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what are the connections of nicole dollanganger's "in the land" to david parker ray? could you explain them?

she doesn’t explicitly like say his name or anything in the song, but when i first heard it i knew a few things were definitely about him! the lyrics that relate to him are “hell has a name, ‘satans den’, got a lock on the trailer, got the tape recorder in, he’s gonna strap her to the table, pull apart her legs, and pull her soul out of the body that it’s in”. in david’s trailer where he would (mainly sexually) torture his victims, there was a sign on the wall that said “satans den”, when victims woke up in his trailer he would play a tape for them he made extensively detailing what he was going to do to them while they were in his power. he had a gynaecologists table that he would strap them to for the torture ; there are pictures of his trailer + a very long transcript of the tapes if u want, personally i found them hard to read and look at though! sorry that this answer is long! i hope i explained it well :-) 💐

@bertsedc - that other go bag in the office is never too far away 😈 sits right next to the Commiefornia Earthquake kits - load outs in the 5.11 Ruck Carrier for Mini Me aka @drgamer556 and I 😈 after watching LA 92 Doc you can never be too prepared right 😂👍 #laruetactical PradatOBR 7.61 #USoptics LR17 up top #springfield MC Operator and #wilsoncombat QCB 1911s #511tactical carriers with #DFNDR LVL3+ #hardcorehardwareaustralia Tomahawk and Blade with Pen and Window Breaker #oakleysi gloves, boots, Glasses #ballistichelmet #peltor #ifak kits thanks to @spentbrasstraining#sidekickmounts NVG mount and #GoPro Hero 5 @code4kydexgear holsters 💯👌

Benefits of Having a Househusband: Chapter 9 - It’s not hard to make them happy

aka, 10 times Jay being a househusband worked in Erin’s favour

Also on ff.net and A03

Once again, huge thanks to @justkillingtimewhileiwait for all of her beta'ing help and idea bouncing! Hope you guys enjoy!

“So I was thinking…” Jay began as they entered the locker room.

During their morning briefing, Voight had informed the team that two of them were needed to make a quick round trip to the city of Springfield to pick up some important case files which were far too classified to be emailed or faxed over. In addition to that, whilst they were there, it would give them the opportunity to ask questions and see any evidence they wanted to.

Voight had chosen Erin and Jay to make the trip, telling them to leave within 30 minutes and to be back by that evening. It wasn’t the first time the Intelligence team had pulled a highly controversial and public case, but it was the first time that Voight’s powers hadn’t stretched out of the city, leaving the team to make up for the difference.

“Oh, this ought to be good,” Erin laughed, pulling out what she would need from her locker and dumping them onto the bench behind her.

“Springfield is a three-and-a-half, four hour drive, right? That places it well out of Chicago, which means I should get driving privileges for this mini roadtrip,” he stated diplomatically, already shutting his own locker after having retrieved the minimal items he figured he would need.

Tugging on her jacket, Erin shot him a sceptical look as he made his way over to lean against the locker next to hers. “I don’t remember agreeing to only being allowed to drive in Chicago.”

“I don’t remember agreeing to only you being allowed to drive, fullstop,” Jay retorted, making her smirk. Closing her locker, she picked up her phone and purse, slowly adding them to her pockets to join the car keys she could already feel in there. She hadn’t verbally replied to his observation, which had obviously only made him more impatient. “Erin, please? You know it’s fair.”

Pursing her lips, she did her best to stare him down, but she knew she was fighting a losing battle against his innocent baby blues and the softest pout forming on his features. It was hard enough for her to stop herself from simply kissing the look away, knowing that though he wouldn’t be able to keep up the pretense if she did, she would be giving in in a whole other way.

Letting out a long, deep sigh, Erin finally nodded concedingly. “Fine. But I get to choose the music,” she bargained, waiting until his face lit up with the boyish grin she knew and loved before pulling the keys out of her pocket and practically slapping them into his proffered hand.

“Honey, you can choose where to eat for all I care. I get to drive,” Jay replied cheerily, earning himself a raised brow at his offer.

