sprinkles in springs


A Springtime Ritual, Called Ostra in the Old Norse Calendar

You will need:

  • A broom
  • Water left outdoors in a bowl from dusk the night before the spell
  • Salt and pepper


Between September 21 and 23 in the southern hemisphere and between March 21 and 23 in the northern hemisphere.

The Spell:

Sweep your home, sweeping all dust in counterclockwise circles out the front door.

 Chant as you work: “Dust to dust, away you must, health and luck and joy to bring. Begone winter, welcome springs.”

 Sprinkle water droplets clockwise around your home, saying: “Enter new light and life, banish strife. Welcome luck, love, money, and new beginnings.”

 Pour any remaining water out the door.

 Finally, sprinkle salt and pepper on the doorstep threshold, saying: “Enter not here with ill intent, the power to harm me/us now is spent [name any unwanted visitors, human or otherwise].”


-  “1001 Spells: The Complete Book of Spells for Every Purpose” by Cassandra Eason


(How to Change a Fuqboi- between the lines)

Word Count: 2.1k

Request: @baekinacupoftae

Ok so I’ve read the fboi series… THEY WERE LIT despite being frustrating bc why the cliffhangers? u make me wanna cri. Nah, jk. But if you do have time, a sequel/closure would be nice. Only if you want to :) *whispers (especially Taehyung’s)

A/N: So! I have officially made a fan theory for my own story! Does that make me conceited? 🤔 or just a proud author? 😂 Haha~ This story comes from an “all one main character” timeline/theory for the Fuqboi series. I also included Jackson cuz why not? 😉 enjoy and as always, make sure to pay attention to details 💖

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The light sprinkle of spring rain had ceased a few hours ago, but the damp smell still floats into your olfactory system with a vengeance, especially as you walk out of the department store for the last time, clutching your coat tighter around your frame. Thankfully, Namjoon hadn’t been scheduled to work today, so you were able to clean out your locker in peace.

Submitting your two weeks notice had been easier than you thought, especially with the excuse of “I’ve decided to focus on school” sitting on the tip of your tongue. It wasn’t a lie. You’ll be transferring to a different university this fall, but now you’re completely free.

Free to do what? Besides spend more time on campus, you aren’t exactly sure. Forget Namjoon? Yes. And his petty, disgusting denial of his true, selfish identity. Forget Yoongi? Yes. He was only a one time mistake you made because you were so desperate to get away from…


The name sends a wave of nausea through you, forcing your body to double over as you reach your car. You swallow hard around the urge to dry heave, refusing to cry. Still, the memory strikes you hard like a punch.

You tapped your pencil against the surface of your desk, trying to concentrate.

Annotating poems was one of your least favorite things, but your literature class demanded it, so annotate you would. Maybe.

The loud buzz of the dryer gave you just the excuse you needed to abandon the task momentarily. With too much enthusiasm, you emptied it of its contents, suddenly deciding that pristinely folded clothes were a top priority.

This load of laundry had been a mix of yours and Tae’s. The two of you shared a hamper, after all, and the duty to empty it out often fell on you- not that you minded. Living at his parents’ house rent free was compensation enough.

As you made your way through the pleasantly warm pile, something unexpected made you stop.

A pair of lacy red panties.

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Vegan miso soup with kale, red and spring onions, and leek dumplings.

I filled a big pot 1/3 full with water and added 1-ish tsp veggie “better than bullion.” Brought that to a boil and added frozen leek dumplings I got from my local bodega (the super nice Korean grandma makes them, they’re delicious.) Simmered that for 3-5 minutes, then added chopped lacinato kale (3 stalks, de-ribbed), ½ sliced red onion, and 1 tsp grated ginger. Around this time, I took about ½ cup of the broth out of the pot and stirred in like…idk, 2-3 tbsp red miso until it dissolved. Once the dumplings were fully heated up, I turned off the heat and stirred in the miso, and then sprinkled on 2 chopped spring onions. Boom, that’s it. 


