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I just re-watched all of Regular Show so here is everyone as a Gif from Regular Show

Eren Jaeger

Mikasa Ackerman

Armin Arlert

Jean Kirstein

Marco Bodt

Annie Leonhardt

Reiner Braun

Bertholdt Hoover


Krista Lenz/Historia Reiss

Connie Springer

Sasha Blouse

Erwin Smith

Levi Ackerman

Hanji Zoe

Mike Zacharias

Petra Ral

Oluo Bozado

Eld Jinn

Gunther Schultz

Man, I miss this show

if they didn’t know winter training was going to be this tough,  then that means this is their first winter as trainees.

these are 12/13 year olds right here

  • (Both on the Jerry Springer show)
  • McCree: How could you do this to me? On national television!
  • Reaper: Well, throw me a freakin’ bone here, Jesse!
  • McCree: Why did you run out on me?
  • Reaper: Because you’re not quite evil enough.
  • (Audience boo's)
  • Reaper: Well it’s true! It’s true! You’re semi-evil. You’re quasi-evil. You’re the margarine of evil. You’re the Diet Coke of evil. Just one calorie, not evil enough.
  • Submitted by Avenger09
Funny Quotes on Music

From cmuse.org. Enjoy!

  1. “A composer is a guy who goes around forcing his will on unsuspecting air molecules, often with the assistance of unsuspecting musicians. — Frank Zappa
  2. “I want to do a musical movie. Like Evita, but with good music.” — Elton John
  3. “Music is moonlight in the gloomy night of life.” — Jean Paul
  4. “Talking about music is like dancing about architecture.” — Steve Martin
  5. “A gentleman is someone who can play the accordion, but doesn’t.” — Tom Waits
  6. “I don’t deserve a Songwriters Hall of Fame Award. But fifteen years ago, I had a brain operation and I didn’t deserve that, either. So I’ll keep it.” — Quincy Jones
  7. “The musician is perhaps the most modest of animals, but he is also the proudest. It is he who invented the sublime art of ruining poetry.” — Erik Satie
  8. “All the good music has already been written by people with wigs and stuff.” — Frank Zappa
  9. “To achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan and not quite enough time.” — Leonard Bernstein
  10. “I’ve been imitated so well I’ve heard people copy my mistakes.” — Jimi Hendrix
  11. “My personal hobbies are reading, listening to music, and silence.” — Edith Sitwell
  12. “I can’t listen to that much Wagner. I start getting the urge to conquer Poland.” — Woody Allen
  13. “Life can’t be all bad when for ten dollars you can buy all the Beethoven sonatas and listen to them for ten years.” — William F. Buckley, Jr.
  14. “Beethoven’s last quartets were written by a deaf man and should only be listened to by a deaf man.” — Thomas Beecham
  15. “The world must be filled with unsuccessful musical careers like mine, and it’s probably a good thing. We don’t need a lot of bad musicians filling the air with unnecessary sounds. Some of the professionals are bad enough.” — Andy Rooney
  16. “Andrew Lloyd Webber’s music is everywhere, but so is AIDS.” — Malcolm Williamson
  17. “All music is folk music. I ain’t never heard a horse sing a song.” — Louis Armstrong
  18. “Money doesn’t talk, it swears.” ― Bob Dylan
  19. “Competitions are for horses, not artists.” — Bela Bartok
  20. “When an instrument fails on stage it mocks you and must be destroyed!” ― Trent Reznor
  21. “I never had much interest in the piano until I realized that every time I played, a girl would appear on the piano bench to my left and another to my right.” — Duke Ellington
  22. “Let me be clear about this: I don’t have a drug problem, I have a police problem.” — Keith Richards
  23. “When I was a little boy, I told my dad, ‘When I grow up, I want to be a musician.’ My dad said: ‘You can’t do both, Son.” — Chet Atkins
  24. “I don’t like country music, but I don’t mean to denigrate those who do. And for the people who like country music, denigrate means ‘put down’.”— Bob Newhart
  25. “Music makes one feel so romantic – at least it always gets on one’s nerves – which is the same thing nowadays.” —Oscar Wilde
  26. “I know [canned music] makes chickens lay more eggs and factory workers produce more. But how much more can they get out of you on an elevator?” — Victor Borge
  27. “It’s easy to play any musical instrument: all you have to do is touch the right key at the right time and the instrument will play itself.” — Johann Sebastian Bach
  28. “Rock ‘n’ roll will never die. There’ll always be some arrogant little brat who wants to make music with a guitar.” — Dave Edmunds
  29. “I stole everything I ever heard, but mostly I stole from the horns.” — Ella Fitzgerald
  30. “Get up from that piano. You hurtin’ its feelings.” — Jelly Roll Morton
  31. “To listen is an effort, and just to hear is no merit. A duck hears also.” — Igor Stravinsky
  32. “To get your playing more forceful, hit the drums harder.” — Keith Moon
  33. “Music expresses that which cannot be put into words.” — Victor Hugo
  34. “Jazz will endure just as long people hear it through their feet instead of their brains.” — John Philip Sousa
  35. “We consider that any man who can fiddle all through one of those Virginia Reels without losing his grip may be depended upon in any kind of musical emergency.” — Mark Twain
  36. “Sometimes we pee on each other before we go on stage.” — Trent Reznor
  37. “Dogs smoke in France. “— Ozzy Osbourne
  38. “Music was my refuge. I could crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back to loneliness.” — Maya Angelou
  39. “Nothing soothes me more after a long and maddening course of pianoforte recitals than to sit and have my teeth drilled.” — George Bernard Shaw
  40. “In order to compose, all you need to do is remember a tune that nobody else has thought of.” — Robert Schumann
  41. “I think John would have liked Free As A Bird. In fact, I hope somebody does this to all my crap demos when I’m dead, making them into hit songs.” — George Harrison
  42. “Nothing separates the generations more than music. By the time a child is eight or nine, he has developed a passion for his own music that is even stronger than his passions for procrastination and weird clothes.” — Bill Cosby
  43. “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” — Bob Marley
  44. “The piano has been drinking, not me.” — Tom Waits
  45. “Classical music is the kind we keep thinking will turn into a tune.” — Kin Hubbard
  46. “There are some experiences in life which should not be demanded twice from any man, and one of them is listening to the Brahms Requiem.” — George Bernard Shaw
  47. “Wagner’s music is better than it sounds.” — Mark Twain
  48. “In the end we’re all Jerry Springer Show guests, really, we just haven’t been on the show.” — Marilyn Manson
  49. “Rock journalism is people who can’t write interviewing people who can’t talk in order to provide articles for people who can’t read.” — Frank Zappa
  50. “Too many pieces of music finish too long after the end.” — Igor Stravinsky
  51. “There are two golden rules for an orchestra: start together and finish together. The public doesn’t give a damn what goes on in between.” — Thomas Beecham
  52. “Lesser artists borrow, great artists steal.” — Igor Stravinsky
  53. “There’s nothing like the eureka moment of knocking off a song that didn’t exist before – I won’t compare it to sex, but it lasts longer.” — Paul McCartney
  54. “Do I listen to pop music because I’m miserable or am I miserable because listen to pop music?” — John Cusack
  55. “Last night at Carnegie Hall, Jack Benny played Mendelssohn. Mendelssohn lost.” — Harold C. Schonberg
  56. “Beethoven always sounds to me like the upsetting of a bag of nails, with here and there an also dropped hammer.” — John Ruskin
  57. “And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” — Friedrich Nietzsche
  58. “I smash guitars because I like them.” — Pete Townshend
  59. “I once sent him a song and asked him to mark a cross wherever he thought it was faulty. Brahms returned it untouched, saying ‘I don’t want to make a cemetery of your compositions.’ ” — Hugo Wolf
  60. “I love Wagner, but the music I prefer is that of a cat hung up by its tail outside a window and trying to stick to the panes of glass with its claws.” — Charles-Pierre Baudelaire

