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Normally I wait until after you answer the ask I send before sending another one but this one's been in my head a while. What would Sidon do about an s/o that has a sleep walking problem?

(Number 2 is a go! Also never worry about sending me multiple asks you always give me some of the funest ideas to do~ Enjoy!~)

Dead of The Night

Word Count: 1111 (whaaaat?)
Warnings: None

Sidon had faced several odd things before: strange creatures lurking in the deepest and darkest corners of Hyrule, plants and flowers boldly colored yet curved and curled in the strangest ways, even food that smelled foul but tasted absolutely divine or vice versa.

Despite all of this, seeing you looming above his sleeping pool donning your usual sleepwear, your eyes still firmly closed, had to be one of the most bizarre things he had ever seen.

You had been living in the palace for a little while now; Sidon had made the suggestion and offered you one of the guest rooms. He had explained that it would save both of you the trip of going out to see the other, that, and he just really wanted you to be closer to him. He couldn’t stand his dearest treasure being so far away from him by having you live at the palace he would be to protect you in case of emergency.

So far, the transition had been wonderful and he adored being able to wake up every morning and see you at the dining table greeting him with a loving smile still wiping the sleep from your eyes. It was such a glorious sight.

Your close proximity meant that if he was not busy with any meetings or paperwork he could easily go to you and spend the rest of the day in your company. You were just a call away from him now and you were absolutely loved it. Though he didn’t share a room with you, that wouldn’t be proper so early in your relationship, he was learning so many interesting things about you.

This one was new.

You were just there. Your face is the picture of blissful sleep, yet you were standing upright like your were awake and ready to give him an early morning greeting. A quick glance out the windows behind him told the Zora that how he was  He had heard of this condition before, from where he had no clue, but he knew its name and that it was not safe for you to be wandering around the palace, left to your own devices. 

Sidon cautiously drifted away from the center of the pool to the edge were you were lingering, bringing his arms up to rest on the finely chiseled marble that outlined the rim of the brightly illuminated waters.

“Treasure…?” He said hesitantly, wondering if you could actually understand him when you were in this state. “Can you hear me? You should probably go back to your bedroom,” The Zora Prince instructs as water slides down the scales of his arms and drips quietly from his face. He isn’t sure if you actually hear him or something else makes your body move but right after he says something you slowly turn your body and start walking toward the door.

For a second, Sidon thinks that you’ll go straight to your bedroom but then he decided that it would be better if he followed you. He had read about this affliction but had never witnessed it in action; now he has the chance to observe it in action as well as make sure that you got back to your room safe and sound.

The Zora hoisted himself out if the water letting it drip onto the floor forming small puddles beneath his feet as he followed after you. You open the door and he is amazed once again when he catches up and notices that your eyes are still closed. Truly fascinating.

Sidon follows you all the way back to your bed, the pace is slow and blatantly sluggish but the two of you do eventually make it back and the Zora is just as astounded to watch you open the door to the bedroom. You stop in the doorway for a second before wandering inside, Sidon following right behind you as you approach the bed.

The Zora watches as you lift the covers and then climb back in curling up when your head hits the pillow. Sidon waits a few moments as if expecting your body to sit right back up but when it looks like you aren’t going anywhere, anytime soon, he moves toward the bed to tuck you in. Your body shifts slightly and Sidon pulls his hands back worried that he might’ve disturbed you but he only watches with a small smile as you let out a gentle murmur and then curl up nuzzling into your pillow.

He figures that now is probably a good time for him to take his leave, however, seeing your sleeping form curled up on the bed he couldn’t help but admire you and also worry that you might get up again. What if next time you did not come to his room? What if you wandered off somewhere dangerous and he would never know until it was too late?

You didn’t seem to be fully aware of your surroundings when you were in such a state; you could potentially run into somebody or even worse manage to get outside of the palace. There were large quantities water completely surrounding the Kingdom and sprinkled throughout it in the sleeping pools. What if you… fell in?

These thoughts alone were enough to drive Sidon closer to you until he found himself climbing into the bed to join you, completely disregarding his original thought that this might be inappropriate since your safety was at risk. He was careful not to disturb your slumber as he lays on top of the covers resting a hand on your waist.

This way he could make sure that you didn’t go anywhere again. Yes, he was just doing this to keep you safe, Sidon thought to himself before his eyes fell upon your peaceful face once again and he can’t help but smile and forget all about his worries prior. You just looked so cute

How could he not find that sleeping face beautiful?

Sure, he did see some of it in the morning at breakfast when you were still trying to wake up after a good night’s rest. This was different. Being so lose to you while you were actually sleeping was so much more personal and it made him that much happier to see it for himself.

The Zora was snapped out of his daze when you shuffled under the covers again and Sidon was reminded that he himself needed to rest. Sidon would have to talk to you about your walking around at night tomorrow, for now he would keep you in your bed, keep you safe, and let your sweet face lull him to sleep. 

Lovers Under the Stars

Fandom: The Hobbit

Pairing: Kili x OC (Skaia)


Word Count: 3350

Warning: Smuuuut.

Notes: I just realized that this is my first Kili smut, so yay Skaia! ;) I really do hope you enjoy this someanglinbitch. I can’t help but imagine innocent cute puppy dog things whenever I think so Kili so I’m sorry if that came through during this, haha. I had a lot of fun writing it, so I hope you have just as much, if not more, fun reading it. <3

Onto my next request, seeing as I just drank a full cup of coffee. ^-^

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