Finding somewhere to eat was always a heated debate between them, something which the driver usually had the most control over. Not that their appetites or choice in food differed from one another, but they usually had different ideas as to which place served the best dish for whatever they were arguing over on any particular day. And it was a huge factor in Jay’s argument about feeling like a househusband when she practically overruled his choices simply because she was driving.

Shaking her head affectionately at his rather giddy mood, Erin bit back her own grin in an attempt not to seem amused by his reaction, lest he got the wrong idea about possibly coercing her to let him drive more often.

“Let’s go before Hank sends out a search party. The last thing we need is for him to see you coming out of the locker room with that grin on your face,” she remarked, giving him a light push to send him on his way as she followed him, hand on his back to keep him going.

It didn’t take long to get onto the road after that, venturing into the bullpen to pick up any last minute discussions before heading down to their work vehicle. Erin couldn’t help but notice the extra bounce in Jay’s step or the way he smiled at her lopsidedly over the roof of the car as they got in on unfamiliar sides. It warmed her heart to know she had caused this mood, a feeling of satisfaction and content growing as she settled into the passenger’s seat and enjoyed watching him steer them out of their city.

“What?” Jay asked when they had reached the highway, once Erin had finished fiddling with the radio and chosen a contemporary station, leaving it in low for some background noise. She had gone back to nonchalantly observing him, eyes sliding from him to the road and back again at steady intervals.

“I really need to let you drive more often if you get this excited about a small road trip,” she quipped, reaching into the glove compartment to retrieve both their sunglasses as the mid-morning sun hit their eyes.

“I’ve been saying that since day one, Erin,” he reminded her, accepting his shades and pushing them on without a glance in her direction.

Slipping on her own pair, she laughed and nodded. “I know. I just didn’t realise how sheltered you had become. It’s like you’re a Stepford Wife, taking her first step out into the real world,” she teased, patting him on the shoulder and earning herself a disgruntled huff from him.

“Actually,” Jay retorted lightly with a smirk on his features, “We prefer the term 'househusband’, if you must.”

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Why don't people like the XD?

Besides brand loyalty & Springfield’s recent fuck up, I see a lot of people that dislike the grip safety & the disassembly/reassembly. Along with some people encountering reliability & QC issues.

Then there’s also the fact that it’s essentially a HS2000, with a Springfield rollmark, a higher price tag, and sometimes a lot of “extra” markings & such (I.E “Grip Zone”).

There’s plenty of other reasons, but those are the first that come to mind.

Sole Party - Day 1 - Introduce your Sole!

Name: Red (real name: Dinah Jones)
Age/Date of birth: 33 pre-war, 243 post-thaw / February 7th
Eye color: Blue-gray
Hair color: Red
Height: 5′8″
Weight: 160lbs
Sexuality: Heterosexual.
Factions: General of the minutemen & agent of the Railroad

Good traits: Smart, crafty/handy, kind, reliable, optimistic, fast learner, adaptable, observant, always willing to help.

Flaws: overly trusting at times, sees good in others but not in her self, can be reckless sometimes, hoards a lot of junk for future use, deathly afraid of mirelurks.

Relationships: Nate (pre-war, deceased), Hancock (current day)

Closest friends: Codsworth, Nick, Ada, Deacon, & Piper.

Friends: Preston, Curie, Cait, Maccready, & Strong

More details under the cut! (Sorry if it gets lengthy)

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Alright we need some context for how I ended up with the S&W 459. I went to the finale 2016 Oaks show and was met with enough firearms to arm a small military and milsurp out of my price range. While the NFA guys brought cool stuff, the closest thing to interesting was an Ithaca 37 with a 20 inch barrel for $300. But the humidity made trying to pay in cash unbearable so we bailed.

The 459 came from a local large gun shop that had a sale and some decent hours for a Sunday. $399 normally with a price drop to $359. Since the last S&W semi-auto I saw was a newer 4506 for around $450, I snatched it up.


