dan: 2017 will be the year for life stuff

phil: it’ll be more chill but there will still be exciting things happening 

phils calendar: turned to may 

louise: picking a dress for an upcoming wedding 

pj: talking about weddings being thrown into plans


louise is pregnant, anthony left smosh, someone got arrested for child porn, dil is also pregnant, and it’s donald trumps birthday. wowie.

update: dodie came out with a new book today called secrets for the mad

update again: the fine bro’s did yet another video with dan and phil, dan attempted to curl phil’s hair, and troye FINALLY updated after 84 fucking years. boy what a day. 


D: you may not think, from looking at us, that we may have that much in common. i mean, look at you, you’re a beautiful, confident, funny lady and i’m an awkward sexually ambiguous nerd, but! we have something very big in common, which we have bonded over.
L: we’re socially inept.