dress before losing to the sweet oblivions of sleep. You inspect your skin closely, twirling around in your ivy blue nightie that barely reaches the top of your thighs, and you’re genuinely pleased when you see no other bouquets of shameful violet decorating your skin. But apart from that, you’re a mess really. Your hair’s a hay stack- with your artfully styled curls resembling more of a bird’s nest now, and your eyeliner’s smudged, as if you had been crying your soul out all night. All that remains of your bright lipstick, is the faint residue of dusted rose that sits engrained within the delicate grooves and creases of your lips and you surely look like a character straight out of some low budgeted horror flick.

In that moment, you halt all movement, surprised when in the wake of a very faint memory which is enshrouded in a brilliant brightness and yet too fuzzy and unreal for you to be able to actually focus on. A slight tingle rushes across the plump flesh of your lips and you bring your hands to your mouth, running thin fingers over them, as you feel your heart beat quicken, for well, seemingly no reason.

“Well, well now-” A sickeningly sweet and ridiculously melodic voice, rings out across your room, and you jump, literally jump a mile out of your skin as you whip around.

“How good of a kisser I must be that you’re still feeling the after-shocks of last night, eh?”

Your mouth falls open in silent terror when your wild eyes finally find the boy, the absolute stranger, who lounges lazily on your bed as if he very rightfully belongs there when you definitely remember waking up alone. He stares back at you, a shamelessly wide smile stretching on his pretty lips, and the smile screams trouble and is nowhere close to sincere. You slowly back up against the wall, your trembling knees seeking the support of something stable because they threaten to give in otherwise.

He rakes a hand through his dishevelled hair, golden strands threading in between his slender fingers before slipping through like fine silk and despite the bubbling fear, you feel your heart flutter in a manner so strange that it’s novel. It thumps like a bass drum against your ribcage- and you’re almost certain that none of it is just because of the adrenaline that pumps alongside fear in your veins. You only watch mesmerized- so thoroughly smitten by the strangers beauty that you actually find yourself almost forgetting that you’re, infact, supposed to be scared, and, no matter how useless an attempt you should be desperately yelling for help. 

“W-who-wha-you?” You stammer out incoherently and your voice is an unfamiliar squeak. 

However he seems to understand, smirking devilishly in response as he, without a care, without a shame, locks his arms around the back of his neck only to lean back comfortably against the head board of your bed. His eyes never leave yours the entire while and you find yourself, withering away by the minute under his intense stare.

“So you don’t remember me? I’m kind of hurt here.” He sneers, smirk wiping clean off his face as a feigned hurt takes over his perfectly sculpted features.

 "I’ve n-never seen y-“ you are cut short and your claims still hang in the air with an empty hollowness because just then he moves so fast, you’d deem it humanly impossible.

And within a flash he’s standing in front of you, grabbing at your wrists  the moment you throw your hands up in defence. With an iron clad grip he harshly pulls you towards the bed, all along treating your body as if you were no more than a life sized rag doll. You let out a piercing scream that’s cut short when you stumble, helplessly falling flat on top of the mattress. Air whooshes out your lungs in a loud huff and alarms go off in your head as you take in the predatory stance with which the boy then leans down, hovering on top of you- trapping you like a defeated animal within the cages of his strong arms, effortlessly barring all your escape routes from underneath him.

“Humans are awfully forgetful.” He accuses, voice sounding a bit breathless. A thin veil of nonchalant calmness masks a desperation, an urgency much greater than what he shows. You swallow, shrivelling like a dead leaf under his the venomous gaze. You’re scared out of your mind, finally realizing how utterly helpless you really are. Lying underneath an absolute stranger in your own bedroom which had suddenly started to feel so foreign in his unwelcomed presence, you’re too afraid to envision the various blood stained scenarios that threaten to conquer your consciousness.

You whimper softly, a lone tear leaking down your face before you can even realize. Past your blurry vision you try to read the expressionless mask the stranger wears on his beautiful face, but it gives off absolutely nothing. Seeing your pitiful state, something seems to shift in his gleaming eyes, and appearing almost apologetic he straightens up, releasing you from his stronghold with an exasperated sigh. He’s obviously irritated by your inability to recognize him but no matter how hard you try to reach out for the memories that might hold even a fleeting glance of his face, his presence, you come up with absolutely nothing.You wipe your eyes, roughly with the back of your hands and as your gaze shifts up, you very embarrassingly notice, for the very first time the lack of clothing on the boy. He wears a pair of tight black jeans, hugging his thighs just right and ripped artfully at his knees and thighs, but other than that his lean yet muscular torso’s completely bare. It’s strange but you can’t help but notice the way he wears his own skin, with a kind of poise that makes his part-nakedness appear absolutely normal. Infact he even appears regal.

