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Remember when I asked for ship kid requests like a week and a half ago so I could fill a page up with them? IT’S DONE. Finally!

Incubux - @nateeev
Placebo - @fullmetaldreamer
Palette - @angexci
Goth - @nekophy
Sprinkle and Moku - @6agentgg9
Mishap - @milkymf
Glitchcolor - @darkness-pure
Lucid - @inashibe
Blueprint - @pepper-mint
Raven - @ask-the-gothfamily
Tenpatch - @kakimochi0820
Gaige - @kaiel-urfreindlyneighbrohoodwolf
Noah, Dean and Skyler - Me

I made a ref sheet for the main character in the class film named ‘Rockin’ it’ I’m going to do! Her name is Katie~

The film is going to be about this girl Katie who LOVES Rock music, but doesn’t have anybody who shares that interest. So she tries to stay a bit of a wallflower at school because she thinks that others might find her ‘weird’ if they find out she likes such hard music. HOWEVER, new students arrive that look like they share a similar interest in Rock!…But Katie has NO idea how to go about becoming friends with them after being a loner for so long. They don’t even know if they SHOULD be friends with them for surely other people at school would make fun of them??

Eventually, Katie gets tired of feeling this anxiety of trying to please people by not enjoying something she loves and she takes it upon herself to spread the word around school…via flyers when everyone is in class and can’t see her of course. But the bell rings before Katie is done and she is stampeded through the halls and lands at the new rock kids feet. They notice her band t-shirt (her hoodie that was hiding it opened up during the stampede lol) and invite her to hang out with them at their concert. Katie decides to take her own advice and takes the Rock kids offer of friendship and they go and have a great time and all become friends!!

Katie returns to school wearing more band garb that she enjoys and she gets complements from the people in school saying she’s ‘Rockin’ it.’

I wanted to express that feeling of being a bit outcasted because of an interest you had didn’t fit into highschool terms of being ‘normal’. and that sometimes finding people with similar interests is hard, but when you do, you should take that plunge and become friends with them! When you’re around people with similar interests to you, it makes you much happier then you would be without. And that sometimes you can be overthinking peoples reactions and that everything will be fine! 



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name: Sprinkle Star

fusion of: Twight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie

specie: alicorn


she’s a pony who knows how to organize her time

she knows when it’s time to party and when it’s time to study

she loves organizing parties, but mostly just the “organizing” part, 

when the actual party starts, she just corners herself with a book when everypony else parties

she loves reading all sorts of books, mostly comedy

she loves making puns but most of them are library related

she’s always herhyper happy self aroud her friends and family but she acts normally around others she doesn’t know