Like her “Requieum For Methuselah” guest co-star James Daly, Louise Sorel was a theatrical and dramatic actor, generally focusing on the more “serious” end of things. She remembered her time on Star Trek with some amusement for TV Guide’s 30th anniversary celebration of the series:“They put me in this funny costume – I stood still and they just wrapped fabric around me – and I had an Annette Funicello bouffant and Dusty Springfield eye make-up. James Daly and I thought of ourselves as these two very serious theater actors and we kept looking at each other, ‘Why on Earth are we doing this?’ Eventually, we just started saying, 'Christmas money, Christmas money, Christmas money.’”

However, she described the cast as “…really very sweet. I loved working with Shatner. We had played lovers once before. In the story, Flint forgot to give Rayna the tools to survive emotionally, and – when he and Kirk started fighting over her – she couldn’t bear the pain. It was really very touching.”

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: the simpsons movie was entertaining, certainly, and ultimately just felt like a long episode of the show, which is a brilliant thing because when the simpsons is good, it's great. and of course with any cartoon show there's a certain degree to which you must suspend disbelief- you have to accept that things aren't always going to work the way they would in the real world because cartoons don't follow the same rules. that all being said, i'm willing to look past other logical inconsistencies or violations of physics as a whole in the simpsons universe but it just doesn't make sense to me that the residents of springfield would be trapped under the dome for so long. they do make attempts to escape, various attempts in various ways, and all are unsuccessful- but are we supposed to really believe that none of them at any point just dug under the dome? it wouldn't be difficult, especially with cartoon physics. digging under the dome would be effective and efficient and the problem would be solved instantly. furthermore, the simpson family literally escape the dome through a sink hole. the rest of the town KNOW it's possible to escape through the ground. all of the people of springfield combined couldn't come up with imitating this in a more calculated and scientific way so as to allow passage in and out of town? ultimately the entire movie is based on an entire town (with a population of about 30000 according to various wiki pages) not thinking "hey we could just fucking dig a tunnel"

The US Military’s first breechloading rifle — The Hall M1819,

Invented in 1811 by John Hancock Hall, the Hall rifle was the first breechloading firearm to be adopted by the US Military and the first breechloading rifle to be adopted by any nations’ military in significant quantities.  A unique breechloading design, the Hall rifle featured a breech that pivoted upward, exposing the chamber for loading (see pic above).  The user then loaded the chamber with powder and a bullet.  While self contained cartridges had yet to be invented, the breechloading mechanism of the Hall rifle was still significantly faster and easier to load than contemporary muzzleloading firearms.  More importantly, since this was a breechloading firearm, it could use bullets that were the exact same caliber as the rifle itself (.525), thus increasing accuracy.  Before the invention of the minie ball, muzzleloading rifles had to be loaded with a bullet slightly under caliber to ease the process of craming a ball against the rifling of a barrel. Hence why armies at the time prefered smoothbore muskets over muzzleloading rifles.  The Hall rifle’s breechloading mechanism made rifle more practical for the battlefield.  The Hall rifle used a flintlock mechanism for ignition, with the pan, frizzen, and cock mounted on the top of the breech.  Later, many Hall rifles were converted to use the percussion system.

The US Army adopted the Hall rifle in 1819.  In subsequent tests it was found that the Hall rifle, in the hands of skilled soldiers, could fire 8-9 rounds per minute.  In addition, the Hall rifle was 16% more accurate than smoothbore muskets at the time.  Production of the Hall rifle began in 1819 at Harper’s Ferry National Armory in Harper’s Ferry, Virginia (now West Virginia).  Between 1819 and 1846, 51,184 Hall rifles were produced, most at the Harper’s Ferry Armory.  The rifles were issued to rifle regiments and sharpshooters, as well as cavalry and dragoons since the breechloading system was easier to load from horseback.  The Hall rifle saw combat during the Mexican American War as well as limited use during the American Civil War.

While the Hall rifle was a great improvement over other firearms of the day, it was also costly and time consuming to manufacture.  As a result, the backbone of the US Army remained the Springfield Musket up to the end of the Civil War.