The Signs as YouTubers

Aries Doddleoddle

Tartarus SprinkleofGlitter

Gemini Danisnotonfire

Cancer Tyler Oakley

Leo Evan Edinger

Virgo Connor Franta

Libra Crabstickz

Scorpio Emma Blackery

Sagittarius Kickthepj

Capricorn Superwoman

Aquarius Phillip DeFranco

Pieces AmazingPhil

What happens when you’re 20?

I’ll tell you: no one wants to go to Vidcon with you. Even though you’re finally old enough to have a job and your own money to buy tickets.

God, someone please come with me.


NEW VIDEO with Dan and Louise! We play OBAMA LLAMA!


new video with louise! the story of Our Awkward Fancy Meal pls reblog 👦🍝🏻🏼👧🏼


SUPER IMPORTANT COOL THING: there is an Internet Takeover special tomorrow night at 9pm on BBC Radio 1!

loads of YouTubers are coming together to talk about online negativity and what we can all do to stop it affecting us and make the internet a nicer place!
it should be pretty good. i hope you can join us :)