Holy crap!!! You guys!! Did you know that Blue had a baby brother named Sprinkles??? Freaking SPRINKLES!?

I’m… I’m about to pass out.. he’s so cute… I.. I have to draw him immediately right now .. according to his wiki hes very shy… We need to protect him..

My gym has TVs on all the workout machines, and i was watching a show on the travel channel about the best doughnuts in the US while on the elliptical… I thought to myself, if this pin isn’t 100% me, idk what is. Check out this pin and 7 other designs in my shop

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If anything I put on TOO MANY sprinkles haha. Thanks a ton you guys!! I wrote all of your names on each and every sprinkle but it didn’t show up in the video :/

I’m wondering what I should do if I ever hit a million. Because if I did this again it would look kinda the same but with 300,000 more sprinkles. Oh well, I’ll think of something, THANKS AGAIN :)