Lo Specchio di Venere si nutre del calore proveniente dal fuoco che ha creato Pantelleria. L’acqua raggiunge i 40 gradi e dentro di esso vi è un ribollire di sorgenti e divapore. I fenici lo pensavano un luogo dominato dal loro terribile dio e qui venivano a sacrificare adulti e bambini. I vecchi del luogo vi parleranno di fosse dove sono sepolti i corpi di tanti piccoli schiavi o prigionieri di guerra. I romani gli diedero un nome aggraziato, per cancellare l’orrore dei perpetrato dai loro nemici. Ora il piccolo lago è solo una sorgente termale. Dell’orrore di allora nulla è rimasto, solo il senso di paradiso, di terra prima di ogni uomo che è tipico di Pantelleria e di queste isole create dal fuoco inestinguibile della Madre Terra.

The Venus Mirror feeds on the heat from the fire that created Pantelleria. The water reaches 40 degrees and within it there is a sprinkle of springs and steam. The Phoenicians thought of a place dominated by their terrible god and here they were sacrificing adults and children. The locals will tell you where they are buried the bodies of so many little slaves or prisoners of war. The Romans gave him a graceful name, to erase the horror of their perpetrators. Now the small lake is just a thermal spring. Of the horror of then nothing has remained, just the sense of paradise, of land before every man who is typical of Pantelleria and of these islands created by the unquenchable fire of Mother Earth.


Red Velvet cupcake from Sprinkles Cupcakes and Ice Cream located in Disney Springs.


And unlike any other night, the dark today felt different, like a color that had outgrown everything I had hid in its closet. Often, times like this filled dread inside my skin, like a storm making home inside my heart. But something about the air felt different. And I could sense a presence somewhere near the door I could never close, like a loosely held hope never let me latch the lock. My feet tingled with fear, if only I could run away from everything I had been trying to hold on.

And suddenly the air felt warmer like someone had sprinkled spring on my life long winter. All the fragments of my imagination had come to life, all those assumptions of resemblance that I used to paint over and over on page seemed to breathe somewhere near me, in the same air. And the next moment, my hand felt the embrace, a gesture of affection so deep I could hardly fit all the love in my words, the one I had been imagining since long, like somewhere deep down I had a whole different life written, with words that had been singing the lullaby of something that didn’t exist and I still urged the poems to let me stay in the make believe world. I blinked my eyes often enough to not let me be tear blinded when the time had finally arrived to live the moment I had been penning about.

I wanted to bathe in the silence of this situation and at the same moment I wanted to scream at God for being so selfish to take away what could have been my only hope for every next day. He should have known, I needed him here.


How to use the pepper filling and any left over peppers. BRUNCH or in my house breakfast. This is such an amazing hangover food. It was my birthday yesterday and I had a hungry group to feed. I made a twist on shakshuka (one of my favorite dinner dishes).

Throw some olive oil in a pan (I used a ceramic pan because teflon is the devil). Toss in any peppers you have left (empty out the filling) and the left over filling you have, cook over medium heat covered, stirring and checking on it for about 5-7 minutes.

Once everything is nice and warm and fragrant create wells for each egg and crack those babies in there (pasture raised is best). Place the lid back on and lower heat to medium low. Watch these babies because you don’t want an over cooked egg. Runny is the only way to do these. About 3 minutes.

Turn off the heat, sprinkle some spring onions, salt and pepper to taste, and freshly grated sharp cheddar cheese.

Serve out of the pan for a pretty presentation.


I chopped up some chicken thighs and marinaded them for a while in a mixture of soy sauce, root ginger, garlic, thyme and a little honey, then threw in some spring onions. Then I sautéed the chicken in a little olive oil until cooked through. I also quickly boiled some wholewheat noodles, which I then drained and stirred through the chicken mixture before sprinkling over some reserved spring onions and serving.

charm me (2/2)

Fandom: Skam
Ship: Noora x William
Summary: It’s a given that Noora will spend the Easter holiday at Hogwarts. Spending it with William – that’s more of a surprise.
Notes: Thank you SO much to @colored-pins for her amazing headcanons about William at Hogwarts! <3 

(Follow-up to x)

Noora had never given much thought to sneaking out of Hogwarts before, but if she had… she probably would have expected it to be harder. Or for it to take more than a few morning hours of indecision, several stealthy steps past (a very sleepy, very hungover) Eva’s bed, and one secret passageway journey with William to reach Hogsmeade.

So easy. Weirdly easy.

Walking around Honeydukes, completely aware that William had opted to look at her rather than at the candy from the second they started browsing, Noora ran her fingers across an array of chocolate wands. “Do you do this often?” she asked. “Take girls out on illicit Hogsmeade trips?”

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