springs n rings


Today, I was hit with a sudden realization: I realized that during all of my time on tumblr.com  I hadn’t done one thing yet that all bloggers should do–Make a list of all the cool folks that I follow and appreciate!
This list is a compilation of all the people that I personally find hella rad. Whether if it’s the content that you reblog and post that I enjoy, or your overall presence and charisma on my dashboard–you guys are awesome and I thank you for continuing to put up with me and my mess! So without further adieu, I present to you all my modest, little, put-together FOLLOW FOREVER LIST ! ((NOTE: THIS LIST IS NOT IN PERFECT ALPHABETICAL ORDER…I’M LAZY…))

A ♥ C

00tlink afantasybasedonreality  askdaddymewtwo beastmegs brownies20 babeofhyrule beeshrektestinthehousevevo beedrill-queen castaform @clears-kawaii-booty clears–dick combeenation chikokirita 

D ♥ F 

desolate-land danidelacreme dont-squeeze-me-ill-fart dmmd-trash do-he-got-the-aobooty-he-do do-he-got-da-aobooty digi-egg digi-fan eevee-ray eeveeons emboring elite-four fatalstrawberries fancychansey furrett flame-wheel

G ♥ I

genesects ginsengandhoney ghirahims-tongue hipstermink hoennconfirmed hookshots hiddentriforceblog hauntchu haunt-3r h0ppip hiroike iownthetriforce its-no-use i-dont-live-in-a-cage

J ♥ L

jirachi-sama joltikeon jolte0n justbeyondtheveilofyourexistence kerriaitken kirbyfanneox king-lonk kuchipatchis kirbeh kimberlinh kaloshunter links-butt link-is-my-senpai linkondrugs linkouji lostlornforest lugiaabsol linklover9 littleralts lunkki luigigettinghurt links-hella-fine-booty

M ♥ O

milthanks mawile mayorfroakie malkshake megasumpex memewhore memegoraptor morningespeon masquerain284 mega-absol mega-flygon-forever megablaziken mudkorp megasmans midnayo macho-brace mega-shiny-gallade mythicalbeheeyem mushroomite nintendo-co nintendoe64 n4yru omgs

P ♥ R

poison-heal proteinpills pika-chu pombei psycho-cut pumpkaboost ponytail-link papapalkia ruki-booty rawst-berry

S ♥ U

sleepyskitty submink shinytotodile shinycaterpie sprout-tower springs-n-rings sinnohqueen srtyyyy snorlaxatives seragaki-aoba-sly-blue sonikkii suicoons torchic torch-dick terrmina the-digi-poke togepric tales-of-eeveelution temple-of-time twerklightprincess theomegagroudon theknightofhyrule the-legend-of-links-booty toue-company thatmostlyzeldablog triforceofpancakes the-hills-have-sableyes triforce-princess thisisthemonadospower 


♥ Z

yache-berry yacheberry yuki-menoko zwoobat

BOLDED names are those I follow that I have known for a while and really appreciate for sticking out through this with me and also of those who’s blogs are simply my favorites!!

I don’t know you guys personally but I really enjoy coming on tumblr everyday and seeing you all on my dash! It truly makes my day!!