He begins to pace the room lazily, his hands covering his troubled eyes.

When he pauses for a moment his body facing the window and the streaming sunlight at a certain angle, it is as if you’re really looking for the first time and your eyes land on something you absolutely don’t believe seeing. Shaking your head, you blink rapidly- but they refuse go away; they don’t vanish into nothingness like they should, for there was no way on earth that they were real.

But given the angle they are at, growing like giant petals from his shoulder blades are the two thin membranes, fluttering a mile a minute. The boy cocks his head, turning to look at you over his shoulder, as if somehow sensing your bewildered gaze boring into his back. You find it hard to wrap your head around the fact that, indeed there are wings protruding from his back. W.I.N.G.S you spell out in your head for your sanity’s sake. For a moment they still, letting you see the network of veins running all throughout them like threads which glitter like gold everytime they catch the peeking sunlight.

"What are you?” you ask shakily, after maybe minutes or maybe an hour of being rendered speechless.
“A fairy.” He replies, as if he’s only stating the obvious and as if you're nothing more than one those difficult five year olds who only question the most self-explanatory things.

And then it hits you like a ton of bricks, the memory seeping in behind your closed eyelids like the same golden glow that that had lit up the darkest of alleyways the night before, as if the sun had descended down to the earth, merely to brighten that narrow strip of the world around the two of you. The memory comes with the soft sensation of his plushy lips, gently moving in sync against yours, the motion being so sweet, so full of emotion that you can physically feel the butterflies erupt in your stomach like a volcano. You can feel his harsh grip on your wrists, an action contrary to the ministrations of his gentle mouth and you can almost hear his ragged breathing, the thumping of your hearts. As the kiss gets fiercer with both passion and raw desperation so does the blinding light, which seems to be emanating from him somehow, grows brighter by the minute.

The memory comes to an abrupt end the same way the glowing boy had vanished from underneath your touch the night before, leaving you-reaching out for thin air, only to find nothing but the cool damp brick walls and the eerie darkness of the night.

“You’re the guy from the club last night!” You exclaim, cringing at how loud you were being.

He clicks his tongue, chuckling slightly as he turns to face you. “More like: You’re that absolutely breath-taking guy I made out with last night.” He corrects slyly, watching you become a hot mess with your blushing cheeks and indignant huffs.

 "Who also happens to be a psychopath, who calls himself a fairy.“ You retort.

But then your face is serious again, your eyes wandering over to find the tips of his wings,  rising from behind either of his shoulders, the very reminders of the queer possibility that the boy who stands in front of you might not even be human. "Fairies don’t exist.” you state bluntly, not wanting to believe any of it in fears of losing your sanity the moment you do.

“Yeah, the same way your brain doesn’t.” He mocks openly, eyes alight even though his face is deadpan.

“That’s it. Leave now or else I’m calling the police. Hell how did you even break into my room?” You threaten, trying to sound as convincing as possible even though you know your phone’s probably still in your bag which is very conveniently nowhere in sight. You’re sure he senses the emptiness of your threat as well for he shrugs as if to say go ahead, challenging you to do something you obviously can’t do. You don’t move an inch not knowing what to do really. Your eyes keep returning to the wings and you ache to touch them speculating whether they’ll vanish like a dream even with the slightest of your touch.

“What’s holding you back babe?” He asks you the obvious, enjoying your discomfort more than he should. “Just a quick reminder though… most normal humans don’t really see me. Also you should stop staring so much. ” He mutters the last bit and shocked you avert your eyes cursing yourself silently for being so stupid.

“Why do I see you then?” You ask wondering if he was only bluffing you just to keep you from calling for help.“That’s my question to you.” He says in response baffling you even further. “Why do you see me Miss Human.”

You don’t know whether you should laugh, at the sheer absurdity of it all. Not only was a psychotic full grown man telling you that fairies exist, but apparently you were a psychopath as well, seemingly gifted with some supernatural vision of sorts. What were you? A ghost whisperer for crying out loud?

“I’m real” he says, as if reading the turmoil that’s churns loudly in your head, his words looking to reassure to you, your sanity in this absolutely mad scenario. You give your head a shake when you find yourself almost believing him. No way any of this was real.

“Why are you here then?” You ask, standing your ground now more than ever. “Shouldn’t you be fluttering around in some magical meadow tucked away in the forests of never land sprinkling gold dust like confetti?”