anonymous asked:

Hi Nissi. I'm white and dating a black man. How do I help educate my family on how to accept that my long term significant other isn't a threat to them in means other than something out of a Jerry Springer show?

what kind of garbage family needs to be educated on the fact that a black man isn’t a threat in 2017? 

what kind of “get out” situation is this?

and why the hell do you need to educate them? i’d say your job as the white person in the relationship is to protect your black boyfriend from your garbage family. that should be the first priority

if they want to be educated, send them a list of books to read

Red Headcanons (Redcanons?)

Another intermission until I get some asks answered…

  • Awful awful dark humor
  • Light sleeper
  • Enjoys watching the TV shows that make humans look awful (The Jerry Springer Show, Jackass, AFV) and of course South Park
  • For some odd reason, he prefers to use earbuds rather than headphones
  • Is a lightweight drinker (also, he needs to be a wee bit tipsy in order to dance)
  • If he’s laughing too hard, it’s almost guaranteed that he’ll start snorting
  • His meme interests are as dark as his humor (+18 dank meme hell)
  • Downloads music illegally on his phone
  • Is not a big sweets fan, but he’ll devour anything that’s deep-fried (churros, funnel cake, fried chicken, etc)
  • Has a knack for tinkering technology and whatnot

Shingeki no Kyojin’s story told by annie’s pov:

-We see her being brainwashed, distancing herself from others,

-next she goes to a place where she must trust none,

-Tries to play it cool, help some comrades… save them.. just things. :v

-later her job starts and goes kill mode for the sake of the mission

-then she meets a guy that picks interest in what she is good at(damn that should feel real good, A BREAK)

-at least with that time she can enjoy herself a little bit.