“Well, yeah I truly should be.” He replies sounding rather honest, and it takes you aback.  “Also the pollution of the city is affecting my health- I don’t get how you humans live in such filth. Also Namjoon must be missing me.” He completes, saying it all more to himself than to you. You do not understand, neither do you wish to. You were an ordinary girl in an extremely ordinary world. You plaster an awfully fake smile onto your face. “You don’t wish to live in this little pigsty like world of ours, right? Then maybe you should just leave.”

 He chuckles and it’s a rather beautifully troublesome sound.

“Not just yet. This world might be a pigsty but I think I just found my favourite little piggy.”


Time waits for no one.

Neither do you, Y/N- who won’t allow a strange nonsensical fantasy to threaten your very sensible reality. Y/N has never been late for a lecture in her entire 20 years of living and today was going to be no exception.

You storm into your bathroom before he can react, his little term of endearment grating on your nerves as if it were steel wool. You make sure to lock the door behind you (not sure if it were enough to keep a creature like him out though) as you turn on the faucet getting ready to shower. All by yourself, you somehow try to restrain the flurry of emotions threatening to claw out of your trembling heart and driving you berserk. You push fear and logic aside, instead contemplating idly as to what might have lead to you getting caught up in such a sheer misfortune spelled out like a curse on you.  Had you woken up on the wrong side of your bed? Or, had the foolish you assassinated the emperor of a holy land in cold blood sometime in your previous life? Either ways fate had finally latched on to your throat, deciding to make you pay in the most insane and mythic of ways; that was for sure.

Somehow pulling together a somewhat decent outfit and pulling your unruly hair back into a pony tail you stumble back out into your room. For a moment you hope to find the place empty, hope that the fairy had finally crawled back into his fairy tale where it rightfully belonged; but to your disappointment, like an embodiment of every single misery of your own, he stands there, arms crossed across his still very naked chest, in the very middle of your room. The memory from last night trickles into your mind and your heart beat grows erratic once again. An irrational part of you aches to be that close to him once again and that irrational you aches to feel him against you in a way where it was hard to tell where he began and you ended. A shameful blush blooms across your cheeks and you can only hope that it slips his attention. How many eons would it take to grow immune to his obvious good looks?

“Definitely not as sexy as last night but I still approve.” He sings and he seems to be scrutinising you the same way you’re doing him. And the sinister smirk on his astoundingly beautiful face makes the last of pink from your face fade. You literally growl at him in irritation, wondering if a human was strong enough to rip a fairy’s annoyingly pretty head off. However, violence wasn’t an option when your race against time had no intention of losing its pace and if you didn’t hurry you’d be late for your test.

“Go back to your mythical land you useless creature. I’ve got reality to attend to.” You sigh dejectedly, not knowing what to do or expect. How long was he planning on lurking around here? And it’s only for a moment but the smugness falters from his face, and you catch a glimpse of regret and something entirely else through the cracks.

You turn around not wanting to see anymore. Grabbing your house keys from the nearly shelf as you head towards the door to your apartment, you half-heartedly hope that a fairy would have better intentions than burglarizing the flat of an already debt ladden university student. “Well then I hope you enjoy your stay here. Just make sure you disappear by the time I get back.” You say without turning back. Your words are met with silence when you had very much been expecting a lame sarcastic retort and you whip around, your eyes searching for the fairy but finding him nowhere. Maybe you had hit a nerve with your sharp words, maybe you had been a bit too harsh. He was gone.

You should be rejoicing, truly rejoicing. Afterall, you had finally woken up from your rather drawn out nightmare, but you fail to understand why instead of relief your heart gives you a painful squeeze, leaving you slightly breathless and uneasy. You think back to the inkling of sorrow you had witnessed on his face a few moments ago and you find yourself curious as to how devastatingly beautiful the curve of his plush lips lifted into a genuine smile would look like. You didn’t even know his name, that is, if he had one.Guess you’d never know now and maybe it shouldn’t bother you this much. He was gone and this was definitely good riddance.

You’re not convinced.

“What’re you spacing out for?” His voice rings out once again but definitely not from where you expect it to come from, but you feel the cool touch of his hand as it wraps around your own and you almost immediately jerk back in absolute shock, either from the sudden charge that cackles like electricity where his skin’s comes into contact with yours or from the fact that he’s standing outside your door instead of inside your room- a door he had definitely never gone through. Of course you think.

“So where are we headed?” He asks, his mask of smugness back on in full throttle and the mischief in his voice as present as ever.

“School.” You mutter brushing past him as you go on ahead before he notices the way a silly grin almost threatens to break through.

“Also… put on a damn shirt you monster.”