-everything ends.. she is a living failure(a reminder)

kitchen nightmares █║│♛

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“You want ____ to stop now and get you a glass of orange juice?!”
“Oh fuck. Oh my God. Oh no. LOOK AT THAT! Oh my God, look at it!”
“Look! It’s fucking rotten, you fucking idiot! IT’S ROTTEEEEEEEEN!!”
“No one is getting served from this fucking restaurant tonight!”
“It’s not a crab cake. It’s a crap cake. Because if I eat anymore, I’ll be busy crapping for the next 105 years.”
“The food’s been in this fridge for so long, even the fridge is starting to get mouldy.”
“I’ve never met such a fucking hard-arse stubborn motherfucker in all my life.”
“The décor matches the clientèle; drab, fuddy-duddy, and seriously old-fashioned…”
“You’re so full of fucking shit that you’d make a great politician.”
“When you take a bite of that cod, it’s almost like you’ve got a breaded condom in your mouth.”
“Ground beef?!! Half of it’s fucking fat, you idiot! It’s fatter than you!”
“What the hell are you doing here?!”
“Oh, coulis mango. Thank you. Looks like something out of a modern art museum. Splat!”
“It’s like somebody’s pissed in my soup.”
“If you went to Dublin and you serve shepherd’s pie like that, they would shoot you.”
“Hold on a minute. You’re calling me a fucking arsehole?!”
“You stuck-up precious little bitch!”
“This is the truth: I would be better off as a brain surgeon than you running this restaurant.”
“I’ve fucking forgotten more than you know. Just serve the food and shut the fuck up, smart-arse!”
“It looks anaemic, the colour’s dreadful, and it tastes just like bland, boiled lamb.”
“Yeah, and take that shit with you! That’s right, we’re stopping an elk quesadilla! Breaking news in Mexico!”
“Greasy as anything. It’s a huge ball of grease. I love moussaka, but that is miles off. Moussaka? Mou-suck.”
“Looks like Chappy took a crappy in my gumbo.”
“It’s like the pizza that ate Denver.”
“This restaurant runs like the Jerry Springer Show.
“Dear god, for what we are about to receive may the lord not kill me with food poisoning.’
‘Overcooked on the bottom, crispy as f**k and it looks like Ghandi’s Flip-Flop.’
‘In terms of beauty, it’s not exactly an Indian classic. It looks like a dehydrated turd.’
“Why the fuck…would you grill…a lettuce…?”
”My gran could cook better than you…And she’s DEAD!”
”Ladies, gentlemen, good evening! Sorry about the old bag!”
”I wouldn’t trust you to run a bath, let alone a fucking restaurant!”
”How about a ‘thank you’, you miserable wee bitch!?”
”Looks like a big overgrown ball of pubic hair, deep fat fried…”
“Looks like one of the worst urine samples you could ever give“

The Signs & Austin Powers Quotes, Part 2

The Spy Who Shagged Me Edition

Aries: “[Stealing the globe on The Jerry Springer Show] The world is mine! The world is mine, ya motherfuckers!”
Taurus: “I can’t stop eating. I eat because I’m unhappy, and I’m unhappy because I eat. It’s a vicious cycle.”
Gemini: “Mojo: The libido. The life force. The essence. The right stuff. What the French call a certain… I don’t know what.”
Cancer: “Ow! You shot me, you A-Hole.”
Leo: “Why make a trillion when we could make… billions?”
Virgo: “I can’t stand to be asked the same question three times. It just irritates me.”
Libra: “I just didn’t want to fall in love again, and I thought you’d never love me without my mojo.”
Scorpio:  “An evil doctor shouldn’t speak aloud about his feelings, my hurt and my pain don’t make me too appealing.”
Sagittarius: “I can’t believe Vanessa, my bride, my one true love, the woman who taught me the beauty of monogamy, was a fembot all along. Wait a tick, that means I’m single again!”
Capricorn: “Well it’s true! It’s true! You’re semi-evil. You’re quasi-evil. You’re the margarine of evil. You’re the Diet Coke of evil. Just one calorie, not evil enough.”
Aquarius: “Don’t mess with me. I’m one crazy mo-fo. I had to pop a cop cause he wasn’t giving me my props in Oaktown. No? I’ve heard that somewhere.”
Pisces: “Let’s hop on the good foot and do the bad thing.”